The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, June 24, 1932


Airdome Golf Opens Friday with Big Band Concert

            Devotees of ourtdoor sports will find a convenient and pleasant place to enjoy a good game at the Airdome Golf Course, which will be formally opened on Friday evening this week.  The new managers, J.L. FUNDERBURGH, Jr. and Harry PEARSON, have been busy the past week re-conditioning the course, cleaning and mowing the well-sodded grounds and sanding the greens, which also have been oiled, making them ideal for playing.  It costs but a very small sum to play on this curse, 5 cents per game.  The course will be open evenings.


Clyde Brownlee on Crutches with Spiked Foot

            Clyde BROWNLEE, member of De Leon baseball team, is going on crutches as a result of a badly cut foot.  BROWNLEE sustained the cut while playing in a ball game at Dublin, one of the opposing players making a flying leap and landing on his foot while wearing spiked shoes.


Aged Veteran Minister Observes 86th Anniversary

            Rev. U. J. MORTON, whose friends by the scores and hundreds know him as “Uncle Jack,” observed the 86th anniversary of his birth last Sunday when relatives and friends gathered at the Methodist church at the morning worship hour and heard Rev. C. N. MORTON, son of Uncle Jack, deliver a special sermon in honor of the occasion.  At the close of the service, at the suggestion of Rev. S.J. RUCKER, the crowd came forward and extended to Uncle Jack their congratulations and best wishes for many happy returns, the choir singing, “Blest be the Tie that Binds,” meanwhile.  Sunday was “Father’s Day,” and it was fitting that the service should have been held on that day.

            Following the service the family went out of town to the home of Mr. and Mrs. George MORGAN, near Harmony church where they had a great family dinner and rejoiced together as they ate and talked of the many happy days spent together.

            The Free Press has often told the story of Uncle Jack’s life and works, he being one of that sturdy school of old pioneer Methodist ministers who preached the gospel because of a love for God and joy in His service, under brush arbors, in log meeting houses, or if no better place afforded, under the shade of friendly trees, perhaps, traveling over uncharted miles on horseback, braving dangers of savage men and wild beasts, yet ever keeping steady toward a goal, that of winning lost men to Christ and establishing a great church in a wilderness.  The present power of our churches is in large measure attributed to the vision and courage of such men as this.

            Present for the annual celebration Sunday were the following:  Rev. C.N. MORTON and family, Strawn; A.L. FRAZIER and family, Dublin; W.R. GREENWALDT and family, De Leon; Leonard WRIGHT and family, Breckenridge; Mrs. MILLER, Breckenridge; E.W. MORTON and family, De Leon; Perry ST. CLAIR and family, De Leon; N.W. POUNDS and wife, De Leon; L.B. MORTON and family, De Leon; Mrs. Oscar WEATHERFORD.


J. C. Locke Died Last Saturday at Gorman Hospital

            The death of J.C. LOCKE, aged fifty years, occurred at the sanitarium at Gorman at 1:50 o’clock p.m. Saturday, June 18, 1932.  The cause of his death was lockjaw, brought about by infection from having stuck a rusty nail in his foot.  He stepped on the nail while working about his home on Tuesday, June 7th.  The wound from this cause healed, but eight days later he became mysteriously ill.  He was living alone and as his illness increased, he got on one of his horses and rode to the home of his brother, T.H. LOCKE, about two miles distance, where he told of his illness.  First aid remedies were administered by Mr. LOCKE and his wife and after he became slightly eased of his pains he was brought into town to consult a doctor.  He continued to grow worse at his brother’s home and on Thursday night he was carried to Gorman.  The attending physician asked if he had been hurt and he at first had replied in the negative.  His brother, while bathing his feet, had discovered the wound caused by the nail, and at Gorman told of the incident.  Physicians immediately pronounced his case lockjaw, caused from infection in his foot.

            Jesse Clifton LOCKE was born in Tallapoosa County, Ala., on February 12, 1882 and grew to young manhood there.  He moved with his parents to De Leon in 1899 and has since lived here.  He was one of twelve brothers and two sisters, children of Mr. and Mrs. John LOCKE.  His father died in 1903 and his mother in 1910.  He is survived by six brothers, Alonzo, Claude and Woodson LOCKE, Alexander City, Ala., and Tom, Olen and Walton LOCKE, of this county.

