The De Leon Free Press

De Leon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 14, 1933


Boy, Page Ripley

            Seven years ago Mr. and Mrs. Coy NELSON, Beattie folks, were married.  Mr. NELSON bought a wedding ring for his bride but lost it before the time to place it on her hand.  A few weeks ago he killed a hog and fund the ring on one of the “little toes” of the hog.  The animal was not seven years old.  The ring had been lost about the place and had accidentally been picked up on the small claw which grows on the back of a pig’s foot and worn there, no one knows how long.  You can believe it or not!  Boy, page Ripley.


This was No Saw-Fish, It was a Big Fresh Water Cat

            Charles SCHNARE of Saw-Fish fame, came to the Free Press office following a recent visit to the Colorado and brought a big 11 ¾ pound yellow cat, just to prove that not all fish stories are fables.  This big fish was pulled out of the river by Everett HANSFORD, who was in the same party with Mr. SCHNARE, Emmett LOCKE and Rodney CULPEPPER and the wives of all four, made up the party.  They fished near Lometa.


This was Good News

            Mrs. Albert PIPER went to Sanitorium some ten days ago as a tubercular patient.  Remaining there a week, she was discharged and brought home the good news that she does not have Tb and only needed a good rest.  The PIPER family are “working people” and the neat, well-equipped home indicates it.  Her friends rejoice with her that she is declared free from the dreaded malady.


New Hope School Elects Teachers

            The trustees of the New Hope school met and elected teachers Saturday night.  C.J. WALTON of Stephenville was elected Principal and Miss Gertie DEAN was elected Primary teacher.


Bought Farm Here

            Mr. and Mrs. Clarence AISHMON, from Hobbs, N.M., were here the past week visiting with numerous relatives and friends.  While here Mr. AISHMON purchased 88 acres of land from E.A. TERRILL, located in the vicinity of Terrill Dairy.  Mr. and Mrs. AISHMON have resided at Hobbs for a number of years where he is employed.


Fire Completely Destroyed Davis Grocery Tues.

            The R.D. Davis Grocery was completely destroyed by fire shortly after four o’clock last Tuesday morning.  The stock was a complete loss and the building badly damaged.  The firemen extinguished the flames and prevented it spreading to other buildings.  The origin of the fire is unknown.  Mr. DAVIS carried some insurance and Free Press understands the owner of the building, B.E. HOWE, also carried insurance.  Mr. DAVIS has been out of town since the fire, in fact was in Fort Worth when it occurred and the Free Press has not learned of his plan to re-open.

            De Leon firemen did a nice piece of work in stopping the fire before it spread.  Three lines of hose were laid and two of these played on the building for some 45 minutes, the other being held in reserve.  This was perhaps one of the most efficient jobs of saving property the firemen have done in years.


De Leon Girl Honored

            Stephenville, Texas, April 8 – Miss Evelyn KINCHEN of De Leon has been named on the official senior list of John Tarleton College for 1933, and is a candidate for graduation in May.

            Miss KINCHEN is president of the J.A.P. Club, a member of the Comanche County Club, J. Thomas Davis Debating Society, and the Aggettes.


Mrs. Mallonee Died Sat. at Home Here

            Mrs. W.C. MALLONEE of this city passed away at her home at 9:50 o’clock p.m. Saturday, April 8, 1933.  She had been ill since last autumn with a heart malady from which she was unable to recover.  She was carried to a prominent Sanitarium at Fort Worth a month ago and was treated there but to no avail.  She had been desperately ill for some days prior to her passing.

            Nora STUART was born in Bell county, Texas, Sept., 11, 1880.  She grew to womanhood there and at 16 years of age was converted and united with the Baptist church.  On October 5th, 1911 she was married to W.C. MALLONEE and united with the Methodist church with him.  A son, Woodrow, was born to them.  Two step-sons, Alfred and Lonnie, survive her, together with her husband and Woodrow.  She had been married 21 years last October.

