The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, November 25, 1932


Cars Crash on East Reynosa St. Young Woman Hurt

            An automobile crash occurred Saturday night on East Reynosa Street, which is the main highway leading toward Comanche.  Fred ADCOCK, driving a truck with dump body was returning from toward Comanche.  The other car was being driven by Estelle MATTHIS and Miss WILLIAMS, Dublin girl, was riding with him.  The two machines collided head-on near the C.R. REDDEN residence.  Miss WILLIAMS was painfully but not seriously hurt.

            Both the cars were badly wrecked.  Faulty lights was probably the cause of the crash, according to witnesses.


Old Blind Mother Pruitt Died Last Month at Angelo

            Many years ago an old blind couple, Grandfather and Grandmother PRUITT, were well known in this section of the country, being prominent when they asked for alms on the streets on busy days, and making their presence known at picnics and particularly at the Dublin Reunion, by means of a small portable organ which Mother PRUITT played as only a blind person can.  Accompanying the old couple was “Maud,” beautiful young girl, who played nicely on the violin.

            Grandfather PRUITT died many years ago.  Maud PRUITT married a De Leon man and she has also been dead a long time.  Grandmother PRUITT re-married a man named VAN PELT and has lived in San Angelo for more than ten years.

            Mother VAN PELT died in October past.  She was living at the County Home in Tom Green county, near San Angelo.  De Leon people living there have visited her often through the years and she came to look forward to their visits.  She was well cared for in her declining years, but even so, life for the blind poor is not a bed of roses.


Rev. C.C. Henson Returned to M.E. Church Pastor

            One of the prominent stories unintentionally omitted by the Free Press last week was the return of Rev. C.C. HENSON by the recent Methodist Conference in session at Waco, to De Leon as pastor for the coming year. Rev. HENSON went to Waco on Tuesday of last week, returning here the following Monday with the year’s assignment.

            This was one year when De Leon Methodist did not anticipate a change in pastors.  Following the death of the beloved Rev. Saml. J. RUCKER in August, the Bishop and his cabinet met Sept. 20 and assigned Rev. HENSON, sending him here from one of the Fort Worth charges.  It was known when he came that it was the purpose of the Conference that [?} labor here during the year to follow.

            Rev. HENSON and his good family have been well received by the church, and the program inaugurated before the beginning of the Conference year last Sunday promises a successful year’s work.


Party of De Leon Hunters Kill Six Deer, Mason County

            A party of five De Leon hunters brought back six deer from a recent hunt on the line of Mason and Kimble counties.  The party was composed of W. EGBERT, Shorty MAHAN, Clarence WHITLOCK, Houston BEATTY, Burl TERRY and Jack MILES.  Mr. MILES did not hunt.  Mr. WHITLOCK was the member of the party killing two bucks.  They were gone from Tuesday to Sunday of last week.

            Water EGBERT, Jr., who also accompanied the party suffered painful burns when a gasoline heating stove exploded in the camp house the day of arrival, painfully burning him in the side of the face and ear.  His burns were not serious, however.  The house was caught on fire by the explosion but the flames were soon put out.


Ebenezer Farmer Lost 40 Chickens by Theft Monday

            J.S. NANCE was the victim of thieves last Monday night when prowlers visited his hen-roost and took about forty chickens, which is quite a loss in times like these.  Officers have a clew and expect to land the thieves behind the bars before many days.


Tate’s Leg Broken; Narrowly Escapes with Life in Mishap

            Elmer TATE is confined to his home in Cleburne with a broken leg and is thanking his stars that he escaped with his life when a road machine he was driving slipped off the roadway 18 miles from Cleburne last Friday.  TATE was driving what is called a Model A Pick-up and carrying 1,000 pound water pump.  The machine slid into George Creek, pinning his left leg between a concrete slab, the weight of the 1,000 pound pump crushing it.  The outfit narrowly missed his head, he stated.

