The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, September 2, 1932


Popular De Leon Teacher Honored as Model by CIA

            Miss Willie Mae JETTON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.T. JETTON, who attended school the latter part of the summer at College of Industrial Arts, Denton, was selected by the faculty and student body to represent the school at the “All College Style Show” given in Dallas August 26, honoring representatives from various colleges in the states.  A formal Tea Andante was given the girl models.

            Miss JETTON’s beauty as well as her popularity has won for her this honor coveted by the college girls everywhere.  She is a senior Dietetics and Vocational Home Economics major in C.I.A., a member of the Chaparral Society and the Mary Swarty Rose Club, which is an honorary scholastic society.

            Miss JETTON’s De Leon friends congratulate her upon being given this honor.


Home of D. Dillion Destroyed by Fire

            Mr. and Mrs. D. DILLION had the misfortune to lose their home by fire some weeks ago.  The Free Press only this week learned of the fire.  The fire was discovered by Porter BLANKENSHIP, a relative of the DILLIONs, who was visiting there.  His presence of mind enabled them to save a number of articles of furniture, bedding, etc.  The fire caught in the roof at about 9 o’clock in the morning.  Neighbors came and assisted them and helped to repair another house on the DILLION place where they are living.  The place is near old Concord church.


Tiny Baby Boy Died at Oliver Springs Monday

            “Tiny Ray,” infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Buford COGBURN, died at his parents’ home on Monday, August 29th and his little body was laid to rest at Oliver Springs cemetery Tuesday following, with Rev. MADDOX, of Gorman, in charge of the funeral service.

            The little one’s earthly life was brief.  He was born into the home on June 16th this year, but in the brief space of two and a half months he had so firmly implanted his lovely presence in the hearts of parents and brothers and sisters until it was sad indeed to give him up.  The family has the sympathy of the community in their heart-breaking loss.


O.M. Buchan New Fire Chief; Seek New Alarm System

            A meeting of De Leon Volunteer fireman was held at City Hall Friday evening last week with eighteen of the twenty-five members present.  The principal order of business was to consider and accept the resignation of M.W. HOLDRIDGE as Chief and to elect O.M. BUCHAN in his stead.  Mr. HOLDRIDGE is employed in Humphrey Addition and was not situated so he could be present at fires as a general rule.  Mr. BUCHAN accepted the assignment.  The Firemen are discussing the purchase of a fire alarm siren, or “wildcat whistle,” as it is commonly known. They operated a cold drink stand on election day and raised a portion of the road necessary to make the purchase.  Other means of raising money will be utilized in the near future, details of which will be announced.


Fire Alarm

            The alarm was sounded and the firemen went out to the residence of Joe ASHBY at 8:30 Thursday evening to extinguish a blaze in a shed and pile of stored lumber, etc., at the rear of the ASHBY home.  Little damage was done, it is reported.


De Leon Man has 2c Coin Made in the Year 1865

            Felix SOLLEY, son of Dyson SOLLEY, has an odd and unusual coin which was coined in the United States mint in 1865.  It is a 2c piece and he found it on a sand-bar in the bed of the Brazos river in Falls county.  SOLLEY brought the coin to the Free Press office seeking to know its value.

            SOLLEY has been fishing the past eight months on commercial basis near Marlin.  The constant high water caused by many rises made fishing good, he said.  He built up a trade with Marlin business people who came out to his camp to buy fresh fish.


Oliver Springs School Begins September 5th

            Opening exercises at Oliver Springs school will begin at 8:00 o’clock Monday morning, September 5th.  Everyone come prepared to spend the day.

            The faculty consists of D.E. HOWARD, teacher of seventh, ninth, tenth grades and Manual Training; Mrs. HOWARD, teacher of fourth, fifth and sixth grades and Home Economics; Miss Inez BOSWELL, teacher of first, second and third grades.

            Patrons of the community are urged to attend first day of school.


Voted at Ten; Had Appendicitis Operation at 11

            At 10:00 o’clock last Saturday morning Mrs. E.O. INSALL was enroute to Gorman to have an operation.  The ambulance was drawn up for a minute in front of the City Hall and W.G. BARKER, judge of the election at Box 15, De Leon, brought out a ballot.  Mrs. INSALL voted, then was on the way again.  An hour later the big Higginbotham Bros. & Co. ambulance, C.H. SHARP in charge, had transported the patient eleven miles and the operation had been completed at Gorman Sanitarium.  Mrs. INSALL had a very badly ruptured appendix, but is reported doing nicely.


