The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, July 1, 1932


Singing Omitted in Memory of Dead President of Class

            The singers of the New Hope community thought it proper to omit the regular First Sunday singing, which was to be held at New Hope the First Sunday in July, in memory of the late J.C. LOCKE who was president of the class and active in community singing for many years.  After this one omission the regular singings will be held on each First Sunday afternoon.


Health Officer Taking Steps to Combat Typhoid

            Dr. J.T. PLEMMONS, Health Officer for the City of De Leon, has taken steps to combat the spread of typhoid in this city.  Two cases have developed, a child having died of the disease.  Dr. PLEMMONS has sent specimens of water to the State Bacteriologist, and has received containers for sending specimens of blood, sputum, etc. from indigent patients who need laboratory service.

            Dr. S.W. BOHIS, director of the State Laboratory, stated in his letter that his department could furnish typhoid vaccine for all charity patients free of charge, and the State is anxious to assist in this work.

            As soon as Dr. PLEMMONS has received reports on the water and analysis, the Free Press will present [?] for the benefit of the public. 


Lometa Man is New Pastor of Baptist Church

            Rev. David M. PHILIPS, late of Lometa, Texas, is the new pastor of the De Leon Baptist church.  The church called the pastor at the 11:00 hour last Sunday.  A telephone call brought his acceptance Sunday afternoon.  Monday he packed up his household goods.  Tuesday he arrived with his wife and small son and the family took up their residence in the pretty Pastorium here which is almost new.  Local members of the church have gathered in and assisted them to get located.  By the end of the week they will be very much at home here.

            The new pastor is a student of Burleson College, Greenville, and of Simmons University, Abilene.  He was assistant pastor or Educational director at the South Side Baptist church at Abilene and was pastor of Emanuel Baptist church there for a time.  He pastored the church at Deport for two years and was twenty months at Lometa.  He has been eight years in the ministry.  His work has been uniformly successful wherever he has gone.  His wife holds a degree from Simmons and taught Junior Speech Arts at Simmons.  While there she represented the Phi Kappa Delta in a national contest at Wichita, Kansas, winning 4th honors.

            Rev. PHILLIPS and family have been at Paris and Lone Oak this week where they have relatives.  They will return here today and he will preach at both morning and evening hours next Sunday.

            Not only the Baptist people of De Leon, but others, welcome Rev. PHILLIPS and his family to the city and trust that their ministry here may be fruitful.


W.B. Ash Will Rope in Contest Stamford Cowboys

            W.B. ASH, De Leon farmer and stockman, has signed up to rope in the Old Cowboys roping contest at Stamford July 4-5-6.  Mr. ASH has visited this celebration year after year for a number of years and has entered the contest.  A handsome saddle is the trophy offered as first prize.  Contestants in the old ropers contest must be more than fifty-five years of age.

            Mr. ASH has had some practice recently looking to the big contest.  On June 18th, at a rodeo at Desdemona, he roped and tied a goat in 23 seconds, and on Third Monday at Gorman he roped and tied a calf in 32 seconds.  Such time as that will win the first prize at Stamford, and he’ll make it if there is no accident.  He all but won last year, having made a quick catch, but the calf fell in such a manner as to throw the loop from his head.

            S.B. GLOVER and probably others will accompany Mr. ASH to Stamford Monday morning, the Fourth.


Graham Reunion

            Last Sunday, June the 26, Mr. and Mrs. E.N. GRAHAM and their children met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. GRAHAM to be together and have a good time.  This was the first time they had all been together since this summer five years ago.  So they were all glad to be together once again.  The following were present:  Mr. and Mrs. E.N. GRAHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. GRAHAM and children Viva, Hadley, Dimmitt and Lois Elizabeth of Duster; Mr. and Mrs. J.B. GRAHAM and son Bobby Joe and James Kenneth of Kilgore; Mr. and Mrs. H.P. EVANS and daughter Mayda of Brownwood; Mr. and Mrs. J.N. GRAHAM and son J.B. of Arp; Mrs. John Lloyd MATTHEWS and son Graham of Oklahoma City; Roy GRAHAM of Duster; Mr. and Mrs. B.L. SIMMONS of Duster; Mr. and Mrs. M.J. DUKES and children of Blake; and also grandfather, John SIMMONS.  He is very old and feeble but he seemed to have a good time with all the rest.


