The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, August 5, 1932


Ross Family Had Annual Reunion at Lake Eanes

            Lake Eanes, near Comanche, was the scene of the annual ROSS family reunion on July 28th.  Quite a large gathering assembled there, mostly members of the family but a few invited guests.  The day was spent pleasantly in a most informal manner, a few short talks being made, and there was abundance to eat and drink, swimming for the younger members of the party, and other pleasing diversions.

            This was the Eighth Annual gathering of the descendants of Jake and Reuben ROSS, pioneers who came to Texas in 1862 and to Comanche county in 1865.  These old pioneer citizens have long been gathered to their reward.  Uncle Jim ROSS, Mrs. Jim ROSS, Uncle Charley CARRUTH and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. GREENWALDT, Mrs. Perry ROBERSON, Comanche;  Mrs. Fayatte MULL, Comanche; and T.S. ROSS, Gorman, are now of the elder generation who are descendants of the ROSS families.  Others present were Mr. and Mrs. W.P. WEAVER, De Leon; Mrs. Chas. BARTLETT, Dallas; Miss Bertha ROSS, De Leon; Mrs. R.P. BARBER and daughter, Plainview; Stanley and Willie CARRUTH and families and Miss Mary CARRUTH, De Leon; Mrs. John ROSS, Sidney; Mr. and Mrs. Arch BOYD and Mr. and Mrs. Otis CLAYTON, Sidney; Brooks and Reuben ROSS and families, Gorman; Mrs. Willie ROSS, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. W.R. GREENWALDT and children, De Leon and Mrs. Zora PARKER, Jack CLAYTON and family and E.E. DENNY, Comanche.

            Uncle Charley CARRUTH at 84 years is hale and hearty and seemingly got no more enjoyment out of the day than did Uncle Jim ROSS, 83, who has suffered the loss of his sight.  The reunion grows in interest and enjoyment each year for the members of these good families.


Fire Saturday Night Destroyed Swagerty Home

            Fire of undetermined origin caused the complete destruction of the J.A. SWAGERTY residence in the north part of town, near the North Ward school building, last Saturday night.  The fire department prevented the flames spreading to surrounding property.

            Mr. SWAGERTYís loss will be considerable.  Insurance in the sum of $1900 was carried which is estimated as being much less than the value of the property destroyed.


Bold Daylight Burglary of City Telegraph Office

            While Miss Inez WEBB, local manager of the Western Union Telegraph Co,. was at lunch last Friday, burglars entered the office through a rear window and took a small amount of cash from the cash register, estimated at about $2.50.  Hand prints on the floor showed that there were probably two of the burglars and they crawled on hands and knees from the rear to the front of the building to avoid detection.

            On the same day C.L. KINCHEN, tailor, lost some menís clothing from a line not far from the scene of the burglary.  Three strange youths seen in an alley near the buildings are suspected.


Piper Ė Huddleston

            At a quiet ceremony at the Methodist parsonage in Comanche at 5:30 last Saturday afternoon, Miss Joyce PIPER, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert PIPER, became the bride of Doyle HUDDLESTON of this city.  Rev. EVANS, pastor of the Comanche Methodist church, heard their vows and pronounced them man and wife,  These are De Leon reared young people from two of the best known and popular families and both the young people are deservedly popular in a large circle of friends and admirers.  Mr. HUDDLESTON is a son of Mr. and Mrs. C.L. HUDDLESTON.  They plan to remain here for about a month after which they expect to make their home at Big Spring.  The Free Press extends heartiest best wishes.


Former Schoolmates Pay Loving Respect to Dead Comrade

            When Obe LOUDERMILK, 11, was buried at Downing last Thursday, his former schoolmates came to pay their respects, showing in what high regard the boy was held by his friends in the community.  Pall bearers and flower girls followed his casket to the grave and assisted in tenderly laying his body away at Downing cemetery, heaping up the mound with the seasonís beautiful flowers.

            They were Misses Helen and Jeanette GRISSOM, Allene and Dorothy Ann BEATY, Ruby Lee BISHOP, Teddie LOUDERMILK, Allene LOUDERMILK, Oma LOUDERMILK, Chrystelle MORRISON, Billie Joe HULSEY.  The boys were Elvin LOUDERMILK, Jake MORRISON, Jack PIPER, Garlond BOYD, Gwylond LASSITER, Fred SCOTT, Ennis LOUDERMILK, Roy LEE, Jack LASSITER and Chaney PIPER.


Honored on Birthday

            The following were honored on their birthday last Wednesday with a big dinner and lots of ice cream:  Mr. L.L. DUKES, Dad DUKES, Linwood DUKES, all of Duster, and M.J. DUKES of Blake.  These four have a birthday around the same time, there isnít a dayís difference.  They always made it a custom to be together and have a good time.

            There were 33 present, and they were as follows, relatives:  Mrs. Lee NABORS and two sons, also her mother, Mrs. PITTMAN; Mr. and Mrs. M.J. DUKES and children, Wilda Gene and Don; Mrs. Ray HUDDLESTON and sons, Kenneth and Corky; Mr. and Mrs. R.S. CRADDOCK and son, R.S. Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Jack ROBERTS; Mr. and Mrs. T.D. JOINER and children; Mr. and Mrs. L.L. DUKES and sons, Herman, Dinnman and Linewood; Miss Mollie McNEELY; and grandmother McNEELY.

