The De Leon Free Press

The DeLeon Free Press, De Leon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, March 10, 1933

Child Had Painful Operation When Arm Required Re-Breaking

            The little son of Mr. and Mrs. L.L. FULLER of near Rucker broke his arm some days ago and the limb was knitting back crooked.  Specialists said the arm must be re-broken and the broken ends of the bones scraped.  Then the arm could be straightened and re-set.  The painful operation was done in Fort Worth this week.

 Mrs. W.C. Mallonee in Ft. Worth Hospital

            Friends of Mrs. W.C. MALLONEE will regret to know that she is ill and has been carried to Harris Sanitarium at Fort Worth for a period of treatment and possibly an operation later.  She went there last Saturday.  It is hoped that she may rally quickly to the treatment of specialists and soon be restored to her normal health.

 Baby Has Three Grandmothers Now Living in De Leon

            The month-old baby son of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. LOWE can boast of a wealth of grandmothers.  The little one is perhaps the only baby living in De Leon with this distinction.  The mother was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. CARLIN; the great-grandmother, Mrs. CARLIN, the great grandmother, Mrs. Josephine PRICE; the great-great grandmother, Mrs. SANDERS.  And they all live in De Leon.

 De Leon Firemen Hold Annual Banquet Friday Evening

            Last Friday evening, in the parlors of the Baptist Church, De Leon Volunteer Firemen held their annual banquet, meeting at the church at the invitation of Rev. David M. PHILLIPS and his official board.  Mr. and Mrs. Enoch WISDOM and Mr. and Mrs. Blake HEATH, Grady PARSONS and H.W. CORBELL, prepared and served the sumptuous turkey dinner to a group of firemen and guests numbering about thirty.

            The menu consisted of roast turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, sliced head lettuce, pickles, fruit salad, cake, hot chocolate and hot coffee.

            Rev. David M. PHILLIPS was the principal speaker, stressing the word “service,” which later speakers on the program amplified.  Mayor DANIELL, J.T. EDMONSON, Prof. E.H. BOULTER, J.D. TATE, and R.L. SCOTT, toastmaster, made short talks, as did various members of the fire fighters group, J.L. FUNDERBURGH, Fred SCHMIDT, Tassie MOHON, and Fire Chief, O.M. BUCHAN.   Others present were Walter CRAWFORD, Emmett CRAWFORD, Dave FINKLESTINE, Clyde BROWNLEE, Bud BROWNLEE, J.P. HOWELL, Whaley SMITH, H.W. CORBELL, Grady PARSONS and Jim NORTON.

            Entertainers for the evening were Miss Olive Winters BUCHAN, daughter of Chief BUCHAN, who furnished piano music during the banquet.  Mrs. David M. PHILLIPS gave a delightful reading, “Maggie and Jiggs at the Golden Gate,” which received liberal applause.

            The Firemen will meet regularly, once each month, hereafter and every third meeting will be a social meeting, the men bringing their wives and friends for games and social get-together.  The firemen will soon elect a sponsor and two maids and these will enhance the social side of the organization.

 Mrs. C.T. Morris Had Tumor Operation at Gorman March

            Mrs. C.T. MORRIS of near Rucker underwent an operation for the removal of a tumor from her shoulder on Wednesday, March 1.  The operation was entirely successful, no anesthetic was necessary, and Mrs. MORRIS is at home recovering nicely.

 Miss Ruth Howe Makes Honor Roll

            Miss Ruth HOWE, who is a student in John Tarleton College, was an honor roll student the past semester.  Miss HOWE’s friends congratulate her for keeping the record she held in ward and high school here.  Also she was an honor student the first year in that college, this being her second year of work at Stephenville.


Sister of De Leon Man Died at Santa Anna Monday P.M.

            Mrs. Alice McCLURE, aged 71, passed away at her home in Santa Anna Monday afternoon March 6, at 5:30 o’clock.  She was a sister of E.O. INSALL of this city.  Mr. INSALL and family went to Santa Anna Tuesday to be present at the funeral which was held there at 3:00 o’clock p.m. Tuesday.


