The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, October 7, 1932


Daiches Economy Store to Close for Holiday Mon.

            Next Monday being a Jewish holiday, the De Leon store of N. DAICHES, formerly Nevit’s Economy Store, will be closed for the day.  Mr. and Mrs. DAICHES, both devout Jews who came to America from Russia some years ago, will spend the day in Hamilton where there is a Jewish synagogue and will worship there.


Free Press Didn’t Know His Tank Farms

            Last week Free Press reported two tanks being re-roofed at Humble Tank Farm at Comyn.  When Manager J.A. LYON received his Free Press he read the story and took a look around to see if something was going on that he hadn’t heard about.

            As a matter of fact, the Free Press didn’t know tank farms.  It was the Magnolia, or Riddle Station where the work was going on, not the Humble.


De Leon Girl is Head of Society at Tarleton

            Miss Evelyn KINCHEN was elected president of a secret society composed of twelve girls, selected from the student body at John Tarlton College.  To be elected to membership in this club of select students is within itself an honor, and to then be selected as the club’s president is the highest honor within the gift of the group.  The club is known as the J.A.P. Club, the meaning of the letters being shrouded in mystery.


Mrs. Weaver Hostess to the Bridge Club

            Members of the Bridge Club were guests Tuesday afternoon when Mrs. H.T. WEAVER, club president, entertained at her home. 

            Beautiful vases of roses decorated the house.  A plate of fruit salad, potato chips, olives, bread and butter sandwiches, coffee and cake was served to the following:  Mrs. T.E. MAJOR, L.L. LOCKE, Clifford ALLEN, W.H. SMITH, Joe ASHBY, J.G. CAYCE, John WEAVER, Jeff TATE, S.G. PARKS, Everett HANSFORD, R.L. WHALEY, W.P. WEAVER, Rollie HILL, M.D. STEWART, Mrs. WHITE of Gorman, and Miss Allene WEAVER.  Mrs. W.P. WEAVER was winner of high score.


Rook Club

            The Rook Club met at the home of Mrs. Sam IVERSON at Magnolia Tank Farm, 3 to 5 p.m. Thursday.  The hostess had prepared three tables for twelve members and guests and received them graciously into her pretty home.  The hostess served delicious refreshments at the close of playing to:  Mesdames W.T. JETTON, W.C. LIGHTFOOOT, J.A. BARTON, E.H. ROGERS, S.R. UPSHAW, W.J. IRVIN, Ottis BUCHAN, A.M. ALLEN, Reese UPSHAW, Misses Macie BOSWELL, Grace SHORT, Loys ROGERS. Mrs. C. SCHNARE and Freda Lou assisted in entertaining.  High score went to Miss Grace SHORT.


Texas Blue Bells

            The “Texas Blue Bells” met at the home of Miss Launa FRETWELL Monday afternoon at 4:15 o’clock. The name “Texas Blue Bells” was chosen as the club name.  The time was spent practicing club songs.  The following members were present: Edna JETTON, Jossie Beth ALLEN, Helen WALL, Mary DOLPH Boswell, Alma D. TUBBS, Kathryn SALMON, Jaunita UPSHAW, Lois UPSHAW, Talma RICE, Elaine SCOTT.


W.H. Caperton Dead

            W.H. CAPERTON, who resided at the former Ben HOWE property, died at his home this week.  Free Press has no information regarding his life at hand but will obtain such and present the coming week.


Local Happenings

Miss Gladys SHORT, dietitian at John Tarleton College, spent Monday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.W. SHORT, observing her mother’s birthday.

Mrs. M.E. STEPHENS of Suez is here this week visiting in the home of her brother, J.B. JEFFREY and wife.

A baby girl was born into the home of Mr. and Mrs. George BROWN September 3rd.  The little one’s name is Martha Lou.

Mrs. E.M. WILSON, sister of Mrs. H.D. PEARSON, was here from Fort Worth last week end for a visit in the home of her sister.  Mesdames PEARSON and WILSON are twins and so similar in appearance that intimate friends have difficulty distinguishing between them.

Mr. and Mrs. Blon MORELAND and Mrs. John SLAUGHTER of Longview, and Mr. and Mrs. Earn MORELAND and family of Big Lake, were here Thursday to attend the funeral of their brother, Fie MORELAND.

