The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, November 18, 1932



            B.J. PITTMAN observed his birthday Wednesday this week, and his brother, Jim PITTMAN, who is living at Abilene, came down for the occasion.  The Free Press does not know how old Mr. PITTMAN is, but he keeps his youth well, is young in spirit, and his many friends wish him many happy returns of the day.


Cisco Couple Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary

            Mr. and Mrs. H.W. LOCKE, of 708 East 2nd Street, Cisco, observed the Fiftieth Anniversary of their marriage at their home last Wednesday.  They were married near Alexander City, Ala., Nov. 16, 1882.  Cards were sent out by their daughter, Mrs. B.H. HARRISON, Austin, Texas, some days ago announcing the event.  Friends by scores came to pay their respects and to extend congratulations and best wishes.  Many gifts were there to attest to the love and esteem in which these elderly people are held.  Relatives and friends from widely scattered points came and spent the day rejoicing with them in the happiness of the occasion.

            Both Mr. and Mrs. LOCKE were born near Alexander City, Ala. and grew to manhood and womanhood there.  Mrs. LOCKE was Miss Anna GRAVES before her marriage.  Eight children were born into their home, two sons, the eldest of the family, being dead.  Surviving children are Mrs. B.H. HARRISON (Ida), Austin; Velma LOCKE, Fort Worth; Mrs. Fred ATCHISON (Minnie), Ft. Worth; Mrs. S.R. UPSHAW (Roxy), De Leon; Mrs. Sidney HUGHES (Lillie Mae), Breckinridge and Doyle LOCKE, Ballinger.  There are 14 grand children.

            Mr. and Mrs. LOCKE left Alabama in 1894 and came to Texas, settling first at Cumby, Hunt county, where they remained only one year.  They then came to De Leon and remained her approximately 32 years, living first on the C.R. CARRUTH property near town, then buying and settling a place in the edge of Downing. Remaining there a few years, they purchased another farm two miles west of Downing where they lived for years.  They moved to De Leon about 1906 and lived here nearly 20 years, moving to Cisco some six years ago.

            Mr. LOCKE is just past 70 years of age and his good wife is 68.  Both were born during the Civil War and grew up in the period immediately following, learning the lessons of life in a school of hardship, at the same time developing a strength of character and self-reliance that has brought them through the struggles of half a hundred years of married life to see their children all grown, married and happy, not one of which ever cast the slightest shadow of dishonor upon the family name.

            On their Golden Wedding Day about a hundred relatives and friends were present for the celebration, all the children being present for the day.  The jingle of gold coins from near relatives added its cheer, but this was nothing compared to the expressions of love and loyalty of those whom they had loved through the years.  After all, true success in life is not measured by worldly wealth, but by kind deeds and acts of love.


Carroll Gets Two Years in Trial for Vote Count Fraud

            The jury in the W.D. CARROLL case reported Thursday morning shortly before noon, assessing a penalty of two years in the penitentiary.

            Mr. CARROLL, prominent Comanche man, who has been a state official of one of the major fraternal orders, was charged with miscounting votes when he served as a tally clerk, or caller, in checking up the result of the primary election last summer.  Mr. CARROLL was defended by Judge OXFORD, of Stephenville, and the prosecution was by the District Attorney assisted by Hon. Gib CALLAWAY, the Free Press has been informed.


The Late Cullom H. Booth Bequeathed Library to Preachers

            On stipulation in the will of the late Rev. Cullom H. BOOTH, presiding elder of the Cisco district of the Methodist church, was that the books in his library were to be presented to the preachers in the Cisco District, which he was serving when death came.  Accordingly, Dr. George H. SHEARER, close personal friend of Dr. BOOTH, called the preachers of the district to meet at Cisco last Wednesday morning and the books were divided up among them.  Dr. BOOTH’s library was extensive.  Rev. C.C. HENSON of De Leon was present and shared in the bequest.