            Augustus Blackwell WILKERSON was born in Trinity, Ala., April the 6th, 1886 and died at the family residence near De Leon March 7th.  His age was 44 years and eleven months at death.

            He leaves an aged mother and a brother, Ernest WILKERSON of Waco, a sister, Mrs. Agnes MARTIN of Cisco.  Mr. WILKERSON moved with his parents to Lingleville many years ago, and some eight years ago the family moved to De Leon where they continuously resided.  His father, G.W. WILKERSON, died thirteen months ago.  Mr. WILKERSON lived quietly and peacefully all through his life.  He was a friend to all, and his every thought was of his mother.

            The funeral was held at the Church of Christ by Rev. LEMMON of Tolar, after which the body was laid away.  There was a large crowd present.  Those from out of town present were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest WILKERSON and daughter from Waco, W. MOSS, Homer CARR, Mr. and Mrs. John BOUCHER of Lingleville and Mrs. Ronald SHANDS of Cisco, his sister was not present because of her small daughter being very ill with pneumonia.  Friends sympathize with the family in this their hour of sorrow.

  Rook Club

            Mrs. F.T. DANIELL entertained the Rook Club on March 3rd with four tables arranged for sixteen players including members and guests.  The hostess served nice refreshments consisting of a salad course and coffee.  High score in playing went to Mrs. Jack PRICE.  The next meeting of the Club will be with Mrs. O.M. BUCHAN on March 17 – St. Patrick’s day.  Members and guests are expected “be wearin’ of the green.”  Members present March 3rd were Mesdames: Walter CRAWFORD, LIGHTFOOT, C.H. SHARP, PRICE, HAMMERS, JETTON, S.R. UPSHAW, W.W. BELL, BUCHAN, DONOHUE, S.R. UPSHAW, Jr., Miss Gussie INSALL.  Guests: Mesdames W.B. IRVIN, W.H. SMITH, Jeff PEAK, Miss Lois UPSHAW.

Birthday Dinner

            On Wednesday, Mar 8, Mrs. Dave HENDERSON gave an enjoyable turkey dinner in honor of Mrs. D.D. McCARROLL, whose birthday it was.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. D.D. McCARROLL, Mr. and Mrs. Len MAY, Doyle MAY, Mrs. H.S. FREEMAN, Mrs. CHILDERS, Mr. and Mrs. Grady WALLACE.  All thanked Mr. and Mrs. HENDERSON for a delightful day and hoped Mrs. McCARROLL might have another birthday real soon. 

McCullough – Bragg

            Mr. Leonard BRAGG and Miss Iona McCULLOUGH were quietly married at the home of Eld. S.W. SHORT last Saturday afternoon.  The wedding ceremony was witnessed only by Eld. SHORT and his wife.  Miss McCULLOUGH is a Sidney girl.  Mr. BRAGG is a son of Hamp BRAGG, formerly of the Downing community, now living near Comanche.  Best wishes are extended to them.

 Miss Lillie Singleton Married to Littlefield Man at Waureka, Okla.

            Miss Lillie SINGLETON became the bride of Lowell F. SHORT at Waureka, Okla., Tuesday, March 7th.  The marriage occurred at 5:00 o’clock p.m. but friends have no other details.  Following the ceremony the young couple returned across the border to Dallas where they visited in the home of Mr. SHORT’s sister and they also visited relatives at Corsicana before returning here late Thursday.

            Mrs. SHORT has been reared here at De Leon and taught for a number of years in De Leon schools where the fine type of her work, plus her many attractive personal characteristics made her most popular.  She also taught three years in Haskell county.  She is a sister of C.V. SINGLETON, manager of Higginbotham’s at De Leon.  Mr. SHORT also formerly lived in De Leon in 1915, later making his home at Hale Center where his father now resides.  He is a brother of Mrs. W.Z. COMPTON and a nephew of Eld. S.W. SHORT of this place.  Mr. SHORT is employed as accountant for the firm of Higginbotham-Barelett, at Littlefield.

