The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, January 13, 1933


Pat Narry Got Serious Knife Wound in Play

            In a friendly scuffle at Narry’s Café some days ago, Pat NARRY received a severe cut in the calf of the leg from a knife in the hand of “Big Boy” EMERY.  EMERY allegedly was striking in fun at another boy.  NARRY had his foot on one of the stools at the café counter.  An artery was severed and leaders cut, necessitating his being out of school.  He is a senior in high school.


Civil War Veterans Around De Leon Are Still Quite Active

            Last week the Free Press was in error in surmising that Grandpa Clint SPENCER, who died at Comyn, might be the last of the Confederate Veterans.  Such was by no means the case.  Come to check the matter up, there are quite a good many of these old soldiers of the 60s still among us, and many of them hale and hearty and active.

            One old Confederate has died since the last issue of this paper came from the press.  He was Grandpa H.J. BUTLER, who lived in Humphrey Addition.  Grandpa BUTLER was well preserved, healthy and active almost to the time of his death.  He took pride in the erectness of his bearing and the firmness of his step, despite his 80-odd years.

            Rev. U.J. MORTON is among the surviving members of Lee’s soldiers and he has enjoyed wonderfully good health through the years.  C.R. CARRUTH joined the Confederate army when he was 15 years of age.  He is perhaps one of the most active of the veterans around De Leon.  Uncle Joe CAMBERS drives a horse hitched to a buggy into town whenever he chooses.  He has been ill lately, his friends report.  Rev. G.E. MURPHREY is splendidly preserved for one of his years.  He is seen about town daily, walking to and from his home in a manner indicating a man much younger.  Grandpa WELLS, who came for Mississippi, is jovial and kindly and can tell first hand of the experiences encountered during the bloody 60s.  Uncle Sidney BINGHAM and Uncle Bill CLARK, Beattie citizens, are among the surviving Confederate veterans.


Former Prominent Comyn Man Died Dublin Recently

            Benjamine Franklin BARNES, known to friends here as “Uncle Frank”, died at his home on North Grafton Street, Tuesday, December 26.  His death followed an illness of more than six months, during which time he suffered with a heart ailment.

            Mr. BARNES was born in Jasper County, Missouri, Nov. 22, 1855.  He came to Texas when 21 years of age, settling in Comanche County where he took up farming.  November 28, 1880, he was married to Miss Elizabeth COOPER.  Four children were born to Mr. and Mrs. BARNES, two of whom are now living and are, Jesse BARNES of Comyn, and Kirby BARNES of Los Angeles, California.  The latter was unable to be here for the funeral of his father.  Besides his companion and two sons, there are seventeen grandchildren.

            For many years Mr. BARNES was closely identified with the civic life of the Comyn community.  He owned several large tracts of land near there, was engaged in the mercantile business, operated a gin and for twelve years was postmaster.  Besides these activities he was for many years a member of the board of school trustees and to him have gone many of the prominent men of this section who began their careers as school teachers.

            About eleven years ago he sold out his business interests at Comyn and moved to Dublin where he has since resided.  After coming here he became interested in the oil business and through his influence and co-operation several test wells were drilled.

            He was a member of the Christian Church for many years.

            Funeral services were conducted Wednesday afternoon at the home, Dr. W.B. GOODNER, a friend of many years, officiating.  Burial was at Comyn Cemetery.  –Dublin Progress


Facts Concerning Life of Dave Switzer are Obtained at Eastland

            Funeral services were conducted at De Leon Thursday afternoon for Mr. D.W. SWITZER, 61, Eastland County pioneer, who died suddenly Wednesday morning at his home in Mangum.

            Rev. C.C. HENSON, pastor of De Leon Methodist church, and the Rev. Sam. G. THOMPSON, pastor of Eastland Methodist church, were in charge of the services which were conducted at 3:00 o’clock.  Mr. SWITZER had been a member of the local church for many years, and had been active in church work until his health failed him some 12 years ago.

            D.W. SWITZER was born in Rockdale, Texas, February 6, 1871, and moved to Comanche with his parents when three years of age.  He made his home there until he began traveling for the King Candy Company as a young man.  He held this position for twenty-five years, until he was forced to retire about 12 years ago because of a bad hear.  He was married to Miss Willie GARRETT October 14, 1896, at De Leon.  The couple have made their home at Mangum for the past twenty-five years, being well-known in Eastland and over the entire county.