            TATE’s body was submerged to the waist in icy water and he remained pinned in this position until his cries attracted the attention of some high school girls.  Another highway employee who had gone a short distance ahead of TATE returned to see why he was delayed, and this man, together with the girls, pried the heavy weight away from the leg of the unfortunate man.  He was rushed to a hospital at Cleburne where he is recovering from his injuries.  Both bones were broken above the ankle.

            Mr. and Mrs. C.G. TATE and family were visiting their son and brother Sunday.  Others visiting him Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Jim ZEIGLER, Cleburne; C.W. TILLEY, Fort Worth, Mitchell TATE and A. ABERNATHY, Proctor; and Carl PETERS, De Leon.  Most of his guests were prominent highway officials.


Vandyke School Honor Roll

            The Vandyke School Honor Roll, which is all students making eighty-five or above on every subject, is as follows:

First Grade:  Sloan SPRUILL, Doyle BINGHAM, Clifton PHILLIPS, R.T. ELLIOT.

High First:  Victor SCOTT, Billie Bruce TURNER.

Second Grade:  Weldon BINGHAM, Derwood JOHNSTON.

Third Grade:  Myrlene BRINSON, Marie Nell GRIGSBY.

Fourth Grade:  Viola PHILLIPS, Kenneth SCOTT, Ola Faye COATS.

Fifth Grade:  Elsie Mae RUSSELL, Murnell BRADSHAW.

Sixth Grade:  Mattie Doris HAMMOND, Lottye GRIGSBY, Louise STEPHENSEN.

Eighth Grade:  Jane HAMMOND.

            This Honor Roll is for the second month of school.


Seymour Guest is Entertained with 6 Bridge Party

            Miss Launa FRETWELL had as her guest Friday to Sunday last week, Miss Valerie McLAMORE of Seymour, Texas, who was her room-mate at Texas Christian University.  On Saturday evening Miss FRETWELL entertained with a two-table bridge party honoring her guest, who won high score in the playing.  Other guests were Misses Olive WHITE, Allene WEAVER, Willie Mae JETTON and Mesdames S.G. PARKS, E.E. DABNEY and R.L. SCOTT.  The hostess served Caramel Nut pie and tea as a refreshment course.


Woodmen attend Cisco Get-Together

            A group of De Leon members of the W.O.W. Lodge went to Cisco Tuesday night to meet with the Cisco Order in open meeting.  De Leon Lodge carried along a candidate for membership and Cisco Lodge had one to initiate, so there was work to do, after which a sumptuous spread was enjoyed.  The De Leon members attending were:  Joe UNDERHILL, Earl ROGERS, V.V. BELL, J.W. HOLMES, Ralph JONES, H.E. HUDSON, O.M. BUCHAN and Felix MORRIS.


Football Club Given Theater Party by the Stewarts

            Mr. and Mrs. M.D. STEWART were host and hostess to the Bearcat football club, including the entire squad, and their girl friends, at a theatre party last Friday evening.  The party consisted of fifty people all told including Coach COMPTON, assistant Coach DAVIS.

            The party assembled at the STEWART’s home, the S.A. DUKE residence where upon entering was given a bag of beans and told to sit quietly and twiddle his or her thumbs.  To speak or “cease twiddling” drew a penalty of one or more beans.  The hostess awarded prizes consisting of all-day suckers to the winners in the bean contest, this event being won by Billie SNEED and Harry PEARSON, but the Coach immediately dispossessed them of these prize tit-bits, candy being off the players’ menu until after Thanksgiving………

            Those present were as follows:

Charles ROGERS, Sarah M. JETTON, Alexander ALLEN, Jaunita UPSHAW, Stanley COZBY, Maxine PEAK, R.B. IRVIN, Nina Beth RERRILL, Harry PEARSON, Buel SNEED, W.S. SNEED, Marjorie MORRIS, Billie SNEAD, Mary Nell MAHON, Bernard VANZANDT, Doris WHITE, Jack WOODS, Edna JETTON, Cecil COOK, Ola JOHNSON, F.L. TERRILL, Faye EASLEY, O.B. REED, Hortense GLAZIER, W.F. GLAZIER, Gladys COOK, Peyton WEAVER, Dorothy COOK, Willis LIGHTFOOT, Jane PEARSON, Atlas IRVIN, Olive Winters BUCHAN, Paul COZBY, Beverly WINSTON, Wilfred BAGWELL, Flora Beth HENSON, Cecil FUNDERBURGH, Katherine SALMON, Mrs. S.A. DUKE, Mr. and Mrs. W.Z. COMPTON, Mr. Harley DAVIS and Miss Neta HODGES.


Just-a-Mere Bridge Club

            Miss Marion SHORT entertained members and guests of the “Just-a-Mere” Bridge Club Friday evening, November 18th at her home.  Mrs. Joe ASHBY won high score in contract.  Refreshments were served to the following:  Misses Madge IRVIN, Inez WEBB, Chrysteen AYERS, Willie Mae JETTON, Grace SHORT, Launa FRETWELL, Lillian HANSFORD, Hazel HUDDLESTON, Imogene MAYO, and Mmes. J.C. POPE and Joe ASHBY.



Mr. and Mrs. Mack WOLFE are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby daughter at their home on November 12th.  The little one weighed 10 ½ pounds and both mother and babe are doing nicely.  Incidentally, Mr. and Mrs. Will RICH became grandparents in the deal and are proud of it.

Mrs. R.R. HARVEY spent the past week end visiting in the homes of her daughters, Mesdames YOUNG and WREN, at San Angelo.

Miss Grace SMITH, who is employed at Abilene, is home for a few days.

Mrs. J.W. WOODS and daughter, Lucile, spent the week end in Morgan with her sister.

Miss Frances HARVEY is home from John Tarleton College for the holiday with her parents and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. E.E. DABNEY and A.C. MARTIN spent Thanksgiving with relatives in Fort Worth.

Jack DONAHUE, student at Texas A. & I., at Kingsville, was home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Jack PEARSON, who is working at Fort Worth, arrived home several days ago for a visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Will WILLIAMS and children of Abilene were recent guests of her mother, Mrs. T.P. WEAVER.

Mrs. Pete SHAVER has returned from a visit with Mrs. Brown SHAVER at San Antonio.

Mrs. J.E. WILLIAMSON and daughter, Sarah Joe, of San Antonio, were week end guests of her mother, Mrs. J. Doss MILLER.

Mrs. Luther CULPEPPER has gone to Walnut Springs in response to a message from her sister, Mrs. JACKSON, that her little three year old daughter died with diphtheria November 12th.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack SPARKS entertained his grandmother and two aunts the past week.  Mrs. SPARKS and Miss Ola SPARKS, Mrs. Bud SMITH and John DAWSON of Dublin.

Mrs. Oscar HOWARD attended the Baptist convention at Abilene last week and was guest of her sister, Mrs. Fletcher JONES.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. JENKINS have moved to Stith where he is Supt. of the school.  Stith is some 15 miles west of Abilene.

Mesdames Frank SNEAD and Clarabell MARSHBANKS and daughter, Marilyn, attended the Baptist convention in Abilene last week.

Miss Evelyn GOLIGHTLY was among the many De Leon students away at college who spent the Thanksgiving holiday with home folks.  She is studying this year at T.C.U., Ft. Worth.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred SHAVER and Miss Marjorie MORRIS went to Fort Worth Friday to accompany Mrs. Pete SHAVER and little Miss Mary Ellen SHAVER that far on their way to Joplin, Mo., to spend Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. George VAUGHN.

Mr. and Mrs. Robt. PATTERSON, of Longview, were here this week visiting his mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON.  They have recently been on vacation visiting New Orleans, Texas coast points, and Old Mexico.