De Leon School to Open in All Depts. Here Next Mon.

            De Leon schools in all departments will open Monday, September 5th, and everything will be in readiness, according to Supt. E.H. BOULTER.  Registration of seniors takes place tomorrow.  Grade school teachers will meet their classes Monday morning at nine in the various buildings.

            Some few details are yet to be worked out, but these are being taken care of, according to Mr. BOULTER, and all children to be enrolled are asked to report to their respective rooms on Monday, September 5th.

            The enrollment this year promises to be the largest in the history of the school except during the oil boom days of 1918.


New Hope School Term to Open on the Coming Monday

            The 1932-33 school term will commence at New Hope next Monday, September 5th, with Principal John LIGHTFOOT commencing his sixteenth year in that position.  Mr. LIGHTFOOT has taught under many trustees, each board re-electing him.  It is an outstanding compliment to his work.  Miss Marion SHORT is assistant at New Hope and next Monday will begin her third year as teacher there.

            New Hope district has seventy-nine scholastics and eight grades are taught.  The school term will extend longer than the average for country schools this year, probably.


Robinson Springs School to Begin September 5

            The school at Robinson Springs will open Monday, Sept. 5th, with a faculty of five and one-half teachers.  Perry MORING, Supt.; Emmett L. HOWARD, Principal; Hezzie DEAN and Miss Opal HOWARD, grade teachers; Miss Mildred MILLER, primary; and Mrs. Perry MORING will teach half time and have charge of the Home Economics Dept.  Mr. MORING will also teach Manuel Training.  Robinson Springs is an eleven grade school.


De Leon Boys Kill Rattler at Graham with 14 Rattles

            Lowery EASLEY and David CROCKETT, who reside near here, were in Young county last week visiting and fishing and while there killed an immense rattlesnake measuring more than five feet in length and having probably eighteen rattles, some of which were broken killing him.  The snake had fourteen and a fraction rattles left attached when killed.  EASLEY brought home the rattles home to prove the point of this latest snake story.


C.C. Gulley has Resigned Principal of High School

            The resignation of C.C. GULLEY as principal of De Leon high school was handed the board late last week.  Mr. GULLEY has been offered the position of head of the Business Administration department of a college in North Carolina, the Free Press was advised.  The position is a great advancement for him and the local Board of Education would not stand in his way of accepting it.

            There are a number of applicants for Mr. GULLEY’s position here as principal and teacher of commercial subjects, and the Board will take action on one of these before the end of the present week.


Gregory – Rose

            Relatives here have learned of the marriage of Miss Estelle GREGORY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest GREGORY, to Mr. Walter Rose, of Sulphur, Okla., which occurred at Flagstaff, Ariz. On Wednesday, August 7th.  Both the contracting parties had been living in Yuma, Ariz. where each had positions.  The ring ceremony was performed by Rev. Rector JOHNSON.

            Following the wedding ceremony the young couple left for a wedding tour through northern Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, visiting the Grand Canyon, Painted Desert and other points of interest.

            Miss GREGORY was a graduate of De Leon high school in the class of 1926, later attending commercial college in Fort Worth.  Mr. ROSE was educated in Oklahoma and Kansas.  They will return to Yuma about Sept. 1 to make their future home.


Lightfoot – Whisenant

            The wedding of Mr. Ewell LIGHTFOOT and Miss Omarie WHISENANT took place Thursday morning at seven o’clock at her home near Dublin.  The ceremony was said by Rev. J.M. BRADFORD, pastor of the First Baptist church of Dublin, the ring ceremony being used.

            The bride is the only daughter of Mr. W.H. WHISENANT of Dublin.  She wore an ensemble suit of blue crepe trimmed in white satin with satin slippers to match.  Miss WHISENANT is a graduate of John Tarleton College and is now a senior in State University.  For the past two years she has been employed by the Texas Power and Light Company of Dublin.

