The De Leon Free Press

De Leon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, May 5, 1933


[Transcriber’s Note:  There were two long obituaries in this issue of the DeLeon Free Press.  One was for Uncle Joe CHAMBERS and one for Mrs. PITTMAN, wife of Whit PITTMAN.      Sadly, neither obituary can be transcribed here as half of each obituary column was cut off in filming.]

 Piper Rebuilding Potato Processing Plant After Burn


            A. L. PIPER has workmen at work at his place this week erecting a larger and better sweet potato curing plant, following the fire which destroyed two of his houses and 7,000 bushels of cured sweet

potatoes several weeks ago.  The new structure will be of wood construction, 26x80 feet in size, two stories, and will hold 9,000 bushels of potatoes.  The construction work will be completed in a week or

ten days probably.

            The equipment of Mr. PIPER’s canning plant was also destroyed in the fire that swept his place and he will rebuild that also.  One potato curing house, a brick structure, was not destroyed in the fire.


            Sweet potatoes, Elberta peaches and pecans are playing a large part in the development of the PIPER farm program.  He has developed each on a commercial basis.  Scores and hundreds of other

Comanche county sandy land farmers might take his activities as a model for larger farm profits.


New Sales Lady Now in Charge at Higginbotham’s


            Miss Adyne TURNBOW has accepted a position as saleslady for Higginbotham Bros. & Co. and entered upon her duties there on May 1.  Miss Mary KIMBLE, who has been employed there for

some years, resigned her position effective on that date.  Miss KIMBLE has rendered a high type of service and her friends will miss her from her accustomed place


            Miss TURNBOW was formerly employed by N. DAICHES and by Novit’s Store at Dublin and De Leon.  Her former employers speak in the highest terms of her work.  She will not be a stranger

to the trade, having been employed in De Leon the past year.


            Miss Waynie McCHAREN has accepted the position vacated by Miss TURNBOW at Daiches Economy Store.


Small Cyclone at Sidney Wrecked House and School


            The home of a family named COKER at Sidney was demolished by a cyclone which struck there Wednesday night.  The building was a large two story farm structure and it was reported torn to

pieces and scattered together with the furniture, etc.  The school building at Sidney was also reported damaged by the twister.


Cement Walk and Curb Add Much to Self-Lee Homes


            Dr. J.E. SELF and Archie G. LEE each deserve a gold medal for building cement walks and curbs at their property.  The two homes are adjoining and immediately across the street south of the

Methodist church.  A fine cement sidewalk and curb placed properly along the north side of these residences illustrated just how much a moderate expenditure can add to one’s property.  Others are expected

to follow their worthy lead.


New Sandwich Shop in Harmon Building Open


            C. E. Brice, Coleman man, has leased space in the front of the Harmon building and is preparing to open a sandwich shop Saturday of this week.  Mr. BRICE has had experience in this business

previously and will doubtless do well here.


Brownwood Man Cracks Up Plane in Landing Sunday


            Charles DAY, amateur flier cracked up his plane when he attempted to land on a field near the NARRY residence last Sunday afternoon.  A wheel of the craft had been injured, injuring the plane but

the pilot and his passenger were unhurt.  The plane was a Waco OX-5 powered by a 100-hp motor.  It was trucked back to Brownwood for repairs.


Miss Fretwell Awards Medals to Her Piano Pupils


            Miss Launa FRETWELL’s piano pupils entered competitive tests at the Baptist Church late Sunday for medals which she had posted for those showing the greatest progress during the school year. 

In the senior division, Miss Eugena GENTRY received the gold medal as first award and Miss Elaine SCOTT received the silver medal for second award.  In the junior division little Misses Gloria Jean

UPSHAW and Claire CLARK and Master Clark DUKE tied for first honors and each will receive a medal.

            A group of parents and friends heard the program in which each player played five numbers from memory.


De Leon School Faculty Re-Elected at May Meeting


            The regular session of De Leon School Board for the month of May was held at City Hall Monday evening with all members being present except Hon. George ROLLINS, who is away serving in

the Texas Legislature.


            The principle business transacted was the re-election of the faculty for the coming year.  All teachers now on the faculty were retained by unanimous vote of the Board, however no salary schedule

was fixed pending action by the Legislature in providing schools with funds for the coming year.  Supt. E.H. BOULTER was re-elected at a meeting of the Board in February.


