The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, November 4, 1932


Buford Cogburn Looses (sic) Home by Fire

            Last Saturday afternoon the house and contents of Mr. and Mrs. Buford COGBURN were destroyed by fire which the family supposes caught from a defective flue.  Mr. COGBURN was away from home and only Mrs. COGBURN and the small children were at home.  The only articles saved were 2 mattresses, 3 quilts and two pillows.


Barney McLaughlin Dead as Result of Gun-Shot Wound

            Barney McLAUGHLIN, for a number of years a resident of De Leon, died at his home in Fort Worth Tuesday afternoon as a result of a gun-shot wound over the heart.  He had obtained a shot-gun to go hunting on the first day of the duck season.  While in the back yard of his home near T.C.U. the gun was discharged and members of his family found him dead.  The coroner’s verdict declared the death to have been accidental.

            McLAUGHLIN married Miss Lola CARTER, a niece of Mrs. W.C. STREETY and they lived here for a number of years before moving to Fort Worth where he has held a responsible position as credit manager for Purina Mills, Inc.  He was an expert accountant and very efficient in his chosen field of accounting.

            The funeral service was held at Fort Worth Thursday afternoon at 2:00 o’clock.  The Free Press has not learned further particulars.  The sympathy of friends is extended to the bereaved members of his family.

            Mr. and Mrs. W.H. SMITH and children and Mesdames W.C. STREETY and May WHALEY attended the funeral service.


Alvin Bunting, a Citizen Here for Half Century, Dead

            Alvin BUNTING, who resided on a farm half a mile southwest of Rucker for almost half a century, died at his home on this same farm last Monday morning at 10:00 o’clock.  Mr. BUNTING was born in Bell county 54 years ago and came to Rucker with his parents when he was six years of age.  The cause of his death was pneumonia.  He had been almost a life-long sufferer with asthma.  His last illness was only of four or five days duration, becoming ill on Wednesday.

            Mr. BUNTING was 54 years, 5 months and 19 days of age at death.  He was married to Miss May WAKEFIELD, of Gorman, June 14, 1905.  Six children were born to them.  All survive.  Three daughters are married.  They are Mesdames R.M. HIGGINBOTTOM, B.B. SKAGGS, and A.A. PRESLEY.  The young children are Travis, Ruth and Ray Elzo, the youngest being 8 years of age.

            Mr. BUNTING was converted in August 1906 and united with the Liberty Baptist church at Rucker where his membership remained until death claimed him.  His pastor, Rev. W.J. SKAGGS, assisted by Rev. Frank SKAGGS, conducted the funeral service at De Leon Cemetery last Tuesday at 3:00 where his remains were laid to rest.  Mr. BUNTING was a good man, a good citizen, loving and provident father and worth neighbor.  He will be missed in the community where he lived for so many years.  Besides his wife and children he is survived also by his aged parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. BUNTING, now 78 and 79 years of age.


“Dunner” is Home

            “Dunner”, the long Dutch hound with the sawed-off legs, property of C.R. REDDEN, is home again after an absence from the city of two months.  “Dunner” was stolen Aug. 31 by a man from Hermleigh.  Earl ROGERS saw the man take the dog in his car near his filling station and took the car number, which was the clew leading to the recovery of the dog.  “Dunner” is a registered Dutch hound and is valued by his master at $300.00.


“Aunt Carrie” Chambers Died at Age of 85

            While “Aunt Carrie” CHAMBERS lay ill at her home during the past week, she continued to radiate the same fine spirit of cheerfulness which had characterized her long life of 85 years and one month.  When friends or relatives inquired about her, she declared that she was suffering no pain and “was bright as the morning star.”

            But long years and much labor bore their fruits in the life of this faithful sould, and the end of her earthly pilgrimage came at 1:50 o’clock Wednesday morning, November 2.  Her going leaves a vacant place in the hearts of not scores but hundreds of people who knew her and loved her.  Aunt Carrie truly was one of God’s noblewomen.

