The De Leon Free Press

The DeLeon Free Press, De Leon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, March 3, 1933


Hilltop Station Scene of Night Fire and Raids

            Hilltop Service Station, a mile west of town, was the scene of excitement last Saturday night when fire was discovered burning inside the building.  The fire department went out and extinguished the flames before serious damage was done.  Investigation disclosed oil-soaked rags and rubbish inside and a strong scent of kerosene, it is alleged.  The house was closed tightly which prevented the place burning, it is alleged.  An arson charge was filed against the owner, J.H. CARWILE, who was arrested and placed in jail at Comanche.  CARWILE also faces a liquor charge, officers BRIGHTMAN, KIMBLE, UNDERHILL and NORTHCUTT seizing an automobile alleged to have belonged to the accused, in which was found thirty-six half-gallon containers of whiskey.  CARWILE was bound over to await the action of the grand jury.

            The officers also raided the house of Lillard WILSON and arrested him charging the possession of liquor.  Emmett WILSON was arrested charged with drunkenness and Roy TIMMONS was jailed ona charge of driving while intoxicated, these arrests taking place Monday night.  Sheriff BRIGHTMAN has been successfully pushing a campaign against law violators and local officers are co-operating with telling effect. 

Little Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Lee Died Monday, 27th.

            Nina Beth, the little infant of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo LEE, died at their home west of town Monday afternoon.  The little one was about fifteen days of age.  Burial was at Turkey Creek cemetery Tuesday afternoon.  The sorrowing parents have the sympathy of friends. 

 Harold Kuhn Breaks Arm

            Harold, the twelve year old son of Mrs. Katie KUHN, fell from a swing on South Ward campus Tuesday at noon and broke his left wrist.  Mrs. S.A. DUKE, primary teacher in that school, took him to a local physician where his injury was cared for.  Harold returned to school Tuesday afternoon.

 Child has Painful Accident

            The nine month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.R. JONES fell from the bed at their home Monday and struck her face against an iron and cut a gash in her chin.  Her parents took her at once to the Gorman Clinic where stitches were taken to close the wound.  The little lady is doing nicely.

Bakery is Closed

            Mr. and Mrs. P.B. SHIRO and daughter, Miss Lucile, left Thursday of last week to return to their former home, Dallas.  They live immediately adjoining Love Field and have considerable property there which they will improve, they stated.  It is regrettable that De Leon people will not give a bakery sufficient business to support it.  There is plenty of business here.  We have yet some lessons to learn in home town loyalty it seems.

 Expressing Our Gratitude

            Many of our friends have come to our home and brought gifts of various kinds since our home was burned some weeks ago.  We wish each and every one of these to know that every gift brought was deeply appreciated.  Reports that are being circulated to the effect that we are unappreciative and have spoken unkindly to any who have come, are wholly false.  We thank you one and all.

            Mr. and Mrs. C.G. TATE

Mrs. A.J. Hancock Passed to Reward Friday Feb. 23rd.

            Mary Elizabeth HANCOCK, wife of A.J. HANCOCK, passed to her eternal reward at her home in south De Leon, Feb. 24, 1933.  Her body was lain in the De Leon cemetery after the funeral services were from the Methodist Church conducted by her pastor, Rev. C.C. HENSON.

            Mrs. HANCOCK was born at Hackneyville, Alabama, August 29, 1859, being 73 yrs., 5 mos., 27 days old.  She was married to A.J. HANCOCK Sept. 22, 1881 and proved a devoted companion through more than fifty years.  To them were born eight children.  She is survived by her husband, six children and five grandchildren.  One son, Fletcher, having died in childhood, another son, Johnnie, died in 1919.  Three sons and three daughters were present at her funeral.  Marvin H., Mrs. Zillah TALLEY, Mrs. Gussie FINE of De Leon; Mrs. Ruble BOON of West; Sannie and Willie of Houston.  These children were all born under the shadow of the famous “Old Hillabee Camp Ground” in Alabama, it being located less than a half mile from their home.  Here they were taken from infancy, by their mother to Sunday School and church.

