The De Leon Free Press

De Leon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, March 31, 1933


Mrs. Auvenshine, 80, Died at Abilene, was Buried at Stagg Creek

            Mrs. R. AUVENSHINE, about 80 years of age, died at the home of her daughter at Abilene Wednesday of last week and Higginbotham Bros. & Co. undertakers went there to bring the body back here for burial, which occurred at Stagg Creek cemetery, near Beattie, the day following.  The deceased had been a resident of Hamilton, Coryell and Comanche counties for more than 60 years.  She was a life-long Baptist and her old friend and neighbor, Rev. J. M. STRICKLAND, conducted the funeral service.  Her husband, Uncle Dick AUVENSHINE, died some four years ago.  The family lived at Beattie for many years.


Mrs. D.T. Williams Critically Ill

            Mrs. D.L. WILLIAMS, better known as Aunt Jule, is very ill at the home of her brother, J.T. YOUNG.  Aunt Jule is a pioneer citizen here, and her many friends hope for her speedy recovery.


Beautiful Wisteria!

            Dave FINKLESTINE’s residence is attracting visitors by reason of a beautiful Wisteria vine in full bloom.  The vine is large and has not a leaf on it as yet.  Large purple raciness of lustrous flowers present a gorgeous spectacle.


Mother of De Leon Man Died in Ala. Was Known Here

            Fred ADCOCK received the sad message Wednesday of the death of his mother, Mrs. J.T. ADCOCK, which occurred at the old family home near Alexander City, Ala.  Death came as a result of paralysis, the attack occurring a year ago from which she never recovered.  Mrs. ADCOCK was 66 years of age.  She was buried Wednesday.

            Mr. and Mrs. ADCOCK visited relatives and friends here at De Leon some 13 years ago.  While on this visit, Mr. ADCOCK died while here and was buried here.  Many people from Alabama now living in this county knew Mrs. ADOCK, the family being prominent.  She visited in the Nath NABORS home and with others.

            There were 11 children born into the ADCOCK home, one being dead.  Fred ADCOCK has lived here at DeLeon for a number of years and has many friends who extend sympathy.


Mrs. Weaver Hostess

            The Bridge Club was entertained Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Herbert WEAVER.  The rooms were decorated with vases of lilac and sweet peas.

            High score for the afternoon went to Mrs. R.N. HILL.

            A delicious plate of chicken salad, potato chips, crackers, hot cinnamon rolls and iced tea was served to the following:  Mmes. Jeff TATE, E.L. LOCKE, John WEAVER, S.G. PARKS, W.H. SMITH, Henry Grady SHARP, J.C. CAYCE, R.N. HILL, W.P. WEAVER, Everett HANSFORD, Misses Evelyn COX, and Imogene MAYO.

            Mrs. TATE will entertain April 4 with a night party for the members and their husbands.


For Rent

            The J.J. HORN residence.  Close in.  Modern Conveniences.  Rent Reasonable.  See C.V. SINGLETON at Higginbothams.


LOST – Black sow, weighed about 350 lbs.  Left home at Buffalo, March 17.  Reward – Mrs. Maggie COAN, Proctor, Rt. 1.



Mrs. Y.L. DABNEY is ill this week and her son, Taylor, is here from school at Stillwater, Okla., where he is in his senior year.  Mrs. DABNEY was reported some better Thursday.


Miss Addie Gayle MIXON, who has been attending school at the Teachers College, Denton, is at home for a while.


Robt. TERRILL, who has been the past five months at El Paso, went to Deming, N.M. about a week ago.  He is in that section for the benefit of his health.


Mr. and Mrs. John W. JONES and little grand-daughter, Dorothy Jean ROSS, Grandpa JONES, Mrs. COLEMAN, and Miss Jessie Mae BOHANNAN of Hico, were here Tuesday and attended the funeral of Frank ROSS.


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur HOOD have moved back home, after living in Abilene the past number of years.


Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN attended an Odd Fellows Convention in Greenville this week.


Mr. and Mrs. J.A. DENMAN have gone to Lamkin to visit Mr. and Mrs. Ab DENMAN.


Mrs. M.D. WHEAT and Mr. and Mrs. Roy WHEAT have gone to Ft. Worth where he will undergo a physical examination.


W.C. CHRISTOPHER and Denman ALEXANDER have gone to Houston where Mr. CHRISTOPHER has employment.


Mrs. Brown SHAVER has returned to her home at Hebronville after a two weeks visit with her daughter, little Miss Dorothy SHAVER and other relatives.


Mrs. A.E. WESSON was in Breckenridge last week attending the District Baptist Training School and visiting friends.


Mr. and Mrs. J.W. WALTER of Ft. Worth, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall STERLING and children of Georgetown and Miss Lillian PITTMAN of Dallas attended the funeral of Mrs. J.D. MILLER.


Mrs. T.J. SHAVA and Mrs. J.W. CHAMBERS of Waco were here last week and attended the funeral of their mother and grandmother, Mrs. J. Doss MILLER.