Buford Cogburn Loses Home by Fire Late in October

            The Free Press has not before mentioned the fire which destroyed the Buford COGBURN residence, five miles northwest of De Leon at 3:00 o’clock p.m. Saturday, October 29.  Mrs. COGBURN was at home with the children at the time and no men were near the scene to assist when the fire was discovered.  The fire seems to have originated in the ceiling or roof of the building and was well advanced when Mrs. COGBURN discovered it.  Just how the fire could have originated is unknown.

            The building was completely destroyed and also the household goods, except two mattresses which were out sunning, and one trunk, which Mrs. COGBURN carried out.  Otho, 11 year old son of the COGBURNs, attempted to enter the burning building and inhaled flame which injured his throat, but his injury was slight.  No insurance was carried on either building or contents.

            Mr. and Mrs. COGBURN have moved to another building on the N.J. COGBURN farm where they are making their home.


Little Infant Son of Former De Leon Girl Died at Oldsby

            Alice Joan, three months old infant of Mr. and Mrs. A.W. BOYKIN, died on the day it was three months old and was buried at De Leon cemetery.  The baby became ill at the home of Mrs. BOYKIN’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.M. SLAUGHTER, while she was on a visit.  It was carried to Gorman Friday and died at 3:30a.m. Saturday.  The cause of its death was congestion of the bowels.

            The funeral service was conducted by Rev. D.M. PHILLIPS at De Leon cemetery at 3:00 o’clock Saturday afternoon and the tiny remains laid to rest there.

            Baby Joan was the pride and joy of her parents and grand parents, being the first baby born into the home and her sweet memory will linger in fond hearts until a happy reunion time on the other side of the grave.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to extend our sincerest thanks to our many friends who have aided us in so many ways since we suffered the misfortune to lose our home by fire recently.  We especially thank the merchants of De Leon who donated merchandise, also our good friends and neighbors who have assisted in every way reasonable.  To one and all we extend our heartfelt thanks.

               -Mr. and Mrs. Buford COGBURN


Mrs. Cayce is Club Hostess

            The Bridge Club met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J.G.CAYCE.  Mrs. T.E. MAJOR was winner of high score.

            The rooms were decorated with vases and bowls of beautiful chrysanthemums. 

            Refreshments were served to Mmes. E.E. DABNEY, S.G. PARKS, T.E. MAJOR, Joe ASHBHY, John WEAVER, Dewey DANIELL, Bill IRVIN, Herbert WEAVER, Jeff TATE, R.L. WHALEY, Henry Grady SHARP, Audrey SPENCER, Clifford ALLEN, W.H. SMITH, Everett HANSFORD and Miss Mary Louise GRIZZELLE.

            The Club will meet Nov. 29 at the home of Mrs. DABNEY.


Washington Tea

            The Shakespeare Club entertained with a seated tea at the home of Mrs. E.H. BOULTER on Wednesday celebrating the bicentenary of George Washington.  This is the third event that the club has had commemorating the bicentennial. 

            The tea was the prettiest affair of the season.  The house was decorated with beautiful cut flowers and soft lights lent a mellow air to the occasion.

            In the receiving line were Mrs. BOULTER, Mrs. S.G. PARKS, Mrs. Y.L. DABNEY, Mrs. G.W. ROLLINS, Mrs. A.P. SCHMIDT and Mrs. S.A. DUKE.  The following program was rendered:

Introductory remarks – Mrs. PARKS

Sketch of the life of Washington – Mrs. A.G. LEE

Reading – Marvelle HANROCK

Piano Solo – Felicia BOULTER

Reading – Mrs. May WHALEY

Vocal Solo – Mrs. S.A. DUKE

Piano Solo – Mrs. SCHMIDT

Reading – Mrs. R.R. HARVEY

Solo – Mrs. DUKE

Resume of the Club Work – Mrs. S.G. PARKS

            Those on the program were dressed in Martha Washington style and the refreshments carried out the patriotic color scheme.  Dainty red, white and blue baskets filled with cherries were plate favors.  Fifty guests were present at this enjoyable affair.


