The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, July 29, 1932


Mrs. Hyde Ill

            Mrs. Nannie HYDE, mother of Van HYDE, is seriously ill at their home here.  Her malady is paralysis.  Mr. and Mrs. H.N. ALEXANDER and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene SLAUGHTER, of Fort Worth, are at her bedside.


Downing Lad is Killed in Fall There Tuesday

            The eleven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. O.V. LOUDERMILK, who reside near Rush Creek a few hundred yards southwest of Downing, is dead as a result of a fall.  The child was walking across the sleepers in a house that was under construction and upon which the floor had not yet been laid.  He missed his footing on one of the sleepers, striking the lower part of his abdomen on the sharp edge of the timber as he fell.  The accident occurred at about 4:00 o’clock Tuesday afternoon.  He was rushed to Gorman to the hospital and died there at about 1:30 Wednesday morning, some eight or nine hours after the accident.  The body was returned here by Higginbotham undertaking with C.H. SHARP in charge.

            The funeral service was announced to be held at the Downing cemetery Thursday afternoon, July 28 with the pastor of the Church of Christ at Comanche in charge.  The stricken family has the sympathy of the entire community.


Rogers Bros. to Operate Gulf Gas Station N. Side

            The “Texas Street Gulf Station” is the new name of the Gulf gas depot, across the street south from Egbert’s Bakery.  The station, which has been managed by Edgar SHORT, was taken in charge by Earle and Charles ROGERS July 25th.  They have adopted the personal solicitation method for getting business and should be able to make the business go, especially through the tourist season.  They invite the patronage of their friends.


Comyn Fair to be Held September 6th

            Comyn is planning one of the best fairs ever held in their community.  The fair will be held at the Comyn school building on Tuesday, September 6, just preceding the Dublin fair so that exhibits winning first prizes may be put on exhibition in the community booth at Dubin.  The score card will be practically the same as last year.  Nice ribbons will be given for prizes.  Programs and score cards will be printed soon.  The fair officers will meet again next Friday night, August 5th, the school building.  The officers are listed as follows:

            W. Doyle GRAVES – President.

            Autrey CARAWAY – Vice President.

            W.E. PULLEY – Secretary

            Chairman, Field Crops – Murray SCOTT.  Assistants – Jim CHANDLER, J.S. NANCE, Jud MOORE, Murray SIDES, W.C. McCLESKY.

            Chairman Livestock – C.M. CARAWAY.  Assistants – Jud MOORE, Ernest RIPPETOE, Sam COWAN.

            Chairman Poultry – Tom HOOD.  Assistants – Kenneth SPENCER, Sam COWAN.

            Chairman Textiles – Mrs. Pearl PHIPPS.  Assistants – Miss DONALDSON, Mrs. Chas. CAMPBELL, Mrs. J.W. ALATON, Mrs. S.D. STRONG, Mrs. W. SPENCER, Mrs. Annabell COWAN, Mrs. Ida GEORGE, Mrs. Ed THOMAS, Mrs. Autrey HAVIS, Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER, Miss Hattie HARVEY, Mrs. Elouise GRISSOM, Mrs. Ernest PAINTER, Mrs. Blanch MARTIN, Miss Pauline GARNER, Mrs. Oral THORNTON.

            Chairman Canning – Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY.  Assistants – Mrs. R.M. SCOTT, Miss Ollie SLOAN, Miss Mollie GRISHAM, Mrs. W.E. PULLEY, Mrs. Edd HALL. Mrs. Pete PELL, Mrs. Tom HOOD, Mrs. L.G. CARAWAY, Mrs. J.W. EASLEY, Mrs. C.S. ROSS, Mrs. Dollie HUTCHINSON, Mrs. J.P. HANCOCK, Mrs. A.H. GRISSOM, Mrs. Dave GARNER, Mrs. M.L. DOGGETT, Mrs. W.W. HODGE, Mrs. H.J. MOORE.

            Chairman Finance – S.B. CULPEPPER.  Assistants – J. DVIS, Jud MOORE, Dutch CULWELL, J.W. ALSTON, J.P. HANCOCK.

            Chairman Entertainment – Ernest RIPPETOE.


Uncle Mansell Jenkins Takes Honor for the Finest Elberta Peaches

            Uncle Mansell JENKINS of De Leon, Rt. 2, sent to the Free Press by his neighbor, L.T. CAVITT, a sample of his fine Elbertas.  One of the peaches was the largest that has been in De Leon this season, so far as the Free Press editor knows about.  The peach measured 10 ½ inches around and weighed 10 ¾ ounces.  There were three specimens of near the same size and three weighed one pound and 14 ounces.  The golden yellow fruit attracted quite a lot of attraction on the editor’s desk for a couple of days.