            Mr. LIGHTFOOT is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. C.L. LIGHTFOOT of this place.  After finishing high school here, he attended Texas Christian University, later attending John Tarleton College and State University.  He has been teaching school for the past six years.

            Relatives and friends who attended the ceremony were:  Mr. W.H. WHISENANT and son, J.J., Mr. and Mrs. Martin WHISENANT and two sons, Johnnie and Bob, Mrs. A.E. COX and daughter, Miss Neva, Mrs. I.W. PIPES and two daughters, Louise and Irene, and Miss Cleo HANCOCK, all of Dublin.  Those attending from De Leon were:  Misses Lorene LIGHTFOOT, Madge LIGHTFOOT and Mary Kimble , Messrs. Roy LIGHTFOOT, Dalton PILCHER, Paul HOWELL, Gaston GRISSOM and Dale WILSON.

            After a short wedding trip, the couple will go to their home at Newberg, where they are employed as teachers for the coming year. 


Slumber Party

            Miss Ruth HOWE entertained a group of young people last week with a good “ole” fashioned slumber party.  After working all over town arousing people from a nice sleep, we went to Ruth’s home to find some watermelons to be devoured by a hungry bunch.  A sun rise breakfast was planned, but we decided a few more hours sleep was needed by the following:

Misses Ruth HOWE, Nina Beth TERRILL, El Dora COONER, Evelyn KINCHEN, Lucille KEE, Grace SMITH, Geneva COLEY, Chrystelle NELSON, Bertie SIMS, and Miss Gladys DODSON of Abilene, Texas.


Slumber Party

            Last Tuesday evening a slumber party was given at the home of Miss Nina Beth TERRILL.  Before we all went out to the dairy we borrowed an old stripped down Ford and made every street in our city.  After much excitement, such as being called down for making lots of noise, we went to Nina Beth’s and explored the dairy.  We made ice cream and ate watermelons about midnight.

            The following helped to enjoy all of the happenings:  Misses Nina Beth TERRILL, Ruth HOWE, Grace SMITH, Lucille KEE, El Dora COONER, Chrystelle NELSON, Evelyn KINCHEN, Jeanette EGBERT, Bertie SIMS and Frances HARVEY.


Farewell Party

            A farewell party was given Tuesday afternoon in honor of Miss El Dora COONER, by Mrs. Joe Ben ASHBY and Miss Jeanette EGBERT.  Bridge was played and high score went to Miss Evelyn KINCHEN.  Before refreshments were served little Joe Ben brought in a wagon loaded with handkerchiefs to El Dora as a token of love from her friends.  For one time “Sis” was speechless.  Delicious cake and ice cream was served to the following:

            Misses Jeanette EGBERT, El Dora COONER, Evelyn KINCHEN, Evelyn GOLIGHTLY, Grace SHORT, Frances HARVEY, Bertie SIMS, Ruth HOWE, Chrystelle NELSON, Nina B. TERRILL, Lucille KEE and Mrs. ASHBY.



            Miss Lillian HANSFORD entertained with a bridge party, Monday evening in the home of Mrs. J.E. HANSFORD honoring Miss Florine MIDKIFF of Moran.  High score was won by Miss Launa FRETWELL.

            An iced salad course was served to Misses Florine MIDKIFF, Grace and Marion SHORT, Launa FRETWELL, Evelyn KINCHEN, Blanche HANSFORD; Messrs. Dale WILSON, C.L. KINCHEN, Eddie VALENTA, K.M. VAN ZANDT, Frederick SCHMIDT and Mr. and Mrs. J.E. HANSFORD.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to express our sincerest thanks to our good friends and neighbors who came to our aid during the illness and death of our son, Hollis WALDON.  We wish to thank those who cooked and served the meals, also the Doctors who did everything in their power to save the life of our loved one.  Every act of kindness was fully appreciated. – Mr. and Mrs. J.P. WALDON and children.


Oliver Springs

School begins at this place Monday, September 5th.  Mr. and Mrs. Dale HOWARD and Miss Inez BOSWELL of De Leon will teach the school.

Grandmother REED of Hassee is visiting her son, R.H. REED and family.

