The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, November 11, 1932


Old Copy of the Free Press Tells of Tragic Days

            Mrs. R.L. MORELAND has preserved a copy of the Free Press of the date July 1, 1921, the files of the Free Press having been destroyed by fire in 1923, and this copy tells a story of the bringing home from France of two of De Leon’s soldier dead.  They were Charley SMITH and Frank KENNEDY.  KENNEDY’s remains were laid away in Downing cemetery June 29, and the SMITH funeral was on June 30, both being given military funerals by the many comrades, some of whom had been near when these two heroes fell on the war-torn fields of France.

            SMITH and KENNEDY were two of the seven or eight boys from the immediate De Leon vicinity who gave up their lives in France and whose remains were returned to be buried in their native soil.  The coming of Armistice Day brings new expressions of gratitude from millions that on that day war ceased and the lives of countless thousands were thus spared who otherwise might have been sacrificed.

            The same copy of the Free Press carried an interesting poem written in a day far prior to 1921, in fact it came from the pen of some local bard in the good year 1895, and mentions such local characters of early days as Charley FARMER, Beno FARMER, Howard D’SPAIN, Leon MORELAND, John GORMAN, Bob BLACK, Jim DAY, Towers McAFEE, Dave SWITZER, Charlie ANDERSON, Cyrus TUNNELL (later Free Press Editor), John ROARK, TURNER, ALBRITTON, WITT, THOMAS and CLARK, DOSSETT, HAMPTON and others.


Step-Mother of Mrs. J.B. Jeffrey Died at Queen City

            Mrs. J.D. GOWEN, wife of Dr. GOWEN, who is the father of Mrs. J.B. JEFFREY, died at their home at Queen City, near Texarkana, about two weeks ago and Mrs. JEFFREY and son, Guy, attended the funeral service.  Mrs. GOWEN was the second wife of Mrs. JEFFREY’s father, they having been married at Queen City some twenty-five years ago, when he was a practicing physician there.  Later her health failed and Dr. and Mrs. GOWEN moved to Christoval where they lived for 23 years, returning to Queen City in 1931.  Mrs. GOWEN had been ill for many years and death came as a relief from much suffering.  Burial was in the Queen City cemetery where many friends came to pay their last respects.

            Dr. GOWEN came back to De Leon with his daughter, remaining here a short while, going then to Bee House to be a guest in the home of another daughter, Mrs. Chas. MOSELEY.


Child Bitten by Cat Carried to Pasteur at Austin

            Joseph MILLER, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.L. MILLER, was bitten on the finger by a cat on October 22.  Two weeks later, which was last Sunday, the cat died.  It had been sick for a couple of days and had been carefully watched.  The cat died at 1:30 p.m. and at 2:30 p.m. Mr. MILLER and son were enroute to Austin, carrying the dead cat’s head with them.  An examination disclosed that the cat had died from other causes than rabies and Mr. MILLER returned Monday, bringing his son.

            Toby SNOW made the trip to Austin with Mr. MILLER.



            Mr. and Mrs. E.W. THRASHER of Snyder Okla., have announced the marriage of their only daughter, Miss Artie to Mr. Hayes STONE of that city, which occurred Nov. 2nd at Davidson, Oklahoma.

            Mr. and Mrs. THRASHER moved from her to Snyder when Miss Artie was a small child.  Many friends here wish for this fine popular young lady and Mr. STONE a most successful and happy life together.  Upon their return from Davidson, friends gave them a six o’clock dinner and a miscellaneous shower.

            Mr. and Mrs. STONE are at home in Snyder, Okla.



            Free Press has learned of the marriage of C.M. CARAWAY, Jr. to Miss Vera HANCOCK, both of the Comyn community, the wedding having occurred at Dublin last Saturday evening with Rev. Thurman RUCKER performing the ceremony.  Miss HANCOCK is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HANCOCK of near Comyn, her father being an employee of the Humble Co. and assigned to duty at the Comyn Tank Farm, where they have lived for a number of years.  CARAWAY is quite well known, being the youngest son of Mr. and MRs. C.M. CARAWAY, pro0minent family in the Comyn section for many years.

            The young couple will make their home in De Leon, C.M. being manager of Caraway & Sons Feed Mill.  He took over the management of the mill when he returned some weeks ago from a tour of mid-western states with the CARAWAY herd of show cattle.

            Both the young people are graduates of Comyn high school.  He finished Tarleton College and then went to A. & M. College.  His college training plus life-long practical experience fits him well to make a success in the line of work which he is engaged.  Both Mr. and Mrs. CARAWAY are popular in the community where they were reared and their many friends wish for them much happiness and success.



            Rev. A.F. NABORS reported the marriage of Mrs. G.W. JONES and J.D. COOK, a ceremony which he performed at his residence at 5:00 p.m. Friday, November 4th.  Accompanying the couple and witnessing the ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. L.D. BOZEMAN, friends of the couple.

            Mrs. COOK is the widow of the late G.W. JONES and has lived in De Leon for many years, rearing her family and she has the respect of all who know her.  Mr. COOK has not lived here so long but during his residence has made many friends.  The best wishes of their friends is being extended these elderly people as they unite their fortunes for the remainder of life’s pilgrimage.


