The De Leon Free Press

De Leon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 21, 1933


Duster Trustees Were Elected

            Herman ECHOLS, trustee at the Duster school, was re-elected in the recent trustee election, receiving 86 votes.  George SCOTT was the newly elected trustee at Duster.  Mr. SCOTT received 39 votes.


Honor Roll 5th Six Weeks

Honor Roll High School

Seniors:  Susan SCHMIDT, Pat NARRY, Dorothy McGINNIS.

Juniors:  Doris MORTON

Sophomores:  Lillie Marie UNDERHILL, Chrystelle HOLLEMAN.

Freshmen:  C.L. MOHON, Virginia SCOTT, Vance ROACH, Mary BOSWELL, Eugena GENTRY, Frances GREGORY.

Honor Roll Grammar School

First Grade:  Richard MORRIS, David RICE, Aaron SELF, Billie Bruce TURNER, Bettye Joyce BOULTER, Larue CHANDLER, Dlaire CLARK, Jimmy Lois HAFFORD, Jaunita HEATH, Betty LOWRY, Helen Alice NEWTON, Billy Jean PRESTON, Joanna SMMITH, John Robert ADCOCK, Bob GOLDEN, H.L. HUDSON, Durtis LEWALLEN, Billy Joe McCRUM, William MORRIS, Edward OTWELL, A.C. GRIMES, Billie Marie HARRIS, Dorothy Louise MAUNEY, Lucille RIPPETOE, Mary Jo ELY.

Second Grade:  Alida Mae HARRIS, Elda Jean SIMMONS, Bettie Alice WHITTLE, Mary Jo IRVIN, Gloria Jean LOUDERMILK, Gene MORTON, Marylene SMITH, Polly TERRILL, Jack SPARKS, Geraldine JAYE, La Nelle ROSS, Ralph KEA, Doyle ELY, Felton CRAWFORD, Imogene CRADDOCK, Jim SLAUGHTER, Marilyn MARCHBANKS, H.J. POWELL.


Third Grade:  Zelda BUCHAN, Peggy Jean COUNTS, Mary Jack RICE, Nonna Fae WALL, Harold CLARK, J.L. CHANDLER, C.C. HENSON, Jr., Addie CHRISTOPHEN, Eldon TERRILL, Valton LEUALLEN, Buster DENDY, Charles ANDERSON, Alice EOFF, Ethel GUY, Dorothy GLOVER.


Fourth Grade:  Gladys BAGWELL, Ruth Elaine BOSWELL, Mary Frances ELLIS, Mary Jean NEWTON, Janet ROSS, Harwell DONAHUE, Darwin HAMILTON, Harry STRICKLAND,

Bruce TERRILL, Elizabeth MORELAND, Willie Mae WISDOM, Lela DENDY, Jimmie FANDLIN, Floyd ELY.

Fifth Grade:  Felecia Rae BOULTER, Mary Frances CARRUTH, Edith Mae ROGAN, Mary SALTER, June TERRILL, Darleen VANZANDT.

Sixth Grade:  Jossie Beth ALLEN, Iona Mae BAGWELL, Wyna Ruth MORRIS, Ruby Lee PELL, Talma RICE, Elaine SCOTT, Helen WALL, Margret PARSON, Hazel WARE, Louise PIERCE, Billy LIVINGSTON.

Seventh Grade:  Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Dora Laura PEEVY, Lucille WALTRIP, Mae ROBBINS, Flora JONES, Madge LIGHTFOOT, Jada DAVIS, M.B. NELSON, Jr., Bennie STEPHENS, William HAMLIN, Brooks RIPPETOE.


Trinity School Elects Teachers


The board of trustees of the Trinity school met Saturday and elected the following teachers:  O.H. MOORE for principal and Miss El Dora COONER as Primary teacher.  Miss COONER is a student in

Randolph College at Cisco.


Robinson Springs Elects Teachers


            The Robinson Springs board of trustees met in a business session last Wednesday night and re-elected their entire faculty except the second intermediate teacher and the Home Economics teachers. 

Because of the shortage of scholastics, there will be only four teachers.  Mr. Perry MORING will be the superintendent, E.L. HOWARD principal and truck driver, Hezzie DEAN, intermediate teacher and

truck driver.  Primary teacher, Miss Mildred MILLER.


Former De Leon Pastor Died at Pecos Recently


 Word has come to relatives here that Rev. Chas. WILLIAMS, formerly of De Leon and Desdemona, had died suddenly at his home in Pecos.  Rev. WILLIAMS was a Methodist minister and held a

pastorate at Pecos where he had been for several years.  He was here on a visit about a year ago.  Rev. WILLAMS was pastor of De Leon Methodist circuit in 1917.  He was related to the DAVIS and

WOODARD families here.