            Mr. and Mrs. SWITZER were married Oct. 14, 1896 in De Leon at the Methodist Church.  He worked for Harry TAYLOR in the grocery business here for five years and worked one year for the Gorman, Streety, Anderson Company.

            Mr. SWITZER was apparently in the best of health when he arose on Wednesday morning; his wife found him dead in the yard a few minutes afterward.  Survivors are his wife and four brothers and two sisters:  Fred SWITZER, Oklahoma City; Yeargia [?] SWITZER, Strigler, Oklahoma; Rufe SWITZER, Houston; John J. SWITZER, Royce City, Tex.; Mrs. Iola WHITE, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Mrs. Lulu CLOWER, Cleburne, Texas.  Mr. and Mrs. SWITZER had no children of their own, but have raised Maurice MANCILL, of Abilene, son of R.W. MANCILL, of Cisco, from infancy, the adopted son looking on his foster parents as his own.  In addition there have been eight other children who lived in the home during this time.

            Active pall bearers at the funeral services were Messrs. Will MULLINGS, Eastland; B.W. PATTERSON, Eastland; Grady PIPKIN, Eastland; R.E. SKILES, Eastland; Clyde GARRETT, Eastland; John P. KING, Fort Worth; Bob SMITH, Mangum; Milburn McCARTY, Eastland; and Milton NEWMAN, Eastland.

            Honorary pall bearers were: Olin DAVIS, Robert McNEMAR, Porter KING, George BLACK, Pat DAVIDSON, all of Fort Worth; Hardy HOLT and Mr. HOOPER of the Katy Railroad; F.M. GRAHAM, Abilene; Homer BRELSFORD, Eastland; John H. GARNER, Dallas; George D. FEE, Cisco; John ELKINS, Cisco; Gene DAF, Eastland; Will MARTIN, Eastland; Tom OVERBY, Eastland; Jep LITTLE, Eastland; T.L. FAGG, Abilene; W.K. JACKSON, Eastland; Walter GERRON, Austin; W.W. SPEER, Carbon; P. L. MANGUM, Mangum; Jim BIGGS, Mangum; Turner PEEL, Mangum; E.E. DABNEY, Eastland; Judge SCOTT, Cisco; Abe MAY, Mangum; and Fred DAVENFORT, Eastland.        –Eastland Record


Mrs. E.L. Locke Hostess

            Mrs. S.G. PARKS was winner of high score in contract when Mrs. E.L. LOCKE entertained the Bridge Club at her home Tuesday afternoon.

            A short business meeting was held at the end of five games and officers were elected for the new year.

            Refreshments were served to the following:  Mmes. E.E. DABNEY, T.E. MAJOR, Joe ASHBY, J.G. CAYCE, John WEAVER, H.G. TERRILL, H.G. SHARP, S.G. PARKS, W.H. WMITH, H.T. WEAVER, Everett HANSFORD and Imogene MAYO.


Justamere Bridge Club

            Mrs. J.C. POPE and Miss Hazel HUDDLESTON entertained guests and members of the “Justamere” Bridge Club with a New Year party December 31, at the De Leon Hotel.  After four games of bridge refreshments consisting of mince pie and coffee were served to the following:  Misses Allene WEAVER, Frances HARVEY, Launa FRETWELL, Eldora COONER, Willie Mae JETTON, Inez WEBB, Blanche HANSFORD, Grace SHORT, Clara Belle MURRAY, Marian SHORT, and Imogene MAYO and Mrs. Everett HANSFORD.  Mr. and Mrs. Joe ASHBY, Basil ELIFF, and Mr. J.C. POPE, and Mr. and Mrs. H.G. SHARP.   Messrs Dick WEAVER, Alexander ALLEN, W.H. JETTON, Jaul JONES, Riley WORTHY, Andrew MEHAFFY, Clarence REDDEN, Foster RUCKER, Wyman HARVEY, and Junius LEAZER.