            Mrs. HANCOCK, with her family, moved to Texas in 1905, settling at De Leon, where she has since lived and made a large circle of friends who knew her as a loyal friend, a true mother, a pure character, a noble saint.  This community has been blessed by her pure, sweet life.

            She was the last of her family of nine children, her brother, J.C. McKINNON, of San Antonio having died two years ago.

            She joined the Presbyterian church with her father and mother in early life, where she lived until Marvin, her oldest child, joined the church.  She then joined the Methodist church with her family.  She was reared in an atmosphere of religion and obedience to Gad and the church.  Her father and mother were “Old time” strict Presbyterian people who believed in, practiced and taught their children to keep God’s commandments.  Her inheritance from a noble ancestry could not have made her other than a person who held a high standard of Christian religion, a modest soul whose purity was equal to highest of heaven, and whose example was seeking to do good naturally.  She sought no public place, but like the sunshine of spring was always with cheerfulness and warm-heartedness dispelling darkness and cold from the hearts of all with whom she came in contact, never tiring of responsibilities but always found doing what she could for the comfort of those she loved.

            Her patience and cheerfulness in sickness and health will stand as a shining example, living on and on in the lives of those who knew her best.  There was nothing she enjoyed quite so much as haring good singing.  Now she has gone where, without pain she can listen to the celestial choir, throughout eternity. 

 In Memory of Mrs. Willie Betts

            “Will they miss me when I am gone.?” This is a question we should ask ourselves and then conform our lives in a way that others will answer in sincere affirmative “yes.”

            Such is truthfully said of our friend and neighbors, Mrs. Willie OTWELL BETTS, who passed away at her home at Habberton after a lingering illness, at the age of 51 years, 10 months and 14 days.  Mrs. BETTS possessed every trait of character, such as kindness to her associates, an affectionate loving mother, a noble Christian character, that goes to make a woman worthwhile. 

            Her suffering has been intense for the past several months, but she bore it all with patience and tried to greet everyone with a smile.  Her children have been constantly at her bedside doing all that was possible to comfort her, but the Lord who giveth and taketh away, plucked this lovely flower and we can only bow to His humble submission.

            She is survived by six children: Delbert, Elton, Johnnie and Mrs. Rossie FAINT of Habberton, Mrs. Margie WARREN of Oakland, and James of Riveria, Calif; also her mother, Mrs. Lou OTWELL of De Leon, Texas.

            She was laid to rest in the cemetery at Friendship, Saturday, Dec. 24, at 2 o’clock, beside a son, Luther, who passed away some 12 years ago.  Services were conducted by Brother Noel DODD of Fayettville.

            Gone! Silent!  But not forgotten – the home and the hearts of her loved ones are saddened.  May God in His mercy pity and give them strength and grace to look beyond this land of sorrow to the time when they will meet their loved one.

Only a kind word spoken

To the heart that mourns;

Only a helping hand

To point to a brighter morrow;

A pressure of the hand

When friends to their dear are clinging,

Will be felt in the better land

Where Angel’s harps are winging.



            Mr. Harry L. ROGERS and Miss Mattie Mae GAFFORD were happily married Tuesday evening at 7:30 Feb. 21, at Methodist Church in Comanche.

            Rev. BROXTON spoke the magic words.  After the ceremony, the couple, with a few intimate friends returned to the home of the bride’s parents where they received many pretty and useful presents.

            Mrs. ROGERS is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. GAFFORD of Coimanche.  Mr. ROGERS is the son of T.A. ROGERS of Downing.

            Their many friends wish them much happiness.  They will make their home in Downing. –Contributed.

 Magnolia Man Was Married at Tyler

            William HARRIS, employee of the Magnolia Petroleum Co., and assigned to duty at the Magnolia Pump Station near De Leon, was married on Friday morning of last week to Miss Flossie QUATTLEBAUM, of Tyler.  The young couple are at home at the Travelers Hotel now but will take a cottage soon, they stated.  Mrs. HARRIS was formerly employed in the offices of the Magnolia at Tyler.

