The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, December 16, 1932


Stores Decorating Up For Xmas Lend Holiday Atmosphere

            De Leon stores and shops are taking on a festive air, decorations helping to penetrate the clouds of gloom caused by the unpleasant weather and spreading the spirit of the festive occasion.

            Bibby’s Variety Store is one of the most gaily bedecked Christmas stores.  Christmas merchandise is everywhere   Christmas colors mark the store from the show windows in front to the stock room at the rear. Overhead are innumerable hangings, little colored crepe papers crimped like fancy icicles – more than 120,000 separate pieces, lending a soft orange and green cast to the ceiling and interior.  Bibby features gifts for every member of the family.

            Harmon Drug Co. has made Christmas the central theme of decorations at their store.  Show windows are pretty with many silver stars and within are spangles and many colored lights, all lending an atmosphere in keeping with Christmas.

            Plemmons Drug Co. has displayed Old Santa and his pack, consisting of a hundred gifts of the better kinds for buyers of discriminating tastes.  Store decorations tell of the approaching season in a tasteful, effective manner.

            Weaver Drug Co., the Rexall Store, is offering an unusual line of gift merchandise for Christmas and displaying it in their usual attractive way.

            Howell’s windows tell the story of an approaching gift season where one finds displayed gifts for men and boys, with a holiday touch throughout.  HOWELL urges practical gifts.

            Dabney Hardware Co. has toys and more toys, besides they also offer rugs, furniture, and many household articles, electrical goods, etc. suitable for gifts.  Their store is quite attractive in Christmas designs.

            Nathan DAICHES and his helpers have made Daiches Economy suggest the spirit of Christmas with gay colores and holiday merchandise attractively displayed.

            The House of Higginbotham this year has a new department, a Variety Store, where one may purchase toys, dolls, and a hundred and one different items suitable for gifts.  Here one finds fine china, decorative glassware, household odds and ends, etc.

            Sloan’s Grocery has “dolled up” with overhead hangings suggesting icicles and there are other decorations about the store where fruits, candies, nuts, etc., are being featured for Christmas buyers.  Mr. SLOAN is well known for his artistic window decoration, and his Xmas window is unusually pretty.

            Old Santa and family fireside are featured at Whaley’s women’s store.  The interior of Mrs. WHALEY’s is gay with Christmas color.  The gift merchandise is foremost now.

            Mrs. EDMONDSON has a pretty little pine Christmas tree, fresh from the hillsides of Tennessee, which is the center of attraction in her window.  But gift hosiery lingerie, costume jewelry, etc. are features at this store.

            The W.H. Smith Store has a touch of holiday color here and there and gift goods of a practical nature may be selected from their large stocks.  Show windows at Smith’s are particularly attractive now. 

            R.D. BELL recently was at the wholesale market and bought with a view to helping people solve their gift problems with practical gifts.  His stock is always fresh and displayed attractively.

            O.M. Terrill Grocery is well prepared to supply Christmas groceries and so is W.E.. Lowe, Grocer, J.W. HOWARD, and TERRILL Groceyr CoDavis Produce Co. is specializing on Christmas needs.

            Texas Electric Service Co. has a prettily decorated window featuring the holiday idea and so has Southwest Gas Co.

            The Western Union Telegraph Co. is pretty in its Xmas decorations.


De Leon Schools Have 89 on Honor Roll

            There are 89 names on the honor roll of the De Leon Schools for the second six weeks of the scholastic year.  Of that number 10 are high school students.  Susan SCHMIDT has a small margin over Pat NARRY for senior honors as indicated by the grade average at the close of the second six weeks.  The following are on the honor roll:

High School:  Susan SCHMIDT, Pat NARRY, Doris MORTON, Chrystelle HOLLERMAN, Lillie Marie UNDERHILL, C.L. MOHON, Vance ROACH, Mary D. BOSWELL, Eugene GENTRY, Frances GREGORY.

