The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, January 20, 1933


Egbert Bakery to be Operated by P.B. Shiro after Feb. 1st

            On or about February 1st, W. EGBERT will move to Brownwood and open a bakery business there and the bakery here will again be operated by Mr. and Mrs. P.B. SHIRO.  Mr. EGBERT will move his equipment to a location on Broadway, near Harris Motor Co., which is on the new highway.  He was formerly in the bakery business in that city and his return will be like going back home.  Mrs. EGBERT and children, Miss Jeanette and Walter, are leaving Saturday and will take up their residence at 1607 Ave. C.  Miss Jeanette will enter the senior class at Brownwood High school with the same class she was a member of in grammar school.  Their many De Leon friends regret that they are going away.

            Mr. and Mrs. SHIRO and daughter, Miss Lucile, will again make their home in the bakery building where they formerly lived.  Mr. SHIRO is a baker of life-long experience.  They lived here at De Leon four years and have been living in Dallas the past three years where Mr. SHIRO operated a café business and they also have other business interests there.  Their many De Leon friends will welcome them back.

            There is to be no break in the bakery service here.  Mr. SHIRO will take up where Mr. EGBERT leaves off, supplying the trade without a break in the service.


Judge Heath was Free Press Subscriber More Than 40 Years

            The late Judge H.C. HEATH was subscriber No. 1 at the Free Press office.  He commenced taking the paper when it was founded more than 43 years ago, and he had been a constant reader though all the years it has been published.  Every Friday morning he called at the office for his paper and had done so for many months.  The fact that he valued the paper and always showed an interest in it was appreciated by the editor.  His familiar figure is missed in the Free Press office at publication time.

            Miss Flo HEATH, daughter of the deceased Judge HEATH, called at the Free Press office this week and renewed the paper for the coming year to be sent to her mother, Mrs. H.C. HEATH.


Some Petty Thief Shows Boldness in Daylight Robbery

            Some bold thief took a purse containing between $12.00 and $15.00 from the car of Mrs. Dewey DANIELL while it was parked outside the Clifford ALLEN home, a block from the City Hall, a week ago.  The robbery was committed in broad open daylight.  Mrs. DANIELL would at least like very much to have her purse back, it being one which she valued highly.

            The very same evening someone opened the newly acquired Studebaker of Dr. A.M. ALLEN, which was left locked and parked before the Methodist church parsonage, and removed the knob from the gear shift lever.


Grandmother Phillips Lost Two Brothers, All Past 80, in One Month

            Mesdames J.D. PIERSON and T.J. COOK went to Iredell Tuesday to attend the funeral of their uncle, Mr. Rube PHILLIPS, who was 87 years of age.  Mrs. Mary PHILLIPS, mother of Mrs. Pearson went to Iredell last Thursday in response to a message stating that her brother had pneumonia.  She lost another brother in December who was 85 years of age and the father of Mrs. COOK.  Mrs. PHILLIPS herself is past 80, and has only one more brother living and he has reached the age of 82 years.  Friends here are sympathizing with these families in their hour of sorrow.


This Family Had More Than Its Share of Trouble Past Year

            Two deaths, a broken arm and ten weeks of typhoid in their family in the past 13 months is the record of the Harve ECHOLS family at Oliver Springs.  L.D. DOSSETT, Mrs. ECHOLS’ father, died at Dallas June 15, 1931; John ECHOLS’ father died November 24, 1931; Harve ECHOLS broke his arm while attempting to crank an automobile on December 27, 1931, and the fourth calamity was when Arvise 9, son of the family, took typhoid fever and lay for 10 weeks in July and August and September 1932.

            The ECHOLS family sent a note of thanks to the Free Press asking that this paper convey to their many friends both in Oliver Springs community where they live, and also in De Leon, their heartfelt thanks for the many acts of kindness shown the family during their misfortunes, calling attention to the fact that neighbors came and provided wood for fuel, and threshed their crop of peanuts, calling attention to Mrs. Clyde SETZLER who brought and spread dinner for the thresher hands.  It is a fact, De Leon farmer folks are a friendly and sympathetic class, and the ECHOLS family and many others have cause to feel grateful for similar favors.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to thank our many friends for the many words and deeds of kindness you offered our loving and patient husband and father during his long days of suffering and for your tokens of love and sympathy in our grief over the death of our dear husband and father.