Mrs. Schuman is Much Improved and Will Return Home


 Mr. and Mrs. A.C. SCHUMAN asked the Free Press to extend their thanks to their De Leon friends for their kindness shown during the recent severe illness of Mr. SCHUMAN’s  mother.  The elder

Mrs. SCHUMAN had made remarkable recovery from her serious illness here and plans to return home to Priddy, probably this week end.


Girl Broke Arm


            Miss Jewell SKAGGS, 14, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. W.L. SKAGGS, suffered the misfortune to break her arm and seriously injure blood vessels in the arm while playing on a trolley near her home last

week.  She was carried to Gorman and the injury set.  She is recovering.


House for Rent

            The S.R. UPSHAW place, close to town, modern conveniences, desirable neighborhood, 7 rooms, garage, cow-lot, etc.  $10 per month. – R.L. SCOTT


On Visit Here

            J.L. HARRIS, father of Mrs. S.W. ROBERTS of De Leon, is visiting with Mrs. ROBERTS of De Leon and other relatives in the vicinity of De Leon.  Mr. HARRIS is hale and hearty at the age of 88 and possesses his faculties to a remarkable degree.  He now makes his home at Weatherford from which place he drove his own car, making the trip with as much speed as could be desired.  Mr. ROBERTS settled on a farm of 700 acres near Breckenridge which he still owns.  He bought the land in an early day, stretching a tent as his first home, then by his own labor grubbing out the mesquite and plowing the land with ox teams.  He spent two years in the hard grind of the civil war and on one occasion was pronounced dead but life returned and he lived over that close call.  Mr. ROBERTS is able to read some without glasses and has a clear memory and converses in a free and easy manner. He attributes his fine physical condition to plenty the Easter gathering with Mrs. ROBERTS, at the Sand Hill Church in the Trinity community. 


Mrs. John Weaver Entertains

            Mrs. John WEAVER was hostess to the members of the Bridge Club and their husbands Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. W.P. WEAVER.

            The rooms were decorated with vases and bowls of Sweet Peas, Blue Bonnets and roses.

            At the conclusion of the games Mrs. W.H. SMITH was winner of high score for the ladies and Mr. S.A. DUKE for the men.

            Refreshments of ice cream and angel food cake were served to the following:  Mr. and Mrs. E.E. GENTRY, Dewey DANIELL, W.P. WEAVER, H.G. TERRILL, W.H. SMITH, H.G. SHARP, Joe ASHBY, Riley WORTHY, Jeff TATE, S.A. DUKE, Everett HANSFORD, and Mrs. Herbert WEAVER, S.G. PARKS, E.E. DABNEY, W.H. CLARK and Miss Imogene MAYO, Miss Mary Louise GRIZZELLE and Mr. Eddie VALENTA.

            The Club will meet at Mrs. Joe ASHBY’s home May 2nd at three o’clock.


Coats – Fann

            Henry COATS and Mrs. Clara FANN were married Friday at the home of Rev. A.F. NABORS.  He spoke the word that made them man and wife.

            Mr. and Mrs. COATS have the best wishes of their friends for much success and happiness.


Nichols – Frazier

            The wedding of Miss Bonnie Belle NICHOLS to Mr. N.T. FRAZIER, occurred in the County Clerk’s office at Comanche at 10:30 Tuesday, April 18.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. W.L. SKAGGS, in the presence of the County clerk HAYNES and W.L. SPENCER, of De Leon.  The young couple live at Duster.

            Mr. FRAZIER is a son of Mr. and Mrs. T.E. FRAZIER and was reared in the Duster community.  Miss NICHOLS formerly lived at Anson, being the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. NICHOLS of that place.  She taught in the Duster school the past year and made many friends during the school year.

            Immediately after their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. FRAZIER left for some point down on the Colorado river where they went fishing on their honeymoon trip.


Local Happenings

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL had the pleasure of having the following children at home for Easter:  Mr. and Mrs. Willis CLARK and children of Ranger, Earl HOWELL of Dallas, and Harry HOWELL of Cleburne, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HOWELL and son of De Leon.


Mrs. Clista DUNCAN has accepted a position as teacher in the Flatwood school.  This is a good four teacher school near Eastland.  Mrs. DUNCAN taught this school year at Bowman and was again offered the school, if there are two teachers to be employed.  Owing to the shortage of scholastics, she accepted the Flatwood school.


Mrs. R.F. BIGGAM and children, of Rotan, have been visiting in the home of her daughter, Mrs. A.C. HODGES and family the past week.  They returned to Rotan Monday.


Mr. and Mrs. Cager CARNES, who live at Conroe, Texas, are here on vacation, visiting in the home of his father, Pat CARNES, and wife.  They lived at Baytown, having married there last September.  He is employed by the Humble Co. in field truck service.


