The De Leon Free Press

The DeLeon Free Press, De Leon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 24, 1933


School Bus and Car Crash, Doctor Gets Broken Ribs

            Dr. A.M. ALLEN is confined to his home with a couple of broken ribs as a result of two cars running together, one of them a school bus.  The accident happened Tuesday morning.  Dr. ALLEN, Mayor DANIELL and George COZBY were riding with Eld. S.W. SHORT to the Primitive Baptist church property where they were going to plan some work which was to be done by the R.F.C.  As they rounded the corner at the E.L. LOCKE home, near De Leon Laundry, the car crashed head-on with a north-bound school bus on what is commonly known as Postoffice street.  L. HIGGINBOTTOM was driving the school bus.  A number of children were in the bus and were shaken up but none were injured.  Mayor DANIELL, who was on the rear seat with Dr. ALLEN, was thrown against the top of the car and made dizzy for a moment, but he was otherwise uninjured.  Both machines were somewhat damaged.

 Fitzgerald Bros. Sold 100,000 Lbs. Peanuts Past Year

            A big peanut mill in De Leon is this community’s greatest industry but of growing importance are the smaller connected industries.  De Leon Peanut Co. is a raw stock plant.  Fitzgerald Bros. are manufacturers of peanut and pecan products, taking the raw material and converting it into edible form.

            Claude and Colquitt FITZGERALD started their salted peanut and shelled pecan business a little more than a year ago under the name of Del-Tex Mfg. Co.  They started from the bottom – a little home-made equipment installed in the family kitchen, a common cook stove for a stove and a passenger car to take the product out to sell.

            In one year’s time they have greatly enlarged their equipment, added a trained staff of workers in their manufacturing department, and have big closed-in motor trucks covering a territory comprising more than half of Texas.

100,000 Lbs. Peanuts Sold During Past Year

            Since opening their plant late in 1931, Fitzgerald Bros. have handled approximately 800 bags of peanuts, 125 pounds to the bag.  They have handled literally car-loads of pecans and at this time are using about 500 pounds of shelled pecans per week to supply their trade for the shelled stock and candies.  A popular seller is a 5-pound box of shelled pecans which sells to the grocer trade.

            Three styles of candy are being manufactured.  They make the old reliable peanut patty and they are now making a penny peanut patty.  Pecan patties are finding a ready market.  But the best seller the Fitzgeralds have ever originated is their pecan roll which has a divinity center rolled in large pieces of rich, brown pecan meats and neatly wrapped in cellophane, a generous roll for a nickel.

            The Fitzgerald plant has worked as high as 20 people at a time, but the regular force is somewhat less.  Six people are employed regular now with extras as needed.  The business is growing and will ultimately require still larger quarters.

 Club Boy Made Good with White-Face Baby Beef

            Derroll HAFFORD completed his F.F.A. Club project this week, a fine Whiteface baby beef, the animal being slaughtered and weighed and the exact results of his efforts were known.

            Young HAFFORD, 13, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer HAFFORD, and a member of the agriculture class of De Leon High School, got the calf when it was five months old, it weighing 525 pounds.  He fed it under the instruction of Prof. W.C. COMPTON 148 days.  When slaughtered the animal weighed 900 pounds, having gained 2.53 pounds per day.  The animal dressed 536 pounds and netted young HAFFORD $13.25 profit.

            Many De Leon people had the opportunity to get portions of the meat, which was sold across the counter at City Market and no finer product was ever cut on their blocks.

 Husbands Entertained

            Mrs. W.H. SMITH entertained the members and guests of the Bridge Club Tuesday night at her home with the husbands as honored guests.

            At the conclusion of the games Mrs. Joe ASHBY was winner of high score for the ladies and Mr. Audrey SPENCER for the men. 

            A delicious salad course was served to the following:  Mr. and Mrs. Herbert WEAVER, R.L. WHALEY, Joe ASHBY, Henry Grady SHARP, A.C. SCHUMAN, H.G. TERRILL, John WEAVER, Audrey SPENCER, Jeff TATE, R.L. HILL, Dewey DANIELL, W.P. WEAVER, Everett HANSFORD and Mrs. W.H. CLARK and Mrs. S.G. PARKS.