            Five sisters survive her also.  They are Mrs. Kate WHATLEY, Paducah, Texas; Mrs. Vada MONTGOMERY, Dallas; Mrs. Estelle MACKEY, Dallas; Mrs. Mable CRAVEN, Dallas; Mrs. Willie WALTKE, Los Angeles.  The two brothers are Preston STUART, Paducah and Raymond STUART, Dallas.

            Mrs. MALLONEE was a good wife and mother, not only a mother to her own son but to the two step-sons whom she had reared and who loved her as a mother.  She was a splendid neighbor and a true and faithful Christian character.  The influence of one so good and true will live many years to lead, inspire and bless those whose lives she touched as she journeyed this way.

            The funeral service was conducted by her pastor, Rev. C.C. HENSON, at the Methodist church Sunday afternoon at 3:30 where a great throng of sorrowing relatives and friends had gathered.  Interment was at De Leon cemetery.



            This community was saddened last Friday at 6 p.m. over the death of Mrs. D.T. WILLIAMS, who before her marriage was Miss Julia YOUNG.

            Mrs. WILLIAMS was born in Walker County, Ga., in 1853.  She was the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. J.M. YOUNG.  She, with her parents, moved to Logan County, Ark. in her early teen age and was later married to David WILLIAMS.  To this union was born one daughter, Leona.  The family moved to De Leon in the year of 1893. They lost their daughter, Leona, by death in 1894 and Mr. WILLIAMS died in 1922.  Since the death, Aunt Jule, as she was lovingly known, has continuously made her home with her brother, Mr. and Mrs. John T. YOUNG, and in this home she was much loved, especially by the small children, whom she tenderly loved and often called to her bedside till the last.

            Aunt Jule was converted in early age and united with the Missionary Baptist church.  She was a charter member of the St. Joe church where she lived a devoted Christian life, never missing a service only when providentially hindered.  Aunt Jule was taken ill on Wed., March 22nd and died Friday, April 7th, having suffered intensely from a heart attack and paralysis.  She bore her pain with much patience.  Her loved ones were constantly at her bedside, where they did all they could to relieve her suffering.

            The funeral was conducted by her pastor, Rev. Walter MARTIN and Rev. David M. PHILLIPS after which her body was laid away in the De Leon cemetery amid a large crowd of relatives and friends.  There were many pretty flowers.  Those of her brothers and sisters left to mourn her going are:  J.T. YOUNG, Mrs. M.R. HOWARD, Mrs. J.E. SELF, De Leon; Mrs. Lon WOMACK and Miss Margie YOUNG, Elk City, Okla. and a number of nieces and nephews.  Those from out of town who attended the funeral were Mrs. Lon WOMACK and daughter, Miss Lila George LIVELY and Arphus YOUNG of Elk City, Okla., Cecil NELSON, Waco; Rev. and Mrs. A.D. WILLIAMS and Rev. .F. WILLIAMS, Anson and her nephew, Thurman COGBURN of Gorman who tenderly cared for the body.  Her nephews were Pall bearers.

            We shall miss her, but we bow in humble submission to the One who doeth all things well, and to Mary Nell and Sonny Boy who constantly are saying mother is Aunt Jule asleep, yes she is “Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep from which none ever wakes to weep.”


Card of Thanks

            We wish to extend our sincere thanks to our good neighbors and friends for their kind ministrations during our recent bereavement in the loss of wife and mother.  We especially wish to thank Dr. H.H. INZER for his faithfulness and loyalty.  The flowers were expressive of your love for her and we appreciate them.  Your every expression of comfort and sympathy will remain with us a cherished memory.

            W.C. MALLONEE and Sons


Local Happenings

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. CROW, of Irving, Texas, near Dallas, were visiting with his brother, George CROW, and wife here last week end.  Their son, Hugh CROW, lives at Austin now, they stated.


Mr. and Mrs. Willard HARDIN of Ft. Worth were week end guests of his mother, Mrs. J.T. HARDIN and family.


Mr. and Mrs. Charlie BARKER left Monday for Las Cruses, New Mexico, to make their future home.


A.H. YOUNG of Sweetwater is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. YOUNG.


Mrs. George F. NUNLEY, who lives at Seminole, Texas, is here visiting in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Clyde POPE, also visiting with relatives in Dallas the past week.