            Lathe this week Mr. and Mrs. SHORT will leave for Littlefield where they will reside.  Many friends here wish for them much happiness.


Mrs. Raymond BUTLER was carried to Gorman Sunday night for treatment at Blackwell Sanitarium, her fever registering 106.  She is under the care of the hospital staff and is improving.  A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. BUTLER one day last week, the little one doing nicely.

 Mr. and Mrs. Willis HIGGINBOTHAM and Mr. and Mrs. Paul HIGGINBOTHAM, of Stephenville, attended the burial here last Friday of the infant of Mr. and Mrs. Nick HIGGINBOTHAM.

 Mrs. Ira O. HARVEY, son Weyman, and two younger children, of Goldthwaite, were here visiting HARVEY and WOOD relatives the past week end.

 Mr. and Mrs. John D. HARVEY and little daughter, Paula D. of Rankin, also Mrs. HARVEY’s mother, Mrs. A.W. MALONE and sister, Miss Wilma MALONE, of Ballinger, were Sunday guests of Mrs. J.R. WOOD.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl McCLELLAN and children, Pete and Nell Ed are here this wek visiting in the home of Dr. and Mrs. J.E. SELF and Mr. and Mrs. T.J. McCLELLAN.

 Mrs. Emma COONER had the pleasure Sunday of having her four daughters and their families with her.

 Mr. and Mrs. J.S.. FREEMAN are at home in a home they recently purchased west of the Dr. PLEMMONS residence.  Since the property was bought, Mr. FREEMAN has completely overhauled the house inside and out.

 Mr. and Mrs. S.H. McCRUM of Brownwood and Miss Inez BROWN of Sweetwater, are here at the bedside of Miss Irene BROWN who is very ill with pneumonia.

 Mrs. Charles MOSELY of Beehouse and Dr. GOWAN of Christoval, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.B. JEFFREY this week.  Dr. GOWAN will leave Friday for Shreveport La. to attend a Medical Association.

 A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. John LIGHTFOOT March 4.  Both mother and son are doing nicely.

 On March 7th a baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Sandy GLOVER.  They have given her the name of Mildred Lounette.

 Mr. Henry YARDLEY of Seagraves and Sol YARDLEY, Al YARDLEY of Lingleville and Tom NEIL of Colorado, Texas all visited in the home of their aunt, Mrs. E.C. WOODWARD and Mr. and Mrs. J.M. JONES Thursday of last week.  Also Mr. C.D. WOODARD and Mrs. Minnie BALEY of Desdemona.  We had lots of dinner and lots of music.  Grandma is 81 and still loves music.

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick HIGGINBOTHAM of Rising Star, was buried here Friday afternoon.  The baby was brought here from a Cisco hospital where the mother has been quite ill for a number of days.  Mrs. HIGGINBOTHAM, formerly was Miss Bessie SLOAN of this city, is much better.

 Mrs. Stanley MORELAND, who has been at Fort Worth seriously ill in a hospital, has sufficiently recovered to be brought home this week.  She is improving nicely.

 Elizabeth Ann, tiny baby daughter, has arrived to gladden the hearts and brighten the home of Mr. and Mrs. Archie G. LEE.  Both the little one and her mother are doing nicely.

 St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Miss Bernice McKELVEY visited her brother Ray F. McKELVEY and family of Dallas the past week.

 Miss Irene BROWN is ill at this writing.

 Mr. and Mrs. McCARTY and daughter, Miss Jessie Lee of Fort Worth are visiting their father and grandfather, Mr. John MAXWELL who has been ill for some time.

 Mr. O.F. BLOYD is on the sick list this week.

 Mrs. W.F. DUKE has been ill but is now improving.

 Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

Mr. and Mrs. R.H. REED visited Mrs. REED’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim FRITZ of Marlow, Okla. last week.  Mr. and Mrs. FRITZ are well advanced in years but very healthy and active for their age.

Mr. JOHNSTON and family of Fairview visited his brother, B.M. JOHNSTON and family Sunday.  Miss Connie JOHNSTON returned with them for a visit. 

