The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, February 17, 1933


Cold Damage is Widespread; Fruit Crop Badly Hurt

            The severe cold of last week left great destruction in its wake.  The cold wave came following a warm month of January and sap was flowing freely in growing things.  This made the icy breath of winter felt more severely and the damage all the greater.

            The Elberta peach crop is believed destroyed.  Not only the fruit crop but portions of many trees have been killed.

            Dean GARDNER, local Elberta orchardist, believes that all the last year’s growth on his Elberta trees is killed.  When the trees bud out this spring, long, bare switches will be found dead on the trees, necessitating much pruning, Mr. GARDNER said.

            John TATE was exhibiting dead pear limbs Thursday, the buds and small limbs being apparently stone dead.

            It is not believed that all the fruit crop will be destroyed.  But it is a fact a great portion of it went in the zero weather, and some orchardists insist that their trees are killed as well.

            Ornamental shrubs in many yards in town were killed.  Varieties of ornamental cedars are apparently dead.  Ligustrum, honeysuckle, roses and many other ornamental plants succumbed to the biting frosts and freeze.

Scores of Pigs Die

            In the line of livestock, pigs seem to have suffered most.  Jim BISHOP, residing near Downing, lost 42 pigs in the storm.  Lee LOUDERMILK at Downing lost 27 head.  J.H. VAUGHN, who resides three miles east of town, lost 20 head.  Lee NABORS was hauling a load of 31 pigs to Lubbock and was caught by the cold at Anson.  He parked his trailer under a tourist camp shed.  One 6-weeks old pig froze to death in the trailer.  John SCOTT, living 12 miles southwest of town, lost some chickens that were roosting in trees.  They froze to death and fell from the roost.


New Pastor at Assembly Church from Pilot Point

            The new pastor and his wife, Rev. and Mrs. C.G. NICHOLS, have arrived from Pilot Point and will serve the Assembly of God church in De Leon.  They have been in the city some two or three weeks and are getting well established and the work organized.  Revs. NICHOLS and DODD exchanged work, Rev. DODD going to Pilot Point.  De Leon people welcome Rev. and Mrs. NICHOLS to the city.


Comyn FFA Boys Have Annual Fathers and Sons Banquet

            Comyn Future Farmers held their annual Fathers and Sons banquet at the school building at Comyn Wednesday evening of this week, the usual home products dinner being dispensed with this year and in its stead ice cream and cake was generously served to the members and their dads and guests.  Miss Mara Glenn DONALDSON and Home Economics girls served nicely.

            President Dalice RIPPETOE of the Club served as toastmaster and among the features of entertainment the boys gave the opening and closing exercises of the FFA Club, which was a very fine piece of work and impresses one with its genuine wholesomeness and inspiring features.  Prof. W. Doyle GRAVES, teacher of Vocational Agriculture, is adult advisor of the Club and took part in the exercises.

            A group of FFA boys entertained with French harps and guitars and in singing songs, those taking part in the musical program being Dalice RIPPETOE, Edgar STURDIVANT, Howard CAMPBELL, Robt. SLAUGHTER, Virgil TOLLIVER.

            Officers of the Comyn FFA Club are Dalice RIPPETOE, president, Wade HODGES, vice president, Murman SIDES, secretary, Webb JAY, reporter, H.B. ROSS, treasurer, and Howard CAMPBELL, farm watch dog.


Two Buildings and 7,000 Bushels Potatoes Burned at Piper Home

            Fire of undetermined origin swept away two modern potato curing houses at the Albert PIPER farm, six miles southeast of this city at 8:00 o’clock Thursday morning, bringing a loss of $10,000 to $12,000 with no insurance.  The fire could possibly have originated from fumes arising from a gasoline can in the building, but Mr. PIPER has no other clue.

            Mr. PIPER was working in the building where the fire started early in the morning, building a fire there.  He went to another section of his plant and within 30 minutes he returned to discover the building in flames.  He phoned to Comanche for the fire department to come with chemical engine and pump, which they did, however the buildings had burned down and other buildings were not in danger when they arrived.