Fire Destroyed Mulloy Residence, Family Absent

            The residence of E.E. MULLOY was destroyed by fire at an early hour Wednesday morning, probably between one and two o’clock a.m.  The fire was of undetermined origin, the family having been away from home for some time.  Mr. MULLOY was working in Longview and his children were visiting in Dublin and Abilene.

            Neighbors discovered the flames and turned in the alarm.  The fire department responded, but without being able to control the flames, the fire being well advanced before being discovered.  Mr. MULLOY carried insurance on the house and furnishings of $1,250.00.


Todd – Easley

            The marriage of Miss Merle TODD, daughter of Mr. and J.P. TODD at San Antonio to Mr. D.A. EASLEY, a young business man also of San Antonio, was solemnized Friday evening at 8:30 o’clock, July 22nd at the Trinity Baptist church with Rev. Frank DUTTON officiating with a ring ceremony.

            The chancel of the church was beautifully decorated with tall baskets of cut flowers, tied with pretty bows of pastel tulle.  Mrs. Cle BROWN sang, “I Love You Truly,” accompanied by Miss Doris McMURRAY, who also played the wedding march from Lohengrin.  Miss Violet TODD, sister of the bride entered carrying an arm bouquet of pink carnations; her gown was of pastel satin.  Mr. Theodore CALHOUN was her attendant.  Miss Maude EASLEY, a sister of the groom, next entered wearing a pretty gown of pastel net, carrying pink carnations, her attendant being Adrian RAINS.  Matron of honor was Mrs. Cecil DAWSON, sister of the groom, who wore pink net.  The bride was preceded by little Misses Dorthea NOLAN and Janet KELLY who were flower girls.  They wore green and orchid ruffled dresses.  The bride entered on the arm of her father.  She was gowned in an empress model of white taffeta.  The bodice was studded with rhinestones.  Her veil was silk embroidered lace and was held in place by pearls.

            The bride was met at the altar by the groom and his attendants, Mr. Cecil DAWSON.

            Following the ceremony a reception was given at the home of the bride’s parents.  Mr. and Mrs. EASLEY left immediately on a honeymoon to Corpus Christi.  Her going away costume was a new fall ensemble of green and black with accessories to match.             They will be at home in San Antonio.


Birthday Party

            Jackie ROWE celebrated her fifth birthday at her home on Tuesday, July 26th and on that momentous occasion had eighteen little guests to come and make merry with her.  They played games such as Drop the Handkerchiefs, Farms in the Dell, Ring Around Rosy, Pleased or Displeased, London Bridge, Over the Hill, etc.  The little hostess served ice cream, angel food cake and big juicy all-day suckers.  The occasion will be long remembered by the happy group of children present.



The home of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP was the scene of much merriment last Friday night at which time Miss Margaret SHARP and John T. KEE entertained a number of friends with games and fortune telling.  Ice cream and cake were served to Misses Eugena GENTRY, Imogene BLAIR, Itasca; Bill and Mary Alice ROLLINS, Mary and Wynelle SALTER, Lady Grace WHALEY, Bobbie Jean STRINGFELLOW, Edna JETTON, Katherine and Ruth SALMON of Dallas, Mary Lou WALTRIP, Stamford and Messrs. Wilford BAGWELL, Bert SPEED, Pat NARRY, Vernon MORELAND, Carroll HOWARD, Eldon BOULTER, Cecil FUNDERBURGH, Terrill SHARP, Ralph NICHOLS and the host and hostess, Miss Margaret SHARP and John T. KEE.


Grandma Terry’s Children Honor Her on Birthday

            Mrs. Rebekah Alice TERRY reached the interesting age of eighty-three years Wednesday this week and her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren gathered to do her honor.  The birthday celebration was held at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lee IRVIN, near Humphrey addition, and about half a hundred of her descendants, including in-laws, were present for the occasion.  The day was pleasantly spent at the IRVIN home in the oak grove, tables being arranged out-of-doors upon which a bountiful dinner was served.

            While Grandma TERRY was absent from her home for the day her children had an electrician busy installing a beautiful new radio which was her birthday gift and was there as a complete surprise when she returned home late in the afternoon.

