Local & Texas History Collections

Microfilm Collection

U.S. Census Records for

Texas 1850 - 1930


Tax Rolls for Comanche Co.,

Adjoining Counties, and other selected

Texas Counties

Microfilm from each county’s

establishment to well into the

20th Century

Comanche County Newspapers



Comanche Chief, Est. 1873

Files include a fragment from

mid-1879 to the fall of 1882

and from 1912 to the present.


De Leon Free Press, Est. 1891

Files are Mid-1923 to Mid-1940

Mid-1947 to the Present.


De Leon Monitor, Complete

August 1995 to December 2001

Ceased publication.

Index to Texas Death Records


Texas Voter Registration List 1867  All counties.

Mary E. Hart’s Unique Manuscripts

  Every-Name Indexes to the U.S. Census

for Comanche County,


Manuscript Every Name

Indexing for:

Patchwork of Memories, Comanche

Community History volume, 1976.


Wells’ Blazing the Way, Tales of

Comanche County Pioneers.


Cross’ Early Days in Central Texas


Deaton’s Indian Fights on the

Texas Frontier

Names listed in an Index to Obituaries published in the
Comanche Chief, 1975 - Present
can be verified.  Query the Director if desired.



Original Survey Maps for

Comanche and Adjoining Counties.


Lists of Original Surveys for

Comanche and Adjoining Counties.


U.S. Geodetic Survey maps for

all parts of Comanche County

Texas Department of Transportation County maps - All Texas Counties