            Both Mr. and Mrs. HARRIS were reared at Tyler and their parents have been prominent residents of that city for years.  A number of De Leon people have met Mr. and Mrs. HARRIS and extended congratulations upon their marriage and a welcome to this city.  Mr. HARRIS has lived at the Travelers since December.

 Club Party

            Tuesday, Feb. 28th, the De Leon Dublin Golf Club observed their annual evening soiree.  Mesdames W.H. SMITH and F.F. GENTRY of De Leon were hostess.  A delicious fruit punch was served throughout the evening by Miss Eugena GENTRY.  There were thirteen tables of bridge and four tables of forty-two.  High score prize at bridge was won by Mrs. CHRISTIE of Dublin, for the ladies and by Mr. Chas. FOUST of Dublin for the men.  High score prize at forty-two was won by Mrs. FISHER of Dublin.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

The rain that fell was very much appreciated, as the grain and gardens were needing a shower.

 Mr. Ernest RIPPETOE, Mr. and Mrs. Walter RIPPETOE and Miss Anice LOCK have returned from Monahans where they taught a singing school.

 Mr. Sam RIPPETOE of Frankell, Tex. visited his mother, Mrs. S.A. RIPPETOE.

 Mrs. Carl TOMLINSON of Roby is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. RIPPETOE.

 Don’t forget that next Sunday evening, March 25th, there will be a singing.  Several singers have promised to be there, so you come and hear the new songs in the new Stamps book.

 Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

Most of the farmers have their land ready for planting and the recent rains put the land in good shape.

 Mr. and Mrs. Thelbert MORRIS and baby and Oren MILLER visited Mr. and Mrs. HOMER and Uncle Gordon MILLER at Grandview last week.

 Aubrey Lee HANEY of Abernathy, who visited in this community last week, motored to Raymondville, and was married there to Miss Alta NATION, Feb. 21st.  The young couple returned here and visited several days before leaving for their home at Abernathy.  Best wishes go with them as they journey through life together.

Miss Jettie WATTS entertained the young people with a party at her home Saturday night.  Many entertaining games were played.  Refreshments of cake and punch were served to a large crowd.

 Mr. and Mrs. H.S. ECHOLS and children visited their daughter Mrs. Pat JOHNSON and family at Jakehamon.

 Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda Macon

Mrs. Sam PRICE has returned home from a two weeks visit with her daughter at Whitenburg.

 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd STEWART and family from Downing visited relatives in this community last Thursday.

 Misses Oleta and Da Veda MACON visited Miss La Joyce MACON at Howard Payne Friday night.

 Mr. Sam PRICE has been seriously ill for the last few days.

 Doyce DYSON spent last week with his sister, Mrs. Floyd MOORE, of Desdemona.

 Next Sunday evening is regular singing evening.  Everyone come and help us have a good singing.

 Jakehamon by O.H. MOORE

W.A. LINDLEY and family visited with Chas. LINDLEY and family of Desdemona Sunday.

 Mrs. J.H. ADAMS visited with her mother, Mrs. R.L. GRIFFIN, of Staf? Last weekend.

 Mr. and Mrs. C.W. McKINNEY and children of Frankell visited with Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY Sunday.

 J.H. ADAMS and daughter, Miss Robbie Lea were in Comanche Sunday.

 G.S. RICHEY, a student in the John Tarleton Agricultural College, spent the week end visiting with his aunt, Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.

 Mrs. Estelle LINDLEY and Mrs. Bob KOONCE are attending classes in the Home Economics work this year.  Miss Erica WHITWORTH, who has charge of this work, has expanded the scope of the work and has succeeded so well with the work that those outside school are coming for this work.  Complete equipment is furnished by the school.

 O.S. ROBBINS, Jim KOONCE and O.H. MOORE attended a citizens meeting at Leon last Thursday night where a large gathering of people hard talks by several speakers.  In the meeting resolutions were passed expressing opposition to the Sales Tax as offered in the Legislature and the secretary was directed to send copies of such resolution to the Senators and Representatives of the District.