            One of the burned buildings was 40x60 feet and the other 25x35 feet, both being two stories in height.  They were built of lumber and one was finished last fall, the other being two years old.

            Mr. PIPER has specialized in the growing of fruit and potatoes for a number of years.  The season for selling cured sweet potatoes was just coming in and they are bringing 55 cents per bushel with baskets returned.

            Mr. PIPER is one of the largest fruit growers in this section and his farm is an asset to our county.  His loss is to be regretted and friends of his sympathize with him.


Brooder House and 175 Broilers Burn at Poultry Farm

            A kerosene heating unit exploded in one of the brooder houses at the Conner Poultry Farm early Tuesday morning and the building was destroyed.  In the building were 175 White Leghorn broilers, weighing about ¾ of a pound each and these were destroyed.  The tin roof of the building was saved.  The building will be replaced at once, Mr. CONNOR said.


Mineral Wells Man Employed at Plemmons

            Mr. Stennis BROWN is the new assistant at Plemmons Drug Co.  Mr. BROWN came to De Leon from Mineral Wells Tuesday of this week and took up his new duties.  He is a registered pharmacist and experienced salesman.  Mr. BROWN is unmarried and is living at the present at the Travelers.


Former De Leon High School Girl Married in Ft. Worth

            Miss Oleta NABORS, pretty young high school girl, who graduated here last year, married in Fort Worth Wednesday evening, February 8th.  She was married to Mr. Fred POWERS who resides in Fort Worth.  Mrs. Elia NABORS announced the marriage from her home at 716 Fagg St., on the date named.  Rev. David IRVING said the ceremony at his home, 517 E. Bluff St.

            The bride was dressed in sky blue costume with white accessories, the groom being attired in brown. After the ceremony the happy young couple was given a shower by a group of friends who were present at the wedding.

            Mr. and Mrs. POWERS will make their home in Fort Worth and their many friends are wishing them much happiness and success.

            Mrs. POWERS is a daughter of Volley NABORS of this city.


Jinx Following Elmer Tate, Car Exploded Wednesday

            Wednesday this week Elmer TATE had the misfortune to be too near the radiator of his car when it exploded, the concussion breaking his glasses and burning his face in several places.  TATE is employed by the Highway Department and works at Cresson.  The Free Press has only meager details of his latest accident, but one would think a jinx is following him for he ran a tractor off a bridge a month ago and was pinned under, breaking a leg.


Birthday Party

            On Thursday February 9, the home of Janice KEE was the scene of a very delightful occasion when she entertained in honor of Miss Roger Mae SMITH and Mr. Gaston GRISHAM whose birthdays came the same week.  The party was arranged as a surprise to the honorees, who were ushered into the dining room immediately after their arrival.  The table was beautifully decorated with an assortment of red hearts and other Valentine motifs.  Both Miss SMITH and Mr. GRISHAM found presents at their places.  After they had been opened and exhibited, a dinner was served to the guests by Misses Margie GRISHAM and Grace SMITH.  Fortunes, games and music completed a very happy evening.

            The table was set for Mr. and Mrs. C.V. SINGLETON, Mr. and Mrs. Audrey SPENCER, Mr. and Mrs. Iral C. INZER, Mr. Leslie C. DANIELS, Miss Lillian MOHON, Miss Olive WHITE, the honorees and the hostess.


Baby Died

            Mary Lee HANSON, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George HANSON of Proctor, died February 14, 1933.  She was born January 3, 1933.  Rev. PHILLIPS of De Leon officiated.  Interment was made in the Buffalo cemetery on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.

            Mary Lee is survived by her father and mother and the following brothers and sisters:  Mrs. Flynch MAGEE of Proctor, Gerald HANSON, June HANSON and Fay HANSON and a half sister, Mrs. Marie MONROE of Roshell.


Baby Died

            The little infant born into the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.G. HOLLAND February 12 and died the same day, was buried Monday, February 13th at Comyn.  The family has the sympathy of their many friends.


Baby Died

            An infant of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. WALDON died Sunday.  The baby was only four hours old at death and was buried the following day.