            The Club will meet March 7th at Mrs. Audry SPENCER’s home.

 Son of Former De Leon People Ill at LaMesa

            “Bub,” the 11-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar SINGLETON, who reside at Lamesa, was carried to the sanitarium at Lubbock some days ago suffering from an attack of typhoid.  He is reported to be improving, but will probably be in the sanitarium for some time.  Oscar SINGLETON is a son of Uncle Dock SINGLETON of the city.


            H.C. WEATHERFORD and Miss Helen PIPER were married Saturday, Feb. the 19th at the home of Rev. A.F. NABORS, he being the officiating minister.  Mrs. WEATHERFORD is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert PIPER who reside near Downing.  Mr. WEATHERFORD is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar WEATHERFORD and has grown to young manhood here.

            This popular young couple has a large circle of friends who wish them much happiness.

 Rook Club

            The Rook Club met on Friday, with Mrs. W.W. BELL, with four tables arranged for sixteen players including members and guests.  The hostess carried out the Washington theme in tally cards, and served cherry pie in addition to a tempting salad.  High score for the afternoon went to Mrs. Roy HAMMERS.  The Club meets next on March 3rd with Mrs. F.T. DANIELL as hostess.

            Those present were Mesdames DONOHUE, BUCHAN, LIGHTFOOT, JETTON, Jno. NABORS, S.R. UPSHAW, Sr., R.D. BELL, C.H. SHARP, Jack PRICE, Roy HAMMERS, F.T. DANIELL, Walter CRAWFORD, Miss Gussie INSALL.  Guests were:  Mrs. Bonner NABORS, Mrs. Fred BOWDEN, Mrs. Whaley SMITH, Mrs. Emmett LOCKE.

 Jack Sparks Loses Car by Fire

            Jack SPARKS suffered the misfortune of losing his Chevrolet car by fire Monday afternoon.  He was driving on the Robinson Springs road some three miles north of here, when his car began to burn and he barely escaped being burned himself.  The loss was partially covered by insurance.

 Honor Roll

            Oliver Springs School notes listed below is the Honor Roll for the fifth month of school:

First Grade:  William BREWER, Junior WATTS, Edwin COGBURN, Ima George RUSSELL, Jesse Elwyn ATCHISON, Roma Jewell PARKER

Second Grade:  Nell Vee Perry, Etta Mae JOHNSTON

Third Grade:  Lallah Rue LIGHTFOOT, Lola Belle COGBURN, Edna Mae DOMINY, Rolland TILLY

Fifth Grade:  Chester HAMPTON, Rosa Lee JOHNSTON

Sixth Grade:  Willie Vell HILL

Seventh Grade:  Jettie WATTS

Ninth Grade:  Waldene PERRY, John BOSWELL, Thelma COGBURN, Lorene JOHNSTON

Tenth Grade:  Lois WILSON

 Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda Macon

Miss Wyndola PRICE from Lingleville visited homefolks Sunday evening.

 Floyd and Lloyd WEST have returned from out West. 

Mrs. C.L. TARRANCE is worse at this writing.  We hope she improves soon.  Mrs. TARRANCE has not been strong since last winter.

 Several from here attended the party at Mr. E.T. MILLER’s Saturday night.  All reported a good time.

Friends of Grandpa WILSON are glad to hear that he is improving.

 Comyn by Mrs. Roy C. Lindley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard MAYES of Murray and Mr. and Mrs. Elmor MAYES and children of Graham visited the Messrs. MAYES’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. EASLEY last week.

 Mrs. George CARAWAY and son of Eldorado, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam STRONG and family and her sister, Mrs. Gary MOHON and family last Saturday and Sunday.

 Miss Mara Glenn DONALDSON spent the week end with home folk in Ft. Worth.

 Mr. and Mrs. E. THORNTON and children left Sunday for California.  They have been visiting Mrs. THORNTON’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. DOGGETT.

