The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, October 28, 1932


Mrs. Curt Gregory Undergoes Major Operation

            Mrs. Curt GREGORY is in the Gorman Sanitarium where she underwent a major operation last Thursday.  The latest reports are that she is resting nicely.


Mrs. J.D. Ham Recovering from Recent Operation

            Mrs. J.D. HAM returned home this week from Temple where she had a serious operation some weeks ago at Scott & White Sanitarium.  She is recovering nicely and her friends will be glad that she has passed safely through the ordeal and is well on the road to recovery.


She’s “Sweetheart” of the Legion Now

            Miss Mary KIMBLE was given a signal honor at a recent meeting of Smith-Heath Post, American Legion.”  Another name for the position perhaps would be sponsor, but throughout the nation the many hundreds of Legion Posts call their sponsor “Sweetheart of the Legion.”  Miss KIMBLE is to be congratulated upon her selection for this position of honor, and the Post for selecting her.’’


Van Dyke School to Re-Open Tuesday After Vacation

            Van Dyke school has taken a holiday of two weeks to allow the school children to help out in the peanut harvest.  The work is now far enough advanced that the school will re-open Tuesday of next week, opening Tuesday because it was dismissed on Monday.  Prof. Paul HOLDRIDGE, Miss Opal THOMAS and Miss Golda EVANS are teaching at Van Dyke.


Hallowe’en Tea

            On Tuesday, October 25, 1932, the faculty of South Ward School, with the assistance of the room mothers, entertained the patrons of the school with a tea.  The rooms were tastefully decorated with Hallowe’en art work and some of the school projects were exhibited.  The following program, carrying out the spirit of Hallowe’en was rendered by pupils of the various grades:

Song – First Grade

Rhythm Band – First Grade

Reading – Betty Jean NABORS

Piano Solo – Marylene SMITH

Solo – Polly TERRILL

Piano Solo – Felicia Rea BOULTER

Song – Fourth Grade

Reading – Elaine HAMPTON

Solo – Robert COOK

Piano Solo –Helen INSALL

Reading – Elaine SCOTT

Solo – Josie Beth ALLEN

Reading – Anita WALLACE

Songs – South Ward Glee Club

Reading – Daphne SHOOK

Piano Solo- Rex CARNES

Tap Dance – Clark DUKE

Punch and cake was served to about fifty guests who called during the afternoon and expressed themselves as having thoroughly enjoyed this delightful affair.


Bridge Club

            Mrs. John WEAVER, assisted by Miss Christine AYERS, entertained the Bridge Club and guests Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. B.W. AYERS.

            The house was beautifully decorated with vases of roses and cosmos.  High score in games was won by Mrs. J.G. CAYCE.

            A delicious salad course was served to Mmes. W.H. SMITH, W.P. WEAVER, Dewey DANIELL, M.D. STEWART, T.E. MAJOR, Clifford ALLEN, Jeff TATE, E.E. DABNEY, J.G. CAYCE, Audrey SPENCER, W.H. CLARK, Joe ASHBY, R.L. WHALEY, S.G. PARKS, Herbert WEAVER, Evelyn COX, and Imogene MAYO.



Mrs. Jessie ARNES has moved into this community from Proctor.

Mrs. Mamie WILKERSON and children and Mrs. G.W. HANSON spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Johnnie BAUGH.

Mamie Joe and Pauline BROOKS spent Sunday with Blanch and Cuttie WILKERSON.

Mrs. Len LESLIE spent Friday with Mrs. Bert McGUIRE.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Almost all peanuts have been taken up in this community and it is estimated that practically one half have been threshed.  The yield this year is good and the weather has been exceptionally favorable so that the hay crop will be of more value than in most years.  Cotton picking is about completed.

Howard BAKER and Mrs. Herman BAKER of Comyn visited Miss Zora BAKER Friday.

Miss Erica WHITWORTH, teacher of home economics in this school, and her class with the help of some ladies of the community have had charge of the cloth distribution for this community.  The home economics will make such garments as cannot be made at home.

School at this place did not dismiss for the harvesting of the crops this year.  Some students have had to be out some but the attendance has been good throughout the session of school.

This school is making an offer to supply the school children with sufficient playground equipment for wholesome recreation, but no great amount of time will be taken in going away for games.

The regular fourth Sunday singing was well attended last Sunday.  The house was filled to overflowing and many prominent singers from other places visited with this class.  Mr. PATTERSON brought his school bus loaded.  Prof. McENROE and Johnnie ELISON from Bayse, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry NANCE of De Leon and many other good singers attended.  Mr. Abe MOSELY whistled the alto to a very difficult piece much to the delight of the audience.

J.L. HUGHES has been in the west for several weeks where he is employed as cotton weighter.

J.T. VARNER and family have returned from picking cotton in the west.

Misses Novia LINDLEY and Lillian ROBBINS, who are attending John Tarleton College, were visiting home folks over the week end and attended the singing here Sunday afternoon.