Rook Club

            The Rook Club met at the home of Mrs. C.H. SHARP Thursday afternoon, Jan. 5th, with all members present and in addition a number of guests had been invited.  Five tables were arranged for the twenty players and the evening has been declared a most enjoyable one.  High score for the afternoon went to Mrs. Roy HAMMERS.  Delicious refreshments consisting of a tempting salad course with hot coffee was served to:  Mesdames DONOHUE, Wayne BELL, LIGHTFOOT, O.M. BUCHAN, S.R. UPSHAW, Sr., Roy HAMMERS, John NABORS, JETTON, F.T. DANIELL, EGBERT, S.R. UPSHAW, Jr.  Guests for the afternoon were Mesdames Harold WILLIAMS, Henry Grady SHARP, Jack PRICE, Jeff LOUDERMILK, F.L. TERRILL, H.G. TERRILL, P. SHAVER, NICHOLS, Miss Gussie INSALL.  New members elected were Mesdames Jack PRICE, R.D. BELL, Walter CRAWFORD, Miss Gussie INSALL.  The Club meets with Mrs. S.R. UPSHAW, Jr., on Friday, January 20.



Mr. and Mrs. H.E. MILLER and their son, Archie and his bride, were here some days ago visiting Mrs. MILLER’s grandmother, Mrs. L.N. POWELL.  Archie, a recent graduate from Fort Worth high school, was married to Miss Dorothy PHILLIPS, also of Ft. Worth, a week before Christmas.  He will continue his studies, taking an engineering course.


Grandmother L.N. POWELL is suffering from a boil on her hand which has caused her much pain.  She is somewhat improved now.


Rev. David M. PHILLIPS and Mrs. PHILLIPS and their son, David M., Jr., Mrs. Essie DODSON and Miss Nell Roy DODSON, went to Paris Monday afternoon in response to a message stating that Nell ROY’s father, R.E. DODSON, had died at noon Monday suddenly.  Their large number of friends extend to them their heartfelt sympathy.


Mr. and Mrs. Jack PRICE have moved here from Nacodoches.


Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart ELY have moved her from Samford.


Mrs. Henry Moore EVANS of Wichita Falls is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN.


Albert LAWLESS of Comanche visited his mother, Mrs. Ellen LAWLESS and family here Sunday.


Jeff ROSS of Fort Worth was here this week at the bedside of his father Frank ROSS, of De Leon, Rt. 2, who has been seriously ill.


A daughter, whose name is Paula D., was born to Mr. and Mrs. John D. HARVEY at Rankin January 5th.  Mrs. HARVEY and the baby daughter are doing nicely, but they do say they came near losing a good man, though John D. has recovered sufficiently to resume his duties as teacher in the Rankin High school.


Charles E. CLARK returned home Friday from a two weeks visit at Dalhart with his sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Claude SIDES and daughters.  He stopped in Fort Worth as he returned for a short visit with friends.


Thomas CRADDOCK of Lingleville was visiting his father, J.A. CRADDOCK, here Sunday.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

The third month of school has been completed and much improvement is noted.

A few of our students have moved from the school district, however there have been some original entries in our district.

Following is a list of the Honor Roll upon the completion of the third month’s work:

Low First – Junior WATTS.

High First – Roma JEWELL and Jesse Evelyn ATCHISON.

Second Grade – Etta Mae JOHNSTON and Nelle Vee PERRY.

Third Grade – Edna Mae DOMINY and Lola Bell COGBURN.

Fourth Grade – James WARREN, Ottis COGBURN, Will K. LIGHTFOOT and Marcelle LOCK.

Fifth Grade – Rosa Lee JOHNSTON, Chester HAMPTON, Gilbert DANIELS, and Wilma WATTS.

Sixth Grade – Willie Vell HILL and Dale JOHNSTON.

Seventh Grade – Alvarene NABORS and Annie Mae LOCKE.

Ninth Grade – Melvin DANIELS, John BOSWELL, Waldene PERRY, Thelma COGBURN, Lorene JOHNSTON and Iris WARREN.

Tenth Grade – Lois WILSON.


(From Last Week)

Mr. and Mrs. CLEMENT are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Malcom HASTINGS and family in Waco.


Uncle Gordon MILLER is visiting his son, Homer MILLER, and family, near Grandview.


Mr. and Mrs. Garland PERRY and children visited his parents near Gorman Sunday.


Rev. NEWTON of De Leon filled his regular appointment at this place Sunday.