Andress – Rogers

            A quiet wedding took place in the Beattie community last Friday when Rev. T.N. CARTER of Comanche united in marriage Weldon ANDRESS and Miss Loraine ROGERS, two popular young people of this place.  Weldon is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. ANDRESS.  Mrs. ANDRESS is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.M. ROGERS who the first of this year moved from this place, to the Cross Roads community.

            These young people are both graduates of the Beattie High School and have many friends in and around this place who wish them all the happiness and bliss that could come their way in a long life time.

            Their plans are not complete for the future, but for the present they will remain in the Beattie community.



            The marriage of Miss Pearl BOYD of Sidney, to Mr. Gibbs BRUCE occurred Saturday, June 18.  Miss BOYD is a daughter of Mrs. D.T. BOYD, and has taught school in the county for a number of years, having a very wide acquaintance.  Mr. BRUCE lives at Loraine and the couple will make their home there.


Mrs. T.E. Major Hostess at Bridge Tuesday Afternoon

            Members and guests of the Bridge Club were delightfully entertained Tuesday afternoon at the pretty home of Mr. and Mrs. T.E. MAJOR, from 3:00 to 5:30 o’clock.  Tables were arranged for twenty players and the house was made lovely with an abundance of spring flowers.  High score went to Mrs. Brown SHAVER.  The hostess served a delicious salad course at the conclusion of the games to the following:



Slumber Party

            On June 27, 1932 Miss Grace SMITH, who recently returned from Abilene, entertained a group of girls with a “Slumberless” party.  After much fun and frolic ice cream was served in the “wee” hours of the nite to the following:  Misses Grace SMITH, Lucille KEE, El Dora COONER, Chrystelle NELSON, Sarah JETTON, Margie GRISHAM, Doris GRISHAM, Alma Nell TATE, Frances HARVEY, Faye RUCKER, Nina Beth TERRILL, and Dorothy Nell BAKER of Zephyr and Mozelle WILLIAMSON of Granbury.


Swimming Party

            Last Wednesday evening a group of young people met at the home of Miss El Dora COONER to go on a swimming party at Bass Lake.  After a long swim a feast of fried chicken, sandwiches, pickles, olives, potato chips and iced tea was enjoyed by the following:

            Misses El Dora COONER, Sarah JETTON, Frances HARVEY, Chrystelle NELSON, Lucille KEE, Margie GRISHAM, Alma Nell TATE and Mozelle WILLIAMSON of Granbury, Messrs. Alexander ALLEN, Clarence LIGHTFOOT, Earl ROGERS, Merton BELL, W.C. HOLDRIDGE, W.S. SNEAD and Andrew MEHAFFEY of Gorman.


Court House News

Marriages Recorded

            Norman S. WHITE of Lometa and Miss Allein WILLIAMS of Brownwood were married June 14, by Rev. A. Edwin WILSON of Brownwood.

            J.D. GOUCH, Jr., and Miss Oleta HUEY, Gustine, were married June 16 by Rev. John D. WEST.

Marriage Licenses

            J.E. PRICE and Miss Alma OSBORN , Gustine, Route 1.

            Leonard CATE, De Leon and Miss Nettie Una TURNER, Sipe Springs.

            Weldon ANDRESS, Comanche Rt. 2 and Miss Loraine ROGERS, Sidney.


            To Mr. and Mrs. D.L. COTNEY, Comanche, June 9, a daughter.

Deeds Recorded

            A.E. BAKER and wife to the F. & M. Bank of De Leon; 33.56 acres of the J.P. Stephenson Survey, consideration $843.25.

            T.A. NORWOOD to J.H. DILLBECK, part of block 113, Barnes Addition of the City of Comanche, consideration $1800.00.

            C.T. THOMPSON to J.M. THOMPSON, 30 acres out of the Swanson Yarberry Survey, consideration $500.00.

            J.F. JANES and Mrs. N.A. JANES to R.D. COX, their individual interest in 80 acres out of the Lampasas County School Survey and 131 acres out of the A.J.F. Janes Patent, $1.00 and other valuable consideration.

            Mrs. Vest IRVIN and Mrs. Martha Frances STARK to R.D. COX, their individual interest in 10 acres out of the Lampasas County School Survey and 131 acres out of the W.L. Yarbrough Survey, consideration $80.00 to each.  –Comanche Chief.