            Mrs. S.T. COOK and children


Surprise Party

Mrs. Clara Belle MURRAY and brother, J.L. FUNDERBURGH, Jr., entertained with a surprise farewell party for Jeanette Alice EGBERT, Tuesday, Jan. 17.  Games of Bridge, “42” and dominoes were played.  Refreshments of punch and cake were served to the following:  W.T. GLAZIER, Doris WHITE, Weldon WARE, Atlas IRVIN, Peyton WEAVER, Jane PIERSON, Katherine SALMON, Edna JETTON, Gladys COOK, Conner JETTON, Charles ROGERS, Dorothy COOK, Sarah JETTON, Gladys COOK, Billie SNEAD, Marynell MAHON, W.S. SNEAD, Olive BUCHAN, Cecil FUNDERBURGH, R.B. IRVIN, Nina Beth TERRILL, Marjorie MORRIS, Susan SCHMIDT, Virginia HOWARD, Howard FUNDERBURGH, Lillian HANSFORD and the honoree, Jeanette EGBERT and J.L. FUNDERBURGH, Jr.

Before the guests departed, the hostess presented the honoree with a lovely gift.


“42” Club

            The “42” Club was pleasantly entertained Wednesday, January 11, 1933 in the home of Mrs. Albert A. APPLEBY.  After a number of excited games, refreshments consisting of a sandwich course and hot chocolate was served to the following guests and members:  Mrs. ALLEN, Mrs. O.M. BUCHAN, BOULTER, BELL, Edmond GRIZZELLE, V.J. IRVIN, W.J. ROSS, Whaley SMITH, EGBERT, SANDERS, Lee BARTON, Will WEAVER, ROGERS, LIGHTFOOT, DONEHUE and Gary CASEY.



Mrs. J.M. STONE and son, John, are spending the winter in Fort Worth with her youngest daughter, Mrs. T.M. GIBBS.


Mr. and Mrs. M.K. RUCKER and daughter, Miss Dorris, of Fort Worth, have moved here.


Mrs. Buck DAVIS and small son have returned home from a visit with relatives in McCamey.


Finney SHORT of Dublin was here Tuesday in route to Calif. To visit his brother, Lester SHORT.


Mr. and Mrs. Bennie BELYEU have moved here from Wingate to make their future home.


M.E. BLITCH was in Cisco last week visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. BLITCH.


Mrs. W.W. GREGORY has returned from a visit with her sister in Ft. Worth.


Rev. and Mrs. David M. PHILLIPS attended Workers Conference at Dublin Tuesday.


Mr. and Mrs. Audry T. SPENCER and sons were in Dublin Monday evening visiting his parents.


Mr. and Mrs. Gordon AMOS of Comanche were week-end visitors in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard KENNEDY.


Aubry DODSON is here from Austin attending the bedside of his mother, Mrs. Mary E. DODSON, who is very ill.


Margaret Faye SHAVER was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred SHAVER January 7.  She weighed ten pounds at the time of birth.


Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HOWELL are the proud parents of a baby boy born to them last Thursday night.


Mrs. T.J. COOK and Robert and daughters Misses Gladys, Dorothy, and Ruth spent last week-end in Ft. Worth visiting relatives and Sunday a birthday dinner given for her brother, Mr. Lee PHILLIPS.


Mr. and Mrs. Hiward SPENCER and daughter, Katherine of Dublin were here last week-end visiting her sister, Mrs. Haskel LOCK who has been quite ill with pneumonia.


Mrs. E.H. EDWARDS has returned to her home here after an absence of eighteen months, during which time she lived with her daughter, Mrs. GARY, at Baird.


Mr. and Mrs. Billie BAGWELL and children of Breckenridge were guests Sunday of her mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON and Mr. and Mrs. Russell RICE.


Little Miss Emily Christene ROBERSON of Haskell is the guest of her grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. LOWE, while her parents, Mr. and Mrs. French ROBERSON, are in Austin attending the Ferguson inauguration.


Mrs. George W. ROLLINS, James AUTREY, Misses Mary Alice, Julia Jean ROLLINS, Dr. J.E. SELF and Pete McCLELLAN and Autry SELF, went to Austin Tuesday to attend the Governor’s inauguration.  Mrs. ROLLINS and children will probably remain in Austin during this term of the legislature, Mr. ROLLINS being the Representative from this district.