Downing by J.L. Bishop

Arthur WARREN of Comyn is moving into our community this week.


Carl WATSON, student at John Tarleton College visited with home folks the past week end.


Mr. and Mrs. Elmer SHUPP are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby girl in their home Sunday night.


Concord by Mrs. Anna Wilson

Mr. B.D. BAREFOOT and Mr. Will KIMMEL were in Stephenville Monday on business.


Mr. J.E. WILSON has been assisting Mr. BAREFOOT in his orchard.  Mr. BAREFOOT is setting out several hundred fruit trees of different varieties on his farm here.


Miss Myrtle LAWRENCE was called to her home at Hico Wednesday.  Her grandfather LAWRENCE died Wednesday evening.  He made his home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edd LAWRENCE.  He was 90 years old and had been very feeble for quite a while.  He was blind, and only lived four days after an attack of influenza.


Miss Mildred MILLER is very sick with the flu.


Mr. and Mrs. George YOUNG visited his sister, Mrs. Sam BAYS in the Bays community Monday.


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond SPARKS visited Mrs. C. YOUNG Monday.  Mrs. YOUNG has been sick but is some improved.


Mrs. Bob WARREN has been very sick with flu.


Duster by Merle Huddleston

Several students have been absent from school because of flu and colds.


The people of this community regret the moving of Mr. and Mrs. Coy WARREN and children to Sipe Springs where they will make their future home.


Little Mary Louise HUDDLESTON has been very ill, but is now improving nicely.


Mr. and Mrs. Jack BOYKIN are moving into our community and we are glad to have them.


The seventh grade are glad to say they will have a new classmate, Bonnie BOYKIN.


Cleo JENKINS of Tarleton spent the week end at home with his parents.


Miss Lucile WARREN entertained the young folks with a party Tuesday night.  Every one reported a nice time.


Mr. and Mrs. Hermon ECHOLS and daughter, Sara Frances, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Arbie ECHOLS of Abilene.


The Primary Department of the school has an Honor Roll.  All pupils making an “A” grade and not absent more than two times, or tardy more than three times during the month are entitled to be on the roll.

Those on the Honor Roll last month were: Sarah Frances SCOTT, Don HEATHINGTON, Jo Frances SCOTT and Nell KOONCE.

Those making the Honor Roll this month were:  Jo Nell KOONCE, Jo Frances SCOTT, Raymond THOMAS, and Ed JONES.


No Grade below B:

Second – Jackie SHELTON, Elroy BETHANY, Lillian SKAGGS and Helen STEWART.

Third – C.D. HODGE, Lynwood DUKES, Robert Lee PRICE, Troy McCELLEN, Gladys STEWART and Jolene ALLRIDGE.

Fourth – Darline JOHNSON and Christene McPHAFF.

Fifth – Jessie Lee DENIS.

Sixth – Jocele CRENSHAW.

Eighth – Grace BROWN, Eunice HOLMES, Dolar ROBERTS, and Marguerite JONES.

Ninth – Laverne GREGORY and Mozelle BLAIR.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Little Miss Virginia HONEYCUTT visited school Monday.


Fritz HUFFMAN has been sick and out of school this week.  His condition is improving and it is hoped he will soon be back at school.


Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. LINDLEY and daughter, Floradell, attended the funeral of Tom COOK at De Leon Thursday.


Mr. and Mrs. Charles GUTHERY and son, Darrell, attended the singing at Okra Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. A.C. YOUNG, who have been sick for the past week, are improved.


Mr. and Mrs. Z.A. CHISHOLM of Blackwell, Texas, visited her sister, Mrs. J.L. HUGHES, Wednesday.


Mr. and Mrs. W.A. THURMAN and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Ray THURMAN of Desdemona visited Mr. and Mrs. HUGHES Sunday.


Uncle Bob GREGORY, who has lived in this community for nearly thirty years, had a number of his children with him last Friday when they celebrated his 82 birthday.  Mr. and Mrs. GREGORY have reared a family of eight children.  His many friends here wish for him many more happy birthdays.


Jesse L. HUGHES and family are moving from this community this week.  This good family has lived here for the past ten years and have a host of friends who will regret to see them leave.  Mr. and Mrs. HUGHES have been most faithful friends to the school here and few families have made greater effort to send their children to school promptly.  Three of the older children have graduated from the school at this place.  The best wishes of all the community go with this good family as they leave us.


Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda Macon

The bad roads and raining weather prevented many from coming out to Sunday School and preaching.  Therefore the attendance was low.  We are looking forward to a better attendance in the future.  Everyone come and help to make a better Sunday School.


Mr. and Mrs. ANDERSON and family from Jakehamon moved into this Community last week.  We kindly invite them to attend Sunday School and B.Y.P.U.


Mr. Ernest RIPPETOE will start a singing school at the church house Saturday night, January 14.  Everyone come and bring a nickel with you.


Mr. L.M. HARRIS and small daughter, Nina Beth, are on the sick list this week.


Due to sickness, Miss Mildred MILLER was absent from school Friday but was able to be back in school Monday.


Mr. and Mrs. Albert DUKE canned a beef for home use at Mr. B.C. CHAMBERS last Wednesday.


Grandmother OTWELL from St. Joe visited her daughter, Mrs. E.W. SHORT, last week.


Mr. and Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS visited Uncle Joe CHAMBERS Monday.  Uncle Joe has been ill for some time.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

If you want to see bad roads and find a place to get stuck, come out this way.


Mrs. E.O. NORTON has had a case of the flu but is better at this writing.


We are glad to report that Mrs. H.B. KEITH is still improving. 


Mr. and Mrs. Orville ROSS have moved to the old BENDER place north of De Leon.


Mrs. R.B. ROSS has moved from De Leon to her farm in this community.


Mrs. Ernest RIPPETOE received a message Thursday night that her brother, Jim HAMMETT of Stamford, was dead.  Mr. and Mrs. Ernest RIPPETOE left at once for that place.  The body was shipped to Dublin and he was buried Saturday afternoon below Dublin the old Barbee cemetery.


Comyn by Mrs. Roy C. Lindley

Mr. Haskell HAZZARD is visiting his brother, Mr. Hardy HAZZARD and family of Longview, Texas.


Mr. and Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr. visited Mr. CULPEPPER’s father, Rev. S.B. CUPEPPER, Sr. of Stephenville last Saturday.


Mrs. Charlie ROSS has as guests this week her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. HALL of Fort Worth.


Mr. and Mrs. A.E. GILCHREST and Mr. Will WOLFENBARGER from Gorman are visiting Mr. and Mrs. F.G. GILCHREST.


Mr. Mack COX is here visiting his brothers, Oscar and Hobart COX.


Those from other places who attended the funeral of Mr. S.T. COOK last Thursday were:  Mr. L.N. COOK of Emmett, Arkansas; Mr. and Mrs. R.M. HUCK and children of Fort Worth; Mr. S.D. COOK of Big Lake; Mrs. W.P. ROBERTSON, Miss Alice ROBERTSON, Mr. Grover REED, Mrs. McCAIN and children, all of Comanche; Mr. and Mrs. Dave NEIL and Mr. and Mrs. John NEIL of Gorman; Mr. and Mrs. GOLDING and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie JONES of Dublin; Miss Macie BOSWELL of Grandview; Mr. and Mrs. T.J. LINDLEY and family of Desdemona; and Mr. and Mrs. Jessie E. BLOYD and family of Lubbock.


Mr. D.E. PARSLEY, who has been visiting his family, has returned to Clairette to continue to do some carpenter work for Mr. H.J. MOORE.


Mr. and Mrs. J.B. NICHOLS and Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy NICHOLS from Lorento are visiting Mr. and Mrs. E.D. NICHOLS and family.


Mr. and Mrs. R.L. MORRISON spent Sunday with Mr. A.E. MORRISON of Downing.


Mr. Jim HAMMETT of Stamford died last Thursday night at – o’clock.  Mr. HAMMET was the brother of Mrs. Ernest RIPPETOE.  Mr. and Mrs. RIPPETOE went to Stamford Friday to the funeral.  Mr. HAMMET was buried in the Barbee cemetery south of Dublin Saturday.


Mr. and Mrs. Elmer ST. CLAIR and daughter, Erwin Earl, of Robinson Springs have moved into this community.


Mr. and Mrs. Jessie HOLDRIDGE and family have moved into this community from Fairview.




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