            Friends sympathize with the WALDON family.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to express our sincere appreciation and to thank our friends from Jakehamon, Robinson Springs, Lingleville, Victor, and other places for their sweet sympathy and kindness during our hours of sorrow in the loss of our little daughter, granddaughter, and niece, Bonnie Jean.

            Especially do we thank Mr. and Mrs. SHARP, of De Leon, Rev. J.M. BRADFORD of Dublin, Rev. Jim BAYS of Lingleville, Mr. McINROE, of Bays, and Miss Erma Lee GILBREATH of Lingleville.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. RILEY

Mr. and Mrs. S.C. PRICE

WYNDOLA, Alvin and Nel.


Honor Roll

First Grade:  Aaron SELF, Bettye Joyce BOULTER, Larue CHAUDLET, Clavil CLARK, Jimmy Lois HAFFORD, Jaunita HEATH, Helen Alice NEWTON, Joanna SMITH, H.L. HUDSON, Billy Joe McCRUM, William MORRIS, Ted TERRY, William WEATHERS, A.C. GRIMES, Billie Marie HARRIS, Dorothy Louise MAUNEY, Lucille RIPPETOE.

Second Grade:  Felton CRAWFORD, Ralph KEA, M.J. POWELL, Jim SLAUGHTER, Imogene CRADDOCK, Dorothy Mae HOLMES, Marilyn MARCHBANKS, Billy GREENHAW, Alida Mae HARRIS, Elda Jean SIMMONS, Bettie Alice WHITTLE, Mary Jo IRVIN, Gene MORTON, Marylene SMITH, Polly TERRILL

Third Grade:  Zelda BUCHAN, Mary Jack RICE, Donna Fae WALL, Harold CLARK, C.C. HENSON, Jr., Alice Louise EOFF, Merna V. FULLEN, Dorothy Jean GLOVER, Maxine HARRIS, Charles ANDERSON, Bill ASH, Buster DENDY, C.J. HARDING, Gayle RIPPETOE, Herbert RAMPLEY, Eldon TERRIL

Fourth  Grade:  Mary Frances ELLIS, Harwell DONAHUE, Darwin HAMILTON, Harry STRICKLAND, Bruce TERRILL, Louise HOLLEMAN, Frances DUKE, Willie Mae WISDOM, Addie Sue PITTMAN, Elizabeth MORELAND, Jimmie HANDLIN.

Fifth Grade:  Felicia Rae BOULTER, Mary Frances CARRUTH, Edith Mae ROGAN, Mary Ruth SALTER, June TERRILL, Darleen VANZANDT, Allen ANDERSON.

Sixth Grade:  Henry Grady TERRILL, Josie Beth ALLEN, Iona Mae BAGWELL, Talma RICE, Elaine SCOTT, Helen WALL, Billy LIVINGSTON, Hazel WARE, Louise PIERCE.

Seventh Grade:  Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Dora Laura PEEVY, Madge LIGHTFOOT, Flora JONES, Lucile WALTRIP, Daphne SHOOK, Rex CARNES, M.B. NELSON, Jr., Jada DAVIS, Aubrey SLAUGHTER.


High School Honor Roll

Seniors:  Susan SCHMIDT

Juniors:  Lady Grace WHALEY, Doris MORTON

Sophomores:  Chrystelle HOLLEMAN, Lillie Marie UNDERHILL

Freshmen:  C.L. MOHON, Vance ROACH, Mary BOSWELL, Virginia SCOTT


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Miss  Bartene MOORE has been on the sick list this week suffering with a severe attack of tonsillitis.

Jim KOONCE was making the rounds in this community assessing taxes as deputy tax assessor for Mr. ARMSTRONG.

Lon GREGORY of Magdelene, New Mexico, visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. GREGORY this week.

Mr. Jesse PAYNE of Shamrock are [sic] visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. PAYNE this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy LINDLEY of Comyn visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. LINDLEY, Sunday.