            Marion NELSON, who has efficiently served the school as janitor for some years, was also re-elected with salary to be adjusted along with the faculty.


            The three teachers who came to De Leon schools along with the three transferring districts, St. Joe, Liberty, and Pounds were re-elected conditionally, their election depending upon whether or not

their respective districts again transfer into the DeLeon school.  These are L.V. HALBROOKS, Pounds; L.R. HIGGINBOTTOM, Liberty; and Miss Nita HODGES, St. Joe.  All three of these teachers

have given good service and were recommended for re-election by Supt. BOULTER, with the condition as stated.


De Leon is Clean Town After Sixty Loads Trash Hauled


            Clean-Up Week was observed in De Leon the last week in April, and good results were obtained as a response to the Mayor’s proclamation.  The city trucks were placed at the disposal of the

property owners for the purpose of hauling away rubbish which was placed in containers at the curb.  George COZBY, foreman of the R.F.C. forces, reported sixty truck-loads of trash and rubbish hauled

out to the City dumping ground, three miles east of town.

            Nearly all the rubbish hauled was from residence property, Mr. COZBY said, very little originating in the business section.

            Co-operative effort similar to this is always laudable.  De Leon is now a cleaner town by sixty loads of rubbish, and is therefore more slightly and sanitary as well.


Rook Club


            The regular meeting of the Rook Club was with Mrs. C.B. GREGORY at her home Friday Afternoon, 2:30 to 5:00 o’clock.  The pretty home was made more lovely still by luxuriant cut roses which

were used in the decorative scheme.  High score for the afternoon went to Mrs. W.W. BELL.  The hostess served a delicious salad course with iced tea.  The Club meets next with Mrs. Roy HAMMERS

May 12.  Members present were Mesdames Walter CRAWFORD, Jack PRICE, S. R. UPSHAW,Sr., John NABORS, W. C. LIGHTFOOT, Roy HAMMERS, J. F. DONOHUE, R. D. BELL, O. M.

BUCHAN, W.W. BELL, S.R. UPSHAW, Jr., Miss Gussie INSALL.  Guests, Mesdames M.D. STEWART, R. L. WHALEY, H.M. EVANS, W. C. STREETY, W. Z. COMPTON, J. H. and Edmund



Bridge Club

Mrs. Joe ASHBY entertained Tuesday afternoon at her home, members and guests of the Bridge Club, and one table of “42”.  The rooms were decorated with beautiful spring flowers.

At the conclusion of the games, Miss Alene WEAVER was winner of high score in Bridge and Mrs. Edmund GRIZZELLE in “42”.


Ice cream and angel food cake was served to the following:  Mmes. E.L. LOCKE, H.T. WEAVER, W.H. SMITH, S.G. PARKS, E.E. DABNEY, H.G. SHARP, Audrey SPENCER, R.L. WHALEY,



Forrest Spence and Mrs. Lloyd Echer Married at Ardmore


            F.B. SPENCE and Mrs. Loyd ECHER were married at Ardmore, Okla., on Wednesday of last week and came to De Leon Sunday for a visit in the home of his mother, Mrs. J.D. COOK.  SPENCE

and Mrs. ECHER met in Mineral Wells where he has been living while engaged in erecting a gas plant and drilling a gas well at Santo, near there.  Mrs. SPENCE’s home was formerly at Ardmore.  Friends here

wish Forrest and his bride much happiness.


Card of Thanks


            We take this method of thanking our many friends and neighbors for their assistance during the illness and death of our Dear Father.  Especially do we wish to thank Dr. SELF and Mrs. CRENSHAW

for their untiring effort to relieve his suffering.  Also for the beautiful floral offering.  May God’s richest blessings rest upon each of you is our prayer.

            His Children, Grandchildren and great-grandchildren


Oliver Springs School

An agriculture meeting is called for Friday night, May 6.  One subject for discussion will be Killing Rats.  Other subjects will be discussed also.

The Honor Roll for the seventh month as school is as follows:

First Grade:  Edwin COGBURN, Junior WATTS, Obert HUGGINS, and William BREWER.