Mr. and Mrs. F.O. JAYE have returned to De Leon from Comanche and will again make their home here.  They live in the house formerly occupied, next to the Dr. INZER home.

Taylor DABNEY is home from college at Stillwater, Okla., and is accompanied by his friend, Elmo BAUMAN, of Nowata, Okla., who is visiting him over the holiday.

Miss ElDora COONER is home from Randolph College for Thanksgiving, being accompanied by her friend, Miss Jennie Lee MATTHEWS, also a student, whose home is Cisco.

Free Press editor went to San Angelo Saturday to visit for a day in the homes of his mother and two sisters.  Mrs. H.B. SCOTT is much improved and is able to be up now, regaining her strength gradually.  Miss Love SCOTT, sister of the editor, is spending several months at San Antonio, her address being 105 E. Courtland.

Mrs. A.C. TANKSLEY of El Paso is here for a visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.O. BUTLER.  She recently visited at Dallas.

Mr. and Mrs. C.S. TURNER and children of Waco are guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. CROCKETT.  Mr. TURNER is Mrs. CROCKETT’s brother.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. JOHNSTON of Houston are guests over Thanksgiving of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.M. JOHNSTON, near this city.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Quite a few in this community have taken advantage of the cold weather and butchered hogs.

Mrs. O.H. MOORE, Misses Bartene MOORE, Zora BAKER, Maurine MOORE, Erica WHITWORTH and Eldon WYNN, Jack KOONCE and Rudolph LEWIS attended the play at Desdemona last Saturday night and report a most excellent play given by the dramatic club of De Leon.

Little Miss Iris June REID of Breckenridge visited her former playmates at school Monday. 

Mesdames W.A. and C.E. RILEY visited G.E. RILEY and family last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. ADAMS and daughters, Misses Robbie Lea and Emogene and Misses Madge and Mildred McKINNEY were in Ranger Saturday shopping.

Zollie KOONCE took a day off this week and canned a beef for winter use.

A number of people listened in on the excellent program given over the radio by Bill BRUMBELOW and son, Lewis, Clarence McKINNEY and Herman WALKER.  This program consisted of music and was given over KFPL.

J.W. HONEYCUTT and family have returned from a rather long trip into the west where they picked cotton.  They will return to this work this week.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. STURDIVANT and children visited with Mrs. STURDIVANT’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. MOORE, Sr., Sunday.

Mrs. Edgar HUFFMAN and Mrs. J.O. CARTER were on the sick list this week. The high school girls met and organized a basketball team this week and took the name of “Red Wasps.”  Miss Mildred McKINNEY was elected captain and Miss Obanetta assistant captain.  The girls expect to do some real playing this year and will have a matched game soon.  Miss Erica WHITWORTH has charge of the basketball.

A quilting party was given by Mrs. W.N. KOONCE at her home last Thursday when a large number of her neighbors and friends gathered and did a big day of quilting and enjoyed the day together.  Mrs. Joe DUKE and Mrs. W.E. BUTLER of De Leon attended the quilting, both having been former neighbors of Mrs. KOONCE.

George HUGHES, a former graduate of this school and who has made his home in west Texas for some time, surprised his many friends by getting married.  His bride was Miss Delpha PYLANT of Ackerly.  The wedding ceremony was performed by Rev. Doris HUGHES, a brother of George who has lived at Ackerly for some time.  The wedding took place at 4 o’clock, November 19.  Mr. HUGHES and his young bride are visiting with his parents this week.  The best wishes of their many friends of this community are extended.

Rev. Doris HUGHES has returned to this community where he will spend several weeks visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. HUGHES.

Mrs. J.J. BROWN of Gorman visited with her mother, Mrs. W.A. LANE last week.