Mrs. NELSON of Abilene is visiting in the home of her parents, Rev. and Mrs. J.M. STRICKLAND.


Miss Mary BIBBY has returned home after a visit with her sister, Rev. and Mrs. BERRYHILL at Houston. 


Mrs. Lucian McCLELLAN, who lives at Kerrville, has been visiting for some days in the home of her sister, Mrs. J.D. HAM.


Mrs. W.J. IRVIN entertained in the home of Mrs. W.R. MOHON Wednesday March 22nd with a 42 party.  There were four tables of this interesting game.  Delicious refreshments consisting of a salad course was served to following members and guests.  Mesdames A.M. ALLEN, E.H. BOULTER, O.M. BUCHAN, J.F. DONOHUE, Dee BELL, E.G. and J.H. GRIZZELLE, Sam SELF, C.L. LIGHTFOOT, W.T. JETTON, Appleby, W.R. MOHON, F.T. DANIELS, J.G. CAYCE, E.H. ROGERS.


Comyn by Mrs. Roy C. Lindley

Mr. Dock LINDLEY is in the Dublin Hospital suffering with a broken arm and other injuries received when he fell from the bull wheel while working at the well on the Scott ranch of this community.


Many of the old friends and neighbors as well as the new ones are glad to have Mr. Henry EVANS and his family back in the community.  Mr. and Mrs. EVANS and two children, Morgan and Cynthia, have moved back to their old home here.  They have lived in Abilene for a number of years.  Miss Cynthia EVANS has taught several years in the Grammar school of Desdemona.


Comyn was well represented at the County Meet at Comanche Friday and Saturday, both by contestants and spectators.  We are very proud of the record made by the contestants since they brought home three of the first place cups, and came within four points of the other one.

Those who won points in the literary work and won both of the literary cups are named below:  Clare ALSTON won first in county and class B Billie MARTIN won second place in boys sub-junior declamation.  Voncile ALSTON also won first place in the County in junior girls declamation.  Royce RIPPETOE won third place in boys junior declamation.  High school was represented in girls declamation by Mary Ruth TURNER, senior, and Christine PAINTER, junior; both winning third place.  The High school boy declaimers were Sam STRONG, senior, and John FLOYD, junior.  John won second place.  Sam won second also.

The sub-junior spellers were A.M. DERRICK and Ruth DICKEY.  They won third place.  The junior spellers, Sybal DICKEY and Marjorie BRUMBELOW won first place.  The senior spellers, Ima FLOYD and Christine PAINTER, tied for first place.

The Arithmetic team, Dessie BARKER and Marie VINSIN, won second place.

Billie COWAN won first place in class B and in county in essay writing in the senior division.  Annie Lois DRY won second is essay writing in the junior division.

The girls debate team, Myrle DAVIS and Minnie Myrle THIEBAUD, won County Championship.  The boys debate team, Morgan THIEBAUD and Wade HODGES, won first in class B.

In singing, Comyn won all three first places.  There were the Grammar School Glee Club, the Grammar School Choral Club, and the High School Glee Club.

The music memory team, Faustine GEORGE and Ola Mae GORMAN, also won first place in the county.


Miss Neva DAVIS and Mr. Haskell HAZZARD were married in Blanket Monday morning, March the twenty-seventh.  Rev. HENDERSON of that place said the ceremony.  They were accompanied by Mr. Clyde THOMPSON. 

Mrs. HAZZARD is the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. DAVIS of this community.  Mr. HAZZARD is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom HAZZARD.  Both have lived in this community all or the greater part of their lives, went to school at and both starred on basketball teams for their school.  They are both very popular young people of this community and have many friends who wish for them the most happiness and success.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. OTWELL and family visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nath NABORS of Oliver Springs Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Beth DYSON have returned to their home at McCamey after having spent their vacation with relatives in this community and at De Leon.


W.B. RAY and daughter, Pauline, accompanied their mother and grandmother, Mrs. E.W. RAY, to Dallas Sunday, where she will visit Dr. and Mrs. J.H. RAY and family a few days before returning to her home at Alexander City, Alabama.


Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda Macon

Carl MACON from Soda Springs visited homefolks Saturday.


The honor roll for this month is:  Third Grade- Wayne MAHAN, Troy Dean McCLELLAN, Adonis KIMMELL.  Fourth Grade- Oll’ Marie BLANKENSHIP, Wanda CARR, Wanda Marie THOMAS, Bonnie Fay CUMMINS, Wesley KIMMELL, J.C. McADAMS, Durwood PARK.


Last Sunday evening the Senior B.Y.P.U. elected new officers for the next quarter.  The following were elected:  President, Mildred MILLER

Vice President, Elaine BARKER

Secretary, Wilma MILLER

Corresponding Sec., Oleta MACON

Treasurer, Ina Mae TARRANCE

Bible Readers’ Leader, Modess WEST

Group Captain No. 1, Omer MOORE

Group Captain No. 2, Opal HOWARD


Myrtle May LAWRENCE is visiting her grandfather, Mr. A.J. CUMMINS


Downing by J.L. Bishop

Mr. Lofton BISHOP and Ray OZLETREE of Houston have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.L. BISHOP.