 The Comyn chapter of the F.F.A. gave their annual Father’s and Son banquet at the Home Economics dining hall last Wednesday night.  The guests other than the fathers were Mr. R.L. SCOTT, De Leon, C.M. CARAWAY, Sr., the faculty, and Mr. Autry CARAWAY.  The F.F.A. president, Mr. Dalice RIPPETOE, was toastmaster.  Those who made some very interesting talks were Mr. R.L. SCOTT, Mr. C.M. CARAWAY, Sr., Mr. C.S. DRY, and Mr. Roy C. LINDLEY.  The boys gave a very interesting program which consisted of the opening exercises for the F.F. A., harmonica solo, songs, and other musical numbers.  Last, but not least, they all seemed to enjoy the cigars and the boys gave a cheer for Miss DONALDSON and the Home Economic girls who served the banquet.

 Mrs. Roy C. LINDLEY spent last Thursday and Friday in Desdemona school teaching Home Economics.

 Mr. and Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr., spent the week end with Mrs. CULPEPPER’s mother in Fort Worth.

 Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Mrs. H.A. GREGORY has been on the sick list this week but is reported as improving at this time.

 G.E. RILEY was on the sick list this week.

 Miss Ruthel RILEY has been absent from school this week on account of illness.

 Misses Erica WHITWORTH and Wyndola PRICE and Messers. Vance JOHNSON and Woodrow WILCOXIN visited Miss PRICE’s grandmother, Mrs. Sam BAYS, at the Gorman Sanitarium Sunday.

 Mr. and Mrs. G.V. BRAZELL are rejoicing over the arrival of a new boy at their house.

 J.H. HONEYCUTT had the misfortune to lose a fine work horse last week, this making two that Mr. HONEYCUTT has lost during the winter.

 Edgar HUFFMAN of the Lone Star Plant has been ill the past week but is reported as improving.

 Mr. and Mrs. T.J. LINDLEY and daughter, Floradell, visited Mr. and Mrs. Luther LINDLEY and family Sunday, and also visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.M. LINDLEY of Eastland.

 Newton ANDERSON of Peacock, who has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.N. ANDERSON, has returned home.

 W.R. GUTHERY happened to a painful though not serious accident last week when some heavy steel with which he was working slipped and caught him in such a way that his leg was almost broken.

 The public school music class with their teacher, Miss Zora BAKER, and Miss Erica WHITWORTH, went to Brownwood last Thursday upon invitation and presented a program of sacred songs at the Howard-Payne College.  Miss BAKER reports a most cordial reception and a full day of enjoyment for the entire class of young people.

Concord by Mrs. Anna Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond SPARKS are moving to the W.T. WILSON farm and will attend a part of the farm.

 Mrs. Dean GARDNER and son, Arnold, of De Leon, visited Mrs. C.C. MILLER Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed WILSON are recovering from a severe spell of sickness.

Mrs. Berry KIMMEL is improving after suffering from a severe case of influenza.

All garden plants were killed here and everyone is planting again.

Mr. and Mrs. BAREFOOT and children visited relatives in Coleman last week.  Mr. BAREFOOT brought eleven hives of bees to his home here from Coleman.

 Mr. and Mrs. George YOUNG visited Mr. and Mrs. Caroll YOUNG at Bayse last week and report Mrs. YOUNG improving and able to be up some.

 Mr. George YOUNG is down with sciatic rheumatism and influenza.

 St. Joe

Mrs. J.A. OTWELL has returned home from a two weeks visit with her daughter, Mrs. Clyde NABORS and family at Oliver Springs.