            Mrs. TERRY has lived long in Texas.  It was the good year 1855 when she, a child of six, accompanied her parents from Tennessee to Rusk county, Texas.  She resided there until 1875 when she came to Comanche county, living the first year on the HENSON place by Onion Valley.  The following year she moved with her husband, John TERRY, to the place on Sabano river, five miles south of De Leon where they settled and continued to make their home until a few years ago.  She still owns the old homestead where their children were born and reared.  Fourteen children were born into the home.  Twelve grew to maturity, all having families.  Ten of the children are now living, five daughters and two sons being present for the celebration.

            There are 64 grandchildren and 2 great grand children.

            Those present for the celebration were as follows:

Mr. and Mrs. L.M. DIEHLMAN, Clovis, N.M.; E.B. TERRY; Irene, Doyle and Burel TERRY, Tahoka; Mr. and Mrs. L.F. PATTERSON and sons, Lynn and Floyd Jack, Clyde; Mr. and Mrs. Finis T. BELL and Ronald Lee, Hawley; Mr. and Mrs. L.A. IRVIN and daughter Madge, De Leon;  Dock TERRY, Long Beach, Calif.; Nancy Lou TERRY, De Leon; Eshman BROWN, Ft. Worth; Mrs. Myrtle BLACK and son, Raymond, Ft. Worth; Mrs. R.A. COFFMAN, De Leon; Emogene COFFMAN, De Leon; Addeline LENOIR, Breckenridge; Comella COFFMAN, San Antonio; Jack COFFMAN, San Antonio; Mrs. Florence FLEMING, Adelva Joyce and John FLEMING, Ft. WORTH; Mrs. Della TERRY, Jerrel and Ted TERRY; Mrs. Alice RICE; Jaunita TERRY; Zadie TERRY; Mr. and Mrs. B.N. TERRY; Ely, Curtis, Travis, Elgin, Gladys and Winita TERRY, all of De Leon; Mrs. Maxine HORTON and Sybil HORTOBN, Houston; Mrs. Mary ROBBINS, Tahoka; Mr. and Mrs. N.M. HAWKINS, Corsicana.



Mr. and Mrs. Roy NANCE and children of San Angelo are guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.H. NANCE.

W.A. and Moody KING and W.W. MATTHIS left in a car some days ago to visit the old home in Lafayette county, Miss.  They will be gone a week or ten days.

The little son of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. FINE, now of Fort Worth, was visiting the past week in the home of his grandmother, Mrs. Mollie TATE.

Mrs. C.V. SINGLETON has gone to Snyder to visit in the home of her mother who resides there.

Mrs. Natt LOUDERMILK, and son, Hardy Sewell, of Abilene are visiting her mother, Mrs. G.W. WILHELM.

Martie McCain HAMLIN, banker, was here last week visiting in the home of his uncle, E.E. DABNEY.

Mrs. Autry SELF is guest of her sister, Miss Grace BARTON at Fort Worth.

Mrs. S.F. HAMPTON of Sayre, Oklahoma, is here visiting her daughters, Mesdames W.T. TOLAND, A.H. BIBBY, Stanley MORELAND and other relatives.

Mrs. Carrie WALLAS and Miss Juanita SHORT of Fort Worth were here Friday for their father, LeRoy SHORT’s 74th birthday dinner, returning home Sunday.

Mrs. Fred RUTLEDGE and children, Freddie and Melba Louise, are in Houston for a three weeks visit with her sister, Miss Eloise NANCE and other relatives.

Mrs. A. SPENCER and Vernon DOSS and son, George, were week end visitors in Fort Worth with their sister, Miss Lillian MOHON who met them there from Denton.

Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN, Jr., of Dallas were week end visitors in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN, being here Saturday night to receive the election returns in which the elder PITTMAN was vitally interested.

Dick WEAVER, who is employed in a drug store at Longview, was spending the week end at home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.P. WEAVER, and with friends.

Miss C.G. TATE, who is taking a course in nurse training at Dallas, was here last week guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.G. TATE.

Byron SHORT and his sister, Mrs. Dorr McFARIAN, were spending the past week end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.W. SHORT.  Miss Grace SHORT accompanied them home to Austin Sunday and will visit there for awhile.

Mr. and Mrs. B.J. HAYES and family and Mrs. E.E. LAWSON, all of Fort Worth, were guests in the home of their daughter and sister, Mrs. Abbie JOHNSON near Harmony the past week.

Leland NABORS was carried to Austin Thursday to be examined for an odd and unusual bone malady, so rare are these cases in fact that he may become a ward of the State while being treated.  A difficult bone graft operation is anticipated.  He was accompanied by his father and Prof. E.H. BOULTER.


Duster by Viva Graham

Aubrey PHILLIPS, of this community, has gone to Colorado for a short visit.