            Mr. LOCKE was married almost twenty-five years ago to Miss Amelia NEAL, who lived only about two years.  Since then he had resided alone on his farm two miles east of New Hoe, where he owned a nice farm.  He was converted and united with the New Hope Methodist church about thirty years ago and his membership continued there until his death.  He was a man of sincerity in his religious convictions, honest and honorable in all his dealings and respected by his many friends and neighbors.

            The funeral services were held at the Methodist church in this city Sunday afternoon at 3:30 o’clock with his pastor, Rev. R.T. WALLACE, assisted by Rev. S.J. RUCKER, in charge.  RIPPETOE quartette sang songs in keeping with the occasion throughout the service.  He had been a great singer during his life-time, and had sung many times with them at community gatherings.  His remains were carried out to De Leon cemetery and deposited them beside his wife to await the morning of resurrection.


Roy C. Lindley to Teach Coming Year in Comyn School

            Announcement is made that Roy C. LINDLEY, teacher the past year at Desdemona where he taught mathematics and science, has been employed by the school board at Comyn for the coming year.  Prof. LINDLEY has been assigned to the department of science and will be principal of the grammar school.  He is a graduate of Texas Technological College, Lubbock, and taught his first year at Pagosa Springs, Colo.  He has an A.B. degree.

            Mr. LINDLEY will be remembered as a son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Tom COOK of De Leon, Rt. 5, having married Miss Finis COOK some three or four years ago.


Spending Belated Honeymoon in Monterrey, Mexico

            When Bill WHITE took a bride at Houston last winter, both were  busy working and talk of a honeymoon at that time was out of the question.  WHITE is employed by the Associated Press at Houston, and Mrs. WHITE is dietitian in Houston Public Schools.  Now that school is out and vacation time rolled around for him, they spent several days here the past week with his parents, then went to Monterrey, Old Mexico, where they will spend ten days on their belated honeymoon.  They will return to Houston about July 1.


London Bridge Club

            The London Bridge Club held their last meeting in the home of Miss Christine AYERS.  Three tables of contract were arranged for the members and guests.

            After several games were played, delicious ice cream and cake was served to Misses Willie Mae JETTON, Inez WEBB, Allene WEAVER, Marjorie CASEY and Mrs. Jodie ASHBY, E.L. LOCKE, John WEAVER, Herbert WEAVER, Madge CASEY and J.C. POPE.


Birthday Party

            Joe Ben ASHBY celebrated his second birthday with a party.  Ice cream and angel food cake was served to the following:  Norma Jean MURRAY, Billie Sue FUNDERBURGH, Billie Ruth and Jimmie Sue POPE, Billie Jack RICE, John Mack WEAVER, Thomas and Ann WILLIAMS, Marvel HANCOCK, James Everett HANSFORD, Tommie and Richard SPENCER, Bobbie CASEY and Joe Ben ASHBY.


Birthday Party

            Misses Mola and Betty Jean GOODEN entertained a number of their friends with a birthday party June 18 at the home of Mrs. Sallie SMITH.  Cake and ice cream was served.  Those present were:  Louise EOFF, Lora CARROLL, Azalee GOLDEN, Avella RICH, Ethel GUY, Jimmie Rae GOODEN, Johnnie GOODEN, Willie Mae WISDOM, Mary OWENS and Jack ROBBINS.


Birthday Party is Given Minnie Joe Hudson

            A birthday party honoring the birthday of Minnie Joe HUDSON was given at their home in De Leon on Tuesday, June 21, the hour being from 3 to 5 o’clock p.m.  A large number of children and some grown-ups were present and enjoyed the afternoon together.  Ice cream and cake were served to the following:

            Elizabeth MORELAND, Norma E. JONES, George KREEP, Cecil CROWDER, Alfreda and Gladys CULPEPPER, June BUTLER, Ardell UNDERHILL, Grace WYTTE, Mary Louise MALONE, J.D. ROACH, Billie Jean MERRITT, Hazel WARE, Mrs. MARSHBANKS and little daughter, Marie Linn, Mrs. VAUGHN and little son, Sammie Jean, of Sweetwater, Mrs. S.Z. CARNES and little daughter, Mrs. J.A. CULPEPPER.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to express our sincerest thanks to the many good friends and neighbors who came to our aid during the recent illness and death of our brother, J.C. LOCKE.  We especially thank the good doctors and nurses both at De Leon and Gorman, who were very kind and we believe did everything humanly possible for his comfort and wellbeing.  We thank those who brought flowers and the neighbors and friends who brought and served dinner Sunday. Each act of kindness and each word of sympathy was fully appreciated, and we pray that when sorrow comes to you that each may find the same kind and loving friends as we have found.  Thank you one and all.