 Misses Lillian ROBBINS and Novis LINDLEY were week end guests of home folks and attended the singing here Sunday.

Mr. C.G. MORTON, who teaches at Kokomo, attended the singing here Sunday and brought a rousing applause from the audience when he sang a new and difficult solo from one of the new books.  Mr. MORTON is not only a successful teacher, but a singer of fine ability.

Concord by Mrs. Anna Wilson

Everyone is planting gardens as the cold spell got everything in that line here.

 Will KIMELL, George YOUNG, Joe FAIR and Ode McADAMS were in Dublin on business Monday.

 Miss Charlott BLASSENGAME visited her cousin, Elaine BARKER, of Robinson Springs Sunday.

 Mr. M.B. BAREFOOT and son, Ben, are terracing their farm this week.

 Mr. George YOUNG reports his sister, Mrs. Sam BAYS, who is in the Gorman Sanitarium, slowly improving.  Her friends hope for her speedy improvement.

 Mr. BAREFOOT and children set out several hundred berry vines, Blackberries and dewberries.

 Buffalo by Miss Valda Gregory

Mr. E.G. GREGORY is on the sick list this week.

 Casey BRINSON is on the sick list this week.

 Local Happenings

Mrs. Fred RUTLEDGE and daughter, little Miss Melba Louise, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. NANCE at Fort Worth recently.

 Mrs. J.B. POOLE of Hico is visiting her mother, Mrs. J. Doss MILLER.

 Mrs. W.W. GREGORY has returned from an extended visit with her sister, Miss Vera SPENCER in Fort Worth.

 Mr. and Mrs. Belt DYSON of McCamey visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. DYSON last week.

 Mrs. John L. WARE has moved to Big Spring where she will operate a beauty shop.

 Henry Moore EVANS of Fort Worth visited his wife, Mrs. EVANS, and Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN last week-end.

 Fred HARMON of Austin was week-end visitor with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy HARMON.

 Pete McCLELLAN of Austin was week-end visitor with his grand-parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.E. SELF.

 Fred RUTLEDGE, Jr. was a week-end visitor with his grandmother RUTLEGE in Cisco.

 Miss Ruth HOWE of Stephenville visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.E. HOWE, Sunday.

 Miss Evelyn KINCHEN of Stephenville, was a visitor last week of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN.

 Mr. and Mrs. Dale BOSWELL and son, Marvin Dale, and Miss Inez BOSWELL were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. HEIZER at Breckenridge.

 Jack PEARSON is at home from Ft. Worth where he has been working the past year.

 Miss Frances HARVEY was the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY last Sunday.

 Miss Mildred LAWLESS has returned from a three-weeks visit with relatives in Fort Worth.

 Mrs. Brown SHAVER is here from Hebronville, visiting her mother, Mrs. A.E. HAMPTON.

Miss Macie BOSWELL, who teaches north of Gorman, was week-end visitor with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.C. BOSWELL.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond JONES and daughter little Miss Mary Ann, visited her mother, Mrs. C.J. NEW at Brownwood last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert STEAKLEY and children of Sherman visited Mr. and Mrs. J.C. LAMBERT and Mr. and Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY last week.

Rev. and Mrs. Joseph PATTERSON and sons of Stephenville spent the day with his mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON.

Walter Ray is the name of a fine son born to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond BUTLER at the Gorman Hospital Friday, February 24th.

Mrs. W.S. MORELAND underwent an operation for the removal of a tumor at a hospital in Ft. Worth.  Late reports are that she is doing well.

Mrs. Edna McCARTY, of Ft. Worth and Mr. Joe MAXWELL of Dublin, are here attending the bedside of J.M. MAXWELL who lives on Route one and is quite ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Woodley BUTLER and children of Eastland visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. BUTLER and her aunt, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON Sunday.


All those having hogs running outside are advised that they are damaging our pasture land on the Leon river and we kindly request that you put them up.  –N.J. COGBURN