The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, August 19, 1932


Rev. S.J. Rucker, Pastor De Leon Methodist Church, Died in Denver

            The many friends and acquaintances of Rev. S.J. RUCKER, pastor for almost four years of De Leon Methodist church received a distinct shock Tuesday afternoon when the fact was made known that Rev. RUCKER had died at the home of his son at Englewood, a suburb of Denver, Colo., where he had gone with his family for a two-weeks vacation.

            The brief telegram from Mrs. RUCKER to Dr. A.M. ALLEN, president of the Board of Stewards, saying in substance that her husband died Tuesday morning and would be buried in Denver Wednesday afternoon, is practically all that is known of the death here.  However, other friends received information the past week that Rev. RUCKER had suffered a heart attack while climbing a mountain somewhere near Denver.  He was ill at the home of his son, Sam J. RUCKER, Jr., at the time the letter was written.  Undoubtedly the high altitude and over-exertion must have been the cause of his death.

            Rev. and Mrs. RUCKER and their son, Foster RUCKER, a professor in the Engineering department at Southern Methodist University, left De Leon for a two weeks vacation on Monday, August 1.  Free Press editor received a card from him a few days later which read as follows:  “Reached Denver, 815 miles, at 3:15 Tuesday (Aug. 2).  No trouble at all All well, cool, and delightful.  Expect a great time.  Will get into the mountains later.  Love to all.  S.J. RUCKER.”

            Rev. RUCKER was serving his fourth year as pastor of the De Leon church.  He has filled the place of pastor for the church and in the community in a splendid manner, both he and his good wife endearing themselves to the hearts of the people in a manner to cause genuine sorrow and grief when the news of his death was announced.  His was a deeply spiritual life.  His long years of experience had seasoned and mellowed his heart and mind until his very presence was a kindly benediction unto those with whom he came in contact.  He never spoke unkindly of anyone.  His nature was to be helpful and sympathetic.

            The Free Press has no detailed information of his life prior to his coming to De Leon.  However, this writer believes he was a native of Tennessee, educated at Southwestern University at Georgetown and at Vanderbilt.  He has several brothers living in the vicinity of Waco, probably three of these and also a sister.  He has been in the ministry more than thirty years, ten years of which has been served as a presiding elder.  He has been a very useful man in his denomination, serving on many important commissions and at the time of his death was a member of the Board of Publication of Central Texas Conference.


Faculty Places Assigned Teachers by Supt. Boulter

            Supt. E.H. BOULTER has assigned teachers to their respective teaching positions for the coming year, in preparation for the opening of the fall term of school on September 5th.  Mr. BOULTER and his principals have been in frequent conference recently getting everything in readiness.  Some new phases of school management will be installed throughout the system this year, he stated, details of which will be announced the coming week.

            Commenting on the expected enrollment, Mr. BOULTER stated that 604 was the peak enrollment the past year and with the signing of rural contracts the enrollment for the coming year promises to run considerably beyond that figure.  The student body will find ample quarters, however, in the three commodious buildings, there being  some two or three rooms which will not be used, Free Press understands.

            A number of the teachers have spent all or part of the summer attending various schools, specializing or taking work calculated to better equip them for service in their chosen field.  Mr. BOULTER commented favorably on this fact, stating “I am sure the faculty will exhibit the same fine spirit of co-operation which has characterized them in the past.”

            At a recent meeting of the Board, Mrs. Archie G. LEE was unanimously elected substitute teacher for the system, or rather was re-elected, as she served in this capacity last year.

            Mr. BOULTER has called a general faculty meeting to be held at the high school building at 10:00 a.m. Saturday, September 3.

            The faculty for the coming year will be as follows:

E.H. BOULTER, A.B. , M.A., Superintendent, mathematics.

C.C. GUILEY, A.B., M.A., High School Principal, Commercial Subjects.

W.Z. COMPTON, B.S., Vocational Agriculture.

Miss Artie COLEY, B.S., Home Economics.

Miss Virginia Grace WESSON, A.B., English.

Clifford ALLEN, A.B., Science.

Miss Olive WHITE, A.B., History.

North Ward

Miss Della WALL, A.B., Principal.