Mr. A.L. GUNN of Comanche spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. GUNN.


Mr. Carl WATSON of John Tarleton spent the week end with his parents.


Mr. and Mrs. Lesley STANLEY are the proud parents of a baby girl.


Mr. Riley WARREN and Pete BREWER of Duster spent the week end with Mr. Arthur WARREN and family.


Mr. and Mrs. J.B. BLACKWELL of Sipe Springs are moving into our community.


Concord by Mrs. Anna WILSON

Mr. W.T. WILSON had word the past week from Mrs. Jess McCORD, his sister, telling of the death of her husband.  Mr. and Mrs. McCORD visited here often in the years that are past.


Mr. and Mrs. Blond MORLAND and Peggy Jo, of Longview, and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil BATTERSHELL of Fairy visited their parents here the past week and attended the funeral of their grandmother, Mrs. Doss MILLER.


Mrs. W.T. WILSON had a severe ill spell the past week, but is much improved at this time.


Mr. R.L. PAIR received word from Mrs. John DENMON of Breckenridge stating the death of their daughter.  Mr. and Mrs. DENMON formerly lived here, moving to Breckenridge several years ago.  The daughter left two small children.  Mrs. DENMAN will care for the children.  Friends here of theirs are in deep sympathy with them.


People of this community showered Mr. and Mrs. Alvis KIMMEL Thursday.  Many nice and useful gifts were given and all enjoyed a nice evening in their home here.


Mr. and Mrs. Harry BLASSENGAME and two children, and Mr. E. BLASSENGAME all are visiting their parents here.


Miss Odell KILGORE of Dublin visited her sister and family here the past ten days.


Mr. A.J. CUMMINS visited his daughter, Mrs. Ed LAWRENCE of near Hico Wednesday and Miss Myrtle returned here for a short visit.


Several from here attended the funeral services of Mrs. Doss MILLER Thursday in De Leon.


Mrs. J.W. THOMAS is visiting her son Jim and family in Dublin.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

John DOMINY went to Chaney Saturday to visit his sister, Miss Modess DOMINEY who is very ill.


Mr. and Mrs. Dolph SMITH and children of Gorman visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Press SMITH Tuesday.


Mrs. Thelbert MORRIS and baby visited her sister, Mrs. Calvin SWAN of Gorman last Monday.


Jakehamon by O.H. MOORE

The fine weather of the past week has given everybody an opportunity to do farm work.  Corn planting is about finished except on the sandy land.  Gardens have begun to look like springtime.


Mr. W.N. KOONCE and sons, Jack and W.D. were in Dublin on business Saturday.


Mr. Ray ROBBINS of Hico visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS Sunday.


Mr. Roy DUNLAP of Salem visited with Mr. and Mrs. A.J. DUNLAP Sunday.


Miss Lillian ROBBINS entertained a number of young folks with a party.  Price and Hazel JOHNSON of Lingleville and Mr. and Mrs. Sam PRICE of Victor were among the guests.  All reported a very enjoyable time.


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond LINDLEY entertained the guests with luncheon Sunday:  Mr. and Mrs. Marvin COX, Mr. Howard HOOVER of Stephenville, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. LINDLEY, Misses Zora BAKER and Erica WHITWORTH and Allisen BURTON.


Miss Arline BROWN of Gorman visited her grandmother, Mrs. W.A. LANE, Saturday and Sunday.


Misses Ruthel RILEY and Evelyn LANE and Mr. Alton LANE visited in Gorman Sunday afternoon.


Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY accompanied by Mrs. Lizzie WINNEGAR and son, Kelton, spent Thursday visiting with Mr. and Mrs. J.C. McKINNEY of Frankell.


The J.H. Adams Sunday School Class elected officers for the coming year last Sunday.  Miss Erica WHITWORTH was elected president and Miss Bartene MOORE Vice-President, Miss Mildred McKINNEY, secretary and Miss Emogene ADAMS assistant secretary.  This class under the direction of Mr. ADAMS has had a remarkable success and attendance, there being something more than twenty young folks enrolled.


W.N. KOONCE and family and others from this community attended the funeral of Mrs. J. Doss MILLER at De Leon last week.


Mrs. W.L. MOORE has been critically ill at her home for the past week.


Miss Zora BAKER had as her guests at a picture show party at De Leon Monday night all the 10th grade class of this school.


Mrs. Lizzie MOORE has returned home after an extended visit with her children.


Mr. and Mrs. Wayland SEALS of Desdemona, who were recently married, attended singing here Sunday afternoon and Mr. SEALS played several selections on his guitar for the audience.


Mrs. Elmer PAYNE of Waco is visiting her mother, Mrs. W.C. McGUIRE this week.  Also Mrs. M.A. McGUIRE of Lingleville is visiting with Mrs. McGUIRE and family this week.


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©2004,2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.