Grammar School:  Aron SELF, Bettye Joyce BOULTER, Larue CHANDLER, Claire CLARK, Jaunita HEATH, John Robert ADCOCK, H.L. HUDSON, Billy Joe McCRUM, William MORRIS, William WEATHERS, Billie Marie HARRIS, Dorothy Louise MAUNEY, Jessie JAMES, Jr., Ted TERRY, Alida Mae HARRIS, Bettie Alice WHITTLE, Mary Jo IRVIN, Gloria Jean LOUDERMILK, Gene MORTON, Marylene SMITH, Polly TERRILL, Felton CRAWFORD, Ralph KEA, Jim SLAUGHTER, H.J. POWELL, Imogene CRAWFORD, Norma Eugene JONES, Annie Erline NELSON, Eldon TERRILL, Herbert RAMPLEY, C.J. HARDING, Valton LEWALLEN, Buster DENDY, Maxie, HARRIS, Dorothy GLOVER, Alice Louise EOFF, Zelda BUCHON, Mary Jack RICE, Dorma Fae WALL, C.C. HENSON, Jr., Harold CLARK, Ruth Elaine BOSWELL, Mary Francis ELLIS, Olive Jean LEIGON, Harwell DONAHUE, Dorwin HAMILTON, Bruce TERRILL, Harry STRICKLAND, H. Jerry PIERCE, Louise HOLLEMAN, Francis DUKE, Willie Mae WISDOM, Elizabeth MORELAND, Addie Sue PITTMAN, Felicia Rae BOULTER, Mary Francis CARRUTH, Elaine HAMPTON, Edith Mae ROGAN, Mary SAULTER, Billy LIVINGSTON, Louise PIERCE, Hazel WARE, Margaret PARSON, Josie Beth ALLEN, Talma RICE, Elaine SCOTT, Helen WALL, Aubrey SLAUGHTER, Bennie STEPHENS, Brooks RIPPETOE, M.B. NELSON, Jr., Madge LIGHTFOOT, Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Dora Laura PEEVY, Lucille WALTRIP.


Honor Roll

            Those who have renewed for their Free Press during the past few days are due a place on the Honor Roll.  Here they are:


W.M. WYLIE, New Ulm, Texas

J.C. CORBELL, Rt. 3, Dublin

T.S. HOLDEN, Cross Plains

W.H. BOOTH, Rt. 4, De Leon

T.P. PATTERSON, Rt. 2, Roby

W.H. CLARK, De Leon

Mrs. T.M. JENKINS, Rt. 2, De Leon

N.W. POUNDS, Rt. 2, De Leon

A.H. CARAWAY, Rt. 5, De Leon

C.M. CARAWAY, Rt. 5, De Leon

G.E. MORTON, De Leon

J.C. WILLIAMS, Rt. 3, De Leon

            Recent new subscribers to the Free Press are as follows:

Rev. H.F. SKAGGS, Rt. 1, Gorman

Mrs. Sidney HUGHES, Breckenridge

L.M. SLAUGHTER, Rt. 3, De Leon


Building New Home on Gorman Highway Just West of Town

            A new residence is being erected on a lot facing Gorman highway in the northwest portion of town by J.S. HOWELL, late of Desdemona.  Mr. HOWELL and family have lived here at De Leon the past two or three months.  He is a carpenter and bricklayer by trade.  The new home will consist of four or five rooms and will be neat and attractive.


Letters to Santa from De Leon Boys and Girls

Dear Santa Claus:

            I have tried to be good this year so you would come to see me.  I am 4 years old.  I want a truck with bittles and a drum.  A fire truck and an airgun, and don’t let my little dog bite you.

            I want lots of fruit, candy and nuts.



Dear Santa Claus:

            I have been a good little boy.  I am 3 years old.  I would like to have a truck with bottles on it, a tooth brush, a coach, and some candy, and apples and oranges.

Carroll RAGLAND, R 4

P.S. Please look close for my house.


Dear Santa:

Please bring a drum and truck and a football to me and some oranges and candy.

Your friend, Jack SPARKS, Jr.


Dear Santa:

            Please bring me a real baby doll with a wool sweater and cap for it, a set of china dishes and a little stove.  Please bring my baby brother a nice wagon, a truck and train.  Please don’t forget some fruit, candy and fireworks.

Love, Mildred HIGGINBOTTOM. 


Dear Santa:

            I am a little boy eight years old.  Santa please bring me a little car, a wagon, a gun, some fire crackers, nuts and candies.

Your friend, Doyle HOLMES


Dear Santa,

            I am a boy twelve years old.  Santa please bring me a bicycle, a gun, a neck-tie, some fire crackers, and nuts and candy.

Your Friend, Evan HOLMES


Dear Santa Claus:

            I am a little girl seven years old.  I want a doll, all kinds of fruit, candy and chewing gum, a tub and wash-board, and little iron.

Your little girl, Imogene CRADDOCK



Mrs. J.M. STONE and son Johnnie are in Fort Worth visiting their daughter and sister, Mrs. Bessie GIBBS and family.

Lost – One Hampshire hog, weighed about 400 lbs., barrow, no mark.  Got out Dec. 9, and strayed away.  Reward.  Notify M. GILCHRIST.


Robert CLARK has returned home from Rochester where he has had employment the past three months.

Mrs. J.T. GREENHAW and children, Martha Rivers and Billie, were weekend visitors with relatives in Meridian.

Miss Bernice CHATHAM is at home from a visit with her Aunt and family, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar RIDDLE at Rochester.

Miss Grace BARTON of Fort Worth is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Autry SELF and little Barbara Grace SELF.