Clark – George

            A secret marriage took place May 12, 1932 and was announced Nov. 1, just past.  The contracting parties were Miss Azalee CLARK, eldest daughter of Mrs. Tom CLARK, and Herman GEORGE, a son of Mr. and Mrs. D.C. GEORGE.  The young couple are reported to have gone to Graham and procured license to wed and to have been united in marriage there by a Christian minister, bringing back a statement from him, plus their marriage certificate, sufficient to convince anyone that they were married, as stated.

            Mrs. GEORGE was a student in De Leon high school the past year and is a most charming young girl.  She was reared here and has many friends.  GEORGE is employed by Ham & Carter, a position he has held for a number of years.  They will make their home in this city.


Work Commences on the De Leon – Comanche Highway

            Free Press has learned that work was begun on the Comanche end of the De Leon-Comanche highway this week.  The right-of-way has been widened to standard width, and grading has commenced.  Probably two or three months will be required to finish this road which is some 16 miles in length.  A hard-surfaced highway to the county site will be a convenience to the large portion of the population of the county residing north of Rush Creek.

            It is said there were sixty-eight men present to make application for work when the job began.


Editor’s Mother Ill

            Mrs. H.B. SCOTT, mother of the editor of this paper, has been seriously ill at her home, 215 South Abe Street, San Angelo, the past ten or twelve days.  She has had bronchial trouble with high fevers daily and is in a weakened condition.  Dr. Henry RUSH, formerly of this place, is attending her and reports her condition somewhat improved.


Somebody Stole Persian Kitten

            Mrs. Annie JEFFREY reports the theft of a beautiful yellow Persian kitten at her place Sunday night.  The cat evidently got out in the street and someone picked it up.  This kind of pilfering is all too common.


Ivan Jeffrey to Trial Charged of Manslaughter

            Ivan JEFFREY, youngest son of J.B. JEFFREY of this city, faces a charge of manslaughter in the district court at Yuma, Ariz., his trial having been scheduled to come up Wednesday of this week.  Jeffrey is charged with having killed a Mexican woman in Yuma on the night of July 23, which was the date of the first primary in Texas.  The charge is that Jeffrey was driving an automobile at a high rate of speed through the streets of Yuma and struck the 67-year old Mexican woman killing her.  JEFFREY disclaims any knowledge of the killing and his plea will be not guilty.  All effort is being made to obtain a change of venue as there is a large Mexican population in Yuma and the chance for a fair and impartial there are not so good.

            JEFFREY, until a few weeks ago was in the garage business here.  He was very capable and efficient in his chosen field of work.  Friends here hope that he will be able to clear himself  of the serious charges against him.


Just a Mere Bridge Club

            Miss Imogene MAYO entertained guests and members of the “Just a Mere” Bridge Club Thursday, November 4, at the home of Mrs. Herbert WEAVER.  Miss Launa FRETWELL won high score in contract.  Refreshments were served to Misses Allene WEAVER, Chrysteen AYERS, Marion SHORT, Willie Mae JETTON, Blanche HANSFORD, Grace SHORT, Hazel HUDDLESTON, Launa FRETWELL and Mmes. John WEAVER, J.C. POPE, J.E. HANSFORD, and Mrs. Clyde SIMMS of Gorman.



Mrs. Laura J. VALENTA, at the Travelers Hotel, has had as her guest this week, her daughter, Mrs. KOPLIN, of San Antonio.

Mrs. Jeff SMITH gave a dinner Nov. 2nd honoring the 86th birth anniversary of her mother, Mrs. R.B. KEE.  Out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. John A. KEE, Fort Worth.

Those from here who attended Worker’s Conference at Comanche Tuesday were Mr. and Mrs. Lem MACON, Miss Elaine BARKER, Rev. and Mrs. D.M. PHILLIPS, R.R. HARVEY, G.W. ROLLINS, Mesdames A.E. WESSON, GRAY and two small sons, C. KINCHEN, J. SPARKS, J.R. WOOD, C.H. SHARP, B.E. HOWE, Mary L. DIXON, C. PELL, Alvin STRINGFELLOW, and O.L. HOWARD.

Mrs. Winnie ARMSTRONG of Belen, New Mexico, is the guest of her grandmother, Mrs. J.H. IRVIN.

George MOHON and Miss Lilian, Mr. and Mrs. Audry T. SPENCER and sons, Tommie and Dickie Boy were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon DOSS at Matador.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL were in Cleburn two weeks ago visiting their children, Mr. and MRs. Will HOWELL, and Harry HOWELL.

Mr. and Mrs. H.W. LOCK of Cisco were week-end guests of their daughter, Mrs. S.R. UPSHAW and Mrs. Ida DEAN, who is a sister of Mr. LOCK.



Mr. Newt COOK, a merchant of Sutton, Arkansas, is here to spend some time with his brother, Mr. Tom COOK who has been confined to his bed for several months.  Mr. Newt COOK had lived near De Leon, but moved away about thirty-two years ago.