Mr. and Mrs. J.L. BRUMBELOW and children of Eliasville were visiting in the home of his mother and other relatives here the past week end.


Downing by J.L. Bishop

Carl WATSON of John Tarleton spent Sunday with his parents.


Mrs. Ollie LASSITER, who is now in the Dublin Hospital under the care of Dr. GUY, is improving.


Mr. and Mrs. M.L. LOUDERMILK of Brownwood spent Sunday with W.H. LOUDERMILK and family.


Mr. and Mrs. Grover HORNSBY of Dublin spent Sunday with relatives here.


Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. GUNN and son, Billy Joe, of Longview are visiting Mr. J.C. GUNN and family.

Mr. A.L. GUNN of Comanche is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. GUNN.


Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda Macon

The 4-H Club met last Thursday and elected officers for next year.  They are as follows:  President – Alvin PRICE; Secretary – Laveda Macon; Yell Leader – Adina KIMMELL; Girls’ Local Leader – Mrs. L.C. MACON; Boys’ Local Leader – Mr. Ike BRUMBELOW.  Our club won the loving cup again this year.  We are going to try harder next year and win it again.


Mrs. Perry MORING and Joseph HERNDON are on the sick list this week.


Mr. Hezzie DEAN missed school Monday and Miss Gertie DEAN taught in his place.


Roger and Wayne CHAMBERS from Brownwood visited home folks Saturday.


Mr. and Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS and family visited Uncle Joe CHAMBERS Saturday night.


Concord by Mrs. Anna Wilson

Our community was made sad Friday the 13th by the death of Mrs. Tom ELY.  Many friends and sorrowing relatives attended the funeral services at Victor Cemetery Saturday evening at 3:30.


Mr. and Mrs. George YOUNG were called to the bedside of their sister, Mrs. C. YOUNG of Bayes, who is very ill.


Mr. and Mrs. R. SPARKS visited his parents at Hiland Sunday.


Jaunita FAIR, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe FAIR, is better after a severe sick spell.


Mr. and Mrs. J.E. WILSON received word from T.J. WILSON, their son who left the State Sanitorium Dec. 18 was just doing fine and improving.  If he continues to improve and care for himself he would be on his feet soon.


We are enjoying real spring-like weather.  Most every one is preparing gardens, setting onions and planting peas.  Some are setting cabbage plants.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

Mr. and Mrs. R.H. REED visited their daughter, Mrs. Lee McGUIRE and family at Desdemona Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Elzy PERRY of Gorman visited Garland PERRY and family last Wednesday.


Mr. and Mrs. John DOMINY gave a “42” party Monday.  A large crowd was present and a very enjoyable time was reported.


St. Joe by Miss Pauline Ray

Rev. MARTIN filled his appointments Saturday night and Sunday.  This being the first time Rev. MARTIN had been able to preach since last July.  His many friends here are glad to know of his recovery.


Miss Levois LOCK is very ill “flu” at this writing.


Mr. Pete KNOWLES of Stamford, former teacher at St. Joe, was visiting friends here Saturday.


Mrs. J.A. OTWELL is spending some two weeks with her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde NABORS and family of Oliver Springs.


Miss Lorene RAY has returned to Dallas after spending three weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. RAY.


Mr. and Mrs. H.S. FREEMAN, Mr. W.B. RAY and Pauline attended the singing at Mr. and Mrs. H.G. GILLOCKS at De Leon Monday night.


Comyn by Mrs. Roy C. Lindley

Mr. and Mrs. W. Doyle GRAVES and twins, Ray and Kay, attended the funeral of Mr. GRAVES’ grandfather at Stephenville Saturday.  We extend our sympathy to Mr. GRAVES and his family in their grief.


Mr. and Mrs. H.L. LORPLEY and Mrs. LORPLEY’s mother of Gladewater were visiting relatives here last week.


Mr. and Mrs. Murman McLOWAN and family and Mr. and Mrs. W.C. BURTON and family of Waco were visiting with Mrs. McLOWAN’s and Mrs. BURTON’s sister, Mrs. S.F. STRUBE, last week.


Rev. S.B. CULPEPPER and wife of Stephenville were here to see their son, Mr. S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr., and his wife Friday evening.  Rev. CULPEPPER made a very interesting talk at the community program Friday evening.  We always enjoy hearing him speak.


