The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, ecember 2, 1932


G.W. Rollins Attends Representatives Banquet at Austin

            Mr. and Mrs. George ROLLINS and children, James Autrey, Misses Mary Alice and Julia Jean were in Austin during Thanksgiving holidays.  Mr. ROLLINS attended a representatives banquet and the family attended the football game between Texas University and A.&M. College.


County Agent J.A. Barton Injured as Automobiles Crash

            County Agent J.A. BARTON was painfully injured in an automobile smash-up on the Comanche and Sipe Springs road Thursday last week.  Mr. BARTON and another man were returning from Sipe Springs where a cheese making demonstration had been in progress.  Coming up over a sharp hill, his car met head-on with another machine, both cars being badly wrecked.

            Mr. BARTON was injured about the chest, his bruises being quite painful, but not believed serious.  He will be confined to his room for a couple of weeks.

            Because of this mishap, the hog-killing demonstration, which was to have been conducted at Central Texas Produce Co.’s plant last Tuesday had to be postponed.


Miss Irma Duke and Paul Johnson were married in August

            The marriage of Miss Irma DUKE, youngest daughter of Mr. and MRs. Wm. DUKE of the Ross Chapel community, to Mr. Paul JOHNSON, occurred on Tuesday, August 16, and was only made known to their families and friends on Tuesday this week.  The young couple was accompanied to Wichita, Okla. By Miss Irene DUKE, sister of the bride, and Guy BRUCE of Desdemona, who witnessed the ceremony.  The marriage vows were taken before the pastor of the Methodist church of Wichita.

            Mrs. JOHNSON was a member of the graduating class of De Leon high school for the present year and would have finished here next June.  JOHNSON was a popular student here, finishing last year.

            The couple decided to make their marriage known when JOHNSON returned here from Rule Monday night where he had been working for some time.  Tuesday morning the secret was out.

            Both Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSON are deserving and popular, and a host of friends extend congratulations and best wishes.


Bridge Club Entertained

            Mrs. E.F. DABNEY was hostess to members of the Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon at her home.  Mrs. W.P. WEAVER was winner of high score in contract.

            Refreshments were served to Mmes. S.G. PARKS, John WEAVER, Herbert WEAVER, J.G. CAY”CE, Audrey SPENCER, T.E. MAJOR, W.H. SMITH, Henry Grady SHARP, Jeff TATE, Dewey DANIELL, W.P. WEAVER and Everett HANSFORD.


“Just A Mere Bridge Club”

            Miss Inez WEBB was hostess to guests and members of the “Just-a-Mere” Bridge Club Wednesday evening, November 23, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe ASHBY.  Miss Grace SHORT won high score for women and Mr. Dale WILSON won high score for the men.  Refreshments were served to the following guests:  Misses Willie Mae JETTON, Launa FRETWELL, Madge IRVIN, Lillian HANSFORD, Chrysteen AYERS, Marion SHORT, Lucille SIMMS, Hazel HUDDLESTON, Imagene MAYO, and Grace SHORT; Mmes. Odell GRIMSHAW and Clara Belle MURRAY; Mr. and Mrs. Vance SINGLETON, Joe ASHBY and J.C. POPE.

            Messrs. H.F. DAVIS, Clarence REDDEN, Tad CARTER, Riley WORTHY, Eddie VALENTA, Murray NICHOLS, Pete McCLELLAN, Walter LOWE, W.H. JETTON, Albert COZBY, Melton DRAPER, and Dale WILSON.



Mr. and Mrs. Don McCLELLAN and children of Putnam were here last week visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. VAUGHN and Mr. and Mrs. T.J. McCLELLAN.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy DODSON and family of Paris, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. DODSON of Breckenridge, and Mrs. Roy PAYNE of Ranger were guests during Thanksgiving of Rev. and Mrs. David M. PHILLIPS and Miss Nell Roy DODSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Curt MORRIS of Rule announce the marriage of their son, Troy, to Miss Louise BROOKS which occurred November the 28th.  The MORRIS family moved from here to Rule some six years ago.  Friends wish them much happiness.

Mrs. Lena DUNNAHO has just returned home from Belton where she has been employed as bookkeeper for The Belton Gin & Gain Co. for the past three months.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. SHORT of Austin were here Monday moving their household goods to Austin.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. MITCHELL have moved to De Leon and will make their home, he being employed at highway construction work.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. JOHNSON returned to their home in Houston Sunday following a Thanksgiving Day visit in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.M. JOHNSON.

Mr. and Mrs. H.R. LEE of Clifton were guests Thanksgiving of their son, Mr. and Mrs. Archie G. LEE.

Mr. and Mrs. C.E. NEWMAN and daughter of Navasota spent Thanksgiving with her mother, Mrs. J.H. BUCHAN and other relatives.

Mrs. C.C. GREENHAW and son, Billie Charles, were guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. PLUMMER at Moran the past week.

Mrs. W.C. COCHRAN of McCamey is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pat CARNES and her grandmother, Mrs. Lena MOHON.

J.C. MYERS of Dallas and Marshall MYERS of Comanche were guests Thanksgiving of Mr. and Mrs. Bill MYERS.