Arthur WARREN and sons, Brooks and Otho and Astel SMITH left Sunday for Hillsboro where they will be engaged in cotton picking for a few weeks and will also visit Mr. and Mrs. Perry GRANT while there.

Mr. and Mrs. COGBURN and children of Lubbock visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.J. COGBURN last week.

Buck REED and a number of others were on the San Saba last week fishing.  They report a good time and lots of fish to eat.

Ernest DANIELS and sons, have gone to Ellis County to pick cotton.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry STEWART of Robinson Springs visited her parents, B.M. JOHNSON and family Sunday.

Mrs. Joe BLACKWELL of Sipe Springs visited her sister, Mrs. H.S. ECHOLS last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob ATCHISON visited their daughter, Mrs. Irby MAUNEY of Goldthwaite last week.

Misses Connie and Lorene JOHNSON visited their sister, Mrs. Henry STEWART of Robinson Springs last week.

Travis Bill DOMINEY visited his grandmother , Mrs. DOMINEY of Leon last week.

Mrs. J.W. PARK is visiting her son, Press PARK and family of Olden.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. HOOD and children have been visiting relatives at Brownwood, Trent and Breckenridge last week.

Mrs. R.C. CHRISTIAN and children are visiting her parents at Breckenridge.

Mrs. Katie McKEEVER and daughter, Mary, have returned from an extended visit with her father near Ft. Worth.

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. CROW and children of Ropesville visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. BLANKENSHIP last week.

Ernest RIPPETOE, Mr. and Mrs. Walter RIPPETOE and Willis THIEBAUD, Miss Tempa and Bertha CORBELL, Mr. and Mrs. Homer HAFFORD and son and Baxter RAY attended the Baptist meeting at Carbon last Tuesday night.

Berry REEVES, who passed away Thursday evening at 3:00 o’clock was laid to rest at Round Grove cemetery Friday evening.

Ernest and Walter RIPPETOE began a three weeks singing school at Olden Monday night.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

The people of this community would be glad to see a rain.  The peanuts and late corn are needing rain.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry MORING, who have been attending school at Stephenville, have returned to their home in this community.

Mr. and Mrs. Huey ROGERS and little son, Dyson, from Abilene spent the week end with Mrs. ROGERS’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. DYSON.

Bobby MORING, who has been spending the summer in Huckaby, is now at home.


Jakehamon by O.H. MOORE

Mrs. Lizzie MOORE is visiting this week with O.H. MOORE and family.

Miss Bartene MOORE and the young people of this community gave Miss Lillian ROBBINS a farewell party Saturday night as Miss ROBBINS is about to leave for Austin where she will enter the State University.  A handkerchief shower and other gifts were presented by those who were present.  Punch and cake was served to eighteen guests.  Mr. Raymond STARK of Desdemona furnished some special piano selections as a part of the entertainment.

Arthur WYNN and Shorty WEST have gone to West Texas where they will be employed for several months.

Eldon WYNN is leaving this week for Kilgore where he will be employed during the remainder of this year.

Misses Sarah HUGHES, Ruthel RILEY and Bartene MOORE and W.L. MOORE, Jr., will attend the Desdemona high school this year doing the senior year there.  They completed the 10th grade in this school last year.

Mrs. W.C. McGUIRE and family have moved into this community and have purchased the WYNN farm known as the GILLOCK place, where she will make her home.  Mrs. McGUIRE formerly lived here and her many friends welcome her back among us.

A party given by Mrs. A.A. BRAZELL of Desdemona this week was attended by a number from this community.

Miss Lucille RILEY, who has been attending school during the entire summer session at Tarleton College, returned home Saturday.  Miss RILEY has taught the primary department in this school for several years and has been very successful with the work.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

The revival meeting at St. Joe closed Tuesday night.  Rev. David M. PHILLIPS of De Leon did the preaching.  Rev. PHILLIPS is a very inspiring young preacher.  Good attendance throughout the meeting.

R.L. McKELVEY of Tulsa, Okla. Visited his father, J.F. McKELVEY the past weekend.

Ralph DUKE, who has been attending school at State University at Austin, is spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. DUKE, before returning to Merkel where he will teach again the present school term.

Mrs. John NORWOOD and son visited her sister, Mrs. CLEMONS and family of Cleburne, the past week.