Concord by Mrs. Anna Wilson

Meat curing is the order of the day here.  Mr. DILLON canned a beef for home use and Mr. J.C. KIMMEL has also canned one.  Several have their hogs slaughtered and stored for the winter.

Mrs. F. MOORE of Desdemona visited her mother Wednesday.

Mrs. T.J. WILSON has moved to Abilene where she has work.  Evelyn and Norma will enter school there.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond PARKS have returned from west Texas.  They are in the home of her parents here.

Mr. and Mrs. BAREFOOT are planning a new home to be built on the TERRY farm he has purchased.

Mr. A.J. CUMMINS is on the sick list but is better now.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

Peanut harvesting is over and most all of the pupils are in school again.

Mrs. Irby MAUNEY of Goldthwaite visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob ATCHISON Sunday.  Mr. ATCHISON returned with her and will be under treatment of the Doctor there for a while.

Mesdames Lonnie PARK, Oscar REID, Howard BRYANT and Miss Lillie Belle MAY were in Eastland shopping last Thursday.

Matt S. KEIN has returned from Lampassas where he has been working on the highway.


Duster by Mrs. C.D. Graham

The members of the faculty are Mr. A.J. SPARKS, Superintendent, Mr. E.L. CURB, Principal and Manual Training; Miss KING, Home Economics; Miss MILLS, 6th and 7th; Miss NICHOLS, 4th and 5th;  Miss PULLEY 2nd and 3rd and Mrs. HENDERSON, primary.

There are still a few students out of school helping to gather the crop.

We have chapel once a week.  The sixth and seventh grades are to render a program Monday morning.

The seventh grade organized their class this week.  It is the purpose of this body of students to learn something of parliamentary procedures.  The following officers were elected:  Wayland FRASIER, president; Denman FRASIER, secretary and treasurer; Joe HUDDLESTON, reporter. 

Frank ROSS has been sick but is doing nicely at present.

The eighth grade class of 1932 met November 18 and elected officers.  They are:  Eunice HOLMES, president; James HOLMES, vice president; Margurite JONES, secretary and treasurer; and Laverne SCOTT, reporter.  The eighth grade is willing to do all they can to make the school better and are going to be the best class in school.  We’re going to make the Juniors and Seniors get to work.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

After the cold spell several around here are eating fresh spare ribs and good old hog sausage.

The baby boy of J.A. VINSON has been real sick with diphtheria and pneumonia but is out of danger now.


Little Miss Mary McKEEVER is in the Dublin clinic with diphtheria, but is doing nicely.


Mrs. Katie McKEEVER has been taken to the Dublin clinic for treatment and probably an operation.


Mrs. R.D. (Grandma) ROSS is confined to her bed again and is not doing so well.


J. L. CORBELL, the youngest son of J.C. CORBELL, fell off the barn late Sunday evening and broke his wrist.


Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda Macon

Mrs. Tom WILSON and children have recently moved back to Abilene.  Mr. WILSON, who is in the State Sanitorium, is reported as getting along well and will join his wife and children in Abilene later.  We regret very much to lose the children from school as both were good students.  We wish the family health and happiness in their new abode.

Carl MACON, who is teaching at Soda Springs, spent the week end with home folks.  Carl reported a good week of school which was his first week, also a good attendance.

Mr. and Mrs. S.J. BRUMBELOW visited Miss Beene BRUMBELOW of Round Grove Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. O.P. McADAMS and children attended the birthday dinner given in honor of Mr. McADAMS at Mrs. W.C. LOCKE Sunday.

C.C. MILLER and family visited their daughter and sister, Mrs. Virgil BATTERSHELL at Fairy Sunday.

Misses Thelma and Velma MILLER entertained the young folks with one of the gayest parties of the season Saturday night.  After several games were played hot chocolate and cake were served to the guests.

Mr. and Mrs. D. DILLION have been very busy the past week canning a beef, Mr. S.J. BRUMBELOW assisting.