            Her maiden name was Carrie M. BLACK.  She was born at Minden, La., October 2, 1847.  Her marriage to Capt. Robert S. RICH occurred October 25, 1865.  To their union nine children were born, seven boys and two girls.  Six of these survive.  They are:  Mrs. P.H. MILLER, Abilene; Mrs. George BARNES, Rising Star; Joe and Will RICH, De Leon; Robt. RICH, Vinson, Okla.; Henry RICH, Weinert; and Miss Jennie SHIELDS, Abilene, a niece whom Aunt Carrie reared and who was numbered as one of the children.  Capt. And Mrs. RICH came to Comanche county and settled near De Leon in 1890.  Capt. Rich died in 1905.

            In the year 1909 she was re-married to Uncle Joe CHAMBERS who survives here.  She is also survived by five step sons and one step-daughter, Uncle Joe’s children by his first wife, all of whom mingle their tears with those of closer kin, for Aunt Carrie had by her love and tenderness won a place in their hearts.  There are also many grand children and great grand children who mourn her going.

            The funeral and burial was at the De Leon Cemetery at 3:00 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, a great number of relatives and friends coming to pay their last respects and hear Rev. David M. PHILLIPS and Rev. R.T. WALLACE speak words of comfort and consolation to the sorrowing friends and loved ones.


School Children Injured at Desdemona

            Last Thursday at the noon hour as children were leaving the school in large numbers two small girls were struck by a car near the Post Office.  One of the children was a child of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd BURTON and the other a child of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin ROUSE.  The car was being driven by Mrs. LAYTON.  Every effort was made by the lady to avoid the accident and she assisted in every way to render aid.  The BURTON child sustained a broken leg and dislocated hip while the ROUSE child sustained only severe cuts about the face.  Both of the children are recovering but the BURTON child will be confined to her room for several weeks.


Honor Roll

            The following students have made an average grade of 90 or above for the first six weeks of school and are hereby given a place on the honor roll as follows:

High School

Seniors:  Susan SCHMIDT, Pat NARRY

Juniors:  Doris MORTON

Sophomores:  Chrystelle HOLLEMAN, Lillie Marie UNDERHILL

Freshmen:  C.L. MOHON, Vance ROACH, Mary D. BOSWELL


Grammar School

First Grade:  Bettye Joyce BOULTER, Larue CHANDLER, Clara CLARK, Jaunita HEATH, Betty LOWRY, John Robert ADCOCK, Clyde CLARK, H.L. HUDSON, Jessie JAMES, Jr., Billy Joe McCRUMB, William MORRIS, Edward OTWELL, Paul James WARREN, William WEATHERS, Iva Jo BIBBY, Billie Marie HARRIS, Dorothy Louise MAUNEY.

Second Grade:  Billy GREENHAW, Mary Jo IRVIN, Gloria Jean LOUDERMILK, Gene MORTON, Marylene SMITH, Polly TERRILL, Felton CRAWFORD.

Second Grade:  Ralph KEA, H.P. POWELL, Jim SLAUGHTER, Johnnie Mae CARLIN, Imogene CRADDOCK, Jimmie Rea GOODEN, Dorothy Mae HOLMES, Norma Eugene JONES, Marilyn MARCHBANKS, Annie Erline NELSON.

Third Grade:  Zelda BUCHAN, Donna Fay WALL, Mary Jack RICE, Alice EOFF, Merna FULLER, Corothy GLOVER, Charles ANDERSON, Bill ASH, Eldon TERRILL.

Fourth Grade:  Gladys BAGWELL, Ruth Elaine BOSWELL, Mary Frances ELLIS, Olive Jean LEIGON, Harwell DONAHUE, Harry STRICKLAND, Bruce TERRILL, Louise HOLLEMAN, Addie Sue PITTMAN, Lela DENDY, Elizabeth MORELAND, Willie Mae WISDOM, Frances DUKE.

Fifth Grade: Felicia Rea BOULTER, Mary Frances CARRUTH, Edith Mae ROGAN, June TERRILL, Irene SLAUGHTER.

