The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, October 14, 1932


Schools Vacation for Peanut Harvest

            As has been the custom here for years, “all hands” are needed in the fields when peanut harvest time comes, and a number of rural schools are closed for periods averaging around two weeks for the purpose.  Robinson Springs, Downing, New Hope, Van Dyke, Oliver Springs and perhaps others are closed now.


Oliver Springs Honor Roll

            School opened on September 5, 1932 and thus far we have had a successful term, save a few irregularities which have been solved to the best of our judgment.

            School closed on October 7, 1932 for an indefinite period as the pupils were needed in the fields.

            The following names are mentioned as being on the Honor Roll for the first month of school:

Low first grade:  Vernon WISE, Junior WATTS, Emogene BURLESON, Jean COGBURN, Edwin COGBURN, Jerome LIGHTFOOT.

High first grade:  Ema George RUSSELL, Roma Jewell PARKER, Bonnie Louise DANIELS, Evelyn ATCHINSON.

Second Grade:  Etta Mae JOHNSTON, Nella Vee PERRY.

Third Grade:  Larkin AKERS, Herman HARDIN, Lloyd HARDIN, Lola Belle COGBURN, Lallah Rue LIGHTFOOT, Edna Mae DOMINY, Rolland TILLY.

Fourth Grade:  James WARREN, Etoile AKERS, Marcelle LOCKE, Eulan PERRY.

Fifth Grade:  Rosa Lee JOHNSTON

Sixth Grade:  Billie BURLESON, Jimmie BRYAN.

Seventh Grade:  Annie Mae LOCKE.

Ninth Grade:  John BOSWELL, Iris WARREN.

Tenth Grade:  Faye LOCKE, Lois WILSON.

            Patrons of the community will be notified upon the re-opening of school.


De Leon Boy was Married at Baytown

            Mr. and Mrs. R.P. CARNES have received the news from Baytown that their son, Cager CARNES, was married recently.  The bride was Miss Essie HOLDER of Goose Creek.  CARNES has been living in Baytown for awhile.  The young lady visited in De Leon with her fiancé some months ago.  They will make their home at Baytown, the Free Press understands.

Can’t you say something nice about the boy?

            Free Press has not had the pleasure of meeting the bride.  Cager has grown to manhood here in De Leon and has hosts of friends, having characteristics of manliness and worth such as would make any boy well liked.  He comes from one of the oldest pioneer families of this section of the state and can be depended upon to bear well the family name.  The editor of this paper wishes Cager and his bride much happiness.


Miss Opal Fitzgerald Married to Dr. Carter

            When the service was over at Liberty Baptist church at Rucker last Sunday evening, Dr. C.B. CARTER and Miss Opal FITZGERALD made known to Rev. W.L. SKAGGS that they wished to be married.  Rev. SKAGGS called the congregation to order and performed the ceremony with the entire congregation as witnesses.  Miss FITZGERALD had accompanied Dr. CARTER there and they attended the service, intending to have been married before the service began, but arrived slightly late.  The wedding was a complete surprise to everyone.

            Miss FITZGERALD is the youngest daughter of Mrs. T.I. FITZGERALD and has grown to womanhood here, being educated in De Leon schools and has many friends.  Dr. CARTER came to De Leon some months ago and has practiced Chiropractic here since, and during his period of residence in De Leon has won the confidence and esteem of the citizenship.

            Dr. and Mrs. CARTER will continue to make their home here at De Leon.  The very best wishes of many friends go with them as they start life together.


Bridge Club

            Miss Willie Mae JETTON won high score last Wednesday evening when Miss Blanche HANSFORD entertained the Bridge club.  Frozen fruit salad and marble cake were served to the following:  Misses Chrystene AYERS, Allene WEAVER, Madge IRVIN, Marion SHORT, Launa FRETWELL, Willie Mae JETTON, Hazel HUDDLESTON, Lillian HANSFORD, and Grace SHORT and Mms. J.C. POPE and J.E. HANSFORD. –Reporter.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Veda Macon

School has been dismissed at this place for two weeks so the pupils can help harvest the crops.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin BROWN from Breckenridge visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.T. MILLER and family Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS visited Uncle Joe and Aunt Carrie CHAMBERS of New Hope Sunday.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Most everyone in this community is busy picking cotton and taking up peanuts at this writing.  Peanuts are well matured and an unusually fair yield is reported.

Sunday is regular preaching day at St. Joe and Rev. Walter MARTIN, pastor, will preach.  Rev. MARTIN has been ill for some time and his friends here are glad to know he is much improved.

Mrs. H.S. FREEMAN, C.G. MARTIN, W.B. RAY and Misses Leona and Jessie Mae MORRIS and Pauline RAY attended the close of the singing school at Ranger Friday night.  Mr. Earnest Rippetoe and Mr. WALTER taught this school and a most enjoyable program was rendered.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

The norther of the first of the week almost began to look like hog killing weather.

A considerable number of farmers have taken up their peanuts and threshing has begun.  O.S. ROBBINS and Jim KOONCE have threshed and some other fields will be ready by the last of the week.

Miss Edith McGUIRE has been on the sick list and absent from school for several days.

Mrs. C.H. BAKER of De Leon and Mrs. A.V. FLOYD and daughter, Miss FAYE, of Clifton, visited Miss Zora BAKER Sunday.

F.E. JOINER, G.E. RILEY and Chas. LINDLEY will operate threshers in this vicinity this year.

Mrs. GUTHREY, who has been seriously ill for the past several months, is not improving.

Messrs. W.A., T.J. and Chas. LINDLEY and their families spent Sunday visiting their parents at Eastland where the children met in recognition of their mother’s eighty-first birthday.

