The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, September 9, 1932


Community Club Meets Friday 16th Following Recess

            De Leon Community Club will hold the first meeting of the Fall at Travelers Hotel Friday evening, September 16th at 7:30 o’clock.  The Club recessed during the summer months, not having met since June.  Any Club member having a project to suggest upon which the Club might profitably work is invited to present same at the meeting.  Any person in the community having a suggestion for community betterment which the Club might sponsor is invited to present same for the Club’s consideration.

            The membership roll of the Club during the past Spring was as follows:  E.H. BOULTER, President; J.D. TATE, Vice-President; R.L. SCOTT, Secretary; F.T. DANIELL, L.D. STEWART, C.C. GULLEY, W.Z. COMPTON, W.H. SMITH, Joe ASHBY, W.E. HOWELL, D.L. TERRILL, A.H. BIBBY, Autrey CARAWAY, Alf SLOAN, W.E. LOWE, J.T. EDMONDSON, Dr. A.M. ALLEN, J.S. FREEMAN, Clifford ALLEN, C.C. MALONE, E.H. ROGERS, C.V. SINGLETON, C.A. KIKER, T.H. WILLIAMS, R.C. WORTHY, W. EGBERT, George HAMMETT, Lee HOLDRIDGE, H. HAMPTON, Gasten GRISHAM, C.L. KINCHEN, Dr. J.T. PLEMMONS, C.W. LEIGON, John WEAVER, B.J. PITTMAN, Aubrey SPENCER, A.C. SCHUMAN, Bonner NABORS, J.W. SHOOK, Z.O. MEHAFFEY, E.L. LOCKE, J.A. BARTON and T.E. MAJOR.

            Any citizen in De Leon or surrounding communities is invited to become a member of the Club, which meets every third Friday night.  The monthly dues are only $1.00.


Two Boy Preachers to Preach Sunday at Baptist Church

            Rev. David M. PHILLIPS, who with his family went to Paris this week to visit ten days, asked the Free Press to announce that on the coming Sunday two Baptist boy preachers who have recently been licensed to preach by the local church, will occupy the pulpit.

            At the eleven o’clock hour Rev. Huron POLNAC will be the speaker.  At the evening hour Rev. Floyd FLEMING will preach.  Members and friends invited to hear these speakers, both of whom are De Leon-reared boys and from whom their friends expect much in future years.


School Began Last Monday at Trinity

            Trinity school term began Monday, September 5th under the direction of Prof. George MATTHIS, principal, and Miss Ophelia RANDOLPH, assistant.  Grades up to and including the 9th are taught at Trinity, and some special courses are also offered.


Downing School Began New Years Work Monday 5th

            Monday, September 5th, the school at Downing began the fall term.  There are 76 scholastics and three teachers.  Prof. R.C. BOSWELL began his second year as principal.  Miss Faith ELLIOTT is intermediate teacher and Mrs. George ELLIS teaches primary.  Grades through the tenth are taught.  Trustees and patrons were present for the opening exercises Monday and a talk was made by Chas. SMITH, a trustee.


Beauty Shop is Changing Location the Coming Week

            Mrs. H.G. GILLOCK, proprietor for the past four years of Vanity Fair Beauty Shop, located on the mezzanine floor at Higginbotham’s has arranged to move her shop the coming week to new quarters in the Ayers Building on the east side of Texas street.  She will be next door from V.V. BELL’s Barber Shop, having her own private entrance and entirely separate from the Barber Shop.  The place is being made ready this week.  Interior decorators are finishing the walls in pastel shades, hot and cold water will be available.  The new Vanity Fair promises to have all the essentials of a desirable beauty parlor – privacy, neatness and good equipment.  Mrs. GILLOCK invites her customers to call.


De Leon Schools Opened With 591 Students Monday

            De Leon schools opened in all departments last Monday, September 5th.  The total enrollment is 591 which is the largest enrollment of any school in Comanche count.  There were 198 enrolled in the high school.  North Ward enrolled a total of 202, and the South Ward has a total of 191.

            The Freshman class rolls up to a total enrollment of approximately 70 members.  The senior class this year numbers 42.  The enrollment in the special departments was heavy, these including Vocational Agriculture, Home Economics, and the Commercial School.

