The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, August 12, 1932


Former De Leon Child is Bitten by Rattlesnake

            Nell Edward, 9, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl McCLELLAN, of Iraan, Texas, was bitten on the big toe by a rattlesnake in the yard of a neighbor in the Mid-Kansas settlement late last Friday afternoon.  The child’s screams attracted immediate aid and the reptile had to be prized loose from her foot, so firm was its hold.

            The child’s leg was immediately corded and within fifteen minutes she had been rushed to a hospital five miles away where three shots of venom were given her.  Fortunately every wanted medical aid was at hand.  The venom is what is commonly termed “rattlesnake serum,” which is a misnomer.

            Reports from Iraan have been meager since the incident happened, but it is known that the child has been carried home from the hospital and that she is regarded as being out of danger.

            Mrs. Joe NUNNELLY and Mrs. Archie LEE went immediately to Iraan upon hearing of the incident.  They have not returned.  The sickened child is a grand daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J.E. SELF.


Howard-Bibby Reunion is Held at Lake Cisco

            Lake Cisco at Cisco was the scene of a pleasant day Sunday, August 7th when a large crowd assembled to renew acquaintances and live in days past. The children enjoyed swimming in the pretty lake.  At the noon hour the tables in Cisco park under huge oak trees were laden with an abundance of good eats and iced drinks.

            This was the second annual gathering of the descendants of Jack and Sarah HOWARD and Julias and Mary HOWARD BIBBY.  At three o’clock the crowd was seated in the cool shades and order was called by Mrs. Eulala HOWARD BURNETT by singing “Blest Be the Tie that Binds,” after which the following officers were elected:  I [or J] W. HOWARD, De Leon, President; Mrs. Eulala BURNETT, Cisco, Secretary; A.H. BIBBY, De Leon; Mrs. John L. HIGDON, Abilene, and Mrs. Kate RICHARDSON, Cisco program committee, then the introduction of families came next.

            First were the families of WILLIS, deceased and Kate HOWARD GRIST of Rising Star; Mrs. Effie LOYD and daughters, Mamie Glenn LOYD and Mr. and Mrs. Floy MAINARD and children, Ester, Billie Jean and Ruby Darleen MAINARD, Rising Star; next Julias and Mary BIBBY’s deceased, ROMINY children Mr. and Mrs. Allen H. BIBBY and son, Howard, De Leon; and nephew Mr. and Mrs. George BROGDON and son, Dick of Eastland, then the descendants of James MONROE and Mary HOWARD, deceased, Cisco Mrs. Kate RICHARDSON and grandson, Rayford GUSTOFSON, Cisco and daughter and family Mr. and Mrs. John L. HIGDON and children, Mary Catherine and John L., Jr. HIGDON of Abilene; Mr. and Mrs. James BURNETT, Cisco, Mr. and Mrs. Sam YEAGER and daughter, Miss Mary YEAGER of Putman, next were children and grandchildren of John and Jane HOWARD deceased, De Leon: Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HOWARD and son, Emmett Lee HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. M.B. NELSON, Mr. and Mrs. O.L. HOWARD and sons, Carroll and Clarence HOWARD, De Leon, and last were Levie deceased and Dean ANDERSON, Big Spring, Mr. and Mrs. John ANDERSON, Mrs. Eldon ANDERSON and children, Dorothy Jean and Eldon Jr. ANDERSON, Cisco.  A short program was rendered.

            The life of Christ was given by Mrs. J.W. HOWARD and reading, “A House By the Side of the Road,: by Mrs. John L. HIGDON, and a duet, Misses Mamie Glenn LlOYD and Ester MAINARD, reading John L. HIGDON Jr.

            An interesting history of the HOWARDs was given by Uncle Dean ANDERSON, he being the oldest member present, his age is 77 years.  Time for reunion next year, 1st Sunday in August, place Lake Cisco, Texas.

            Adjournment with prayer by John ANDERSON.


Strickland-Fisher-Nelson Families Have Annual Meet

            The STRICKLAND-FISHER-NELSON Reunion was held on the W.C. FISHER farm in a beautiful grove of pecan trees ten miles southwest of De Leon Wednesday, August 3, with an attendance that surpassed the attendance of last year.  Some hundreds of people gathered there, members of the families and their kin and a large group of invited guests, all spending the day together in friendly intermingling, eating and drinking in social enjoyment.

            A program for the day had been arranged which was carried out in both the morning and afternoon.  A simple platform was placed under a stately old pecan tree with a spread of upward of a hundred feet.  Seats were there for the people, and Grandfather STRICKLAND preached to the group at 11:00a.m.  Others talked, sang, gave readings, told jokes, related the history of the three families, introduce the various members, and heard the candidates tell why they should be elected.