L.R. HIGGINBOTHAM, Departmental.

Miss Nita HODGES, Departmental.

Miss Willie Mae JETTON, Grade.

Miss Lucille VAUGHN, Grade.

Miss Bernice KIKER, Primary.

South Ward

Miss Bertha ROSS, A.B., Principal.

Miss Roger Mae SMITH, A.B., Departmental.

Lloyd V. HALBROOKS, Departmental.

Miss Janice KEE, Grade.

Miss Lillian MOHON, Grade.

Miss S.A. SUKES, A.B. Primary.


St. Joe School Transferred Here for School Term

            Because their number of scholastics had grown so small they were unable to maintain a two-teacher school, the trustees of the St. Joe school have contracted with De Leon School Board to teach their student body the coming year.  Truck service will be provided by De Leon School District, the truck to cover a fixed route throughout the St. Joe district daily, bringing the children to grammar school and high school each morning and returning them to their homes in the afternoon.

            There are 37 pupils in the St. Joe district.  Some of these are high school pupils and had already transferred for high school purposes.

            De Leon School Board employed Miss Nita HODGES, of Stephenville, who had been employed at St. Joe, to teach in the grammar school department the coming year, thus completing the faculty of 19 teachers for the coming year.

            Trustees at St. Joe are Jesse MORRIS, C.S. MORRIS and J.F. McKELVEY.

            This arrangement is a contract, not a consolidation, and is for a period of one year only.


Cisco Men are Building Garage and Gas Station

            Greenhaw Bros., late of Cisco, are building a garage and filling station on the lot immediately across Highway 67 north from Planters Gin Co.  The building is 34 x 50 feet, framed and the outer walls will be of sheet metal.  The plan calls for a double drive into their drive-in gasoline station, and there will be plenty of room between the building and the street for all purposes.

            Messrs. C.C. and N.H. GREENHAW, the owners, plan to do a wrecking business in connection with a garage and filling station business.  They have not yet contracted for their gasoline supply, Mr. C.C. GREENHAW stated Thursday.  The new business will open probably in ?0 days.



            Mrs. A.G. SMITH entertained last Friday in honor of her little grand daughter, Patsy Ruth SMITH, of Tyler, Texas.  Little Miss Guern TOMSON and Patsy Ruth SMITH did a little dance and rendered a reading to the delight of the young guests.  Various games were played and refreshments of cake, ice cream, andy and watermelon was served on the lawn to the following guests:  Alma BARTON, Cedel TOMSON, Dorothy BLITCH, Guern TOMSON, Jimmie HAFFORD, Donnie Fay WALL, Mary Jack RICE, Bettie Alice WHITTLE, Marie WEBB, Bettye Gene NABORS, Naomi MOREHEAD and the honoree, Patsy Ruth SMITH.


Local Happenings

Mrs. E.R. McCLELLAN and daughter, Nell Edward accompanied Mesdames Archie LEE and Johnnie NUNNELLEY and Autrey SELF home from Iraan while Nell is recuperating from the snake bite which she experienced some two weeks ago.

Winston GRISHAM, who has been working at Edenburg in recent months, is visiting home folks.

Leland NABORS is at home again after undergoing an operation at Baylor Hospital two weeks ago where Drs. CARROL & DRIVER were the surgeons.  They removed portion of dead bone from his leg.  He was kept in a plaster cast for six days, then sent home to recuperate.  He is about town on crutches and doing nicely.

Otis HARVEY of Eastland was guest Sunday of his sister, Mrs. J.R. WOOD.

Mrs. H.S. COLLINGS and children of Midland are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. BUTLER.

W.D. BOWEN of Fort Worth is visiting his daughter, Mrs. C.G. TATE and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Columbus SHORT have gone to Plainview and other places in West Texas on a pleasure trip.

Mrs. W.W. GREGORY has just returned from an extended visit with her sister at Fort Worth.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE have had this week as guests, Mr. GRIZZELLE’s sister, Mrs. BOHANAN and O.A. BARTON and Miss Mildred TRENT of Waco.

Lamar SLOAN of Cleburne is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. A. SLOAN and other relatives.