            Prof. DAVIS, late of Ballinger, is the new High School Principal and head of the Commercial Department.  Mr. DAVIS spent four years in Ballinger in a similar position and comes to the De Leon system highly recommended, succeeding C.C. GULLEY, resigned.

            Opening exercises were held Monday morning with a number of school patrons present.  Mrs. A.P. SCHMIDT, Miss Launa FRETWELL and Miss Gussie INSALL, teachers of piano and violin, made announcements regarding their classes.  Miss INSALL rendered a beautiful violin solo and Mrs. C.V. SINGLETON gave a vocal number, Mrs. SCHMIDT at the piano.  Supt. BOULTER made a very appropriate talk to the student body and visitors.

            The first two days of the week were taken up with registration and getting the various classes properly scheduled.  Organization throughout the system is going on, classes and departments choosing their leaders for the new school year.  The first football game of the year will be played early in October.



            We wish to thank the many friends of De Leon and vicinity for their continued friendship and kindness to us ever since our husband and father was appointed as pastor of the De Leon Methodist church.  The people of our own church have always been appreciative and helpful.  The people of other churches and of no church have done what they could to make our stay pleasant and profitable.  During these recent days of sadness you have endeared yourselves to us more than ever, and we thank you one and all for every kindness shown.  We pray God’s richest blessings upon each one of you, and pray that we may all meet one day in Heaven.


Sam J. RUCKER, Jr.




Simms – Butler

            Friends of both the contracting parties were very much surprised last Sunday when it became known that Miss Bertie SIMMS and Raymond BUTLER were married.  It developed that they had been married since May 11, although probably only one person in De Leon knew about it.

            Sunday morning Mrs. SNEAD found a note on the dresser in Miss Bertie’s room stating that she was accompanying “her husband” to Eastland.  The note continued, giving the facts of the secret May-day wedding.  Free Press has learned that they had been married at Walters, Okla., and only Miss Chrystelle NELSON, close friend of the bride, and Woodlie BUTLER, brother of the groom, knew of the wedding.

            Mrs. BUTLER was a member of the graduating class at De Leon high school and May 11 was in the week preceding commencement at which time she was awarded her diploma.  She was quite popular as a student and also in church and social circles here, having been reared in this city.  Mr. BUTLER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar BUTLER, is also a graduate of De Leon high school, finishing several years ago, and is remembered as a “bearcat” of the “Bearcats.”  But his popularity was not confined to athletics; he was a good student as well.  He has been employed for a number of years in the Southwest Texas oil fields.  They will make their home here for the present.  They have the congratulations and best wishes of many friends.


Prestridge – Strickland

Miss Bonnie STRICKLAND and Rev. Sehoy PRESTRIDGE of Eastland, Texas, were united in marriage at Fort Worth, Texas, Tuesday evening, August 30th

The bride is the charming and accomplished daughter of Rev. and Mrs. W.A. STRICKLAND of Merrimac, Okla.  She is a grand daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. STRICKLAND of De Leon, Texas.

Mrs. PRESTRIDGE has formerly been a teacher of music and expression at Merrimac, where she has made a large circle of friends. 

The groom, a rising young minister of Eastland, Texas, is highly respected in his home community.

The happy young couple are making their home at Seminary Hill, Texas.  They expect to attend the Seminary in order to better prepare themselves for their life’s work.   –Contributed.


Echols – Blackwell

            The marriage of Miss Lela ECHOLS to Mr. Elzie F. BLACKWELL occurred at the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS on Friday, September 7, 1932.  They were accompanied to the home of the minister by Mr. BLACKWELL, a cousin of both parties to the contract, who witnessed the ceremony.

            Miss ECHOLS is the young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harve ECHOLS and was reared at Oliver Springs, where she has many friends.  Mr. BLACKWELL is late of Tennessee but the young couple will make their home in Texas, it is said.  Best wishes go with them as they start life together.


Miss Ru De Hill and J.M. Toland Married

            Announcement of the marriage of Miss Ru De HILL and Mr. J. Murray TOLAND was made last week, the ceremony having been performed Thursday, July 7, at Marietta, Okla., with Rev. J.W. STEWART, pastor of the Methodist church in that city, reading the service.