Beattie Fifth Annual Meeting

            The fifth annual meeting of the old folks was held at Beattie Sunday, June the 19th and was marked success as far as enjoyment for the old people was concerned.  They day was spent in Four Note singing in the old sacred harp song books, speech making and occasionally a quartette of our modern singing all of which was enjoyed by the young as well as the old.  In the fore noon Will WEAVER, formerly of this place, spoke on the happenings of this county thirty and more years ago.

            At noon the dinner was spread of which there was some to spare.

            Visitors from out of the county were Rev. J.T. BRYANT of Eastland, pastor of the Presbyterian church of Crowell Foard county, Mr. and Mrs. Will Weaver of Goldthwaite.

            The folks of above sixty years of age from some other points in the county were:  Uncle Tom EDWARDS, Uncle Alex FISHER, Mr. and Mrs. Tom CHANEY and Mr. and Mrs. M.C. McGINTY all of Comanche, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. McCORKLE of Sidney; Mr. and Mrs. A.C. YOUNG of Desdemona;  Mr. and Mrs. A.A. SMITH of Indian Mountain.  The old settlers present of Beattie community were:  Wm. BINGHAM, Mr. and Mrs. G.W. WILLIAMS, J.W. GREEN, Mrs. S.J. VAUGHN, Aunt Mary HALBROOKS and Mr. and Mrs. J.A. LAND.

            This report would not be complete should we fail to mention Miss Ruby Jo POUNDS of Gorman who rendered such valuable assistance at the piano, also S.W. WEBB of Rominey, who sang some bass solos, also Mrs. H.R. MASON of Gorman who gave us a reading that was enjoyed by all.  The meeting closed at 4:30 p.m. by lining up the old of sixty or more years of age and giving them a good general hand shake and inviting them back next year.  D.W. BINGHAM was re-elected president and then after he made a short talk all went home feeling that it  was  a day well spent.


Former De Leon Man Lost Home at Harlingen Recently

            Mr. and Mrs. A.C. KNOWLES, who have lived at Harlingen the past seven or eight years, are here for a visit in the homes of relatives and friends.  Mr. KNOWLES stated that he recently lost his home by fire, the fire originating while the fire was away and no one knew how it started.  A small amount of money was also burned in the house.  M r. KNOWLES will rebuild.  They will return to Harlingen Tuesday of next week.  They will begin picking cotton in the Valley in July.


Morgan Family Reunion to be Held July 4th

            The eleven living members of the MORGAN family, sons and daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. T.W. MORGAN, five miles west of De Leon, will assemble at family reunion at the home of George MORGAN, five miles west of De Leon, on Monday, July 4th, which will be the first time since 1914 all members have been present, at least all are expected for the Monday get- together.  The elder MORGAN died in 1914 and the mother of the family died in 1918.  There are seven sons and four daughters, all married but one son.  There are 36 grand children.

            Some of the members of the party have arranged a surprise program, and so no details of this can be given.  However the brothers and sisters, their children and near relatives will spend the day most happily together.  The families of relatives to be present are Mr. and Mrs. H.B. HOLDRIDGE and children, De Leon; A.H. HOLDRIDGE and family of near Comanche;

W.D. KENNEDY and family, Downing; Fulton SMITH and family, and possibly others.  A great feast has been planned which calls for the barbecuing of a beef as a special feature.  The children of the MORGAN family are:  Mrs. W.A. POTTER, Roosevelt, Okla; Mrs. Ben BASSETT, Eastland; J.A. MORGAN, Colorado; Virgil MORGAN, Colorado;  Jim MORGAN, Harlingen;  Mrs. Archie TAYLOR, Eastland; Mrs. Andrew MADDOX, Gotebo, Okla; Ambros MORGAN, De Leon; and Emmett MORGAN, De Leon.   


Card of Thanks

            We wish to express our thanks to our good friends who came to our aid during the illness and death of our son, Jesse Burl WALDON.  We thank those who brought flowers and the neighbors and friends who brought and served the meals.  Each act of kindness was fully appreciated. 

    -Mr. and Mrs. J.P. WALDON and children.



Mrs. J.B. BUCHANAN of Odessa was guest last week end of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. LAMBERT.

Mrs. E.A. BELL of Fort Worth is here guest in the home of her sister, Mrs. T.I. FITZGERALD.

Mrs. N.T. STARKY of Pampa is guest of her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Mose BLITCH.

Misses Zelder  and Essie  Merle CORBELL of Dublin are spending this week in the home of their aunt, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. SHORT.

Miss Mary Alice and Bill ROLLINS have returned home from Iraan where they were guests in the home of their aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E.R. McCLELLAN.