Mrs. C.W. SIMS and children of Gorman are guests of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert WEAVER.

Miss Gertie JONES was week end guest of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. JONES at Sipe Springs.

Miss Allene APPLEBY of Iredell was a guest last week in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.A. APPLEBY here.

Mr. and Mrs. Newman POUNDS and little nephew, Jerald Dean POUNDS spent last week end in Glen Rose.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward TERRY of Luling are the proud parents of a baby girl born August 8th.  Weight 6 ½ pounds.  Name, Marlene La Thel.

Mrs. John DYSON and son, Bobbie and Lonnie FREEMAN, of Texon, were visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. FREEMAN recently.

Miss Opal HANLIN has returned home from Colorado where she spent the past five weeks with her grandmother, Mrs. D.H. HANLIN.

Mr. and Mrs. Edmond GRIZZELLE of San Antonio are visiting indefinitely with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE.

Mr. and Mrs. Clause SMITH and children of Tyler were recent guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.A. SMITH.

Mr. and Mrs. Ted LUCAS have returned to their home at Los Angeles after a month’s visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.A. SMITH.

Mrs. C.A. FITZGERALD and C.A. Jr. are spending this week in Denton  guest of her parents, Rev. and Mrs. T.C. WRIGHT.

Cager MOHON, who is employed at McCamey, is at home this week on his annual vacation visiting with his mother and friends.

Mrs. Claude SIDES and daughter, Miss Jerrine of Dalhart, are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.E. CLARK.

Mrs. R.L. HALL and children, Helen and Sam, of Longview are visiting her mother, Mrs. T.P. WEAVER and other relatives.

Mrs. A. SLOAN returned to her home Sunday after a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Nick HIGGINBOTHAM of Rising Star.

Mrs. B.E. BELYEU of Wingate is here for a visit in the homes of Messrs. Luther and Ernest BELYEU and with John YOUNG and family.

Mrs. Hubert WEAVER has returned from Monroe, La., where she attended the bedside of her sister, Mrs. J.T. BAXTER who was very ill with pneumonia.

Ralph NICHOLS has returned from a ten days visit with his aunt, Mrs. Elmore TENNYSON at Clifton.  He was accompanied home by Miss Modette TENNYSON.

Marvin Dale is the name of a fine son who was born to Mr. and Mrs. Dale BOSWELL at the Gorman hospital August fourth.  Mrs. BOSWELL and son are at home and doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. John D. HARVEY have gone to Ballinger for a two weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Malone, before going to Rankin where Mr. HARVEY will teach the coming year.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed NABORS and children of Brownwood, Mr. and Mrs. Grady NABORS and children of Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Owen NABORS, Duane and Miss Una NABORS of Austin were all guests of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. COZBY and daughter, Eloise have returned to their home in Dallas after spending the summer visiting her mother, Mrs. Emma COONER.

Charley ROSS, his mother, Mrs. J.T. ROSS and sister Miss Bertha, have been to points in west Texas, New Mexico and Colorado the past two or three weeks and have now returned home.

A.M. APPLEBY of Los Angeles, brother of A.A. APPLEBY of this city, arrived several days ago and attended the APPLEBY reunion held at Iredell last Sunday.  Mr. APPLEBY had not been in De Leon for 27 years, he stated.

Claude FLOYD, brother of Audie and Dave FLOYD, who has been living in Los Angeles the past seven years, was here the past month visiting with home folks.  He returned to Los Angeles last week where he is employed by a milling company.

Mr. and Mrs. E.W. THRASHER and children of Snyder, Okla. were here the past week visiting with relatives and friends.  Mrs. THRASHER is a daughter of the former Mrs. E.J. WEATHERFORD, a sister of Mrs. Feltz TERRILL.

C.T. COOK and his wife and son, who live at Morgan, were here visiting in the home of his brother, S.T. COOK and family while returning from a visit with other relatives in the South Plains country.

Tate COUNTS, who has been working with C.C. FINE and Charley COUNTS in wholesale melon business in Fort Worth, was home for a few days the first of the week, being accompanied by his sister, Mrs. C.C. FINE and daughter, Jaunita.