Second Grade:  Jesse Elwyn ATCHISON, Edisol LIGHTFOOT, Arvis ECHOLS, Etta Mae JOHNSTON, Nella Vee PERRY, Roma Jewell PARKER, and Ima Geo. RUSSELL.

Third Grade:  Lola Bell COGBURN, Lloyd HARDIN, Holland Ray TILLY, Edna Mae DOMINY, and Lallah Rue LIGHTFOOT.

Fourth Grade:  James WARREN, Enlow PERRY, Ottis COGBURN, Will KI. LIGHTFOOT, Etoil AKERS, Maurice ECHOLS, and Marcele LOCK.

Fifth Grade:  Rosa Lee JOHNSTON.

Sixth Grade:  Milton OTWELL, Lewis COGBURN, Travis COGBURN, Otho COGBURN, Ira WILSON, John Edward HENDERSON, and Willie Velle HILL.

Seventh Grade:  L.C. ECHOLS, Alvarene NABORS, Annie Mae LOCKE.

Ninth Grade:  Lareve JOHNSTON and BOSWELL.

Tenth Grade:  Lois WILSON.


Local Happenings

Mrs. J.W. MELTON and baby have returned to Houston after a visit in the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. H.H. INZER.  Dr. INZER returned to Houston with Mrs. MELTON, driving her car from Waco.


R.V. and M.T. BLACK have opened a café and sandwich shop in connection with the L.M. BLACK meat market in Dublin.  All modern fixtures.


Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie BURLESON and daughter little Miss Mary Margaret of Breckenridge, were here last week visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff SMITH.


Mr. and Mrs. Preston HENRY are the proud parents of a baby girl, Barbara Grace, who was born into their home April 29.  The little one weighs 9 pounds and is doing well.


Mr. and Mrs. J.L. WILSON of Fort Worth were guests Sunday of her sister, Mrs. Irene PIERSON and family.  She was accompanied home by her mother, Mrs. Mary PHILLIPS who will visit there and

with relatives at other points indefinitely.


Billie Claude is the name of a 9 pound boy, born to Mr. and Mrs. Billie PILCHER April 26th.  All doing nicely.


Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN was in Stephenville Monday visiting her daughter, Miss Evelyn.


Mrs. Mary Lou DIXON had the pleasure of her three children’s visit the past week.  They are: Silas DIXON, Englewood, Calif.; Mrs. Pearl JOHNSON, Luling; Mr. and Mrs. Tommie GRISHAM and children of Rucker.


Mr. and Mrs. T.H. NANCE went to Fort Worth Sunday for a short visit in the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. H.B. FUNKHAUSER.



Mrs. Marshall STERLING and children of Georgetown are visiting her mother, Mrs. C.L. PITTMAN.


Mrs. R.O. COX and daughter, Miss Evelyn, are leaving in a few days to make their home at Wichita Falls.  They have lived in De Leon for ten or fifteen years and have many friends who regret to see them

moving away.


Mr. and Mrs. Marshall GREER and little daughter, of Plainview, were here the past week attending the J.A. CHAMBERS funeral and visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. S.A. HOOD and Mr. and Mrs. Calvin



Mesdames C.L. GREENWALDT, C.R. CARRUSH, B.J. PITTMAN and C.L. PITTMAN left early Monday morning for Marlin where they are to take treatment in a hospital.  They will be gone some three weeks.


Dr. and Mrs. C.B. CARTER and Colquitt FITZGERALD were in San Antonio last week end on business and visiting their sister, Mrs. D.C. LOTHRINGER.


Ivy C. BENDER, railway mail clerk who is running between Houston and Corpus Christi, was visiting with relatives and friends here this week.  BENDER has lived in Houston for a number of years.  He

formerly lived here.


Lieutenant Olen SPEEGLE and wife, who have visited the past three weeks in the home of his mother, Mrs. W.B. NANCE, and sister, Mrs. L.C. BILLS, went to Whitney Thursday, accompanied by Mrs.

NANCE, where they will visit a few days before going to Dallas and from thence to the World’s Fair at Chicago, arriving there for the opening on June 1.  They will return to their home, San Diego, Calif.,

probably in July.


Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda Macon

Miss Wyndola PRICE from Lingleville was the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.C. PRICE Sunday.