Mrs. B. DAVIS left some two weeks ago for an indefinite visit with relatives at San Angelo.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur GRIMES and children have returned home from West Texas where they have been working this fall.

Miss Alene PITTMAN, who is attending a business college in Ft. Worth, was a recent guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Whit PITTMAN near Rucker.

Dr. Tom GENTRY of Montgomery, Ala. Is the guest in the H.H. INZER home, Dr. Patti Fae INZER GENTRY having arrived here the middle of November.  They will return to Montgomery after the holidays.

Barbara Grace is the name of a fine baby girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Autry SELF Saturday, Dec. 10 at the Gorman Hospital.  Mother and daughter are doing nicely and Dock Jr. has a smile that just won’t come off.

Mrs. F.L. TERRILL accompanied her mother, Mrs. W.L. FINCHER of Moran, to Ft. Worth this week.  Mrs. FINCHER is to undergo an operation for the removal of a cataract from her left eye.  She has lost the vision of her right eye from a cataract.  Her many friends here hope for a successful operation.

W.T. HEFLIN has gone to Durant, Okla. for a visit with his brother, Fred HEFLIN.

Leonard W. HILL, of Los Angeles, arrived this week to visit the holidays with his brother, R.N. HILL and wife.  Mr. HILL has made his home on the west coast since 1919.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

Quite a few turkeys were marketed at De Leon last week, the price was much lower than in former years 

Mr. and Mrs. Lindy SWEEDEN are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby boy which came to their home Monday, Dec. 12.

Mr. and Mrs. O.C. REID visited their daughter, Mrs. H.H. TOMLINSON of Hamilton last week.


Highland – Round Grove  Walter Rippetoe

Mrs. H.B. KEITH, who was taken to the sanitarium at Gorman for a major operation, has now developed a serious case of pneumonia and is seriously ill.

Miss Irene ROSS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert ROSS, has had a case of diphtheria but is able to be up and back in school.

Mr. and Mrs. Hermon GILDER have moved to the Edd ROSS place.

Mr. H.E. THIEBAUD, the school bus driver for Comyn truck to the Highland community, has been buying turkeys for the past week and Mr. J.A. HARRISON has been driving the bus.

Mrs. Frank SIMPSON, of Kent County, has been at the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. H.B. KEITH.

On last Tuesday 48 men and women gathered at H.B. KEITH’s cotton patch and picked his cotton for him.  There was about three bales.


Buffalo by Miss Valda Gregory

Mr. and Mrs. Lee BROOKS and little daughter, Patsy Lee, from west Texas, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.R. BROOKS.

Mrs. Homer RACKLEY from Overton is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.B. BRINSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Vergie MAGEE were honored with a bride’s shower Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Luther McCARTY of Dublin.  Devils Food cake and hot chocolate were served.  Many nice presents were received.  Mrs. MAGEE was formerly Miss Flynch HANSON of this community.


Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda Macon

The farmers of this community welcomed the cold spell due to the fact that so many hogs were recently butchered.

Misses Myrtle and Verta WEST and Lloyd WEST honored their guest, Mr. Bob JONES of Haskell, with a weenie roast Tuesday night of last week.  About fifty guests were present.  All reported a very good time.

The Home Economics class, under the supervision of Mrs. MORING, entertained the Home Economics class and their teacher, Miss Erica WHITWORTH of Jakehamon, with a dinner last Thursday evening.  The report of the dinner was a success.  Miss Grace DIXON acted as hostess and Cliftine GOODSON acted as host.

Thelma BARKER, a high school girl, fell while at school last Thursday, which resulted in a serious sprain of her shoulder.  We are glad to say though that it is not giving her any serious trouble at present.

Thursday of last week, Miss Annie BRUMBELOW had the misfortune of getting badly burned while cooking with the pressure cooker.  The report is that she is getting along nicely.

Mrs. Joe TAYLOR and family, formerly of this community, have gone to Mississippi to make their home.  We are sorry to lose the children from school, but trust that our loss will be their gain and they will find health and happiness in their new place of abode.

Johnnie V. DIXON is still unable to attend school.  She has been ill for some time.

Little Ruth MAHAN, the six year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. MAHAN, happened to a very painful accident last Friday night while playing with a pencil on a string around her neck.  She fell on the pencil which drove it nearly to her heart.  She was immediately rushed to a physician at De Leon.  The physician being unable to determine just how serious the wound was, advised the parents to carry her to Gorman where an X-ray picture was made.  We are glad to report that Ruth is doing well, considering her accident.

Mr. William DICKEY of Comyn spent the week end in the home of Mr. S.J. BRUMBELOW.  Mr. DICKEY, being a musician, entertained the family with music.  He also visited with Mr. and Mrs. E.T. MILLER and family and played his violin for Hazel while there.