Comyn By Mrs. Roy C. Lindley

Mr. and Mrs. Grady HOWELL of Comanche spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R.M. SCOTT.

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin BOYKIN and baby of Oglesby are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.M. SLAUGHTER.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie ROLLINS are the parents of a baby boy, born Oct. 24.  His name is Billie Guy.

The Home Economics Club met Monday to elect the five delegates from their club to represent them at the district meeting of the club to be held at Strawn Saturday.  Misses Devota HAZZARD, Ruth L. CLARK, Mildred SLAUGHTER, Mary Ruth TURNER, and Girlie STRONG were elected.  They will go to Strawn with their sponsor Miss Mara Glenn DONALDSON Friday evening.

Mr. Edd ROSS burned his hands last Friday morning while assisting some men fight a fire that threatened to destroy the home of Mr. and Mrs. Orval ROSS.  Mr. and Mrs. ROSS were away from home.  The fire was discovered by some men who were shaking peanuts nearby.

Mr. and Mrs. Whit SIDES and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Murray SIDES of the Round Grove Community Sunday.

Mr. Rich COWAN is on a business trip in Washington, D.C.

Miss Myrle DAVIS suffered the misfortune of having her arm broken when she fell on the basketball court during a game last Thursday.

Little Dave FLOYD, Jr. is recovered from an injury received Sunday while playing in a swing.

Mr. Whit SIDES and his mother, Mrs. J.C. SIDES, attended the funeral of Mrs. Eldridge GUTHERIE at Jakehammon last week.

Mr. and Mrs. S.F. STRUBE visited Mrs. STRUBE’s mother, Mrs. J.F. BASSETT of Cisco, last week.

Mr. W.U. PULLEY has gone to Arkansas to visit his sister, Mrs. HUGGINS.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Veda Macon

Friends of Mrs. J.Q. CHATHAM gathered together Friday evening and took up his peanuts.  Mr. CHATHAM has been unable to work for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. Stant CARR and family, who have been at Wingate picking cotton, have returned home.

Miss Wyndola PRICE has gone to Lingleville where she will teach school.


Oliver Springs by Miss Iris Warren

The recent cold weather makes us think hog killing time is near.

Most everybody is busy getting up the peanuts and threshing them.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee McGUIRE of Desdemona visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. R.H. REED Sunday.

Mrs. Lee NABORS and children of De Leon visited Nath NABORS and family Sunday.


St. Joe by Miss Pauline Ray

Mrs. M.L. MORRIS, who has been ill the past week, is improving.

Mrs. Luther STEWART and children and Lonnie FREEMAN of McCamey visited their parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H.S Freeman the past week-end.

M.T. DUKE, Verle McKELVEY, Woodlie SADBERRY and Coy OTWELL, together with other members of the De Leon high school agriculture class attended the State Fair at Dallas Saturday and Sunday.

C.G. MORTON has gone to Kokomo where he will teach the present term of school.  This will be his third term as principle there.

Mr. McGLAMERY  spoke at Ross chapel Sunday night.



Rev. J.W. DODD, pastor of the Assembly church here, was in Cisco this week preaching from Monday to Saturday.  He will return to hold his regular services here Sunday.

Miss Olive WHITE visited her parents at Carlton Sunday.

W.H. JETTON of Tyler, is visiting his parents.

Mrs. W.J. ROBINETT and daughter, Miss Merle, were in Eastland Monday.

Miss Lelia VAUGHN of Stephenville was visiting her father and friends here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. George GREENHAW visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. PLUMBER at Moran last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Edgar SHORT left Saturday for San Antonio.  They will be gone some two months.

Miss Ruth HOWE of Stephenville was week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.E. HOWE.

Mrs. Wade MELTON of Houston is visiting in the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. H.H. INZER.

H.M. DAVIS was in Itasca last week-end visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.T. DAVIS.

Mrs. Luther STEWART and daughters of Texon are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. FREEMAN.

Craig C. NICHOLS of Fort Worth and Miss Nelle B. VANOVER of McAllen, were guests Sunday of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. NICHOLS.

Mr. and Mrs. Woodley REID of Roby were here the last week-end visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. REIR and Mrs. W.A. FINCHER.

Roger and Wayne CHAMBERS of Brownwood, were here last week-end visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS.

Paul PIERSON of Denton, and Jack PIERSON of Fort Worth, were weekend guests of their mother, Mrs. Irene PIERSON.

Miss Evelyn KINCHEN of Stephenville was week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN.  She was accompanied home by Misses Catherine ROGERS of Caddo and Miss DAVIS, who are students at John Tarleton College.

Last Friday afternoon little Freddie RUTLEDGE, who is eight years of age, happened to the painful accident of falling and struck his forehead against an iron pipe and cut a gash which necessitated taking several stitches by a local physician to close the wound.  He was playing with a number of other small boys in the lawn of the Methodist church.  His little friends sympathize with him and hope he will be able to return to school next week.



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