            The dinner served each year is an event long to be remembered.  Several pots of stew, fine steaks rolling in cream gravy, pots of steaming hot coffee, tubs of iced tea, all this prepared on the ground, and the baskets laden with good things to eat brought and spread by the thrifty wives of this pioneer stock, made a feast fit for kings and potentates.

            Members of the families attending, and their connection, were as follows:

            STRICKLAND:  Mr. and Mrs. J.M. STRICKLAND, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. W.A. STRICKLAND and daughter, Bonnie, Meramac, Okla.; Mr. and Mrs. G.M. STRICKLAND and family, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. Joe STRICKLAND and family, Fort Worth; Mr. and Mrs. R.R. STRICKLAND and family, Abilene; Mr. and Mrs. C.P. STRICKLAND and family, Alvin; Mr. and Mrs. L.R. WILLIAMS and children, Beattie; Miss Tressie JOHNSON, Hardestry, Okla.

            NELSON:  Mrs. M.E. NELSON, Ballinger; Butler NELSON, Ballinger; Mr. and Mrs. Mack NELSON and family, Ballinger; Mr. and Mrs. W.M. NELSON and family, Abilene; Oliver A. BUSH and wife, Spearman; Lawrence and wife, Abilene; Lewis NELSON and family, Beattie; Chas. NELSON and wife, Duster; Coy NELSON and family, Beattie.

            FISHER:  Mr. and Mrs. A.L. FISHER, Comanche; Oscar FISHER and children, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil HORTON, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. John SMITH, Beattie; Mr. and Mrs. C.C. FISHER and children, Breckenridge; Mr. and Mrs. W.C. FISHER and children, De Leon.

            Friends:  Rev. C. Hoy PRESTRIDGE, Eastland; Rev. THOMPSON and wife, Howard Payne College, Brownwood; Uncle Bill JOHNSON of Goldthwaite; Mr. and Mrs. Joe JONES and children, Coleman; Mr. and Mrs. G.W. JONES, Millersview; J.B. RUSSELL, Breckenridge; Bob BINGHAM, Haskell.



            Frances HARVEY entertained with a picnic at Lake Eanes, August 1st.  Refreshments of pimento sandwiches, deviled eggs, potato chips, tomatoes, iced tea, cake and watermelon were served to these guests:  Launa FRETWELL, Blanche HANSFORD, Allene WEAVER, Willie Mae JETTON, Frances HARVEY, Evelyn KINCHEN, Christine AYERS, Paul PEARSON, C.L. KINCHEN, Clarence LIGHTFOOT and Andrew MEHAFFEY and Junious LEAZER of Gorman.


Former De Leon Men are Seeing Olympic Games

            W.E. HOWELL, Sr. told Free Press that his two sons, Earl and Harry, have recently been on a tour of the Pacific Northwest and were going toward California where they expected to visit the Olympic Games at Los Angeles this month.  Earl HOWELL lives at Dallas and Harry is engaged in the mercantile business at Cleburne.


Brother and Sister Meet After 48 Years.

            Wm. SCOTT, brother of Mrs. Pleasant HOOPER of Route 3 De Leon recently came to visit with his sister whom he had not seen for nearly half a century.  Mrs. HOOPER and Mr. SCOTT were bereft of their parents in their early childhood in an eastern state.  They were taken by different families to be cared for and were thus separated.  It is said that Mr. SCOTT, as a small boy, felt he had fallen into bad hands and in his early teens ran away from his foster parents and was lost to his brothers and sisters from then until last week.

            He had gone into the Pacific states making his home in Oregon for many years holding responsible and remunerative positions until his age was against him.  He had always desired to see and know something of his kinspeople and set in search of them.  In Arkansas he learned from old settlers that his sister had married a Mr. HOOPER whose last known whereabouts were at De Leon.  Here he found his sister and, strange to say, though the space of 48 years had separated them, she recognized her brother.  The common memories of their childhood days were recalled and they were happy to meet again.  Mr. SCOTT will remain with his sister for some time.



Miss Avis HUBBARD of Best visited her cousin, Gertie DEAN last week.

Mr. and Mrs. N.H. GREENHAW and children have moved here from Cisco.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Edgar SHORT have gone to San Antonio on a two weeks vacation.

Cecil IRVIN has gone to Longview where he has a position with the Humble Co.

Guy MORELAND, Rush BROWNLEE and Ernest WATTS were fishing on the Hubbard River near Albany last week.

Mrs. P.F. WHITE of Desdemona was a recent visitor with her sister, Mrs. A.F. BLEDSOE.