Miss Evelyn GOLIGHTLY, T.C.U. student, is at home for the Easter holidays.


Robert CLARK of Abilene was a recent visitor with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willis CLARK.


Arch HANSFORD, Paul HOWELL and Charles LAWLESS went to the Colorado Wednesday on a fishing trip.


Miss Virginia GREENWALDT, who has been at Walnut Springs the past two months, has returned home.


Miss Grace SHORT, who has been teaching at Leon, has returned home, her school term having expired.


Little Miss Jean GRAY of Artesia, N.M., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.M. GRAY, is visiting her grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. GRAY and family.  Her mother is visiting relatives in Stephenville meanwhile.


Mr. and Mrs. Bennie BELYUE and children, Gene and Harrold, of Proctor visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. YOUNG last week end and attended the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. D.T. WILLIAMS.


Miss Maggie STRINGFELLOW, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. STRINGFELLOW, is recovering from a broken arm which she sustained while attempting to crank an automobile at her home some days ago.


As an indication that times are improving, Clyde POPE, former Free Press linotype operator, and Fred SCHMIDT, also formerly employed by the Free Press, each placed in good position in one week.  Fred went to Bartlett with the Tribune as linotype operator, and Mr. POPE goes to Hebronville, Jim Hogg county, as operator.  Mrs. POPE will follow in a few weeks and they will make their home there.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Prof. W.Z. COMPTON, agriculture teacher of De Leon High School, gave a lecture at St. Joe last Tuesday nite on “How to Kill Rats” and also “How to Care for Young Turkeys.”


Messrs. Henry CLAY and Lonnie FREEMAN, who have been employed at McCamey for some time, are home for a while.


Mr. and Mrs. Don McCLELLAN and children of Putnam are visiting their parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. McCLELLAN and Mr. and Mrs. J.L. VAUGHN here.


Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. COVINGTON and baby of Littlefield are visiting relatives and friends here.  Mrs. COVINGTON is the former Miss Clarice LOCK.


Friends and neighbors of this community were saddened last Friday when informed of the death of Mrs. Dave WILLIAMS, better known as “Aunt Jule.”  Aunt Jule was a former resident of this immediate community but since the death of her husband several years ago, she had been making her home with her brother, Mr. and Mrs. John YOUNG and family near De Leon.  Sympathy is extended the bereaved family.


Mr. and Mrs. Ernest RIPPETOE of Round Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Walter RIPPETOE and children of Highland, Mr. and Mrs. Homer HAFFORD and son Derroll of De Leon and Miss Anice LOCK of New Hope, visited Mr. and Mrs. W.B. RAY and Pauline Sunday and attended the singing at St. Joe.

The singing at St. Joe Sunday afternoon was well attended, quite a number of prominent singers being present, however the singing was dismissed early in order to attend the funeral services of Mrs. C. MALLONEE at De Leon Methodist Church.


Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda Macon

Mrs. A.P. ANDERSON’s Father and sister of Oklahoma are visiting in her home this week.


Mr. and Mrs. MORING and little son, Joe, spent the week end in Huckaby.


Mrs. W.L. FINCHER underwent a painful operation on her eye in a Ft. Worth hospital Monday.  Those from here who were there for the operation were Mesdames Feltz TERRILL and T.T. CARNES, Woodly BUTLER of Roby and E.W. THRASHER of Synder, Okla.  A later report stated that Mrs. FINCHER was resting.


Mr. and Mrs. C.M. ALLEN and little Miss Georgie Anne were visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.B. HUTCHINS recently.


Mr. and Mrs. Burns PENNELL of Stamford have moved here.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Paul McGUIRE, young son of Mrs. Bertha McGUIRE, happened to the painful misfortune to swallow a nail.  He has suffered no ill effects but has experienced some uneasiness.


Miss Joyce LEWIS visited with her sisters, Mrs. Ernest WHITE and Mrs. Leon STROUD at Ranger Sunday.


Hobson YOUNG is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. YOUNG this week.