Dr. J.H. RAY of Dallas, visited his brother, W.B. RAY and family the past week, doing surgical work while here.

Miss Cora WALL, who has been studying at Sul Ross State Teachers College at Alpine, has returned home.

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil McKELVEY of Olden and Mrs. Ray F. McKELVEY and baby of Dallas visited J.F. McKELVEY and family the past week end.

Mrs. John DYSON and son, and Lonnie FREEMAN have returned to their home at McCamey after spending their vacation with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. FREEMAN and Mr. and Mrs.  W.R. DYSON and other relatives and friends here.

Miss Della WALL has returned from an extended visit with relatives and friends a Mexia.



Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN, Jr., of Dallas, were visiting in the home of his parents over the past week end.

Miss Modette FARROW of Stephenville was week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. FARROW.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil COONER of Fort Worth were week end guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.P. LOYD.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar HOWARD and family enjoyed an outing at Glen Rose the first of this week.

Forrest SPENCE has been in the city during the week visiting his mother, Mrs. G.W. JONES.

Prof. and Mrs. Archibald WHITE of Austin were here the past week end visiting his parents and getting the election returns Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Rex KEE are here from Longview visiting in the home of his father, Dick KEE, and getting the election returns Saturday.

Mrs. R.D. BELL, Mrs. H.E. HUDSON of this city and Mrs. Dora SPICER of Dublin, have gone to Slaton to visit with their daughter and sister.

Mr. and Mrs. Y.L. DABNEY and son, Taylor, returned the last of the week from Manitou, Colo., where they spent several weeks at their summer camp.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. STEAKLEY, of Denison, have been here several days visiting in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY.

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund GRIZZELLE were here this week visiting in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE.

Miss Nell NABORS is expected home from San Antonio this week where she spent the summer guest of her sister, Mrs. T.J. JOHNSON.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. SHOOK and children are home from a visit at Bremond, accompanying home Mrs. McBRIDE, mother of Mrs. SHOOK, who visited here.

Mr. and Mrs. D.D. McCOWN of Beeville were recent visitors in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. PAINTER who reside near Comyn.

Rev. and Mrs. M.L. BOON and children of Eddy, Texas, were here this week visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. HANCOCK.

Little Miss Bettye Jean NABORS is returning to her home at Tyler after visiting the past month in the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. POLNAC.

Mrs. R.F. McKELVEY and baby of Dallas, were here the past week visiting in the home of J.F. McKELVEY and family.  R.L. McKELVEY, of Tulsa, Okla., was also visiting in his father’s home, his wife visiting relatives meanwhile at Millsap.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry MORING and son, Joseph HERNDON, Misses Velma and Adena KIMMELL, Vera ROBERSON and Opal HOWARD have returned home from Stephenville where they attended John Tarleton College the past six weeks.

J.N. CLEGHORN, a brother of  D.V. CLEGHORN, who lives on route one, died in Las Vegas, New Mexico, with paralysis.  Mr. SHARP, funeral director from here, met the body at Cisco and took him to Greens Creek for burial.  The CLEGHORN family have the sympathy of friends.

Those from out of town who attended the funeral of Miss Zickie Mae BIBBY last Thursday were Mrs. Ira HARVEY and sons, Weyman and Omer of Foldthwaite, mr. and Mrs. Andrew BIBBY and son, Coleman; Mrs. E.E. YATES of Stamford, Mr. and Mrs. Irl BIBBY of Colorado.

Rev. STEPHENS, a son of Jack STEPHENS who once was editor of the Free Press, came to DE Leon Saturday to visit in the home of his aunt, Mrs. J.T. PLEMMONS.  Jack STEPHENS was a minister of the Primitive Baptist faith, his son being a Methodist minister.  The STEPHENS family lived in De Leon about 1911.

W.R. CLARK accompanied his Sunday School class of fourteen-year-old boys to Lake Eanes near Comanche last Wednesday morning returning home Thursday afternoon.  Invited guests were Mrs. W.R. CLARK and their children, Robert Terresa, Herrold and Misses Jerrine and Georgia SIDES, Dalhart and Carroll HOWARD.  The boys reported a delightful time eating, swimming and sleeping. 


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