Mrs. J.A. DUKE gave a quilting last Thursday at the St. Joe school building.  Several quilts were finished, and a very good lunch was served at the noon hour.  Those present were Rev. and Mrs. R.T. WALLACE, Mmes. Ida PITTMAN, Fred SHAVER and two small children, John MINTER, Lee NABORS and son, Jonah PETERS, Lee MORRIS, Otho MORRIS and Fred ADCOCK of De Leon, Mrs. L.C. MACON and Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS of Robinson Springs, Mrs. Clyde NABORS and son, Mrs. M. OTWELL and daughter, Miss Eltie, of Oliver Springs, Mmes, E.W. RAY, M.E. DUKE, W.B. RAY, H.S. FREEMAN, Jess MORRIS, Charley MORRIS, Oren MORRIS, Bob JOHNSON, Paul JOHNSON, Carl DUKE and baby, J.L. VAUGHN, Roy OGLESBY and children, Frank McCRUM, Jim PARSON and son, R.L. WALL, Will BOYD, Clyde TILLIE, Lewis GREENWALDT, John WALL, O.F. BLOYD, W.R. SADBERRY, W.F. DUKE, W.C. LOCK, Ike POWELL and Felix MORRIS, Misses Lula McKELVEY, Della WALL, Irene DUKE, Bernice and Adelle McKELVEY, Grace BOYD, Gracie Lee LOCK and Pauline RAY.

 We are glad that Mr. John MAXWELL, who has been seriously ill, is now recovering.

The citizens of this community have finished working the road from the home of Mr. and Mrs. M.L. MORRIS through by St. Joe joining the Desdemona hi-way.

Mrs. Lewis GREENWALDT visited her daughter, Miss Virginia, of Walnut Springs the past week.

Mr. W.B. RAY and daughter, Miss Pauline, attended the singing at Bayse Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar BUTLER, Mr. and Mrs. Homer HAFFORD, Mr. and Mrs. Blake HEATH and baby, Misses Tempa, Nettie and Bartha CORBELL of De Leon, visited Mr. and Mrs. W.B. RAY and family Thursday evening.

The ladies of this community have organized a Workers Club that will meet twice each month.  Miss Della WALL is President, Mrs. Charley MORRIS, vice-President and Miss Irene DUKE, Secretary.

 Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

Mr. and Mrs. Dave SLAUGHTER and children of Comyn visited Mr. and Mrs. Sam TUNNELL Sunday.

 Mr. and Mrs. Charley PARKS and children of Robinson Springs visited C.C. SETZLER and family Sunday afternoon.

 Mr. and Mrs. John DOMINEY visited his sister, Miss Modess DOMINEY at Chaney Monday night.  Miss DOMINEY has been very sick for some time.  She has many friends that hope she will soon be well again.

 Mrs. Gilbert OVERLY and baby of Waco visited her brother, John DOMINEY and family last week.

 Mr. and Mrs. R.H. REED with all their children and grandchildren went to Hasse Sunday to celebrate his mother’s 90th birthday.  Grandmother REED is very hearty and active for one of her age.

 Mrs. Nattie WATTS and children and Misses Inez and Leola SETZLER visited Miss Modess DOMINEY at Chaney Sunday afternoon.

 Downing by J.L. Bishop

Mr. A.L. PIPER had the misfortune of losing his potato curing plants by fire the 15th of this month.  He also lost six or seven thousand bushels of potatoes.

 Mr. and Mrs. Houston LOUDERMILK are the proud parents of a baby girl named Cleda Madee.

 Mr. and Mrs. Holder LOUDERMILK of Brownwood spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. LOUDERMILK.

 Mr. and Mrs. Hopie ALEXANDER are the proud parents of a baby boy they named Henry Wayne.

 Miss Helen PIPER and Mr. H.C. WEATHERFORD were married Saturday evening at 7:00 o’clock at the home of Rev. Alf NABORS in De Leon.  Their many friends wish them success and happiness.

 Mr. and Mrs. PETROSS and Mr. A.L. GUNN of Comanche spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. GUNN and family.

 Buffalo by Miss Valda GREGORY

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. BROOKS, Mrs. Johnnie BAUGH and daughter, Miss Lily and Miss Valda GREGORY attended the funeral of Mrs. Price TURNBO Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. Lon GREGORY of Magdalena, N.M., has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. E.G GREGORY and family this week.

Mr. Lon GREGORY, Mrs. E.G. GREGORY and son and daughter, John and Valda, spent Wednesday visiting in the Trinity community.