Mrs. French ROBERSON and daughter, Emily Christine, of Haskell, were guests last week of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. LOWE.


Mrs. Josie BELL, R.D. and Wayne BELL and wives, and Arden BELL and family of Stamford, all went to Mullen on Easter Sunday and spent the day with Omar BELL and family on their Colorado river ranch.


Miss Grace SHORT has been re-elected as teacher in the Leon school for next year and has accepted the position.


L.L. LIGHTFOOT and his son, Arl, now of Snyder, Texas, were here on business and visiting the past week.


Mr. and Mrs. Ike BRUMBELOW and small daughter, Hannah Lou, were in Dublin Sunday visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. UNDERWOOD.


Miss Pansy MULLOY of Abilene, was a week-end guest of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Atlas PARSONS and son Ronald.


Desdemona by Mrs. Margaret Henslee.

Mrs. Plummer ASHBURN drove to Rising Star Tuesday evening to visit her mother.  She will return Friday.


Miss Beryle GALLAGHER, who is a senior at C.I.A., returned home Friday for a visit through Easter.


Mr. Joe GIBSON, Jr., drove his mother, Mrs. J.J. GIBSON, to Wichita Falls Tuesday.


Desdemona was well represented at the singing convention Sunday evening.  Those who attended were:  Mr. and Mrs. A.B. HENSLEE, Mrs. Mattie HENRY, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. DAVIS, Mr. Alton BROWN and Mr. WATTS.  A lot more attended, but the reporter failed to get the names.


Mr. William HOWELL, son of Rev. and Mrs. HOWELL, who is attending school at Fort Worth, spent Easter with his parents.  Rev. HOWELL preached in Olden Easter Sunday after conducting a short service here at 7 o’clock.


Mr. ASHLEY, of Eastland, spent the week end with his wife, Mrs. Katherine McGowan ASHLEY.  Mrs. ASHLEY is finishing school here before joining her husband in Eastland.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

W.A. LINDLEY and family visited his father and family of Eastland Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Ralph BURROUGHS of Corsicana and daughter, Nan-Ellen, visited with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS this week end. 


O.S. ROBBINS and Jim KOONCE have been engaged in building a house on the S.H. BAKER farm near Comyn.


Mr. and Mrs. A.A. ANDERSON, Miss Ruby Lee HACKETT and Mr. Eldridge PHILLIPS, Oleta HACKET and J.V. HACKETT of Weatherford visited with Mr. and Mrs. Edgar HUFFMAN Sunday.


Mr. D.R. FORD is reported to be doing well and recovering from a major operation.  He is in a sanitarium in Dallas.  His many friends hope for his early recovery.


Mrs. Letta CHANDLER has been seriously ill with heart trouble.


Mr. and Mrs. A.A. ANDERSON accompanied Mr. and Mrs. D.R. FORD to Dallas last week where Mr. FORD remained for special treatment.


Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY accompanied by Clyde McKINNEY of Frankell, spent Sunday visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Bob McKINNEY of Dublin and attending the singing convention there.


Miss Lucile RILEY gave her room a surprise party Monday and served ice cream to her entire room.


Misses WHITWORTH and Miss RILEY gave an Easter egg hunt for the children of their rooms Friday afternoon.  A number of the patrons of the school and several smaller children attended the hunt.


Miss Zora BAKER took her room on a picnic Friday afternoon.  They took lunch and enjoyed an outing together.


Mr. and Mrs. Leo LEWIS are rejoicing over the arrival of a new boy at their home.


A number of young people went to Dublin Saturday night to the singing convention and report a great singing and an enjoyable time.


Next Sunday is the regular singing at this place and everybody is invited to come out and sing with us.  All neighboring classes are requested to come and all are asked to bring their books.  We hope to have a great singing.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

Mr. West NICHOLS, who has been in the Government Hospital at Ft. Bryan, New Mexico, for the past year, is home again.


Mrs. R.G. McGIFF of Breckenridge visited her daughter, Mrs. George HOOD.


The Easter sand storm and wind whipped the gardens.  Some damage done but no frost to kill here.


Mr. W.T. WILSON is on the sick list this week.


Most everyone here went to the egg hunt at Mr. and Mrs. Alvis KIMMELLS’ Sunday p.m.


Mr. and Mrs. Joe FAIR were in Dublin on business Monday.  Mrs. FAIR has purchased several hundred small turkeys and chickens from the hatchery there.


Mr. Sam CUMMINS of Abilene is spending the week here with his brother, Mr. W. CUMMINS.


Mr. and Mrs. William TAYLOR of Ft. Worth, are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Berry DIXON.