Mr. I.D. TOLIVER and family of near Dublin have moved into the Comyn district.  We are very glad to have their children, Vance and Qinto, in the sixth and Virgil in the eighth grades, in our school.


Mr. and Mrs. Calvin CARAWAY and son have recently returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. George CARAWAY and family of Eldorado, and with Mrs. Paul BURTON of Texon.


Mr. R.H. BASSETT took a load of hogs to West Texas last Tuesday.  He returned Saturday with a load of field seed from Lubbock.  He will start bringing field seed in for the Spring planting soon.


Mr. Ernest and Walter RIPPETOE have started a singing school at Robertson Springs.  They meet one night out of each week.


Mrs. Dallie HUTCHESON went to Gorman Sunday to have her eyes examined.


Mrs. Roy C. LINDLEY took her sister and niece, Mrs. R.M. HUCK and Nelma FANE, as far as Stephenville on their way to their home in Fort Worth Thursday.


Mr. Haskell HAZZARD has returned home after visiting his brother in Longview, Texas.


Mr. S.D. COOK has returned to his work in Big Lake, Texas.


A bridal shower was given at the home of Mrs. W.T. HAZZARD last Wednesday afternoon honoring Mrs. Curtis COSBY, who was Miss Mattie Sue SLAUGHTER before her recent marriage.  Many of her friends were there with a shower of beautiful gifts and wishes for her happy future.


Mr. and Mrs. C.W. WOOLEY and children, Douglas and Edith, visited Mrs. WOOLEY’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.A. MOONEY of Huckaby.


Mr. and Mrs. P.B. HALL and children, Preston and Ruby Jean, of Fort Worth, spent Sunday with Mrs. C.S. ROSS.  Mrs. ROSS’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. HALL returned to Fort Worth with their son.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

W.R. GUTHERY has been employed this week in breaking and cultivating the school garden and also at the teacherage.


Fritz HUFFMAN, who has been sick and absent from school for more than a week, is back at school.


Little Wanda Joyce and Billy Joe LANE of Desdemona spent the week end with their grandmother, Mrs. W.A. LANE.


Misses Robbie Lea and Emogene ADAMS visited with their grandmother, Mrs. R.L. GRIFFIN of Staff, Saturday.


Miss Novis LINDLEY, student in John Tarleton College, spent the week end with her parents.


Mr. Raymond ROBBINS of Fort Worth visited his brother, O.S. ROBBINS, Sunday.


Ralph BURROW, who has a position with an oil company at Corsicana, visited with his family this week.


J.E. BLOYD and family have returned home after an extended visit with T.J. LINDLEY and family.


Mrs. Luther LINDLEY and family of Breckenridge spent several days this week visiting with Mr. and Mrs. T.J. LINDLEY.


Little Robert WALKER is on the sick list this week.


The small son of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram HOOPER has been seriously ill at the home of Mrs. G.M. WADE for more than a week.  His condition has improved and it is hoped he will soon recover.


On account of the bad weather and some sickness in the community, the election of officers and teachers for the Sunday school was delayed.  In the arrangement for this year, Mrs. Bertha McGUIRE was elected superintendent and Miss Madge McKINNEY was elected Secretary.


Mr. R.E. WHITWORTH of Lingleville, father of Miss Erica who teaches at this place, was in this community Friday afternoon.


The interest in gardening and orcharding is more pronounced her this year than usual.  Many expect to grow larger gardens and truck patches, especially of such vegetables that can be canned for winter use.  A number of farmers in this community will put out new orchards.


Misses Zora BAKER, Madge McKINNEY, Bartene MOORE, Emogene ADAMS, Robbie Lea ADAMS and Mr. Arthur WYNN attended the singing at Bayse School house Sunday and report a good singing.


Rev. W.M. LINDLEY of Eastland visited with his sons, T.J. and W.A. LINDLEY of this community this week.


The public school music class taught by Miss Zora BAKER gave a program over Station K.F.P.L. at Dublin Monday evening from 8:30 to 9:00.  The management of the studio was well pleased with the program and has insisted that other programs be given by Miss BAKER’s class.  Many regard public school music as an important part of high school curricula and Miss BAKER is to be congratulated for her success in this department.


Mr. T.H. DOUGLAS was in this community last week and tuned the school piano.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

Mr. H.E. THIEBAUD is in Stephenville this week on the jury.




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