Mrs. Laura J. MILLER is home from a week’s visit in the home of her sister, Mrs. KOPLAN at San Antonio.

Murray NICHOLS is home from Lubbock where he attended a coaching school at Texas Tech.

Miss Mary KIMBLE, saleslady at Higginbothams, has gone to Tyler to spend a week with Mr. and Mrs. G.E. HOOKER.

Tom MORRIS is at the Hospital in Gorman where he underwent an operation and is doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Edmond GRIZZELLE of San Antonio are guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE.

Mrs. HICKEY of Comanche is visiting in the homes of her daughters, Mesdames Josie and V.V. BELL.

J.J. PELL, Jr. and family, of Rotan, have been here since last Wednesday visiting their son and family, Chester PELL, also his father, J.J. PELL, near Onion Valley.

Miss Opal HOWARD of Stephenville was week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.L. HOWARD.

Mrs. B.F. McBRIDE of Bremond is visiting her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley SHOOK.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis VAN ZANDT of Post are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. K.M. VAN ZANDT.

Mr. and Mrs. Emilo VAN ZANDT of Menard are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. K.M. VAN ZANDT.

Mrs. A.L. MOORE is spending the week with her daughter, Mrs. Ronald SHANDS, at Cisco.

Mrs. J.H. IRVIN [possibly IRWIN] has gone to Belen, New Mexico for a visit with her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Abe STOVER.

Mrs. Herman JACOB and Scott REID have returned to Marshall after a visit with their mother, Mr. and Mrs. A.F. BLEDSOE.

Mr. and Mrs. Bub TIMS of Lubbock were here the past week visiting his grandmother, Mrs. S.F. BALLARD.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave FLOYD and children have gone to Hawley where he will work two weeks as relief operator for the Humble Oil Company.

Mrs. J.B. JEFFERY was in Beehouse last week visiting her sister, Mrs. MOSELY who accompanied her home for a ten days visit.

Miss Oleta NABORS left for Fort Worth last Friday where she will make her home with her mother and brother, Bonnie NABORS.

Mr. and Mrs. Sannie HANCOCK of Houston are here this week guests in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. HANCOCK.

Forrest SPENCE, who has been building a light and water plant at Lipan, was here Thursday visiting his mother.

Miss Marie DYER has gone to Corpus Christi accompanying home her brother, Orville DYER and family who have been visiting her.

Miss Artie COLEY has gone on a two weeks visit to San Antonio to visit in the home of her brothers, R.D. and Gideon COLEY and families.

Miss Willie Mae JETTON has gone to Denton where she will study the last three weeks of the summer term at C.I.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Fort KEITH, who operated Liberty Theatre here, have moved to Granbury where both formerly lived.

Miss Pearl TATE of Wharton, and Miss Modell TATE of Stephenville are enjoying their vacation here as guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.G. TATE.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack SPARKS and Jack Jr., and her sister, Miss Verna ROCH of Fort Worth are at Galveston spending the summer and before returning home they will spend several days in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

D.M. HANSARD of San Antonio, Mrs. Rena SMITH of Gorman, Mrs. Nolah HUBBARD of Ranger visited their sister, Mrs. W.H. DEAN last week.

Little Misses Virginia and Elaine SCOTT, daughters of the editor of this paper, spent several days recently visiting in the home of relatives at Meridian.

The Free Press has not before mentioned the return of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. GULLEY, who studied the early portion of the summer at State University.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon DOSS and son, George, have returned to their home at Matador after spending a month in the home of her father, George MOHON.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed GILMORE and children and Mr. and Mrs. JACKSON, all of Post, have been here the past week visiting GILMORE, BROUGHTON and GRAY relatives.

W.H. JETTON, who has been employed for some months in the Chevrolet station of Hooker & Horn, at Tyler, is expected home this week end for a visit with his parents and other relatives and friends.

Carl PITTMAN, the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Milas PITTMAN who formerly lived here, was seriously injured when a car he was driving collided with a truck some two weeks ago.  He received three broken ribs and a fractured skull and is in a sanitarium at San Angelo, where the PITTMAN family now reside, having moved there some four years ago.

N.W. JACOBS of Huckaby is visiting his daughter, Mrs. J.B. STEWARD.

Mrs. E.S. MERRICK and her daughters, Mrs. John HARRISON and daughter and Miss Minnie MERRICK, are home from a visit at Walters, Willow and Medicine Park, Okla.  Miss Minnie will return to Fort Worth to teach again this winter.