While playing basketball Thursday, Cora TARRANCE received an injury of the ear which prevented her hearing for several hours.


Mrs. Tom BLASSINGAME of San Antonio spent the week end with C.W. BLASSINGAME.


The Junior Class entertained the Seniors Friday with a jig saw party at the Home Economics cottage and served ice cream and cake.  The class colors of orchid and white were carried out in refreshments

and decorations.  The teachers were also present.


Mr. and Mrs. Doc WALLS of Stephenville are visiting Mr. and Mrs. G.H. WALLS.


Mr. and Mrs. Kid MACON from Comanche were guests of L.C. MACON Sunday.


The Senior Class of Robinson Springs with their sponsors, Mr. –EZZIE DEAN and Miss Opal HOWARD motored to Glen Rose last Sunday.  They arrived at Glen Rose at 11:45 and after driving through the

park, lunch was spread and eaten with some of the tasteful Glen Rose water between bites.  About three o’clock they went to the Brazos River and took several pictures.  They left for home at seven thirty

and arrived home without any mishaps.  All reported an enjoyable time.


The Juniors sponsored a shower given for Mr. and Mrs. Alvis KIMMELL.  Mr. and Mrs. KIMMELL were former students of this school.  Mrs. KIMMELL was a member of the Junior Class.  She received

many beautiful gifts.  The Class colors, pink and green, were carried out through the party.


Several from here attended the funeral services of Mr. Joe CHAMBERS at De Leon Thursday.


Mr. and Mrs. A.M. MAHAN are the proud parents of twin boys born to their home April 26 and doing nicely.


Mr. A.J. CUMMINS has returned home after a visit with his children in Abilene.  Mr. CUMMINS took a treatment from a Doctor while there and is much improved.


Mr. J.E. WILSON had news from his son, Tom WILSON, of Abilene, who had returned from the Sanitorium for examination.  He is reported to be improving wonderfully.


Mr. Ernest YOUNG is improving after a week of illness.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

Mrs. N.J. COGBURN has been real sick lately.  She has many friends that hope she will be well.


Mrs. J.H. FULLER of Cisco is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Oscar REID.


Mr. and Mrs. Sim WEST of near De Leon and Mr. and Mrs. Claude OTWELL of Comyn visited their brother, Marvin OTWELL and family Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Henry STEWART of Robinson Springs visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.M. JOHNSTON Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Irby MAUNEY of Goldthwait visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob ATCHISON, last week.


Mrs. Ancie HILL and children visited her brother, Lee NABORS and family of De Leon last week.


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur WARREN and family visited his sister, Mrs. W.H. STRINGFELLOW, at De Leon Saturday.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

The unusual sand storm of last Saturday did some damage to growing crops.  The wind was of such severity that a porch at the school house was blown down.  A good rain would have been more welcome

than the sand storm.


Mrs. V.C. WAYLAND has been sick for the past week but is reported as improving this week.


Miss Oleta HACKET is visiting Mrs. Letta CHANDLIER and Miss Ruby HACKET.


Troy WALLER has been on the sick list this week and absent from the school.


Mr. D.F. FORD, who is employed at the Lone Star Refinery, has returned from Dallas where he underwent a major operation.  His friends rejoice that he got along so well.


Mr. and Mrs. C.W. McKINNEY of Frankell spent the week end visiting with Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.


S.O. McKINNEY and daughters, Misses Madgeline and Mildred, were shopping in Ranger Saturday.


J.H. ADAMS and family attended the funeral of his brother-in-law Oscar EGGENBURG at Electra last Monday.  The deceased had been seriously ill since last August.  Friends of the ADAMS family extend

their sincere sympathy in their sorrow.


Mrs. W.A. DUNLAP was called in death from her companion and family Thursday of last week and was buried at Dublin Friday.  Her health had not been good for many years and this with her advanced

years made her unable to recover from a severe illness.  The many friends of the family extend their sympathy in their bereavement.


School at this place will close next week with appropriate exercises.  Only two will graduate from this school.  They are Miss Madge McKINNEY and Miss Robbie Lea ADAMS.  From the grammar school

department there will be eight graduates.