Sixth Grade:  Josie Beth ALLEN, Iona Mae BAGWELL, Elaine SCOTT, Helen WALL, Billy LIVINGSTON, Louise PIERCE, Hazel WARE.

Seventh Grade:  Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Madge LIGHTFOOT, Dora Laura PEEVY, M.B. NELSON, Jr., Aubrey SLAUGHTER, Lucile WALTRIP, Rex CARNES.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to express our most sincere thanks to the many good neighbors and friends who came to us with assistance and comforting words during the recent great bereavement in the death of our husband, son, and father.  We wish especially to express our thanks to Dr. H.H. INZER who was in our home for many hours and who did for our loved one all we believe any physician might have done.  The flowers were beautiful and we thank those who brought them.  May the blessings of a kind Heavenly Father richly abide with each of you.

            Mrs. Alvin BUNTING and children,              Mr. and Mrs. J.W. BUNTING.


“Just a Mere” Bridge Club

            Miss Willie Mae JETTON entertained guests and members of the “Just a Mere” Bridge Club Thursday evening, October 27, at her home.  The Hallow’een motif was carried out in the decorations, tallies, and refreshments.  There were four tables of bridge and one table of forty-two.  High score in contract was won by Miss Launa FRETWELL.  Mince pie with whipped cream and coffee was served to the following:  Misses Allene WEAVER, Blanche HANSFORD, Inez WEBB, Hazel HUDDLESTON, Marion SHORT, Chrysteen AYERS, Bernice KIKER, Grace SHORT, Imogene MAYO, and Mmes. Autrey SELF, May WHALEY, W.C. STREETY, J.G. CAYCE, J.C. POPE, Joe ASHBY, J.E. HANSFORD, Edmund GRIZZELLE and Clara Belle MURRAY.


Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ashby Entertain

            Husbands of members of the Bridge Club and others were guests when Mrs. Joe ASHBY was hostess to the Club Tuesday night at her home.  Fall flowers of chrysanthemums and roses decorated the house.

            Mrs. R.L. WHALEY won high score for women and M.D. STEWART for the men.

            A delicious plate of chicken salad, toasted crackers, olives, cake and coffee was served to the following:  Messrs. And Mmes. W.P. WEAVER, Jeff TATE, R.N. HILL, M.D. STEWART, Everett HANSFORD, H.G. TERRILL, Herbert WEAVER, Audrey SPENCER, John WEAVER, R.L. WHALEY, T.E. MAJOR, Clifford ALLEN, Dewey DANIELL, S.A. DUKE, E.E. GENTRY, and H.M. DAVIS, and Mmes. Autrey SELF, W.H. SMITH, S.C. PARKS, J.G. CAYCE, E.E. DABNEY, and Misses Alene WEAVER, Willie Mae JETTON and Imogene MAYO.


Rook Club

            The Rook Club met with Mrs. W.T. JETTON as hostess Thursday afternoon, October 27.  The house was decorated with cut flowers, and also Hallow’een witches and cats, carrying out the seasonal suggestion.  Mrs. P. SHAVER won high score in the interesting games played.  The hostess served delicious refreshments to Mesdames C.H. SHARP, Fred SHAVER, Harold WILLIAMS, Wayne BELL, John NABORS, Ottis BUCHAN, A.M. ALLEN, Joe ASHBY, Lee BARTON, S.R. UPSHAW, W.C. LIGHTFOOT, W.C. STREETY, Sam IVERSON, Pete SHAVER, Reese UPSHAW.  Misses Alice CARTER and Dollie PAINE.


Shakespeare Club

            Mrs. A.G. LEE was hostess to the Shakespeare Club October twenty-sixth.  The program was very interesting.  The subject was “Lorenzo, the Magnificant” by David Loth.  The roll call was answered by current Events.  The program was as follows:

Reading – Julia Joan ROLLINS

The Rise of the Medici – Mrs. Bonner NABORS.