Amigo Class Entertained

            Monday night Mesdames Claude KINCHEN, Autrey SELF, Joe ASHBY and Clara Belle MURRAY entertained the Amigas Class in the Ladies Parlor of the Baptist Church.  As the members and guests entered the room, they were received at the door by Mrs. Joe ASHBY who directed them to a table where Mrs. Herbert WEAVER presided.  Each one was asked to guess the number of petals in a chrysanthemum.  Wild guesses ranged from 150 to 1,000.  Mrs. Everett HANSFORD received the honor of being the best guesser.  Next, many lively and entertaining games were played directed by the vice-president of Enlargement, Mrs. Herbert WEAVER.  The Thanksgiving motif was very cleverly carried out.

            A delicious salad course, consisting of chicken salad, crackers, potato chips, coffee, and individual pie topped with whipped cream, was served to the following:  Mesdames C.B. CARTER, Ralph JONES, Johnnie NUNNELLEY, Everett HANSFORD, J.C. CARAWAY, Dee BELL, George LAWLESS, Jim NORTON, Morris PITTMAN, Herbert WEAVER, Chas. LAWLESS, Alf SLOAN, Misses Evelyn COX, Grace BOYD, Imogene MAYO, Opal THOMAS and Lucille VAUGHN.

            Our guests were Mesdames D.M. PHILLIPS, Jack SPARKS, J.P. HOWELL, Emmett SMITH, Jim GRAY, Seal SMITH, Misses Janice KEA, Olive WHITE, Virginia Grace WESSON, Lillie SINGLETON and little Norma Jean and Glen Dewitt JONES.


“Just-A-Mere” Bridge Club

            Mrs. J.C. POPE entertained guests and members of the “Just-a-Mere” Bridge Club Tuesday evening, November 8th at her home.  Mrs. Joe ASHBY won high score in contract.  Refreshments were served to the following:  Misses Blanche HANSFORD, Madge IRVIN, Imogene MAYO, Hazel HUDDLESTON, Grace SHORT, and Imogene COFFMAN of Abilene, and Mmes. J.C. HANSFORD, John WEAVER, Clara Belle MURRAY and Joe ASHBY.



Dr. Patti Faye INZER GENTRY arrived from her home, Montgomery, Ala., a few days ago and will remain until Christmas with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. H.H. INZER.  Dr. Tom C. GENTRY, flight surgeon with the United States Army, at Montgomery, will arrive about Dec. 15 for a visit in the INZER home also.

The smile on Dr. H.H. INZER’s face just won’t come off.  Dr. INZER is a grand-father, and the entire INZER family rejoices.  Bernice, youngest daughter, who is Mrs. J.W. MELTON, of Houston, is the mother of an 8-pound baby boy which arrived at the INZER home here in De Leon Saturday, November 12.  All doing nicely.  Mr. MELTON, the proud father, was here for a day or two but has returned to Houston.


Comyn by Mrs. Roy C. Lindley

Mr. W.P. PULLEY, who has been visiting relatives in Arkansas, has returned to Comyn.

Mr. and Mrs. L. HOLLAND and family of Dublin visited with Mr. and Mrs. Frank HOLLAND Sunday.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. A.P. CHERRY came near being destroyed by fire last Friday, November 11th.  The family managed to get the fire under control before it had gone too far.

Mr. Oscar VAUGHAN and son, Paul Thomas of Crafton, were visiting in the homes of Mrs. H.O. GEORGE and Mr. J.H. VAUGHN, the past week.

Little James Edward VINSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. Auther VINSON, is suffering from the serious combination of diphtheria and pneumonia.

Little Alice Jean, the three months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin BOYKIN, was laid to rest at De Leon Saturday afternoon.  She was ill only one day.  She died Saturday morning at four a.m.  Mr. and Mrs. BOYKIN were visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.M. SLAUGHTER.  They returned to their home in Oglesby Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. J.A. OTWELL of De Leon is visiting Mr. and Mrs. C.C. OTWELL this week.