Miss Dora MORRIS of St. Joe visited Mr. and Mrs. Thelbert MORRIS last week.

 Mr. and Mrs. Pat JOHNTSON of Jakehamon visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.M. JOHNSTON Sunday.

 We failed to mention last week the tacky party given at the schoolhouse February 24th.  A large crowd was present and a very enjoyable time was reported.  Miss Thelma COGBURN got the prize for being the tackiest girl.

 Misses Nell and Anice Wayne BOSWELL and Opal HOWARD of De Leon attended the pie supper at the school house Friday night.

 Concord by Mrs. Anna Wilson

A.J. CUMMINS was called to the bedside of his nephew Raymond LAWRENCE, of Hico, who is seriously ill.

 Mr. George YOUNG visited his sister, Mrs. Sam BAYS of near Lingleville.  Mrs. BAYS is very ill this week.

 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond SPARKS have moved from the WILSON farm near Highland.  Mr. Will KIMMELL has bought him out and will tend the land here.

 Mrs. Ed WILSON reports her sister, Mrs. Tobe PARSON of De Leon, very ill.  Friends of Mrs. PARSON here hope for her speedy recovery.

 Jakehamon by O.H. MOORE

Rev. and Mrs. Z.C. CHAMBLISS of Desdemona and Mr. J.W. BRADSHAW of Brownwood visited with J.H. ADAMS and family Sunday.

 Miss Erica WHITWORTH spent Friday night visiting Misses Lillian ROBBINS and Novis LINDLEY at Stephenville.

 Mr. and Mrs. Ray ROBBINS of Hico spent Sunday visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS.

 Miss Erica WHITWORTH visited with her parents of Lingleville Saturday.

 Mr. and Mrs. E.S. WHITE of Ranger visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.P. LEWIS, Sunday.

 Mr. and Mrs. Gus BROWN of Goree are visiting this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.N. KOONCE, and other relatives.

 Colman WEIR of Austin is here for an extended visit with Mr. and Mrs. R.C. KOONCE and Charleston WEIR.

 Miss Zora BAKER visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.H. BAKER of Comyn, last week end.

 A large number of the neighbors and friends together with the married children of Mr. W.N. KOONCE gathered at his home on the first day of this month to celebrate his 64th birthday.  Mrs. KOONCE had prepared an excellent dinner and Mr. KOONCE and his family and the many guests enjoyed the day together.

 Mrs. R.C. KOONCE has been appointed to take the scholastic census for this school district.

 V.C. WAYLAND had the misfortune to lose a work mule last week.  This is the second mule Mr. WAYLAND has lost this year.

 Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda MACON

Mr. and Mrs. MORING and son Joseph Herndon visited friends and relatives in Huckabay and Stephenville last week end.

 Last Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie SHOEMAKER were entertained with a shower in the form of a party.  Many nice gifts were given to them.  Schoolmates of Mr. SHOEMAKER and Mrs. SHOEMAKER formerly Miss Beulah GARY, wish them much success as they travel through life together.

 Mr. Doyce and Miss La Joyce MACON from Howard Payne spent the week end with home folks.

 Mr. and Mrs. C.L. TARRANCE are on the sick list this week.

 Next Friday night Mr. Ernest RIPPETOE will meet with the singing class.  All singers are invited to come and practice the new songs with us.

 Roger and Wayne CHAMBERS visited Dean CHAMBERS of New Hope Sunday.

 Downing by J.L. Bishop

The declamation elimination of Downing school came off last Friday.  Those winning were as follows:  Sub-Junior boys – first place, Belau HORNSBY; second place, Glen HULSEY.  Sub-Junior girls- first place, Billye Jo HULSEY; second place, Dorothy Ann BEATY.  Junior boys – first place Gale McGINNIS; second place, Gwendolyn LASSETER.  Junior girls – first place, Jeanette GRISOM; second place, Ruby Lee BISHOP.  Senior boys – first place, Travis ISBELL.  Senior girls – first place, Myrtie HAFFORD; second place, Maudie Lee YATES.

 Mr. Riley WARREN spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Auther WARREN.