Misses Zora BAKER, Erica WHITWORTH, Gwendolyn ROBBINS, Lillian ROBBINS and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS attended the funeral of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Dude RILEY at Lingleville Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McKINNEY of Frankell visited with Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY Sunday.

Little Monica FORD has been seriously ill but is reported better.

T.J. LINDLEY has recently purchased the Moormen from his brother Chas. LINDLEY where he will make his home in the future.  Mr. LINDLEY had sold his 500 acre ranch in Stephens County where he had lived for twenty years.  Mr. JOINER recently bought the HUGHES farm and other land deals are pending in this community which indicates there is some demand for real estate well located.

Friends and relatives of this community were shocked and grieved when a message came Saturday of the death of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Riley, who had died at Borger.  The child was brought from Borger here and laid to rest at Lingleville Sunday afternoon where a great number gathered.  Mrs. RILEY was formerly Miss Wilma PRICE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam PRICE, and Mr. RILEY is a son of Mr. and Mrs. G.E. RILEY.  Their many friends extend to them their deepest sympathy in their bereavement.

A very unfortunate car accident happened in which it seemed that only by an act of Providence eight young people of this and the Desdemona community were not killed outright.  A large sedan being driven by Miss Bartene MOORE with the cast of characters to practice a senior play at the Desdemona High School skidded on the icy road and went completely over, demolishing the car beyond repair and no one was injured more than minor scratches and some bruises.


Concord by Mrs. Anna Wilson

Mr. Ernest YOUNG visited Mr. and Mrs. C. YOUNG of Bayse Sunday and reported Mrs. YOUNG as improving.

Mr. W.T. WILSON is sick, suffering from an attack of influenza.

Miss Clara LAKEWAY will spend several weeks in the home of her aunt, Mrs. Carroll YOUNG who is an invalid.

Mr. and Mrs. BAREFOOT slaughtered and canned a beef for home use the past week.

A light snow fell here on the 8th but the weather was so cold that it lay on the ground till the 12th.

Mr. and Mrs. Arlie SPARKS of Bayse are rejoicing over a new baby girl in their home.


Comyn by Mrs. Roy C. Lindley

Mr. B.O. BYERLY and family, who have been visiting for some time with Mrs. BYERLY’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. DOGGETT, are moving to Littlefield.  They came here from Beaumont.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy PELL are very proud of the ten pound boy that came to their home last Thursday, February ninth.

Mrs. S.T. COOK had as here guests last week end, Mr. Dayne COOK of Big  Lake, Miss LILY of Brownwood, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. LINDLEY.

Mr. Dwight BOSWELL of De Leon spent Friday night with his aunt, Mrs. S.T. COOK and family.

Mack ST.CLAIR, son of Mr. and Mrs. Perry ST.CLAIR, is recovering from an attack of diphtheria.

Mrs. Paul C. CRAWFORD and little daughter, Paula, of San Francisco, California, are visiting her sister, Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr.

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. L.G. HOLLAND was buried at the Comyn cemetery Monday afternoon.  It was born Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. J.K. GRISSOM, Mrs. Annie GRISSOM, and their families, all from Bunyan, visited Mrs. GRISSOM of Comyn Sunday.


Suez News by Miss Ruth Elms

Roscoe and Clint GRESSETT of Levelland, visited Mr. and Mrs. J.T. GRESSETT the first of this week.

Hubert KELLEY spent the week end with his father, Mr. John KELLEY of Beattie.

The severe cold spell last week caught most everyone unaware, causing considerable damage to water pipes and cars.

Miss Ophelia RANDOLPH of Trinity spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer RANDOLPH.


Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda Macon

Grandpa WILSON has been ill for some time but is better now.

Friends sympathize with Mr. and Mrs. Archie RILEY in their sorrow of the loss of their baby, which died Saturday morning and was buried at Lingleville Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS visited Uncle Joe CHAMBERS at New Hope Sunday.

Robert KAY from Round Grove spent the week end with Dale KAY.

Mrs. S.C. PRICE is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Archie RILEY, of Borger.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

Mrs. May HARRIS and baby of Colorado visited her parents and sister, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. CLEMENT and Mrs. DANIELS last week.