            Mrs. TOLAND was reared in this county and has lived here practically all of her life, except for the few years the family lived at Megargle.  She returned to Stephenville about five years ago to attend John Tarleton College and since then has been making her home here with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. McMAHAN, 895 West Tarleton avenue.  She is a daughter of Mrs. C.B.S. MICHELL of Friona, formerly Mrs. Elbert HILL of Megargle.  Her father died at the family home in Megargle several years ago.  She is a graduate of Megargle High School and after attending Tarleton College here for one year, she was employed on the sales force at the B. & M. Variety store here and also as an assistant in the offices of the Stephenville Bakery.

            Mr. TOLAND is a son of Mr. and Mrs. T.W. TOLAND of De Leon.  He was reared in that city and is a graduate of the high school there.  He afterwards attended Texas A. & M. College, and later came to Stephenville as manager of Bibby’s Ben Franklin Store, a position he has held for the past two years.

            Mr. and Mrs. TOLAND are making their home for the present at the McMAHAN residence on West Tarleton.     –Stephenville Tribune


Mrs. J.M. Toland, Recent Bride, Honored with Shower

            Mrs. Ed FERGUSON and Mrs. Elmer FERGUSON entertained Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ed FERGUSON, 595 West Green street, with a miscellaneous shower honoring Mrs. J.M. TOLAND, the former Miss Ru De HILL, whose marriage to Mr. TOLAND, prominent business man of this city, was recently announced.

            The home was attractively decorated with baskets and vases of summer flowers and a program of music was given by Miss Mary Mae PRICE, Mrs. Joe I. PATTERSON, Miss Eleanor MARTIN and Mrs. Hal SULLENBERGER of Dublin.

            Before the bride’s arrival the guests were entertained with a group of piano numbers played by Miss PRICE who also played the Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin as Mrs. TOLAND entered the living room.  Mrs. PATTERSON sang Laddie and The False Prophet; Mrs. SULLENBERGER sang Maid of the West and Love Came Calling, and Miss MARTIN, violinist, played At Dawning and Memories.

            In a drawing contest which followed the musical program, Mrs. TOLAND was declared the winner and was presented with a large basket of gifts which was brought in by little Miss Lila Beth DALE of Wink and Lester FERGUSON, Jr., grandchildren of Mrs. Ed FERGUSON.

            Refreshments of ices and individual cakes were served to Mrs. TOLAND, Mrs. Hal SULLENBERGER, Mrs. Alvin YOUNG, Mrs. Joe I. PATTERSON, Mrs. Ed EMMETT, Mrs. Lester FERGUSON, Mrs. George FIDLER, Mrs. Harry FAY, Mrs. Herman BELCHER, Mrs. A.L. GRAVES, Mrs. Ben B. McCOLLUM, Mrs. C.D. OWNBY, Mrs. Monroe WELLS, Mrs. B. O. HAINES.

            Mrs. J.A. McMAHAN, Mrs. C.R. DALE, Miss Doris FERGUSON, Mrs. V.H. WALLACE, Mrs. W.J. OXFORD, Mrs. Hays ANDERSON, Mrs. Sid BARHAM,  Mrs. Jake LEE, Miss Margaret COLE, Miss Eleanor MARTIN, Miss Maurine FIDLER, Miss Elsie McMAHAN, Miss Modell TATE, Miss Mary Mae PRICE. –Stephenville Tribune



            Miss Launa FRETWELL entertained her Sunday School class at her home Wednesday night, August 31st.  After playing several games of “42”, old favorite games were enjoyed.  Refreshments of punch and Angel food cake were served to the following members and their guests:  Misses Ada WISDOM, Lois UPSHAW, Claunice GLAZIER, Sam PEAK, Charles CHRISTOPHER, Willis LIGHTFOOT, Cecil FUNDERBURGH, and Hiram LOCK.


Bridge Club

            Members and guests of the Bridge Club were delightfully entertained Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. S.G. PARKS.  Four games of bridge were enjoyed, with Mrs. W.H. SMITH, winner of high score.  A short business meeting was held and Mrs. Everett HANSFORD was elected new reporter.  The hostess, assisted by her grand daughters, Misses Elaine and Virginia SCOTT, in serving delicious refreshments of ice cream and cake to the following.