Mrs. A.L. MOORE has been quite ill the past week or ten days with sciatic rheumatism.  She is much improved, reports say.

Mrs. C.A. FITZGERALD and son, C.A., Jr. are spending the week with her parents at Denton.

Howard FUNDERBURG of Eastland was the week-end guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. FUNDERBURG.

Rev. Huran POLNAC of Abilene was guest last week-end of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. POLNAC.

Miss Olive WHITE was in Carlton last week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. WHITE.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale HOWARD spent last week-end guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.M. HUMPHREY at Gustine.

Miss Oren Joe POOLE of Hico is guest of her grandmother, Mrs. J.D. MILLER here before she begins her school near Hico where she will teach the ensuing year.

Fred WELDON, Jr. is the name of a husky baby boy that was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred STOKES on Thursday, October 6.  All doing well.


Duster by Mrs. C.D. Graham

Mr. Cleo JENKINS, who is attending school at John Tarleton College, spent the week-end at home.

Duster school has closed down for a month so that the children can help gather the crops.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill HANSFORD left last Thursday for Coleman where they will pick cotton.

Mrs. A.L. JENKINS is at Sanatorium, Texas.  She is there for her health.

Miss Pauline BLAIR, who is attending school at Gorman, spent the week-end with parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. BLAIR.


Downing by J.L. Bishop

Carl HATSON of John Tarlton College spent the week-end with home folks.

Mr. Everett REED of McCamey, Texas is visiting his sisters, Mrs. Cal HULSEY and Mrs. Ollie LASSITER. 


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

John DISHMAN has recently returned from an extended tour of the Western states, having come directly from the state of Washington.

A crowd of boys from this community visited with grandfather MOORE of the Victor community Sunday.

Miss Zora BAKER and Miss Erica WHITWORTH, teachers in the school here, spent the week-end visiting with Windola PRICE of the Robinson  Springs community.

Miss Madgelene McKINNEY has been on the sick list this week, having missed several days of school.

Alton LANE has gone to Big Spring where he will drive a cotton truck making deliveries in Houston and Galveston.

Mr. and Mrs. R.O. LINDLEY of Comyn visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. LINDLEY Sunday.

Arthur WYNN has returned from Haskell County where he had been working.

On account of some having gone away, some rearrangements were made in the Sunday School last Sunday.  Miss Robbie Lea ADAMS was elected pianist and Miss Emogene ADAMS choir leader.  Miss Zora BAKER was appointed assistant secretary.  The Sunday School has run successfully for several years.


Oliver Springs by Iris Warren

Rev. Floyd FLEMMING will preach here next Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lindy SWEEDEN of Holdenville, Okla., are visiting her sister, Mrs. Ernest DANIELS and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Marcil SMITH and Mr. and Mrs. Barney HILL have gone to the plains to pick cotton.

Mrs. Carrie LACY returned to her home at San Antonio last Wednesday after several days visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.J. COGBURN.

Mr. and Mrs. CLEMENT and Mr. and Mrs. DANIELS and sons have gone to Rule to pick cotton.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Rev. R.T. WALLACE of De Leon filled his regular appointment at Ross Chapel Sunday.  We are hoping to have better attendance in the future.

Mrs. W.C. LOCK visited her daughter, Mrs. Claude PAIR of Rucker, Saturday.  Mrs. PAIR has been suffering from a severe case of tonsillitis.  Her friends are hoping she is well soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil McKELVEY of Olden visited his father, J.F. McKELVEY, and family Sunday.

T.J. MACON, who has recently returned from an extended visit with relatives at Dallas, is visiting his daughters, Mrs. J.A. DUKE and Mrs. W.B. RAY this week.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

Few farmers began harvesting their peanut crop this week and the rain Monday night will stop them for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Blond MORELAND and daughter, Peggy Joe, from Longview, visited Mrs. MORELAND’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. MILLER last week.

Mrs. Virgil BATTERSHELL from Crainville’s Gap, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. MILLER last week-end.

Mrs. J.A. BAYSE, Jr. and Miss Una PRESSLEY were united in marriage at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam PRICE Sunday.  Rev. Sam BAYSE performed the ceremony.

Mr. MORING is on the sick list this week.



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