Anthon and Arthur WYNN have taken contracts to gather pecans.  Anthon is gathering for Mrs. Nettie CLARK and Arthur for O.H. MOORE, both on Leon River where a very fair crop will be harvested.

Mrs. Lizzie WINNEGAR and children are in the West picking cotton.

Moody B. KOONCE happened to a painful accident last week at school when in play he jumped upon a stick of wood in such a way that his head was struck making an ugly gash.  He was out of school several days and required the attention of a physician.  He is able to be back at school this week.

Miss Evelyn LANE visited at Gorman this week with her sister, Mrs. J.J. BROWN.

Mrs. W.A. LANE has returned from Gorman where she was called by the serious illness of her son, Horace LANE.  Mr. LANE was operated on at the Gorman sanitarium for appendicitis.  His condition is reported as satisfactory.

Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY and family spent Sunday with Mr. McKINNEY’s sister, Mrs. Edgar THOMPSON of Gustine, where his mother is seriously ill.

Mr. S.O. McKINNEY came near having a serious car wreck Friday night as he was returning from Gustine.  Mr. and Mrs. Homer THOMPSON of Gustine were returning with Mr. McKINNEY when they encountered a mule which had been peacefully grazing by the roadside and no doubt became excited by the lights of the car and in some way the mule jumped upon the hood of the car or was thrown there by the impact.  The mules feet struck the windshield in such a way as to break it and otherwise injure the car.  Mr. and Mrs. THOMPSON and Mr. McKINNEY came out without serious injury.


Duster by Mrs. C.D. Graham

Mrs. Lola B. McDANIEL from May spent the past week with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Q.L. PRICE.

Mr. and Mrs. H.P. EVANS and daughter, Mayda, of Brownwood spent the week end with the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.N. GRAHAM.

Miss Vina GRAHAM leaves Monday for Oklahoma City where she will attend school this winter.  She is to stay with Mrs. J. L. MATTHEWS who was formerly Miss Erma Lee GRAHAM.


Downing by J.L. Bishop

The Downing P.T.A. met last Friday night for the purpose of re-organizing.  The officers were elected as follows:  President, Mr. Lofton BISHOP; Vice president, Mrs. George ELLIS; Sargent at Arms, Mr. J.P. YATES.

A committee to draw up the constitution and by-laws consists of:  Mr. O.V. LOUDERMILK, Mr. J.H. HOLMES, and Mr. Jack BOYD. 

The membership and finance committee are: Mr. George ELLIS, Mr. Ernie LOUDERMILK and Mr. J.L. BISHOP.



Mr. and Mrs. Riley WILKERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry WILKERSON spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John DONIS of the Roach community.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer RACKLEY have returned to their home at Overton after spending their vacation with Mrs. RACKLEY’s mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. O.B. BRINSON.

Mrs. Riley WILKERSON and children spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. E.G. GREGORY and daughter, Miss Valda.


Oliver Springs by Iris Warren

The farmers are very busy at this time taking up their peanuts and picking cotton.

Mrs. John DOWNING is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John GIBSON at Rule.

Sunday is regular preaching day.  Rev. SKAGGS will preach in the morning and Rev. David M. PHILIPPS of De Leon will preach at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  Everybody is invited to come and hear them.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

Cotton picking and shaking peanuts seems to be the order of the day.

Vernon McKEEVER, who is now working in Comanche, spent the week end with home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. George M. HOOD spent the week end in Breckenridge visiting parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. McGRIFF.


Local Happenings

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. CAMPBELL have moved to Haskell.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. T.E. THORNTON, a son, October 5th.

Clay DABNEY and family of Fort Worth, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. DABNEY this week.

Mrs. Claude KINCHEN and son, C.L., are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.H. McCARTY at Lawn.

Mr. and Mrs. H. KOPLIN of San Antonio are visiting her mother, Mrs. Laura VALENTA.

K.M. VAN ZANDT, who is a student at John Tarleton College, was a week end guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. K.M. VAN ZANDT.

Mr. and Mrs. Autry SELF were guests Sunday of her sister, Miss Grace BARTON, in Fort Worth.

Mr. and Mrs. Finis BELL and son, Ronald Lee, of Hawley were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. V.V. BELL and Mr. and Mrs. Lee IRVIN.

Mr. and Mrs. Horner RHODES have gone to Henderson where she has a position in the school as teacher in the elementary grades.  A fine boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim PATTON, October 6th, near Victor.  The little son’s name is Eugene Isaac.

Miss Gray SPRINGFIELD, who has been relief operator for the Western Union here, left Thursday for Albany.  Miss Inez WEBB returned from her vacation at Noble, La., Wednesday.

Ross B. JENKINS is attending A. & M. College at College Station this school year.  He is working toward his degree.  He was supt. of the Trent school the past three years.

Mr. and Mrs. Ector DRY, and daughter, Miss Charlene, were here last week visiting her mother, Mrs. G.B. JOHNSON and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.S. DRY.

Misses Janice KEE, Roger Mae SMITH, Lillian MOHON and Olive WHITE were in Dallas Saturday attending the Fair.  Miss MOHON bought a new car while there.

Rev. Jim HENDERSON and family of Blanket were guests last Thursday of his sister, Mr. and Mrs. J.Q. CHATAM on Route 3, and Mrs. Pearl RUCKER and daughter, Miss Faye.

Mr. and Mrs. G.H. McCARTY and little grand daughter, Louise McCARTY, of Lawn, are visiting in the C.L. KINCHEN home.  Mrs. KINCHEN and C.L., Jr. returned with them from visiting here.



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