Mr. and Mrs. F.M. EASLEY and daughter of Eldorado, Oklahoma, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.W. EASLEY.


Robinson Springs by Miss LaVeda Macon

Peanut harvesting is about a thing of the past in this community and the attendance in school is nearing a hundred per cent again.

Doyce SHORT, who is a junior at Howard Payne, visited homefolks during the Armistice holiday, for the first time since school started.

Mrs. Vena RILEY and little daughter of Borger, are visiting Mrs. RILEY’s parents of this community, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer SHORT and Mr. and Mrs. RILEY and family of Jakehamon.

Miss Ina Mae TARRANCE was guest of her sister, Mrs. W.F. STEWARD of Downing last week.

Mr. Wayne and Roger CHAMBERS accompanied by Mr. Edward SPENCE of Brownwood spent the Armistice holidays with home folks.

Mr. Carl MACON went to Soda Springs Sunday where he opened the school Monday, November 14.  Carl is superintendent at Soda Springs, and we wish for him a very successful school year.  His assistant teacher is Miss Modett Farrer.

Several nice fat hogs in this community are having to submit their lives to fresh meat carvers due to the fact that a severe norther struck this vicinity early Tuesday morning, November 15.

Miss Modess WEST has gone to Riles to visit relatives of that place.

Mr. BLASSINGAME and daughter, Charlotte, are on the sick list this week.

Mr. Jim WEST, who has been suffering for some time of blood poison in the right hand, is slowly gaining use of it.  His daughters, Misses Vertna and Myrtle, and smaller sons and wife, have had the entire responsibility of gathering his crops.

Mrs. S.C. COWAN and little son, Sammie, of Dallas, are visiting Mrs. COWAN’s parents of this place, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. MACON.

Miss Edith CLINE, who has been picking cotton at Merkle, is back home and in school again.

Miss Wyndola PRICE, who is teaching school at Lingleville, visited with home folks over the week end.

Mrs. Wilma RILEY of Borger, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.C. PRICE and family of this place.


Downing by J.L. Bishop

Mrs. J.W. LASSITER was carried to Gorman Sanitarium Sunday afternoon for treatment.

Mr. A.L. GUNN of Comanche spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. GUNN.

Mr. and Mrs. STEPHENS of Oregan and Mrs. WHITEHEAD and Mrs. V.F. STEPHENS of Floydada are here on business and visiting relatives.

(From last week)

The Methodists have their church finished and will hold services there next Sunday.

Inzer HOLMES preached at the Baptist Church last Sunday night.

Rev. J.L. ISBELL filled his monthly appointment at Comyn Saturday night and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. R.G. DILLARD and little daughter of Comanche, are spending this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.O. HATLEY.

Mrs.  Ollie LASSITER, who has been ill, is improving.

Patsy Faye LASSETER has returned home from the Gorman hospital.  She is improving fast.


Buffalo by Miss Valda Gregory  (From Last Week)

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. O’DELL and daughter, Katherine, from Plainview, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. E.G. GREGORY and family.

Mr. Price TURNER and Miss Lydia WRIGHT, both of this community, were married Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Jim WILKERSON has been sick the past week with throat trouble. 

Mr. E.G. GREGORY and son, Tom, and Mrs. John HANSON attended Mr. M. O”DELL’s funeral Friday at Board Church.

Mr. and Mrs. E.G. GREGORY spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. E.B. GREGORY of near De Leon.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Mr. J.A. WADE of Desdemona spent a part of this week at his mother’s, Mrs. Geo. WADE, and prepared and sawed her winter’s wood.

Mrs. Geo. WADE has recently had a curb built at the De Leon cemetery and has a monument erected there.

Jesse L. HUGHES has returned from Lamesa where he has been weighing cotton this fall.

A number of people of this community have been gathering pecans in various orchards this week.

Miss Iris ADKINS of Lingleville visited with Miss Erica WHITWORTH a part of this week and made a talk at chapel Monday morning.