Mrs. G.H. HARMON went to Austin the first of the week to accompany her son there on his return to school at State University.

Mr. and Mrs. Robt. PATTERSON, of Longview, left this week to return to their home after spending a week in the home of his mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON.

Doyle HUDDLESTON is at home from the Gorman Sanitarium where he underwent an operation for appendicitis and is doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. George CLEGHORN of Los Cruses, New Mexico were guests the past week of his brother, Mr. and Mrs. L.V. CLEGHORN and son.

Rev. Huron POLNAC of Abilene was week end guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. POLNAC

Miss Addie Gayle MIXON of Denton was guest Thanksgiving of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. MIXON.

Mrs. J.A. CLEVELAND of San Antonio is visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBLE.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. HAMMETT of Ranger were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. George HAMMETT.

Earl BELL of Haskell was here Tuesday visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. V.V. BELL.

Miss Fairest BLANKENSHIP has gone to Stamford where she has accepted a position.

Mrs. L.T. KIRKLAND and son Tommie Joe of McCamey are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack HAYNES.

Mrs. J.D. HARRELL of De Kalb is visiting her mother, Mrs. E.K. ROGAN.

Miss Gladys SHORT of Stephenville was week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam SHORT.

Misses ElDora COONER and Jeane MATTHEWS of Cisco were week end guests of Mrs. Emma COONER.

Misses Ruth HOWE and Frances HARVEY of Stephenville spent Thanksgiving visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. HOWE and Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McKINNEY and family of Frankell visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY Sunday.

Mr. West KING of Hamilton, visited his brother, M.T. KING and family and his parents in this community on Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Geo. WADE and daughter, Mrs. Guy HOOPER and family, spent Thanksgiving visiting with her son, S.A. WADE and family of Desdemona.

Mrs. V.C. WAYLAND and family spent Sunday visiting her sister, Mrs. Jap BOLES, of Gorman.

L.C. BLACKBURN and mother, Mrs. R.A. BLACKBURN of the Howard community, visited Mrs. Bertha McGUIRE and children Sunday.

Miss Ruby HATHETT of Weatherford is visiting this week with Mr. and Mrs. Edgar HUFFMAN.

J.A. WADE and family of Desdemona and mother, Mrs. Geo. WADE of this community, were in Ranger Saturday.

Misses Dorothy and Clara DISHMAN spent the Thanksgiving holidays with relatives and friends in De Leon. 

G.E. RILEY and son, Jack, and F.E. OSBORN have been engaged this week building a large earth tank on the A.H. DOWNING farm near Dublin.

Glenn WYNN, young son of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. WYNN, who has been seriously ill for the past several weeks, was taken to the sanitarium at Ranger Sunday.  His condition is serious and complicated.  The many friends of the child and the family hope for his recovery soon.

Miss Evelyn LANE spent the week end visiting her brother, L.N. LANE and family of Desdemona.

The young people of the community got together last week and “shiereed” Mr. and Mrs. George HUGHES who had recently married and were visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. HUGHES.  After the noise of the occasion had died down they all went in for a visit with them and got acquainted with Mrs. HUGHES.

Elder Doris HUGHES, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. HUGHES, of this community, who made his home in the west for several years, was a pleasant visitor at school Monday morning where he made the student body a most excellent talk.  Young Mr. HUGHES had entered the ministry and has had an unusually successful experience.  He graduated from this school some years ago and his many friends in the school and community are glad to have him come among them.

The Home Economics class gave a play at Desdemona Tuesday night as a part of the program given by the ladies club of that place.  Miss Erica WHITWORTH prepared the play.

J.W. HONEYCUTT was on the sick list last week.


Concord by Mrs. Anna Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Ike BRUMBELOW are rejoicing over the arrival of a new girl in their home on Thanksgiving.

Mr. and Mrs. Ode McADAMS are moving to the YOUNG farm this week.  We are glad to say we are not losing them.  They are just making a change.

Miss Myrtle LOWRANCE of Hico has come to spend the winter with her grandfather, A.J. CUMMINS.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. FAIR have returned home to Lowell after a weeks visit here with his children.

J.E. WILSON was called out last Friday night at 12:00 o’clock.  A load of Mexicans from west Texas lost the road coming from Desdemona and turned around.  Mr. WILSON cold not direct them out so they made camp at his home and waited until daylight before he could tell them how to find the way to Waco.

Mr. STRUBE of Ebenezer community has returned home after a week’s visit in the home of his children, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer St. CLAIR here.

Willie CUMMINS of Desdemona is helping his father, A.J. gather his cotton this week.


St. Joe by Miss Pauline Ray

Those who have cotton are busy trying to get it harvested while the weather is pretty.

Mrs. J.A. OTWELL is spending some three weeks visiting in the homes of her children, Mr. and Mrs. Claude OTWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Judge NANCE and Mr. and Mrs. Zim WEST of New Hope.

Miss Florence SADBERRY is visiting her uncle, Edd SADBERRY and family, at Dallas.

