The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, September 23, 1932


Van Dyke Man Died as Result of Nail in Foot

            While working in tearing away the Methodist church at Downing on Wednesday, September 14, Will TURNER, aged 44, stuck a rusty nail in his foot.  Just one week later, September 21, he died as a result of the mishap.  Cause of his death was blood poison.  He developed symptoms of blood poison early in the week and was carried to Gorman Sanitarium where he died at 3:25 a.m. Wednesday. 

            Following Mr. TURNER’s death at Gorman, Higginbotham Bros. & Co. undertakers went to Gorman and brought the body to the local funeral parlors where it was prepared for burial.

            Mr. TURNER was born in 1888.  He had lived in this county only one year, coming to the Van Dyke community last fall from Abilene.  He was a cousin of W.P. WHITLOW and lived on the WHITLOW farm, Free Press is advised.

            Deceased leaves a widow and five children, one married daughter and a grown son, some of his children being small.  He was a member of the Methodist church for many years and was active in religious work.

            Rev. R.T. WALLACE, pastor of the downing Methodist church, conducted the funeral service at De Leon Methodist church Wednesday afternoon at 4:00.  A large crowd of friends and relatives came to pay their last respects and to accompany his body to its last resting place at De Leon cemetery.


Sunday Night Fire Destroyed Residence Here

            Fire destroyed a residence just outside the city limits between 7:00 and 8:00 o’clock p.m. last Sunday.  The building was owned by Leonard A. WATSON, who lives somewhere in east Texas, and was built during the boom period, or shortly thereafter.  It was occupied by R.L. RHOADES and family, who were away attending church when the fire started and, of course, saved nothing.

            Mr. WATSON had left his household goods stored in a portion of the building.  The building and his goods were insured.  Mr. RHOADES had no insurance.  The place is a mile northwest of town.


C.H. Sharp Hurt in Auto Mishap at Dallas Tues.

            C.H. SHARP, who has probably presided over more funerals than any other man in Comanche county, came very near staging a funeral all his own this week when he was the principal figure in a car wreck just north of Dallas on the Richardson road.  Mr. and Mrs. SHARP and gone to Dallas where he was having repair work done on the Higginbotham ambulance and hearse.  While the big machine was under repair, Mr. SHARP was using a passenger car owned by an undertaking supply house in Dallas.  Mrs. SHARP was at the home of relatives at Richardson and Mr. SHARP was returning there late Tuesday afternoon.  He had reached a point about three miles south of Richardson when a truck came onto the highway from a side road.  The two machines crashed.  Mr. SHARP, who was alone in the car, was thrown violently forward and the impact broke the steering wheel.  He was badly bruised and it is feared injured internally.  His wrist was sprained and one knee badly sprained and bruised.  His injuries are painful but not necessarily serious.  He is expected to be able to come home by the end of the week.  The car he was driving was almost demolished.


Local Happenings

Mr. and Mrs. L.B. HORN of Eastland were week end guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. MOHON.

Bobbie GRIMSHAW from Stephenville is visiting his mother, Mrs. Odelle GRIMSHAW.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack SPARKS and son, Jack, were in Iredell Sunday, guests of his grandmother, Mrs. SPARKS. 

Mrs. J.C. ROBERSON of Comanche is visiting her sisters, Mesdames C.L. GREENWALDT and C.R. CARRUTH.

Clarence LIGHTFOOT has gone to Dallas where he is attending S.M.U. this year.

Miss Frances HARVEY has gone to Stephenville where she is attending John Tarleton College.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert SMITH of Henderson were recent visitors with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff SMITH.

Mrs. M. NEW of Brownwood is guest of her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond JONES.

Mrs. Claude NEWTON of Cisco was guest Friday of her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. H.G. SHARP.

Miss Aaron TAYLOR has returned to her home at Fayetteville, Ala. After an extended visit with her aunt, Mrs. S.T. TAYLOR.

Mrs. V.V. BELL has gone to Brownwood to attend the bedside of her brother’s wife, Mrs. Floyd HICKEY who is very ill.

Mrs. Josie BELL returned home Sunday from visiting in the home of her brother, Mr. and MRs. Floyd HICKEY at Brownwood.

Mrs. MERRICK has gone to Ft. Worth to visit her daughter, Miss Minnie MERRICK who is a teacher in the Fort Worth schools.

Mr. and Mrs. Burns PERNELL have moved here from Tyler.

Merton BELL and Freddie HARMON have gone to State University for the school year.  Bell resumes his medical course and Harmon his study of law.

Mrs. H.H. ALEXANDER has gone to Vernon in response to a message that her daughter, Mrs. W.C. CHRISTOPHER, has had an attack of acute appendicitis and must undergo an operation.  The CHRISTOPHERs left here two weeks ago for Vernon where he went to work.

Miss La Joyce MACON, Roger and Wayne CHAMBERS and Doyce SHORT have gone to Brownwood where they entered Howard Payne College for the ensuing year.  Miss MACON and Wayne CHAMBERS are first year students, Doyce SHORT is a second year student and Roger CHAMBERS finishes his 4th year’s work, receiving his B.S. degree.

Mrs. E.C. DEARMIN of Fort Worth is visiting in the home of her brother, W.T. JETTON and family.