Mrs. Mary DODSON has moved back here from Cross Plains, where she resided the past year in the home of her son, Mr. and Mrs. Aubry DODSON, who have moved to Austin where their son will enter State University in September.

Mr. and Mrs. John TATE have the pleasure this week of their children being here.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank TATE of Big Spring, Miss Mittie TATE of Houston and Miss Alma Nell TATE of Roby.


Duster by Viva Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Jack ROBERTS left Friday for Weatherford, where they will attend a camp meeting.

Aubrey PHILLIPS is back in this community after a short visit in Colorado, Texas.

Earnie CARTER and son, of Thaxton, Mississippi, visited with his brother, E.A. CARTER of this community recently.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Miss Lucile VAUGHN, who has been studying at North Texas State Teachers College at Denton, has returned home.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude PAIR and children of Rucker visited their mother, Mrs. W.C. LOCK and family Sunday.

T.J. MACON of Robinson Springs visited his daughter, Mrs. Mary RAY and family Monday.

Tom MORRIS, who has been seriously ill, is slowly improving.  Friends here are hoping he is soon well again.

Mrs. G.B. JOHNSON has returned home after spending the past month with her daughter, Mrs. Ector DRY and family at Iraan.

Mrs. J.A. OTWELL and grandson, Wayne OTWELL are spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. Jack OTWELL and family of New Hope.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

W.R. GUTHERY and family have moved to the place formerly occupied by C.M. MIEARS where they will make their home temporarily since his home was destroyed by fire some weeks ago.

Mrs. O.H. MOORE and children visited in Carlton Sunday and attended a family reunion of the children and descendants of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HILL.  All the children were together for the first time in twenty-one years and thirty-four grand children were present.

Miss Zora BAKER and Miss Erica WHITWORTH, who will teach at this place this year, were in this community visiting with friends and arranging their work for the coming term of school.

Mrs. Roy LINDLEY of Comyn and Mrs. St. CLAIR of De Leon attended church services at this place Sunday and visited with Mrs. Tom LINDLEY.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl RILEY of Borger has been spending a part of their vacation with Mr. and Mrs. G.E. RILEY, meantime Mr. RILEY has been doing some improving on his farm.


Oliver Springs

Alvis ECHOLS is slowly improving after 5 weeks illness of typhoid fever.

 \The meeting closed at this place Sunday.  We had fine preaching by Rev. David M. PHILLIPS of De Leon.  There were three additions to the church:  Misses Inez and Leola SETZLER and Doyle REED were baptized.

 \Mr. and Mrs. Irby MAUNEY of Goldthwaite visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob ATCHINSON last week and attended church at Ramsey.

 \H.B. HILL and daughters of Sunset and Wichita Falls visited Cecil and Barney HILL and families Sunday.

 \Mrs. Oscar REID is attending the bedside of her mother, Mrs. J.H. FULLER at Cisco who is seriously ill.  Mrs. FULLER is an old time resident of this community and her many friends are anxious for her recovery.

 \Mr. and Mrs. Matt SKEINS and children are visiting her parents, S.L. CANTWELL and family of Lampasas.

 \Roy GOATS of Duster spent last week with his brother, Bob GOATS and family.

 \Mr. and Mrs. Oscar SCOTT and Maudell DOMINEY of Eastland and Mrs. Gilbert OVERBY and mother, Mrs. DOMINEY of Leon visited John DOMINEY and family Saturday night and attended church at this place.


Beattie by Weldon Andress

Among the visitors at singing Sunday were: Mose STRICKLAND and family of De Leon; H.L. STEWART of Comanche; Raymond and Cecil ROBERTSON and families of Soda Springs and Jess VAUGHN and family and others from Sipe Springs.

 Red SMITH left Sunday with Loyd ANDRESS for a short visit with relatives in west Texas.

Bill GREEN left Sunday for San Antonio where he is going to work a few weeks.

 Garland ANDRESS left Tuesday for Haskell, Texas, for a short stay with his sister, Mrs. Edmond MEDFORD.

Henry BINGHAM of near Post City came down last week on a short visit with his father, Uncle Sid BINGHAM.

Charles FERGUSON, who has been very sick for the past two weeks, was taken to the hospital at Knox City a few days ago.  His father, Sid FERGUSON and family are at Knox City with him now.  We are hoping that he will recover and return home soon.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar HOOD and family of Rule, Texas, are visiting his brother, Geo. M. HOOD here.

The revival meeting at Highland church closed after two weeks of real preaching by Rev. A.A. DAVIS, of Carbon, Texas, with nine additions to the church.

Mr. and Mrs. Baxter RAY and daughter, Pauline, of St. Joe community attended church at Highland last week.



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