Mr. and Mrs. N.S. HAYNES and daughter are now back in this community.

Mrs. Ray HUDDLESTON and children are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.L. DUKES, and also other relatives.

Loyd HALBROOKS and Will HUDDLESTON left for Red Barn Monday.  They took a load of Watermelons to sell.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. McNEELY of Dallas visited grandmother McNEELY Sunday.

W. B. DUKES of Eastland and Mr. CORNWALL and daughter, Pauline, visited Mr. and Mrs. L.L. DUKES Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. R.S. BURLESON of Ballinger and Mr. and Mrs. J.A. PLUMLEE and children of pioneer visited the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will HUDDLESTON Sunday.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Mrs. R.C. KOONCE gave her Sunday School class a picnic last Sunday in which the youngsters report a most enjoyable time.  They had their lunch out as part of the outing and went swimming.  The teachers and young folks have taken a good interest in Sunday School work.

Little Miss Lois Virginia HONEYCUTT gave a party on her fourth birthday to which children of a like age were invited.  Mrs. HONEYCUTT provided the children with games and refreshments and all had a most enjoyable time.

W.A. LINDLEY and Mr. and Mrs. E.F. JOINER visited the merchants and townspeople of both Desdemona and De Leon to ask that those who so desired might contribute toward the replacement of the household effects of Mr. and Mrs. Roy GUTHERY, which was destroyed by fire last week.  The response was more than could have been expected.  The merchants and people of both Desdemona and De Leon responded so freely that to mention all would make a list too long.

O.S. ROBBINS and B.O. KOONCE visited the neighbors of both Jakehamon and Robinson Springs communities that all who so desired might help Mr. GUTHERY in this unfortunate loss.  The response was such that it would be too long to enumerate all that contributed to lighten the burden of the loss that Mr. GUTHERY sustained.  Mr. GUTHERY extends his thanks to every one who so kindly assisted him in this matter.

Much interest was shown in the primary last week.  So far as is known every legal voter of this community went out and voted.  The precinct convention was held and O.S. ROBBINS, E.W. SHORT, J.C. WILLIAMS and O.H. MOORE were elected delegates to the county convention at Comanche.  A number from this community went to De Leon and watched the Free Press Bulletin board of the returns till past midnight.

The trustees of this school, W.N. KOONCE, O.S. ROBBINS and W.A. LINDLEY, and O.H. MOORE, principal of the school, were in Comanche Saturday attending a meeting of the county school board and attending to other business.

Mrs. J.E. GUTHERY, who has been sick for the last several months, is not regaining her strength and is confined to her room most of the time.

Miss Jane RAY, daughter of Dr. Henry RAY of Dallas, who is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Baxter RAY of St. Joe, attended the singing here Sunday.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

Mr. and Mrs. F.W. JERNIGAN and children, and Mrs. S.L. ROBINSON and daughter, Faye, all of Okmulgee, Oklahoma, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. L.C. MACON of this place and Mr. and Mrs. Jack PATTERSON of De Leon.

Carl BRUMBELOW of Ranger was a guest of his mother, Mrs. Louis BRUMBELOW last week.

Mr. and Mrs. B.H. MACON and children of Dallas visited Mr. T.J. MACON and other relatives this weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester BARKER of Huckaby are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. BARKER.

Carl and Oleta MACON gave a musical Saturday night.  Those present reported an enjoyable time.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Mrs. Cora NABORS of Kerrville is visiting her brother, J.F. McKELVEY and family and other relatives and friends here.

Mrs. Charley MORRIS and children, Mrs. Jess MORRIS and family visited their father and grandfather, W.R. DYSON of De Leon Sunday.  Mr. DYSON has recently returned home from Gorman sanitarium where he is recovering from a major operation.

Dr. J.H. RAY and children of Dallas visited W.B. RAY and family Tuesday and Wednesday.  Dr. RAY did surgical work while here.

All the children and grandchildren of T.J. (Grandpa) MACON, who resides near here met on the Leon Friday afternoon for a picnic.  After a swim, dinner was served picnic style.  At a late hour all returned home tired by happy.

Miss Lorene RAY of Methodist Hospital, Dallas, has returned to Dallas after spending her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. RAY.

Mrs. M.L. MORRIS, who has been ill the past week, is now improving.

Those from here who attended the singing at Robinson Springs Sunday night were:  Mrs. Ike POWELL, J.A. GILLOCK, C.G. MORTON, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. DUKE and children, Mrs. Charley MORRIS and family, Miss Leona MORRIS, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. RAY and daughters and Miss Jane RAY of Dallas.



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