Mr. and Mrs. O.M. SKIPPER and little son, Jimmie, who moved from here to Wink, were visiting friends here this week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. LINDLEY spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. COOK.

Mrs. J.H. STRUBE has returned from Frionia and is visiting with her sons, S.F. STRUBE, before going to Cisco where she will spend the winter.

Mrs. Paul BURTON of Texon returned to her home after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.E. HAVIS.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest RIPPETOE and Mr. and Mrs. Walter RIPPETOE, have gone to Crane where they have charge of a singing school.

Mr. and Mrs. R.M. HUCK of Fort Worth spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. COOK.

Mr. C.L. THOMPSON and family have moved from Dublin into this community.  They have three children in school.

Rev. ISOBELL filled his regular appointment at the Comyn Baptist Church Saturday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night.

Miss Anice LOCKE has returned from Junction where she has been visiting relatives.

Mrs. C.L. REES has returned to her home in Mt. Vernon after a visit with her son, Mr. C.A. REES and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Audie FLOYD and daughter Faye, of Clifton, have been visiting Mrs. FLOYD’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. BAKER this last week.

A wedding of much interest to our community was that of Miss Vera HANCOCK and Mr. C.M. CARAWAY.  The bride is the beautiful daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HANCOCK.  She graduated from Comyn high school last year and was the captain of the girl’s basket ball team.

Mr. C.M. CARAWAY, Jr. is the younger son of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY, Sr.  He graduated from Comyn high school in 1928 and is an ex-student of Tarleton and A. and M. Colleges.  He has many friends in this community and in De Leon where he is in business.

The young couple were married at the home of the brides’ aunt, Mrs. J. B. BRADGERRY of Dublin, last Saturday night, November the 6th.  An old school mate of theirs, Reverend Thurman RUCKER, said the magic words that made them man and wife.

They are to make their home in De Leon.  Their many friends wish for them much happiness and prosperity on their life’s journey.


St. Joe by Miss Pauline Ray

            Rev. R.T. WALLACE preached at Ross Chapel Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night. Good attendance was had at all services.  This being the last time Rev. WALLACE, pastor, will preach before Conference.

Mr. J.F. McKELVEY, who has been ill for some time, is improving.

Misses Madge and Mildred McKINNEY, Robie Lea and Emogene ADAMS of Jakehammond, Miss COOPER of Breckenridge visited Miss Delia WALL Sunday and attended church at Ross Chapel.  Those from other communities who attended church at Ross Chapel Sunday were: Mrs. A. WARREN and children, Astol SMITH, Mr.and Mrs. M. OTWELL and family and Mrs. Dick BEAVINS of Oliver Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil TARENCE and children of Victor, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. ALGOOD of Rucker and Mrs. E.M. LEDBETTER and baby of Dallas.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

School opened at this place again Monday, having been closed four weeks for peanut harves.

Rev. NEWTON of De Leon preached at this place last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil TARRENCE and children of Robinson Springs visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin OTWELL last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. H.H. TOMLINSON of Hamilton visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar REED last week.

Mrs. H.S. ECHOLS is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Pat JOHNSTON of Comanche.

Mrs. S.L. CANTWELL of Lampasas is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Buford COGBURN.

Mrs. DANIELS of Breckenridge visited her son Earnest DANIELS and family Sunday.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Veda Macon

Rev. Sam BAYSE preached last Sunday.  A good crowd was present.

Miss HOLLIS entertained the young folks last Saturday night.  All that were present reported an enjoyable time.

Miss Lillie Mae CHATHAM is visiting friends in De Leon this week.

Miss Ina Mae TARRANCE spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Floyd STEWART, of Downing.

Mr. and Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS visited Uncle Joe CHAMBERS of New Hope Sunday.

Miss Thelma BARKER gave a birthday party last Saturday night.  All who were present reported a good time.


Concord by Mrs. Anna Wilson

Charlie BLASSENGAME is recovering from blood poison which has caused him much pain and inconvenience.  He bruised his hand while cutting wood and found it necessary to be treated at Gorman.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe FAIR and children were trading in Dublin last Monday.



Mrs. STARKES of Pampa is visiting in the home of her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Mose BLITCH.

Miss Vivian ROCH of Fort Worth was visiting her mother, Mrs. J.D. ROCH Sunday.

Mrs. May STEPHENS of Lubbock is visiting her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Grady TERRILL and children.

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett LOCKE are rejoicing over the arrival of a seven and a half pound baby girl which came to live in their home Tuesday afternoon, November 8.

Mrs. Charley MOSELEY of Beehouse was visiting in the home of her sister, Mrs. J.B. JEFFREY last week end, returning here with Mrs. JEFFREY who had been there to take her father, Dr. J.D. GOWEN, who will make this home there for a while.

Mrs. H.F. SCHMIDT of Whitney, mother of A.P. SCHMIDT, was visiting here this week.

Miss Chrystell NELSON is in Waco this week visiting in the home of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil NELSON.

Miss Olive WHITE was in Carlton last week-end visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.N. WHITE.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. CLARK and children of Ranger were guests Sunday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL.



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