The junior class of the Jakehamon high school met recently and organized their class.  The following officers were elected:  Miss Robbie Lea ADAMS, president; Anthon WYNN, Vice-president; Miss Madgealine McKINNEY, Secretary and reporter; Clyde KOONCE, President of social committee; Miss Zora BAKER, sponsor Class motto, “Build for Character and not for Fame.”  Class flower, red rose; class colors, red and white.

Mrs. Lizzie WINNEGER and children have returned from the west where they have been gathering cotton.

Elora BURTON, recently injured in an automobile accident, is improving and is now out of danger.

Miss Zora BAKER visited relatives and friends at De Leon Sunday.

Misses Lillian ROBBINS and Novis LINDLEY of Stephenville visited with home folks over the week end.

Mrs. V.C. WAYLAND and children have returned from west Texas where they assisted Jim VARNER in gathering his cotton crop.

W.L. MOORE, Sr. has returned from Abilene where he has been working for more than a month.

Arthur WYNN has been working at Comyn assisting his Aunt, Mrs. Nettie CLARK, in gathering her pecan crop.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HONEYCUTT have returned from a month’s stay in the west.

Mr. Rotan PEAK from west Texas is visiting with J.C. PEAK this week.

(From Last Week)

Anthon WYNN, who has been suffering with an injured foot for the past week, has improved so that he can get around.

W.N. KOONCE and son, Jack, have been engaged in repairing some of Mr. KOONCE’s property in De Leon the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY and daughters, Mrs. SHAHAN and Mrs. COOPER of Breckenridge, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R.E. THOMPSON of Gustine where Mr. McKINNEY’s mother is seriously ill.

Misses Robbie Lea and Emogene ADAMS and Madge and Mildred McKINNEY spent Sunday with Miss Delia WALL of St. Joe.

Miss Mildred BURTON of Desdemona visited her brother, Allison BURTON Sunday.

Mrs. Hermon BAKER and son, Wayne, Mrs. S.H. BAKER of Comyn and Mrs. A.V. FLOYD and daughter, Miss Faye, of Clifton, visited Miss Zora BAKER Sunday.

The teachers and student body regret to lose little William REDDELL from school.

An unusually good attendance and interest in school has been shown this year.  There has been the largest enrollment and the greatest number of scholastics than in any former year since the boom days.  The school board has announced that the full nine months of school will be run as in former years.

The sweet potato crop in this community is the best in many years.  The price is such that it could not be considered a commercial crop but that crop has yielded an abundance of excellent food.

Rudolph LEWIS has returned from an extended visit to Clovis, N.Mex. where he visited friends and relatives.

R.P. LEWIS will move next week to the TERRY farm and will enter his children in school at this place.

There has been a mild epidemic of flu in this community.  Miss Alma GREGORY, Miss Lucile RILEY and O.H. MOORE and some others having had light attacks last week.

Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS was on the sick list last week.

A number of friends gathered at the W.N. KOONCE home Sunday afternoon where Mrs. KOONCE had planned to entertain Mr. and Mrs. G.A. CLARK, recently married.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

Mr. and Mrs. George SEIBERT, of Ranger, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis CLEMENT, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Coy LOVE of Dallas visited relatives in this community last week.

Mrs. Bob LOVE and daughters, Imogene and Florence, of Gorman visited her brother, Bob ATCHINSON and family Saturday.

Miss Lovelle ECHOLS is visiting her sister, Mrs. Pat JOHNSON of Comanche.  Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSTON are entertaining a new daughter which came to their home November 4.

Mrs. Ford REED of Breckenridge visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.H. REED, Armistice Day.

Mr. Bob ATCHISON has been real sick for several days, but is slowly improving.

Mrs. Will PHILLIPS of Leon visited her sister, Mrs. Louis CLEMENT, Sunday.



We are glad to learn Homer ELY is able to be up and about after a very serious throat trouble.

Mr. C. BLASSENGAME is out of danger but won’t be able to use his hand for some time.


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