Mesdames Jeff SMITH accompanied her sisters, Mrs. J. G. ELLIS, Mrs. John T. DAY and Mrs. W.T. PATTERSON to Carlsbad Caverns on a pleasure trip.

Mrs. H.D. UPSHAW and daughter, Miss Frances of Ellsbee are guests of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. S.R. UPSHAW and family.

Rev. H. WILLIAMS of Hawley and daughter, Miss Laura of Abilene and Miss Elgie WILLIAMS of Sweetwater were guests this week of Mrs. D.T. WILLIAMS.

Mrs. J.Q. CHATHAM has gone to Blanket to attend the bedside of her brother, Rev. J.B. HENDERSON is very ill.

Mr. and Mrs. E.R. McCLELLAN and little Miss Nell Edward are visiting Dr. and Mrs. J.E. SELF and Mr. and Mrs. T.J. McCLELLAN.

Misses Evelyn KINCHEN and her friend, Miss GREENWAY of Stephenville, were week end guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN.

Mrs. Cecil PHILLIPS, niece of Mrs. S.T. TAYLOR, has returned to her house in Abilene after spending two weeks in the home of Mrs. TAYLOR.

Mrs. S.G. PARKS has returned from a week’s visit in her son’s home in Fort Worth.

Mrs. Zillah TALLEY, who has been for some weeks at Marlin and West, is at home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. HANCOCK.

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. FITZGERALD and baby spent last week end in Denton  with her parents, Rev. and  T.C. WRIGHT.

Rev. Joseph PATTERSON and family of Stephenville were visiting his mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON, Tuesday

Cecil SPENCER, of Abilene, was visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. SPENCER here the past week end.

A fishing party composed of Dr. J.E. SELF, Earl McCLELLAN, Autrey SELF, Archie LEE, A.C. COZBY and Pete McCLELLAN went to the San Saba early this week.

Mr. and Mrs. G.P. DONNELL returned to their home at Mexia early this week, leaving their children to spend the summer in the home of their grandmother, Mrs. R.L. WALL.

Mr. and Mrs. Enoch WISDOM and little son went to Gorman the past week end to visit her parents and attend a big annual singing celebration at Kokomo.

Mrs. W.B. McCAIN, who has been here from Somerton, Arizona, visiting her sister, Mrs. E.E. DABNEY, has gone to Waco to visit.

Mrs. R.P. BARBER and daughter, Sarah May, of Plainview, are guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. GREENWALDT and with other relatives.

Rev. Cullom BOOTH and wife of Cisco, and Mrs. EDDINS, mother of Mrs. BOOTH, were here Sunday, Rev. BOOTH preaching at the Methodist church.

Rev. Raymond TERRY and family of Beaumont, were here the last of the week visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Burl TERRY.  Raymond is pastor of one of the Beaumont Methodist churches.

Zeb and Charles WHEAT left Tuesday to visit two weeks with  their mother at Spavinaw, Okla.  Charles had not seen his mother in about 25 years.

Mr. and Mrs. E.W. WILLIAMSON left the early part of the week for Dallas where they will make their home with Mrs. WILLIAMSON’s sister, Mrs. U.S. BERRY, whose husband died suddenly two weeks ago.  The home is in Oak Cliff.

J. W. BAGWELL, for many years a resident of this city, having engaged in blacksmithing, was here shaking hands with old friends Wednesday.  Mr. BAGWELL has made his home at Kenefic, Okla., the past 18 years where most of that time he was in the ginning business.  He was accompanied here by his son, W.C. BAGWELL, with whom he was visiting Breckenridge.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Mrs. J.W. HONEYCUTT has returned from Gorman where she visited with her mother who has been seriously ill for the past several weeks.

Mrs. Edna LANGFORD of Conroe is visiting with her mother, Mrs. G.M. WADE and while here is taking special treatment at Gorman.  Mrs. LANGFORD was Miss Edna WADE before her marriage and her many friends are glad to have her visit with them.

Miss Madge McKINNEY is visiting this week at Breckenridge with her sister, Mrs. Opal SHAHAN.

A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. J.T. VARNER of this community Saturday morning at the Gorman sanitarium.  Mother and baby are doing well.

Rev. W.M. LINDLEY of Eastland visited in this community Sunday and attended the singing Sunday afternoon.  He made a brief address to the large audience which was much appreciated.