Mr. and Mrs. MORING and family, accompanied by W.R. TOLAR, visited Bobbie MORING at Huckabay Saturday and Sunday, also other relatives at Stephenville.  Bobbie, who has made his home with Mr. and Mrs. MORING for some four or five years has changed his place of abode to his oldest half brother, Mr. Hammer BRANSON at Huckabay, Texas where he will attend school this year.  We regret to lose Bobbie very much as he was a good Sunday School and church member.  This is only a temporary change and Bobbie expects to make his permanent home with Mr. and Mrs. MORING probably again next year.

Edd MILLER happened to a very painful accident Monday while helping Charlie ROSS and Frank OWENS thrash pecans on the Chas. ROSS place.  Mr. ROSS was thrashing with a large pole while Mr. MILLER was down on his knees picking up pecans.  Mr. ROSS, making ready to change trees, threw his pole down which to Mr. ROSS’ regret, struck Mr. MILLER in the mouth knocking him unconscious for several minutes and cutting both upper and lower lips through.  He was immediately rushed to a doctor but no stitching was done to the wound as the doctor thought it would heal better without stitching and a scar could not be prevented anyway.  We trust it will not result in anything serious and will heal quickly.

The honor roll for the month is as follows: 

First Grade:  Robbie Lee SETZLER, Zelma Mae FORREST, Gladys FORREST and Norman Lee PARK.

Second Grade:  Wanda KIMMELL and Bobbie MILLER.

Third Grade:  Wayne MAHAN, Erwin Earl ST. CLAIR, and Adonis KIMMELL.


Fifth Grade:  Ardie Lorene FORREST, Evelyn WILSON, A.J. STEWART and Melton DECKER.

Sixth Grade:  Marjorie JOHNSON and Joie BRUMBELOW.

Seventh Grade: Mary BOYD and Baxton SITTON.

High School:  Adina KIMMELL, Oleta MACON, Hollis DYSON, Wilma MILLER, Alta Mae RADENBAUCH, Virginia TOLAR, Mary Frances RADENBAUCH, Thelma MILLER, Velma MILLER, Janice BRUMBELOW, Aline KIMMELL and Mildred SITTON.


Downing by J.L. Bishop

Mr. and Mrs. Pap HULSEY of Ranger spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Cl HULSEY.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. TARPLEY spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Gid TARPLEY of Desdemona.

Houston BEATY and Click WHITLOCK have returned home from their deer hunt reporting a nice time and good luck.


Comyn by Mrs. Roy C. Lindley

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest RIPPETOE and Mr. and Mrs. Walter RIPPETOE have returned from Crane where they have been holding a two weeks singing school.

Miss Elsie KINNARD and Rush SIDES surprised their many friends of this community by driving into Oklahoma and getting married last Sunday.  The bride is the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.F. KINNARD.  Mr. SIDES is the son of Whit SIDES.  Their many friends wish for them much happiness.

Mrs. Z.Z. McKINNON visited in the home of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. CRADDOCK of De Leon last week.

Dayne COOK of Big Lake has returned to his work after spending the week with his father, S.T. COOK.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay KINNARD of Luling spent the week end with Mr. KINNARD’s brother, S.F. KINNARD and family.

L.N. COOK has returned to his home in Sutton, Arkansas.  He has been with his brother, S.T. COOK.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. MORRISON of Downing visited Mr. and Mrs. R.L. MORRISON last week.

Mr. and Mrs. George HUGHES of Big Springs visited a short while with Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. LINDLEY Tuesday.  Mr. and Mrs. HUGHES were on their way home from their honeymoon trip.

A brides shower was given at the Home Economics laboratory Wednesday afternoon honoring Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY, Jr. of De Leon.  Mrs. CARAWAY was formerly Miss Vera HANCOCK of this community.  Many nice gifts were presented to the bride.

Mr. and Mrs. Aul THORNTON are the proud parents of another baby boy.  His name is Noel Miller.



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