An old hay rick was removed from the barn lot at the home farm of J.E. WILSON last week.  Seventy grown rats were killed that had bedded under it.  Mr. and Mrs. WILSON slayed the number with sticks and brush.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

This week is the last week of our school.  We have had a very good school taught here this term, and we appreciate the work Mr. and Mrs. HOWARD have done with the manual training boys and Home Economic girls, and also Miss BOSWELL with the little folks.  All three of the teachers have been employed to teach next term.


Mrs. M. DOMINY of Chaney is visiting her son, John DOMINY and family, this week.


Mrs. Minnie GILL and son of Levelland and Mr. Charley REED and Miss Lillie REED of Hasse, visited their brother, R.H. REED and family last week.


The Honor Roll for the fifth month of school is as follows:

First Grade:  Edwin COGBURN, Junior WATTS, William BREWER and Obert HUGGINS.

Second Grade:  Etta Mae JOHNSTON, Nella Vee PERRY, Roma J. PARKER, and Ina G. RUSSELL.

Third Grade:  Rolland Ray TILLY, Lola Bell COGBURN, Edna Mae DOMINEY, and Lellah LIGHTFOOT.

Fourth Grade:  James WARREN, Eulon PERRY, Etoil AKERS, Maurice ECHOLS and Marcells LOCK.

Fifth Grade:  Rossa Lee JOHNSTON

Sixth Grade:  John Edward HENDERSON, and Willie Vell HILL.

Seventh Grade:  Alvarene NABORS, Annie Mae LOCKE, and Jettie WATTS.

Ninth Grade:  John BOSWELL, Lorene JOHNSTON, and Iris WARREN.

Tenth Grade:  Lois WILSON.


Comyn by Mrs. Roy C. LINDLEY

All three of the teacherages have been repainted.  Some repairing is being done on the school house.  The construction work on the school campus has been continued, and the appearance has been greatly improved.


The entire faculty of Comyn was re-elected some time ago.  They were given five or six weeks to decide whether they would accept or reject the positions offered, but when the time was up, all accepted their positions.  Mr. S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr., as superintendent; Mr. W. Doyle GRAVES for principal of high school and Vocational Agriculture; Mrs. C.S. ROSS for English; Miss Mara Glenn DONALDSON for Home Economics; Mr. Roy C. LINDLEY for Science, Mathematics, and principal of grade school; Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr., for fifth grade; Miss Mollie GRISHAM for fourth grade; Miss Ollie SLOAN for third and second grades; and Mrs. J.F. PHIPPS for primary.


Miss Elois GRISSOM and Mr. Festus PRESTON left Saturday for Ft. Worth where they were married and continued their honeymoon from there.  Their many friends wish for them the best of happiness and success in life.


Mr. Hobart COX suffered a great loss Sunday night before last when his barn burned.  His car, wagon, harness, and feed were all lost with the barn.  Friends and neighbors offered donations which will only partly make up for the loss.


Mrs. J.F. PHIPPS and her mother, Mrs. SLOAN of Comanche, visited relatives in Dallas this week end.


Mr. and Mrs. T.J. LINDLEY and daughter, Floradelle, spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. LINDLEY.


The “Taste and Baste” Club of the Home Economics department of Comyn held a meeting Tuesday for the purpose of electing the four members of the club to represent them at the district meeting of the Home Economics Clubs at Rochelle Friday and Saturday.  The girls will all meet at the RICHARDS ranch near Onion creek.  The girls who were elected are Misses Oren GRISSOM, Lela FAULKNER, Henrietta FAULKNER and Estelle COX.  Miss COX is the District Club song leader.  Miss Mara Glenn DONALDSON, Home Economics instructor, will take the girls.


Saturday before last Mr. W. Doyle GRAVES took some of his Agriculture teams to the contest at Tarleton.  The Beef Cattle judging team brought home the big silver loving cup, winning first place in the district.  The team was composed of Dalice RIPPETOE, Howard CAMPBELL, Ross Payne THIEFAUD, and H.B. ROSS and Edgar STURDIVANT as alternates.


Mr. and Mrs. A.S. FLOYD of Crane, Texas, spent the week-end with Mr. FLOYD’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry FLOYD.  Mrs. FLOYD went home with her son and his wife for a visit.


Mr. and Mrs. Grady NANCE are the proud parents of a baby girl, Jamie Sue.


Mr. J.H. THOMPSON of Rotan is visiting Mrs. Julia HUGHES of Comyn and other relatives and friends in the community.


Mrs. J.H. STRUBE of Cisco has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Elmer ST. CLAIR, and her son, Mr. S.F. STRUBS and their families.


Mr. and Mrs. Tom HAZZARD are the proud grandparents of a new granddaughter.  She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ruble HAZZARD of near San Antonio.



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©2004,2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.