Delbert OTWELL of New Hope visited his cousin, Cal OTWELL, Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. DUKE and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Carl DUKE and baby and Mr. and Mrs. W.B. RAY attended singing at Downing Sunday afternoon.

W.B. RAY and daughter, Miss Pauline, have returned home from a tour through six of the South Central States, visiting many of the large southern cities and many points of interest.


Comyn by Mrs. Roy C. Lindley

The F.F.A. of Comyn entertained the Home Economics girls with a wiener roast Monday evening.  Around a huge campfire they roasted and ate the thirty pounds of wiener with the corresponding amount of buns, pickles, marshmallows and apples.  Before the party returned to their homes, weird stories and true experiences were told by Mrs. Charlie ROSS, Mrs. Roy C. LINDLEY, Mr. W. Doyle GRAVES and Mr. Roy C. LINDLEY.  Everyone present had a most enjoyable time.

Miss Delia WALL of De Leon accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. LINDLEY to the Texas State Teachers Convention at Fort Worth.

Mrs. H.B. KIETH is in the hospital at Gorman.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

Rev. SHUPP of Downing preached at this place Sunday.  Rev. SHUPP is a very young minister, but he preached a very inspiring sermon.  His brother, another Mr. SHUPP and his sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. LEWIS accompanied him and they all visited Rev. Floy FLEMING and his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. R.D. PRICE and little daughter of Throckmorton visited Mrs. PRICE’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie COGBURN the past Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Elzie BLACKWELL have returned from Tennessee and are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. ECHOLS.

Mr. and Mrs. George REED of Dallas and Mrs. Emory NABORS and children of San Antonio visited their father, G.W. REED and family on the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank PARK visited her sister, Mrs. Lee McGUIRE of Desdemona Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Beal SETZLER of Robinson springs visited Clyde SETZLER and family Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Mancil SMITH and Oran MILLER have returned from the plains where they have been employed picking cotton this fall.


Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda Macon

Miss Cass DYSON of Stamford visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. DYSON and family Sunday.  Miss CASS is a nurse in the Stamford hospital.

Cliff JOHNSON of Houston spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. J.M. JOHNSON.

Sid and Fred UNDERWOOD of Dublin visited their sister, Mrs. Ike BRUMBELOW Sunday.

The Grammar school baseball girls met and organized their teams last week.  Mozelle STEWART was elected captain and Lena Mae CARR assistant captain.  The team is out for another victorious season.

Dale KAY, who has been with his sister, Mrs. Charlie CLINTON, of Baird and working and that place returned home last week.  We are very glad to have Dale back in school also in Sunday school and other church services.

Mr. and Mrs. Ike BRUMBELOW are the proud parents of a baby girl, born November 23, and weighing 9 ˝ pounds.  The little lady was christened Hanna Lou in honor of both of her living grandmothers.  Both mother and baby are doing nicely.  Mrs. BRUMBELOW, formerly Miss Bess UNDERWOOD, is an ex-teacher of Robinson Springs, also of Victor.

Mr. and Mrs. John BRUMBELOW of Eliasville, Mr. Carl BRUMBELOW of Decatur, and Miss Leene BRUMBELOW of Desdemona spent the Thanksgiving holidays with their mother, Mrs. Lewis BRUMBELOW.  Miss Grace returned home with John BRUMBELOW for a prolonged visit.

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. CROCKETT and family visited Mr. and Mrs. W.A. CROCKETT of Comyn Sunday.

Miss Myrtle Mae LOWRANCE of Hico is visiting her grandfather, Mr. Jack CUMMINS.

C.C. MILLER visited his mother, Mrs. J. Doss MILLER of De Leon Sunday who is very old.

Lloyd WEST, who has been out west picking cotton returned home last work accomplished by Bob JONES O’BRIEN.

Miss Bernice CHATHAM, who has been on a very long extended visit with relatives in Rochester, returned home last Friday.

J.C. WILLIAMS was honored Sunday afternoon with an entertainment given in honor of his 70th birthday.  His Sunday school class including the adult men’s and also the adult women’s class was invited.

Mr. and Mrs. BROWN and children of Desdemona spent Sunday with Mrs. BROWN’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. WILLIAMS.

J.B. PARKMAN has moved to De Leon.  We are sorry to lose J.B. as a fellow student and friend.

Last Wednesday the Home Economics class under the supervision of Mrs. MORING prepared a Thanksgiving dish, which was a ring of plenty for the sick of the community and carried it to each one designated.  Among the number were Hazel MILLER and Mrs. HOOPER.


Buffalo by Miss Valda Gregory

Mrs. J.R. WILKERSON and children spent the week with Mr. and Mrs. Ben BURR of the New Hope community.

Ossie WILKERSON has come in from west Texas where he has been working.

Mrs. O.B. BRINSON is on the sick list this week.

Noble LESLEY and Miss Ima LOUDERMILK were married Sunday.  The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee LESLEY of Buffalo community and the bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter LOUDERMILK of the Downing community.  The young couple will make their home with Mr. and Mrs. Lee LESLEY.  Their many friends wish them much happiness.



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