A group of Jakehamon singers sponsored by Miss Erica WHITWORTH attended the singing at Lingleville Sunday afternoon, going on Mr. RILEY’s truck.  They left after Sunday School and took lunch which was spread as a picnic lunch and pictures were taken.  The class at this place was well represented and rendered a number of special songs.  The class received the heartiest congratulations and was urged to come back.  A very enjoyable day was spent.


Mr. and Mrs. J.H. ADAMS visited with Mrs. ADAMS mother, Mrs. R.L. GRIFFIN of Staff Sunday.


J.H. ADAMS, who is a field man for the Magnolia Company, came near having a serious accident last week in the course of his work.  In the process of operating a heavy hoisting engine at the Vaught No. 1, his clothing was caught in some way on the shaft.  Had it not been for the presence of mind, Mr. ADAMS would have been seriously injured.


Mrs. W.L. MOORE, who has been critically ill for the past several weeks, is improving and her many friends hope for her to be well again soon.


Orbie WAYLAND, young son of Mr. and Mrs. V.C. WAYLAND, had a painful accident this week.  In starting a fire with oil, for some reason the oil ignited and exploded, burning the child, seriously about the face.


Several have been doing the R.F.C. work on the school grounds last week and other work will be done soon.  The work is under the direction of W.A. LINDLEY and those that might be interested apply to him.


School mates and friends of Cecil OWENS regret to have him out of school. Cecil was a most excellent school boy.  His ailment has been pronounced tuberculosis and he will go to Carlsbad for special treatment soon.


Concord by Mrs. Anna Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Alvis KIMMELL gave a musical entertainment Friday evening.  All present had a nice time.


Mrs. Clide EOFF of De Leon visited her mother, Mrs. M. MAHAN Friday.


Miss Inez DICKER is ill with tonsillitis and has missed several days of school the past week.


Several from here attended the funeral services of Mrs. Julia WILLIAMS Saturday.  She had many friends here who regret to hear of her death.


W.F. WILSON is on the sick list at this writing.


The road hands are doing some work out our way which was needed.  Several met the past week and made the road wider between the BAREFOOT farm and BLANKENSHIP farm and the grader graded it up nice which was a great help to all here and the school bus also.


Desdemona by Mrs. Margaret Henslee

Mrs. A.B. HENSLEE and daughter, Catherene, were in Ranger Thursday shopping.


Mrs. Mattie HENRY and her mother, Mrs. MENDENHALL, visited sick friends at the Gorman Sanitarium Thursday.  They went from there to Ranger to shop.


Rev. CHAMBLISS, pastor of the Baptist Church, is attending a study course at Caddo this week.  He will go from there to Parks, Tex., where he will conduct a revival.


Mr. ABERNATHY of Gorman visited friends here Thursday.  He formerly lived here.


Misses Johnnie BUCHAN and Monette PONDER were in Eastland Saturday shopping.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

Rev. NEWTON of De Leon preached at this place Sunday.  He was accompanied by his wife and son.


Mr. and Mrs. Beal SETZLER of Robinson Springs visited C.C. SETZLER and family Sunday afternoon.


Miss Lavelle ECHOLS is visiting her sister, Mrs. Richard BREEDLOVE of Comanche.


Mrs. Gilbert ORNSBY and daughter of Waco visited her brother, John DOMINY, and family this week.


Uncle Gordon MILLER of Grandview is visiting Oren MILLER this week.


This community was made sad last Wednesday by the death of Miss Modess DOMINY who died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Oscar SCOTT near Chaney.  Miss DOMINY had been sick several months.  She had many friends here who regret very much to hear of her death.  She formerly lived in this community and was laid to rest in the Oliver Springs cemetery by the side of her father, who preceded her in death some ten months.  Sympathy is extended the bereaved family.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Ben CLEMENT, assisted by Rev. W.L. and H.F. SKAGGS.


Downing  by J.L. Bishop

Rev. J.L. ISBELL has returned home from Vass.


Mr. and Mrs. A.J. CHAMPION and little daughter, Jackie Nell, of De Leon spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J.P. YATES and family.


Miss Minnie LEE of Proctor spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R.D. LEE and family.


Ewell LOUDERMILK of Brownwood spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. LOUDERMILK.


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©2004,2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.