            Friends were as follows:  Mrs. E.N. GRAHAM; Johnnie SMITH and Miss Viva GRAHAM, all of Duster, and Elmo STARK of Ralls, Texas, and Miss Merle CRODDOCK and little brother.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Most farm work has been finished in this community.  Rain is needed for most field and garden crops.  Melons are late and in some cases almost a failure.

Mr. and Mrs. Ras ROBBINS of St. Louis have been visiting with O.S. ROBBINS and family and Mrs. Nettie CLARK of Comyn.

Much local interest was added to the recent governorís race by reason of the fact that Tom HUNTER of Wichita Falls, who made such a spectacular race, is a first cousin of Mrs. R.W. DUKE of this community.

Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS had with them this week many of their kinspeople from various points in Texas.

Rev. W.M. LINDLEY of Eastland visited his sons at this place Sunday and attended the singing convention.  Rev. LINDLEY formerly lived here and at all times took an active part in community activities.  He made a talk at the singing in which he highly commended the promotion of community singings.

Mr. and Mrs. E.F. JOINER visited with Mr. JOINERís parents at Duster Sunday where it was planned to have all the family together.

A large number from this community attended the ball game at De Leon Saturday where the nine JOINER brothers played the De Leon Team.  Very few families in Texas can show such a record in baseball as the JOINER family.  While some of the JOINER boys are very young yet, they play the game remarkably well.  The JOINER team won the game by several scores.

Lee LASSITER, Rex PURVIS and Agdus TURNER of Mississippi with Mr. GRISSOM of Downing attended the convention here Sunday and sang a number of songs in a most excellent way.  Mr. LASSITER is teaching a singing school at Downing.  Miss Irene LASSITER, daughter of Lee LASSITER, who is a highly trained pianist, played for the singers.

Mrs. O.H. MOORE visited in Carlton Sunday afternoon where she met her sister, Mrs. E.D. BARNEET of McCamey, who accompanied her home for several weeks visit.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

The people of this community are making preparations for our revival meeting which will begin August 14.  Some are attending meetings of surrounding communities.

Mr. Carl BRUMBELOW is spending his summer vacation in California.

Dick DILLIANís residence burned last Saturday morning.  Some of their household goods were saved.  The fire began from a defective flue.

Miss Dorine PARSON of De Leon was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jim PARSON Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl RILEY of Borger are spending their vacation with Mr. and Mrs. E.W. SHORT and other relatives here.


Duster by Viva Graham

August is here with its hot winds and everything is about to burn up. 

Mr. and Mrs. R.S. CRADDOCK and small son, R.S. are visiting the latterís parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.L. DUKES.

Miss Mildred NELSON of Beattie visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles NELSON part of last week.

Mrs. HILL of Stephenville is visiting her brother, Woodrow WILSON.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Misses Leona and Jessie Mae MORRIS entertained the young people with a party Saturday night.

Tom MORRIS is seriously ill at this writing.

Mrs. Cora NABORS of Kerrville, J. F. McKELVEY and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Virgil McKELVEY at Dallas Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Pickins BARKER and daughter of Altus, Okla., visited Mrs. W.C. LOCK and other relatives and friends here the past week.

Miss Della WALL has gone to Mexia to spend the remainder of the summer with her sister, Mr. and Mrs. G.P. DONNELL.  She was accompanied by little Misses Waldene and Helen DONNELL, who have been visiting here for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude PAIR and children of Rucker visited the latterís mother, Mrs. W.C. LOCK and family Sunday.



Mrs. J.I. GRISHAM and daughter, Miss Marjorie, have gone to the Rio Grande Valley for an indefinite visit.

Mrs. David M. PHILLIPS and son, David, Jr., and her mother, Mrs. DODSON are spending this week guests of friends in Abilene, and relatives in Breckenridge.

Claude FLOYD of Los Angeles, California, is visiting his brother, Dave FLOYD and family.

C.F. MORRIS has returned to a hospital in Fort Worth where he will again be under the care of a specialist. 

Miss Della WALL has gone to Mexia, accompanying home her nieces Waldeen and Helen Glover DONNELL, who have been visiting here.  The family plans to spend a vacation period in Galveston soon and Miss WALL will accompany them there.

Mr. and Mrs. O.W. HATFIELD announce the arrival of a baby girl born July 24th at Olney.  Mother and baby are doing nicely.

Nerville BAKER of Artisia, New Mexico, is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S.H. BAKER and Mr. and Mrs. L.G. CARAWAY, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. LEE and son, of Crane, were guests in the home this week of his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Archie G. LEE.

Mrs. S.R. CURRY has returned to her home at Ennis after a two weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. C.C. NICHOLS and mother, Mrs. FORD.

Friends of Rev. B.L. NANCE will be interested to know that his wife underwent a serious operation for tumor at a hospital at their home, Phoenix, Ariz. on July 27 and that she is now recovering nicely.

Carolyn Sue HOLDRIDGE, who starts life with six pounds avoirdupois, and a lusty voice, made her appearance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul HOLDRIDGE Monday August 1st.  All doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. M.B. NELSON accompanied their son M.B., Jr. to the Gorman hospital where he was operated on for the removal of tonsils and adenoids Monday, returning home Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. WHALEY left on the Katy several days ago for Washington, New York and over the line in to Canada.  They plan to fly from Buffalo, N.Y. to St. Louis on the return home.  They will be away for several weeks.

Mrs. G.C. WEBSTER and daughters, Misses Marguerite and Doris, of El Paso, are here for a visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBLE.  Miss Marguerite has been in business college at Tyler in recent months.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Thelbert MORRIS July 18th whose name is Goldie Juanita.



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