Mr. H.A. REYNOLDS of Eastland County has been elected as principal of the school next year.  Miss Erica WHITWORTH and Miss Zora BAKER will remain here and the fourth teacher will not be hired

until it is seen that the scholastics will be of a sufficient number to employ another teacher.  Mr. REYNOLDS is well qualified and experienced and with the co-operation of the community will carry the school

work on successfully.  Misses BAKER and WHITWORTH have succeeded well with their work this year and will continue to do so.  It is expected that the school will run full nine months next year.


Mrs. HASH, daughter of Mrs. Bertha McGUIRE, who has been visiting with Mrs. McGUIRE and family has returned to her home in Ballinger and little Miss Bessie Maurine McGUIRE accompanied her

home and will spend the summer there.

 Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS had as dinner guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. G.E. RILEY of Victor and Mr. and Mrs. Ray ROBBINS of Hico.


Comyn by Mrs. Roy C. LINDLEY

Mr. Mont CAMPBELL of Fort Worth and Mr. Chas. CAMPBELL of Leveland are visiting their brother, Mr. C.C. CAMPBELL and family.


A progressive forty-two party was given in the Home Economics laboratory by the Comyn Faculty honoring the Senior Class of ’33.  All of the ex-students of a few years back were guests.  The room was

attractively decorated in blue and white, the class colors.  Entertainment was furnished by Miss Tempa CORBELL and her brother, Mr. CORBELL, Mr. TURNER, Mr. Lowery EASLEY and Miss Mollie

GRISHAM.  Ice cream and cake was served.  There were more than sixty people present to enjoy the fun.


Mrs. Dave FLOYD has returned home from the Gorman Sanitarium and is able to be up.


Mr. and Mrs. A.W. BOYKIN of Ogleby are visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.M. SLAUGHTER and family.


Miss Mara Glenn DONALDSON and three representatives of the Home Economics classes will attend the Home Economics Contest at Mineral Wells Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The girls who are to

represent the classes are Misses Estelle COX, Jaunita HOOD, and Mary Ruth TURNER.



Mr. and Mrs. M.L. LOUDERMILK spent Sunday with Mr. E.V. LOUDERMILK and family.


Mrs. Eunice PIPER was carried to the hospital for a minor operation this week.


Grandmother LEE of Proctor spent Sunday with her son, Mr. R.D. LEE.


Mrs. T.D. BROWN of Sipe Springs, and children Mary Joe and L.B. spent Monday with Mrs. BROWN’s sister, Mrs. J.L. ISBELL.


Mr. Wallace NEIL, and Acie REEVES spent the week end with Mr. and MRs. Charlie REEVES.


Mr. Wynfred BLACKWELL spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. BLACKWELL.


Mr. Royce BOYD of Abilene spent the week end with Mr. Walker BOYD and family.


Mr. J.C. EVANS has purchased a fine registered Herford male.


We regret the death of Mr. Travis ISBELL, son of Rev. and Mrs. ISBELL who died at Brownwood Thursday afternoon.  We surely sympathize and send our regards to the family.  Travis was widely known,

as a real religious worker and was loved by all who knew him.  Travis smiled in his last moments and said that he was ready to go.  Friends from Coleman County and McCullough County and surrounding

communities came to his funeral, which showed their love for him.


Active pall bearers were C.W. McCOLLOUGH of Brownwood, Alvah KELLEY of Red Wire, Austin HOLMES of Duster, Inzer HOLMES, Lawrence SHUPP and Lofton BISHOP, all of Downing.


Flower girls were: Lois McGINNIS, Ruby Lee BISHOP, Myrtle HAFFORD, Edith LOUDERMILK, Thelma CHAMPION, Clair Bell ROGERS, LaVerne HANSON, Alma Ruth BELYEU, Agness Lee

HOLMES, of Duster, Hazel TURNER of De Leon, Maudie Lee YATES and Natielee BOYD.

Travis is survived by his parents, four brothers, Elbert Paul, John RAMOND, and Walter LEE.  And one sister, Margaret Ruth.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

Mr. Glynn THIEBAUD, who has been sick, is improving.  We hope he will be up soon.


Mr. John L. THIEBAUD’s family is confined to the home with the measles.  None are seriously ill.


Mr. West NICHOLS mother, Mrs. C. W. NICHOLS, is visiting him at present.









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©2004,2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.