Mrs. S.G. PARKS has gone to Fort Worth to remain several days in the home of her son, L.D. PARKS.

Jack JACKSON, son of W.C. JACKSON, has been here this week visiting his father.  He is leaving soon for Nevada.

Miss Diamond NOWLIN, of Rotan, niece of Mr. and Mrs. H.F. SHORT, is here for a visit.

Clay DABNEY was here from Fort Worth this week visiting in the home of his parents, Mr.and Mrs E.E. DABNEY.

J.C. POPE, linotype operator for the Free Press the past fifteen months, went to Ballinger Thursday to help out with a special edition the Ballinger Leader is putting on.

Miss Inez WEBB, local Western Union operator and office manager, will leave early next week for her home in Noble, La., to spend a couple of weeks on vacation.  Miss Garyse SPRINGFIELD, of Marlin, Texas, will be relief operator in Miss WEBB’s absence.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Lee Bernell McKELVEY was in Frankell this week visiting with his brother at that place.

Dick STUDIVANT and family have moved back to this community from Albany where he has lived for several years.  We are glad to have this good family come back among us and are glad to have their children in school.

Miss Roberta ANDERSON and William and Robert GROGAN visited with Clifford GROGAN and family of Desdemona this week end.

W.H. STURDIVANT visited his father near De Leon Sunday.

Hollis GREGORY and Miss Roma GREGORY of Columbus, New Mexico, are visiting this week with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. GREGORY and other relatives here.

Miss Evelyn LANE enrolled in the high school at this place Monday.

Misses Lillian and Novis LINDLEY have taken an apartment at Stephenville where they will attend the Tarleton College.

Mrs. J.E. GUTHERY, who has been in failing health for several months, is not recovering as fast as her friends had hoped for.  She is not able to be up at this time.

Mr. and Mrs. R.C. KOONCE gave the young folks a party at their home Saturday night.  A large crowd of young folks attended and played games till a late hour and had a most enjoyable time.


Downing by J.L. Bishop

Mr. and Mrs. Doyle HUDDLESTON of Big Spring are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.L. PIPER.

Rev. J.L. ISBELL filled his monthly appointment at Downing.  Bro. ISBEL has also purchased a farm in this community and is building a house on it.  We are glad to have him make his home here.

The Methodists have torn their church building down and are building a new one.  They are moving the new one a little east of where the old church stood.


Oliver Springs by Iris Warren

Mutt BLACKWELL of Sipe Springs spent several days last week visiting his aunt, Mrs. H.S. ECHOLS and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin OTWELL and children visited his brother, Jack OTWELL, at New Hope last Sunday.

Mrs. Fleet TARRANCE and son, J.W. of Robinson Springs visited her mother, Mrs. SMITH, Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. TEMPLETON and son of Coleman county are visiting her brother, B.M. JOHNSON and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Nath NABORS, Mrs. Pearl HILL and Mr. and Mrs. Richard BEVINS visited Miss Dorothy Jean NABORS at Downing Saturday.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Sunday was regular preaching day at St. Joe but Rev. Walter MARTIN, the pastor, was unable to be present.  Rev. Floyd FLEMMING of Oliver Springs preached at the morning service and Rev. J.M. BRADFORD of Dublin preached in the afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Rufe OTWELL and family and Mrs. J.A. OTWELL visited Mr. and Mrs. Jack OTWELL and family of New Hope Sunday.

Ovida LOCK is recovering from an attack of appendicitis.

Jack LOCK, Mark and Paul JOHNSON have gone to Rule where they have employment.


Duster by Mrs. C.D. GRAHAM

Mr. and Mrs. Bud ROSS and family have gone west to pick cotton.

Cleburn JOINER has gone to Red Barn to attend school.

H. ROSS of Baird visited his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Frank ROSS.

Milton DUKE of Blake visited Mr. and Mrs. L.L. DUKE last week end.

Hubert PHILLIPS and children have gone west to pick cotton.

Mr. and Mrs. L.L. DUKE and E.N. GRAHAM visited Mr. DUKE’s father, who makes his home at Blake with son, Milton, recently.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon and La Veda Macon

Uncle Joe and Aunt Carrie CHAMBERS from New Hope visited Mr. and Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS Sunday.

Walter BARKER and family have gone to Rochester, where they will pick cotton.

After a long spell of illness Dean Truett MILLER is back in school with his little friends.

Miss Wyndola PRICE returned home Friday from Brownwood where she has been visiting relatives.

Ewell PRICE is on the sick list this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester MARION from Corpus Christi are visiting Mrs. MARION’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will HARRIS.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

C.T. KEITH has threshed part of his peanut crop.  He is the first to thresh in these communities this year.

John L. THIEBAUD and family and Mr. and Mrs. J.C. CORBELL have been visiting for the past week with Mrs. CORBELL’s daughter, Mrs. Ed BAYS at Levelland, Texas.

Morgan ROSS and family of Muleshoe, Texas, have been visiting his mother, Mrs. R.D. (Grandma) ROSS.

Ed ROSS has been suffering very much with a carbuncle on his neck.  He went to Gorman and had it cut out and is doing nicely now.

Allie BURNETT of Colorado City has been visiting his sister, Mrs. G.H. TREADWAY.

Geo. M. HOOD has been to Gorman for a minor operation.  He is doing nicely at present.


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