Mr. and Mrs.  T.H. LOCKE and family, Mr. and Mrs. O.M. LOCKE and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. LOCKE and family.


An Apology

            I wish to apologize to the people of De Leon for giving a lecture on the streets here during a funeral service held last Sunday afternoon.  I did not know of the funeral until I had given the lecture.  –S.W. JOHNSON, Comanche, Texas.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

Oscar HOOD and family of Rule, Texas, are visiting Geo. M. HOOD of Highland.

On the second Sunday of July (10) the Round Grove Baptist church will celebrate her 61 anniversary.  Rev. Geo. A. CURLEE of Dallas, Texas, will deliver the sermon Sunday at the eleven o’clock hour.  Rev. CURLEE has pastored Stephenville and Comanche churches in the past, so he is no new man in this part of the state.  He is a very able and a sincere man.  We send a special invitation to all the old people to attend.  They will be the young folks’ honored guests thru out the day.  There will be singing and also short talks in the evening, about the history of the church in the early days.  There will be dinner spread at the noon hour.  Everyone invited to attend.



Comyn Baptist church will have preaching at the 11 o’clock hour Sunday, by Bro. R.C. DICKEY, one of our local boys and Bro. W. T. HAZZARD will fill the pulpit Sunday night.  Will also have our regular Sunday School at 10 a.m. and will have singing and prayer meeting Sunday night before preaching services, would like to see the house full for both of these services.  Have been having some fine singings and talks and prayers and all are anticipating a great revival beginning on July 21st by Bro. RODEN of Gorman and Bailey FORRESTER of Brownwood will lead in singing services.  Let’s all be praying and planning on a great revival, also come out to the preaching services each Sunday from now until the revival.  We need everyone’s help and are sure you will enjoy the gathering with your friends.

W.P. SLAUGHTER and family and J.W. ALSTON and family are spending their vacations down on the San Saba River.

W.E. PULLEY and family and Mr. W.P. PULLEY of Cisco have returned from their vacation, visiting D.L. PULLEY in St. Louis, Mo., and also visiting in Memphis and Little Rock.

D.S. FLOYD and family and Miss Neva DAVIS have returned from El Dorado, having visited in the home of Mr. Geo. CARAWAY.

Miss Mayme Katherine SPENCER is visiting in Garland, Texas.

Doyle GRAVES has plenty of Red Cross flour on hand for all those that are in need of some and wishes that you would get in touch with him as soon as you can and get yours.  It is for anyone in need and he is more than glad to furnish you with it, so tell all that may want this flour to see Mr. GRAVES.

F.W. CULWELL and wife and daughter, Virginia Faye, are spending their vacation in Waco and Fort Worth.

R.R. JONES has organized an orchestra and is playing over KFPL each Tuesday at 12:15.  If you want to hear some good local talent be sure and tune in.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

O.S. ROBBINS and Jim KOONCE re-built the windmill at the school house this week.  A storm some months ago injured the mill and a general change was thought best.

W.A. LINDLEY, E.F. JOINER and R.P. LEWIS, who had oats in fields just ready to cut, had the misfortune to lose their crops completely by the overflow of the river.  Oats on the river land were unusually fine, some estimating the yield to be 50 bushels per acre.

Mrs. J.W. HONEYCUTT was called to the bedside of her mother at Gorman last week where she spent the week.

G.E. RILEY, Miss Lucile RILEY and O.H. MOORE were in Gorman Monday.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

Mr. and Mrs. Joe WILLIAMS and son of Haskell County are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. WILLIAMS, also other relatives here.

Mrs. Archie and Carl RILEY of Borger who have been visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam PRICE and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer SHORT, returned to their homes Tuesday.

Tom WILSON, who has been suffering with consumption, was carried to Carlsbad Saturday.  Mrs. Abb WILSON and Mrs. O’BRIEN returned Sunday afternoon and reported that Mr. Tom WILSON stood the trip wonderfully well, to be in such an ill condition.

While running last Wednesday evening, Miss Elaine BARKER sprained her left knee, and was unable to walk for several days.  Elaine injured her knee while playing basketball at De Leon last year.