 Mr. and Mrs. Mark MONROE and son, Martin, of Roshell, visited Mr. and Mrs. G.W. HANSON last week and attended the funeral of little Mary Lee HANSON.

Mr. Carlos McGUIRE spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Herman NICHOLS of the Van Dyke community.


Local Happenings

Mr. and Mrs. Murray TOLAND went to Fort Worth Tuesday to visit their aunt, Mrs. Stanley MORELAND and his sister, Mrs. THURMAN.

 Mr. and Mrs. W.L. FINCHER are here from Moran to make their future home.

 Mr. and Mrs. Bill HORN of Abilene visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John MOHON, Sunday.

 Mr. and Mrs. Earl NELSON and daughter, Annie Earl, have moved to Comanche.

 Miss Lucy Mae MERRIT has returned to Ft. Worth after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.D. MERRIT.

 Mrs. Blake HEATH and daughter, Bettye Jean, are in Rising Star this week, guests of Mrs. Byrle HEATH.

 Little Miss Leona FERGUSON of Stephenville is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. J.C. ELLIS.

 C.C. HAMPTON of Comanche visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley HAMPTON Sunday.

 Alice Ruth is the name of a fine baby girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman GEORGE Sunday, Feb. 19th.

 Mr. and Mrs. Charley FREEMAN and children have moved to Comanche to make their future home.

 Rev. and Mrs. Leo BOON and daughter, Ruby Jean of West, were recent visitors with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. HANCOCK.

 Miss Evelyn GOLIGHTLY of Ft. Worth was here for the week-end visiting her mother, Mrs. Ola GOLIGHTLY.

 Mr. and Mrs. Dale HOWARD were week-end visitors with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.M. HUMPHREY at Gustine.

 Mrs. Jack WOODARD and daughter, Miss Naomi of Mangum, visited Mrs. S.A. WOODARD and Mr. and Mrs. J.M. JONES last week.

 Mrs. R.E. FRIESON and Miss Winnie NOEL of Parks were here last week visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.K. NOEL.

 Mr. and Mrs. E.M. WILSON of Ft. Worth were here Sunday visiting her sister, Mrs. Irene PIERSON and mother, Mrs. Mary PHILLIPS.

 Mrs. Laura WATSON has gone to Abilene to be with her daughter, Mrs. Harley HUGHES, who is ill with pneumonia.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McKINNEY and children of Frankell are here at the bedside of her mother, Mrs. E.B. RIDER who is ill.

 Ross FLETCHER has returned to his home at Kingsville after visiting his mother, Mrs. FLETCHER and sister, Mrs. W.L. SALTER.

Mrs. M. FROZZARD has gone to Turkey to visit relatives after a two months visit with her daughter, Mrs. Harrold WILLIAMS and family.

 Mrs. R.L. WILSON and children, Charles LAVOICE and Bobbie and Miss El Dora COONER of Cisco, visited their mother, Mrs. Emma COONER last week-end.

 Doss MILLER went to Hutto to attend the funeral of his friend, John SAUL, who was a prominent stockman in that section of the state.  The funeral was held the latter part of last week.

 Mr. and Mrs. Roy WHEAT are at home again after spending since last October at Dublin where he was in the employ of the Dublin Compress Co.

 Mr. and Mrs. Hopi ALEXANDER are the parents of a 10-pound baby girl, born into their home on February 10.  The little one was named Levey Wayne.

 Mrs. C.W. HAFFORD received a telegram last Thursday saying her only sister, Mrs. D.B. BURKHOLDER was very ill at her home in Corsicana.  Mrs. HAFFORD was not able physically to go to Corsicana, she having undergone a major operation some four weeks ago.  Later reports stated that her sister’s condition is much improved.

Mrs. Velma DAKSON, daughter of E.L. BANKHEAD, daughter of E.L. BANKHEAD of this city, was married Thursday, February 16th at Woodward, Oklahoma to Mr. Chas. T. DAVIS, farmer and rancher of Curtis. Okla.

Mr. and Mrs. L.D. PARKS and children of Fort Worth were here Sunday visiting his mother, Mrs. S.G. PARKS.