Compare Lorenzo’s Mother and his Wife – Mrs. W. E. LOWE

Give Your Estimate of the Character of Lorenzo – Miss Bertha ROSS

            The Club adjourned to meet Nov. ninth with Mrs. Bonner NABORS.  The Federation Day program will be rendered.


Comyn by Mrs. Roy C. Lindley

Little Miss Mozell VINSON is recovering from an attack of diphtheria.  She is the four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. VINSON.

A fire of unknown origin completely destroyed the barn on the farm of Mrs. J.H. STRUBE about dawn Sunday morning.  Mr. Vess SPRUILL, who is living on the farm, lost all his feed, peanut hay, corn and his car.  The livestock was saved.

Mr. R.H. BASSETT has gone to New Mexico after a truck load of apples.

Homer ELY, little son of Mr. J.R. ELY, has been very ill for the past week or two.  He is improving slowly.

Little Miss Allene COUNT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.W. COUNT, is recovering from a serious operation for mastoid trouble this week.

Dr. GAIN of Dublin has offered his services free to the people of Comyn community in administration of the diphtheria toxide which gives permanent protection against diphtheria for children from six months to twelve years of age.  This Diptheria Toxide will be at Comyn next week.  The only cost will be twenty cents a child to pay for the toxoid, alcohol, cotton, and needles.

Mrs. T.F. PHIPPS spent the weekend in Stamford with her husband.  Mr. PHIPPS makes his home in Roaring Springs where his work is.

Mr. and Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr. had as their guests this weekend, Mr. and Mrs. John CULPEPPER of Edna Hill.

Mr. and Mrs. J.N. TAYLOR have moved into this community from Lometa.


Jakehamon by O.H. MOORE

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McKINNEY and children of Frankell visited with Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY this week.

Messrs. Gene and Charles PAYNE of Quitaque visited with L.C. PAYNE and family this week.

Mr. and Mrs. R.C. LINDLEY of Comyn visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. LINDLEY Sunday.

Mr. O.S. ROBBINS and his brother, Raymond ROBBINS of Fort Worth, visited Ed THOMAS of Comyn this week.

Allison BURTON visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd BURTON of Desdemona Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. McKINNEY and Mr. and Mrs. J.C. McKINNEY of Frankell spent the week end visiting with Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.

A party of young folks who accompanied Miss Erica WHITWORTH to the singing convention at Huckaby Sunday stopped over at Lingleville and visited with Mr. and Mrs. WHITWORTH, parents of Miss Erica.

Anthon WYNN happened to a painful accident Saturday night while out with a hayriding party.  He jumped off the wagon and in an effort to get back on or in playing along with the others on the wagon he got his foot under the wheel in such a way that his toes were mashed and broken.  He was taken to the doctor for treatment and is recovering fast.

Miss George Anna HUFFMAN was sick with the flue last week and out of school but is reported much improved at this time and will soon be back in school.

The roads from each direction leading from the highway to the school house have been put in excellent condition by the county road crews.  This is very much appreciated by all interested in the school as there is much coming and going out from the school house while school is in session.  An all weather road is now available in almost any direction leading out from this place.  This work was done by Lee NABORS and Emmett RIPPETOE, both of which can easily qualify as expert with big road machinery.

Miss Bartene MOORE, who is a senior in the Desdemona high school this year, accompanied the teachers to the Institute at Comanche Saturday.

P.H. ANDERSON and M.T. KING are harvesting a field of syrup cane this week.

Mr. Raymond ROBBINS and Mrs. Nettie GUTHERY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS  have been visiting at the ROBBINS home this week.

Misses Ruth L. RILEY and Bartene MOORE, both in the home economics class in the Desdemona high school, went with their class Friday night on a “Teeny Roast” sponsored by their teacher.  A very enjoyable time was had by all the class, each of which were to invite one guest.