            Mesdames Ashby C. ALLEN, Casey; W.H. CLARK, E. Hansford, Dewey DANIEL, E.E. DABNEY, E.L. LOCKE, T.E. MAJOR, W.H. SMITH, Jeff TATE, Dave TERRILL, H.G. TERRILL, J. WEAVER, H. WEAVER, W.P. WEAVER and R.L. SCOTT.


Bridge Party

            Mr. and Mrs. S.A. DUKE and Mr. and Mrs. R.N. HILL were joint entertainers to a party of friends at the Country Club last Monday evening.  Bridge was the form of entertainment except for a special feature, tap dance by Clark DUKE, with M.D. STEWART at the piano.

            Seven tables were arranged for twenty-eight players and the color scheme of purple and white was carried out, the room being decorated with wild flowers.  The hostesses served punch throughout the evening and a refreshment plate of brick ice cream and ice box cookies at the end of playing.

            Those present:  Messrs and Mesdames J.D. TATE, M.D. STEWART, H.G. TERRILL, Joe ASHBY, T.E. MAJOR, W.H. SMITH, Dewey DANIELL, W.P. WEAVER, John WEAVER, E.E. GENTRY, Mesdames S.G. PARKS, E.E. DABNEY, W.H. CLARK, R.L. WHALEY, M.C. SALMON and CUTBIRTH and Miss Bertha ROSS.


Local Happenings

“Joe Wayne” is the name of a tiny baby boy who came into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee HOLDRIDGE on September 9th.  He starts life with nine pounds weight, both he and his mother doing nicely.

Mrs. J. Doss MILLER was made happy this week by the presence in the home of her four daughters, who came to spend the week with her.  Mrs. MILLER is not ill, but she does not visit as much as she once did and is always happy, of course, when the “children” come home.  Mrs. J.B. POOL is here from Hico; Mrs. C.L. PITTMAN has been here some months from Yuma, Ari., Mrs. J.E. WILLIAMSON and little daughter, Sarah Jo, San Antonio, and Mrs. S.O. RIDENHOWER and three daughters, Mary Jane, Virginia Lee and Elizabeth.  All except Mrs. PITTMAN will return to their homes the last of the present week.

Byron SHORT of Austin is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam SHORT.

Miss Elizabeth WILLIAMS was here from Abilene the last of the week, visiting WEAVER relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur TURNER, who reside on Rt. 1, are moving to Littlefield this week.

Mrs. Fonzo WHITE of Gorman, sister of Mrs. Herbert WEAVER, was visiting in the home of her sister this week.

Miss Eran TAYLOR of Turpess, Ala., is guest of her aunt, Mrs. S.T. TAYLO”R.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. SHORT have gone to Plainview to make their future home.

Misses Gladys and Bonnie HUMPHREY of Gustine were week end guests of their sister, Mrs. Dale HOWARD.

Miss El Dora COONER left Thursday for Cisco, where she will attend Randolph College.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur GRIMES and children have gone to Rochester to spend the fall.

J.C. VAUGHN is in a Fort Worth hospital where he is recovering from a serious operation which was performed last week.  His brother-in-law, S.Z. CARNES accompanied him to Fort Worth.

Grandpa H.J. BUTLER left the last of the week for Paint Rock where he will visit the coming month in the home of his daughter.

Mrs. Dorr McFARLAN, of Austin, was here the past week a guest in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.W. SHORT.

Jack WOODS, who has been visiting the past month in Mississippi, returned home this week and has entered school.

Mrs. Katie WEBSTER and children have returned to their home at El Paso after visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBLE.

Taylor DABNEY has returned to Stillwater, Okla., where he will again enter college, this being his second school year at Stillwater.

Billie and Thomas, Misses Elizabeth and Alice WILLIAMS of Abilene were week end guests of their grandmother, Mrs. T.P. WEAVER.

Mrs. M.O. PITTMAN of Anson is visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY and her husband, M.O. PITTMAN was week end visitor here.

Mrs. Floyd YOUNG and son, Floyd, Jr., and Mrs. Leroy WREN of San Angelo, were guests the past week of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.