Miss Pauline RAY of St. Joe, who formerly taught music at this place, attended singing here Sunday and her many friends and former pupils were glad to see her again.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. BUTLER of De Leon was in this community Sunday and attending the singing.  Mr. BUTLER formerly lived here and his old neighbors are always glad to have him with us.  Mr. BUTLER made a brief talk in which he commended this community for its interest in singing and other social activities.

The RIPPETOE brothers of Round Grove and Mr. H. HAFFORD attended the singing Sunday and rendered a number of special songs to the delight of the large audience.

Miss Erica WHITWORTH of Lingleville, who will teach in the school here next year, accompanied by her father, a sister and Miss HICKEY attended the singing here Sunday.

Miss Ruthel CLARK of Comyn is visiting this week with her aunt, Mrs. C.H. WYNN and family.


Duster by Viva Graham

A heavy rain fell in this community Monday.  It will be much benefit to crops, as the soil was drying up fast.

Mr. and Mrs. Bishop CRADDOCK of Red Barn are the proud parents of a ten pound baby boy.  Mrs. CRADDOCK was formerly Miss Amber DUKES of this community.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim GRAY and children of De Leon visited their parents here Sunday.

Mrs. John Lloyd MATTHEWS and son, Graham, of Oklahoma City, Mrs. E.N. GRAHAM of Duster, and Mrs. Frank POOL of Lindale visited Mrs. POOL’s niece Saturday.  She was Miss Opal SIMMONS before marriage.


Beattie by Weldon Andress

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel MORGAN of Harlingen and Mrs. Edmund MEDFORD and little son, Wilda of Haskell are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. ANDRESS, this week.  Mr. and Mrs. MORGAN have come to attend the MORGAN family reunion which will be held July 4th on the Sabano creek.

A large crowd attended singing Saturday night.  We had the following singing visitors with us:  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond ROBERTSON of Soda Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil HORTON of Duster; Rev. REETER of Comanche; Bun FLEMING and Curley WEST of Robinson Spring. 

A large crowd met at the home of R.M. ROGERS last Wednesday night for a party given by Miss Hilma ROGERS for the purpose of giving a shower of presents to the newly married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Weldon ANDRESS, who were recently married.  Mrs. ANDRESS was formerly Miss Loraine ROGERS, Miss Hilma’s sister.

J.W. GREEN received word from Brownfield last week that his brother, T.H. (Tim) GREEN, formerly of this place, was dead.  Mr. GREEN once operated a blacksmith shop at Beattie.  His many friends will be sorry to hear of his death.

(From Last Week)

Mr. and Mrs. Ben LOFTIS visited the latter’s father, Rev. T.N. CARTER near Comanche Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Will WEAVER of Goldthwaite but who formerly lived here were shaking hands with their many old time friends Sunday and his talk made at the gathering Sunday was very much appreciated.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

Another nice shower fell Monday which was helpful to some fields, although some parts are still too moist to plow.

Mrs. J.Q. CHATHAM was again called to the bedside of her brother, Mrs. Jim HENDERSON of Blanket last Thursday.  Mr. HENDERSON was stricken with paralysis.

Dale WATTS of De Leon is a guest of his aunts, Mrs. Ruby DANNIELS and Mrs. Ruth LOCKE this week.

F.G. TARRENCE is on the sick list, suffering with rheumatism.

Marjorie MOONEY and Jaunita MILAN of Rucker were guests of Mrs. Louise BRUMBELOW the past two weeks.

Misses Pauline RAY, Elaine BARKER, Laveda and La Joyce MACON visited Miss Hazel MILLER last Wednesday.  Hazel has been confined to her bed some six or seven years but is always jolly and meets her guests with a smile.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

The good rain that fell Monday night was fine on all crops and gardens.  Farmers now have the best prospects for a good crop that they have had in several years.

Most every one is busy canning corn and peas this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee MORRIS of De Leon visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. MORRIS Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. N. NABORS of Oliver Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Jim WEST and Mrs. Verlie CHANDLER of New Hope and Mr. and Mrs. J.C. PIERCE of De Leon visited Mr. and Mrs. J.R. OTWELL and family Sunday.

Those from this community who attended the singing at Jakehamon Sunday afternoon were:  Mr. and Mrs. H.S. FREEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. George MORRIS and baby, M.T. DUKE, Joyce and Rush LOCKE, W.B. RAY, Misses Gracie LEE and Faye LOCK and Pauline RAY.  All reported a good singing.


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