The gayest party of the season was the Hallow’een party given by Misses Erica WHITWORTH and Zora BAKER for the high school students.  This was a “hayride” in a wagon furnished by the WYNN boys.  The wagon was completely filled and almost overflowing.  Mr. and Mrs. J.H. ADAMS went along in their car to furnish lights in case ghosts should chase the party.  They drove to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim KOONCE where the party continued to a late hour.  Most of those attending were dressed as ghosts and witches and a most enjoyable time was had.  Misses Novia LINDLEY and Lillian ROBBINS of Stephenville came over to have a part in the celebration of this holiday.  Misses BAKER and WHITWORTH are to be commended for their leadership of the young folks of the community.


Concord By Mrs. Ann Wilson  (From Last Week)

Mr. S.H. DUKE from Corsicana, had purchased the old Kilgore farm and is moving in this week.

Mr. Clide EOFF from De Leon, is working for Sid BRUMBELOW, helping thresh peanuts.

W.T. WILSON, who has been sick, is better.

Murray KAY has returned home from Baird.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

Mr. and Mrs. BUFORD had the misfortune of losing their home by fire last Saturday afternoon.  The fire started from a defective flue.  Very little was saved as the fire had gained much headway before help was obtained.  This is the second fire for this unfortunate family this year.  Their barn was destroyed by fire last spring.

Miss Lillie BELLE of St. Joe visited her brother, Darwin MAY, and Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie PARK last week.

Mrs. Verlie CHANDLER of New Hope visited her aunt, Mrs. Clyde NABORS and family last week.  


Buffalo by Miss Valda Gregory

Mr. Tom GREGORY is visiting home folks.  He has been at Plainview working.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. BROOKS spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. William BROOKS of Gustine.

Lorene and Sam HANSON spent Thursday night with Miss Valda GREGORY.


St. Joe  by Miss Pauline Ray

With continued dry weather, peanut harvesting will almost be finished this week.

Mrs. M.L. MORRIS, who has been ill for several days, is slowly improving.

Mr. J.F. McKELVEY, who is taking treatment at Gorman Sanitarium, is improving.

Mr. and Mrs. Dewey YATES and baby of Robinson Springs, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.R. RAY.

Claude McKELVEY of Denton, is spending a few days with his father, J.F. McKELVEY.

Misses Bernice and Adelle McKELVEY and Pauline RAY, Mrs. W.B. RAY and Claude McKELVEY, visited Mr. J.F. McKELVEY at Gorman, Monday.


Local News

Word comes from Marlin that Mrs. Zillah TALLEY had a serious operation at Torbett Sanitarium Thursday two weeks ago.  She has been critically ill since.  Mrs. A.J. HANCOCK and Mrs. H.A. FINE were in Marlin Friday to Sunday last week and report her improving now.



W.C. LIGHTFOOT Jr. was home for the week end from S.M.U.

Mrs. Guy HARMON was in Granbury Wednesday visiting her mother, Mrs. GASTON.

Mrs. W.S. SNEAD is at home from the Sanitarium at Gorman where she underwent an operation last week for sinus trouble.

Mrs. C.C. NICHOLS and son, Ralph, went to Morgan last week end where they attended the funeral of Mrs. Tom MERCER of Big Spring.

L.P. LYLE of Merkle was week-end guest of his sister, Mrs. W.S. SNEAD and his little daughter, Meldene LYLE, who lives in the SNEAD home.

Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred WEBER of Dallas were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN.

Ralph NICHOLS and J. Edward BELL are out of school this week and can only walk with the aid of crutches.  They received injuries last Thursday at the foot-ball game sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Association.  Ralph’s right leg is badly bruised below the knee and J. Edward has an injured hip.

Those from out of town who attended the funeral of Aunt Carrie CHAMBERS here Wednesday afternoon were:  Mr. and Mrs. P.H. MILLER and Miss Jennie SHIELDS, Abilene; Mrs. George BARNES, Rising Star; Mr. and Mrs. Jodie CHAMBERS and daughter, Bettye, of Waco.  Robert RICH and daughter, Miss Billie, Vinson, Oklahoma; Henry RICH, Weinert; and Roger and Wayne CHAMBERS of Brownwood.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry LOUDERMILK on Nov. 1, a 10 pound boy.  The little one is the first child and the first grand baby of either the THORNTON or LOUDERMILK families.



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