Little Yvonne PERRY is real sick this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil TARRENCE and children of Victor visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.M. OTWELL Sunday.

Misses Inez and Nell and Anice Wayne BOSWELL and John BOSWELL of De Leon visited Misses Connie and Loraine JOHNSTON Sunday afternoon.

Miss Johnnie LANCASTER of Big Spring is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. N.J. COGBURN.

Mr. and Mrs. Grady NANCE and daughter of Comyn, Mr. and Mrs. E.W. SHORT of Robinson Springs, visited C.T. NABORS and family last Sunday.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

Mrs. E.O. NORTON is on the sick list this week.

Mr. George M. HOOD and family visited his brother, Mr. Oscar HOOD, at Rising Star last week end.

Mrs. S.A. RIPPETOE visited her daughter, Mrs. R.L. BLACK of Desdemona and Mrs. J.T. DYSON at Stephenville last week.

Mr. J.H.M. HARRISON and family, Mr. and Mrs. H.E. THIEBAUD and Mrs. Net CARY went to Mineral Wells last week to visit Mr. R.L. CLIFTON who is there for treatment.  They report him slowly recovering.

Mr. John WATSON and family of Olden, Texas visited his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Roy SMITH Sunday.



Miss Gussie INSALL went to Abilene the past week end where she played in a musical program as a member of the Dragoo Octette, of Eastland.

Mrs. Odell GRIMSHAW and children, Mrs. Stanley CARRUTH and children, and Zelma HATTOX visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob HATTOX at Stephenville last week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Evan BARKER and daughter, Miss Martha Faye, Bill BAGWELL and daughter, Miss Elizabeth, and some girl friends of Breckenridge, visited their mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON, and Mr. and Mrs. Russell RICE, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon AMOS are visiting his mother and family at Comanche.

R.B. IRVIN visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry IRVIN at Stamford last week end.

Roger and Wayne CHAMBERS of Brownwood visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS last week.

Mrs. LaJoyce MACON of Brownwood was a week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.C. MACON.

Miss Eldora COONER of Cisco was a guest last week of her mother, Mrs. Emma COONER.

W.M. COLEY and son, Billie, and Miss Artie COLEY, visited Misses Geneva and Grances COLEY at Stephenville Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ceril BELYUE and children, Mr. and Mrs. Rupert BELYUE of Dublin, visited relatives here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank PATTERSON and small daughter of Junction are visiting her father, Uncle Billie McCAMEY and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Dalt SADBERRY of Pecos announce the arrival of a daughter, Sarah Jean, who was born Feb. 9th, 1933.

Miss Lucile KEE has gone to Dallas where she has entered Nurses Training School.

Mrs. Charles LAWLESS is expected home this week from Sentinal, Okla., where her parents, Mr. and Mrs. EITEL live.  She has been gone 3 weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY and Miss Eldora COONER visited Miss Frances HARVEY at Stephenville Sun.

Mrs. T.I. FITZGERALD and Mrs. C.B. CARTER have gone to San Antonio for a week’s visit with daughter and sister.

Mrs. Stanley MORELAND was taken to the Gorman Hospital Monday quite ill.  Later this week her condition is much improved.

Mesdames Wallace MORGAN, Lela BOWMAN, F.L. BROWNLEE, Bill WALKER, George PINSON, and Miss Ava BOWMAN spent the day Wednesday with Mrs. Dave GRIFFITH at Desdemona and attended a quilting party.  Lots of dinner and a pleasant day was enjoyed by all.

Charles MORELAND was operated on Sunday for appendicitis at the Gorman Hospital.  He is doing nicely and expects to return home early next week.

Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY and Mrs. John WOOD were at San Angelo the past week end visiting in the house of the HARVEY’s daughter who resides there.

A fine baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward DYER Monday February 13th.

R.C. WORTHY is able to be about town following an operation at Waco and will resume his position with Higginbotham Lumber department soon.

Rev. and Mrs. Joseph PATTERSON and sons, Joe Red and Jim White of Stephenville visited his mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON.


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