Gene HAWKINS, cousin of W. EGBERT, accompanied by Clarence ADAMS, was here from Rusk for a visit in the EGBERT home early in the week.

Mr. and Mrs. P.A. HALL of Waco, elderly parents of Mrs. Chas. ROSS, are visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. ROSS at Comyn.

Miss Olive WHITE, teacher of history in De Leon High School, returned home this week from Boulder, Colo., where she studied the summer months at Boulter University.



Mr. and Mrs. Arthur BRAZELL of Desdemona visited with G.V. BRAZELL and family Sunday.

Hermon, Clarence and Thurman McKINNEY oF Frankell visited with S.O. McKINNEY this week.

Miss Edith McGUIRE has entered school at this place.

O.S. ROBBINS is preparing to move the building purchased two years ago for a sweet potato drying plant.  When there was interest in kiln-drying potatoes, the dry weather cut the crop so short that the plant could not be run at a profit and this year, while the crop is good, the price is such that no profit could be realized so that those who purchased shares in the plant have agreed to not try to operate it as a drying plant.

A number of the young ladies of the community met at the home of Miss Novis LINDLEY Monday evening in an informal party.  Miss LINDLEY will leave next week for Stephenville where she will enter Tarleton College.  Miss LINDLEY has taken a prominent part in the religious and social activities of the community and is a leader among the young people.

A new windmill was purchased for the school and set up this week to take the place of the old one.  The old mill has done service for a number of years and was injured by a storm last year in such a way that the trustees thought to install a new mill outright.

Jim JOHNSON has been confined to his bed with a spider bite but has improved some at this time.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

Emil THIEBAUD visited his uncle, R.L. CLIFTON at Hobbs, New Mexico recently.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. BLANKENSHIP and Jack THIEBAUD left last Saturday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. BLANKENSHIP’s daughter, Mrs. J.D. CROW of Ropeville and Mrs. Ernest CLIFTON of Lamesa.  They expect to be gone eight or ten days.

Rev. A.A. DAVIS of Carbon preached at Round Grove Sunday.  A large crowd was present to hear him.

Ernest and Walter RIPPETOE came home Friday from Olden where they are teaching a singing school.  They went back Monday for another weeks teaching.

Garland THIEBAUD has been suffering the last week with an abscess toenail.


Oliver Springs

The baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. Buford COGBURN died last Monday and was laid to rest in Oliver Springs cemetery Tuesday.  The people of this community sympathize with the family in the loss of their little one.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill KENNEY of Stamford visited in this community last week and attended the COGBURN baby funeral.

Miss Lela ECHOLS and Mr. Elzie BLACKWELL were married last Friday afternoon at the home of Rev. A.F. NABORS near De Leon.  Miss ECHOLS was reared in this community and has many friends.  She is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.S. ECHOLS.  Mr. BLACKWELL came from Tennessee and has been visiting here some two months.  The happy couple left Sunday for his home for a visit, after which they will return and make their home at Blanket, where he has purchased a nice home.  They have many friends who wish for them much happiness and success.

Mrs. Grady ARTHUR and little son, Dale, of Abernathy are visiting her uncle, G.W. REED and family, and other relatives and friends.

Gaynol GREGORY, who has been visiting for some time with Mr. and Mrs. Edd GREGORY, has been real sick of diphtheria.

Mr. and Mrs. Pat JOHNSON and Mrs. R.M. BREEDLOVE and children of Comanche visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. ECHOLS Sunday.

Mrs. Jim WEST of Robinson Springs spent several days visiting her mother, Mrs. Arlena SMITH last week.

Mrs. Oscar SCOTT and Miss Maudell DOMINEY of Eastland and Mrs. Marshall DOMINEY and Mrs. Gilbert OVERBY and baby of Leon visited John DOMINEY and family last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. S.F. CANTWELL and daughter, Miss Verdie and Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie CANTWELL and children and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond CANTWELL, all of Lampasas, attended the COGBURN baby funeral here last Tuesday.

Mrs. Thelbert MORRIS visited her sister, Mrs. Calvin SWAN at Gorman last Friday.  Mrs. SWAN underwent an operation at Blackwell Sanitarium and is recovering nicely.



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