Richard KEE of De Leon visited in this vicinity last week end.  Richard has just returned from the West where he has been at work.

Mrs. A.M. MAHAN of De Leon is spending this week with her son and family, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. MAHAN and attending the bedside of her little granddaughter, Ruth.

Mr. and Mrs. G.D. YATES are the proud parents of a baby girl born Dec. 12.  Both mother and child are doing well.

Mr. and Mrs. Autry HOOD, who have been out on the plains, have returned to their home.

Mr. and Mrs. BAREFOOT, formerly of Coleman, have moved into this community.  We welcome them and also their two boys who have enrolled in school.

Mr. and Mrs. D. DILLON and Mr. and Mrs. W.C. KIMMELL and family, have been picking turkeys the past week for the shipping market.  By dressing the turkeys themselves, they receive a better price.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

The extreme cold of the first of this week has stopped all farm work and other outdoor work.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph BURROW of California are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS and will remain for the Christmas holidays.  Mrs. BURROW was formerly Miss Odell ROBBINS and lived here until her marriage.  She taught in this school several years ago and has a host of friends who are glad to have her visit with them.

W.A. LINDLEY and family visited with Charles LINDLEY and family of Desdemona Sunday.

Albert ANDERSON, who has been visiting with his sister in west Texas, has returned and will remain here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.N. ANDERSON over the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. LINDLEY of Comyn, visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. LINDLEY Saturday and Sunday.

S.O. McKINNEY and son, Lee Burnell, visited his daughter, Mrs. J.T. COOPER of Breckenridge this week.

E.F. JOINER and Z.L. KOONCE did some much needed repair work at the school house Saturday.

Cecil OWENS has been sick and absent from school for more than a week but is reported to be improving and will soon be back in school.

Misses Ruthel RILEY and Bartene MOORE played ball on the Desdemona basketball team at the gymnasium at Eastland last Tuesday night.  Miss RILEY and Miss MOORE are seniors in the Desdemona school this year, having graduated from this school last year.  The Desdemona team played the Morton’s Valley team losing by one score.

News has been received from Ranger that Glenn WYNN, who has been seriously ill, is improving and the family and friends hope for his early recovery.

Miss Robbie Lea ADAMS was out of school Monday on account of illness.

The Agriculture class has been out two evenings doing terracing work on the Zollie KOONCE farm.  Mr. KOONCE is a strong advocate of terracing and has had much of it done on his farm.  He recently purchased additional farming land and it is this that he is now terracing, having already terraced his home farm.  The school owns a terrace level and is prepared to do this work wherever there is demand for it.

The small child of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. HONEYCUTT has been seriously ill but has improved at this time.


Comyn by Mrs. Roy C. Lindley

Mr. Seth MATHIS is suffering from a severe attack of inflammatory rheumatism.

Mr. Roy C. LINDLEY was ill last week from the flu.

Dr. GRAVES, of Dublin, was at Comyn Tuesday giving the second shot of the Diphtheria Toxoid to Comyn children.  Dr. GRAVES gave his services free, we parents paying only for the toxoid and supplies used.  Thirty-two came Tuesday for the second dose of this Toxoid.

Mr. and Mrs. George HITCHCOCK of Oklahoma have moved into the Comyn community where they expect to make their home.

Mr. W.J. BASSETT is visiting Mr. and Mrs. R.H. BASSETT.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. MORRISON spent Sunday with Mr. MORRISON’s father, Mr. A.E. MORRISON.

Mr. and Mrs. H.B. GREGOR, of Dublin, have been visiting with Mr. GREGORY’s sister, Mrs. S.F. STRUBE.

Sterling BROWN is home from Anson, visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. BROWN.

Little Bobby Whit HODGES, infant sons of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. HODGES, is recovering from a severe attack of pneumonia.

Mr. D.E. PARSLEY has gone to Clariette to do some carpenter work for Mr. MOORE.  Mr. MOORE and family have recently moved from this community to Clariette.

Mr. Carlton BASSETT of Morton is visiting in the home of his father, Mr. R.H. BASSETT.

(From Last Week)

Mr. and Mrs. Conneley MORRISON visited Mrs. MORRISON’s mother, Mrs. KAISER, of Breckenridge last week.

Mr. and Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER Jr. visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER Sr.of Cleburne this weekend.

Mrs. John CHANDLER of De Leon spent the week end with Mr. J.H. CHANDLER and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Hap SIDES of this community left Sunday for Roby where they expect to spend a few weeks.

Mrs. Ozella MYERS of Ringold is visiting her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Z.Z. McKINNON

Mrs. C.S. ROSS had as her guests her father, Mr. HALL, and her sister, Mrs. Harry ELLIOT of Fort Worth.




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