The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, December 23, 1932


Sanders Moore

            Mr. Gaston W. SANDERS and Miss Laura B. MOORE motored to the home of Rev. Willie SKAGGS, December 11, and were married at one-thirty p.m.

            Mr. SANDERS is the son of J.G. SANDERS of the Duster community.  Mrs. SANDERS is the daughter of G.H. MOORE of the Beattie community.

            The bride and groom will make their home at Duster.


Moore Thompson

            Mr. Clifton MOORE and Miss Eudora THOMPSON were married at the home of Rev. W.L. SKAGGS on Sunday, December 11.  They were married at nine Sunday morning and were accompanied by a sister and her friend.

            Friends wish them happiness and success.


Letters to Santa from De Leon and Proctor Boys and Girls

Dear ole Santa:

            I am a little girl three years old.  I am just fine.  How are you?  I am pretty sure you will come to see me Christmas.  I want a tricycle with rubber tires on it.  I want a doll and lots of fruit and candy.  I also want a little iron.

            Well, this is all for this time.

Good bye,

Your little friend,



Dear Santa Claus:

            I am a little boy nearly eight years old.  Please bring me a tool set, knife, and pair of leather gloves, also candy, fruits and fire works.

Your little friend,

Billy Roy SMITH


Dear Santa Claus:

            Please bring me a baby doll, large ball, house shoes, tea set, fruits and candy.

Your friend,

Dorothy Gene GLOVER


Dear Santa Claus

            I am a little boy 5 years old in Nov.  I would like for you to bring me an airplane and a pretty big bus.  A spinning top, a horn with notes and some fruit and candy and nuts.  Be sure and put it in my dump truck you brought last Xmas.

            Ill thank you Santa Clause if you bring these.

As ever, you friend,

Benjamin Carl FRANKLIN

Route 3


Dear old Santa,

I am a little girl four years old.  My mother says I have been very good so will you please bring me a big baby doll that will cry and sleep.  A set of little dishes, some red gloves, a story book, some fruit and nuts of all kinds.  Now Santa, I hope Im not asking too much for I know you will have to visit all the little children.

Goodbye Santa,

Your little Friend,



Dear Santa:

            I have been a good little girl.  I am 4 years old and want you to bring me a little stove, set of dishes, some cooking vessels, some nuts, oranges and apples.

Lots of love,

Jaunita FLATT


Dear Santa Claus:

            Im a little boy 3 years old.  I want you to bring me some oranges, apples, grapes, nuts and some sugar wafers, and a little horn.

            I have a little sister that lives at Littlefield.  Be sure and bring her a little doll.  Helen, my little neighbor girl wants a doll too.

            I sure do thank you Santa Claus for my truck, and gloves and my airplane hood.  I am going to keep them nice.

            Im a real good little boy.  I bring in wood for my mamma and help Daddy all I can.

With love,



Dear Santa:

            Please bring me a blackboard, popgun, a little truck, a knife, kite, a pair of gloves, some fire works and all kinds of nuts and fruits.

            Dont forget all of my little friends.

Your little friend,



Dear Santa:

            I have been a good little boy, and I want you to bring me a train, blackboard, and an automatic gun, also all kinds of nuts and candy.  Santa, the 26th of Dec. will be my birthday, and if I am not asking too much, please bring me a cowboy suit.

Lots of love,



Dear old Santa:

            I am a little girl 3 years old and I have been very good.  So will you please bring me a baby doll with curly hair, a stove and table, also a set of china dishes and please Santa dont forget to bring me all kinds of candy and nuts.

Your little friend,



Dear Santa:

            I am a little girl 9 years of age.  I want a doll, pair of gloves and a necklace and some fruits and candy for Christmas.

From your friend

Onie Blanche WILKERSON



Dear Santa:

            I have been a good little boy this year.  Will you please bring me a little red wagon, a big rubber ball, and a teddy bear, some fruit and some candy for Christmas.

Your little friend,

Billie Wayne WILKERSON



Santa Dear:

            I truly hope that you have not forgotten me.  I still live at the same place.  Please come by and leave me A real Baby Doll, a blackboard, a little set of cooking utensils, apples, oranges, nuts and some candy, a package of sparklers, fire crackers and I would appreciate a big coconut.  This will be all for this Christmas.

With love and good wishes,

Your little friend,



Dear Santa:

            I am a little boy in the second grade at school.  I have tried to be good, so if you can, please bring me an overcoat, some crayolas, and fruits and nuts.  Please remember my daddy, mother and sister.

Your little friend,

Collis MACON


Dear Santa Claus:

            I am a little boy two years old.  I have been a good little boy and am expecting a visit from you Sat. night.  Please bring me a little car, a little Choo-choo, and a big ball, a bugle and fruit and candy.

Your little friend,



Oliver Springs School Notes

            We have had very regular attendance in all rooms since school reopened as a result of the harvest period.

            Our enrollment this year has exceeded that of former years.  The seating capacity in the rooms is taken especially in the primary and high school rooms.

            The honor roll for the second period is listed as follows:

Low first grade Junior WATTS.

High first grade Jesse Elwyn ATCHISON and Roma Jewell PARKER


Second grade Nelle Vee PERRY

Third grade Edna Mae DOMINY, Lola Belle COGBURN, Lona Mae COGBURN, Rolland Ray TILLY, Roy Hammond HILL, Lelah Rue LIGHTFOOT.

Fourth grade James WARREN and Marcelle LOCKE

Sixth grade Willie Velle HILL

Seventh grade Annie Mae LOCKE and Jettie WATTS

Ninth grade Thelma COGBURN, Harrold BURLESON, and Iris WARREN.



Mr. and Mrs. John D. HARVEY of Rankin are here for Christmas with Mrs. J.R. WOOD and HARVEY relatives.  They will also visit in Eastland.


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