Oliver Springs

G.W. REED has gone to Dallas for a few days visit with his son, Mr. and Mrs. George REED.

Mr. and Mrs. Pat JOHNSON have moved to Comanche where he has employment.

Mrs. J.W. PARK is visiting her son, Charley PARK of Robinson Springs and attending the meeting there.

Mrs. Cora ANDERSON of Altus, Okla., visited her sister, Mrs. Oscar REID last week.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Hopson YOUNG of Sweetwater visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. YOUNG this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Zollie KOONCE have returned from a visit at Goree where they visited with friends and relatives over the week end.  Mr. KOONCE reports crops as fine as could be in that section.

The singing school taught by Ernest and Walter RIPPETOE closed last Friday with a brief program and with many visitors present.  The community had purchased 50 of the new Stamps books and the school was conducted in these which gives the class an opportunity to study and learn the new songs.  It is planned to make a special effort to have a big singing day at the next regular singing which is the fourth Sunday.

Miss Lillian ROBBINS had as her guest for dinner Sunday a large number of the young ladies of the community.  Miss ROBBINS is a leader in social and religious activities among the young folks and enjoys the esteem of all who know her.  She graduated from the school here and graduated from the Desdemona school last year and will enter the State university for the coming term and is leaving for Austin next week.  Miss ROBBINS has a sister living in Austin where she will make her home while she attends the university.

A family reunion was held at the W.N. KOONCE home last Sunday when most of his children and grandchildren were present.  Most of Mr. KOONCE’s children live in this community, his four boys having established homes within sight of the KOONCE homestead but some live at distant points and their coming together is a happy occasion for the family.

J.H. ADAMS and family were in Wichita Falls last week where they were called by the serious illness of a brother-in-law who had undergone a major operation which the physicians in charge of the hospital say there is little or no chance for recovery.  Friends of Mr. ADAMS extend their sympathy to him and his family.

W.L. MOORE, Jr., who has been visiting at Albany, has returned home and will enter school at Desdemona this year where he will do his senior year having finished in this school last year.

Mr. and Mrs. John LINDLEY of Eastland and Mr. and Mrs. John PRICE of Gustine are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. F.E. OSBORN this week.  Mrs. PRICE was formerly Miss Alma OSBORN.

Mrs. Owen RILEY and children are visiting this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.N. KOONCE, and other relatives.

Robert McKINNEY of Abilene is spending this week with Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY and family.

School will begin at this place the last Monday in August which is the 29th of this month.  This is one week ahead of the time that schools will begin as a rule but it is thought that children will have less to do now than in the spring.  Also, since our neighboring schools have the same length of term as we have by beginning at different dates schools will close in the same order giving an opportunity for those interested to attend the closing exercises of all.  The trustees of this school have so arranged their budget of expenses with their income that a nine months school is assured.  The teachers are:  O.H. MOORE, principal and Miss Zora BAKER, Miss Erica WHITWORTH and Miss Lucile RILEY, assistants.  Ten grades of regular school work will be done, including home economics, shop work, agriculture, public school music and, if time will permit, it is hoped to add to this public speaking as a course.  Every effort will be made to have a worthwhile and successful school which the excellent co-operation of this community always assures.


Duster by Viva Graham

Mrs. Ray HUDDLESTON and children left for Red Barn Sunday morning.

Miss Agnes Lee HOLMES is in Alabama at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs.  L.A. HOLMES have gone to Cisco, and intend to stay there for about a month.

Mr. and Mrs. Buck McNEELY and children are visiting the former’s mother and sisters grandmother McNEELY, Mrs. L.L. DUKES and Miss Mollie McNEELY.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Tom MORRIS, who is seriously ill at Gorman Sanitarium is not much improved at this writing.

Mrs. J.A. OTWELL and grandson, Wayne OTWELL, have returned from a week’s visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jack OTWELL and family of New Hope.

Miss Maggie McCRUM of Pioneer is visiting her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCRUM and son.  Miss McCRUM formerly lived here and her many friends are always glad to welcome her back.

Mr. and Mrs. W.B. RAY visited Leland NABORS of Harmony Monday.  Leland is recovering from an operation performed at Dallas the past week.


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