Miss Windola PRICE and brother, Alvin, entertained the young people Saturday evening with a tacky party.  Many games were played and refreshments were served in a “tacky” way.  A prize was given to Miss Charlotte MILLER for being “tackiest” girl and prize for “tackiest” boy was given to Foye DYSON.  Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.


Duster by Viva Graham

Everyone is busy.  Most of the women are canning everything they can.

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. ROBERTS and daughter, Tiny, have returned from Sweetwater where they spent a week in a meeting.

Mrs. John Loyd MATTHEWS and son, Graham, of Oklahoma City, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. N. GRAHAM and other relatives.  Mrs. MATTHEWS was formerly Miss Erma Lee GRAHAM.

Miss Mildred NELSON of Beattie  visited her brother, Charles NELSON, last Monday.

Mrs. H. P. EVANS and daughter, Mayda, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.N. GRAHAM and other relatives over the week end.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Singing was called in at St. Joe Sunday afternoon on account of the funeral of Mr. Cliff LOCKE which was held at De Leon.  Mr. LOCKE has a host of relatives and friends here, and he will be sadly missed as he had often attended singings at this place.

Fred ADCOCK and W.B. RAY were in Dallas on business Wednesday and while there visited Miss Lorene RAY, of Methodist Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. OTWELL and children visited the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. NABORS of Oliver Springs Sunday.

T.J. MACON of Robinson Springs spent Monday with his daughter, Mrs. Mary RAY and family.



Mrs. Leona SPICER is guest of her brother, Jeff NORTHCUTT and family.

Perry and Myrl STOKES have returned from a three weeks visit with relatives at Sipe Springs.

Mrs. C.S. DRY and Lois and Leeman are in Iraan visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ector DRY.

Miss Margaret SHARP is guest of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Jack PRICE at Nacgodoches.

Rev. and Mrs. J.M. STRICKLAND have returned from a months visit with relatives in Abilene.

Miss Martha DAICHES of Ft. Worth is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Nathan DAICHES.

Miss Mozelle WILLIAMSON, of Granbury, is spending the week here, guest of her sister, Mrs. Fort KIETH.

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie MURPHY and family of Dallas were guests of his parents, Rev. and Mrs. G.E. MURPHY.

Mrs. T. I. FORD of Morgan is visiting her daughter, Mrs. C.C. NICHOLS and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd SHARP of Dallas are visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill DRY of San Antonio were recent guests of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. J. Edgar SHORT.

Miss Oma RIDER is visiting her sister, Mrs. C.W. McKINNEY at Frankell this week.

Little Miss Helen Lavern McKINNEY is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E.B. RIDER.

Paul JOHNSON is recovering nicely from an appendicitis operation which was performed at the Gorman sanitarium last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dorr McFARLAND of Austin were recent visitors in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam SHORT.

Mr. and Mrs. George BROWNLEE of Iraan were guests last week of relatives here.  They have gone to Marlin for treatment for two or three weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Vance SINGLETON were guests of her mother, Mrs. GARDNER, at Fluvanna Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. H.G. SHARP and daughter, little Miss Mary Edna, were guests last week end of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. NEWTON at Cisco.

Mr. and Mrs. J. FINKELSTINE and son, Samuel, of Kansas City, were here this week for a visit in the home of his brother, Dave FINKELSTINE and family.  Mr. and Mrs. FINKLESTINE have visited at De Leon before.

Mrs. H.B. FUNKHOUSER of Fort Worth, was spending the past week in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.H. NANCE.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. WOOD and family of Sipe Springs have moved here.  The WOODs family moved from here to Cisco some three years ago.

Mr. and Mrs. H.W. LOCKE and Mr. and Mrs. C.B. POWELL of Cisco, were attending the funeral of J.C. LOCKE here last Sunday.

Mrs. J.C. HOOKS, of Abilene, formerly Miss Buna NABORS of this city, was here Sunday attending the J.C. LOCKE funeral.

Mr. and Mrs. LaValle McCHAREN, of Cisco, were visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. McCHAREN here Sunday and attending the J.C. LOCKE funeral.

Misses Inez BOSWELL, Mildred MILLER, Opal HOWARD and Evelyn KINCHEN at Stephenville were guests of their parents last week end.

Miss Eugena GENTRY entertained her little friends Monday, June the 20th, with a party.  After playing a number of interesting games, iced punch and cookies were served.

Mrs. Lillian CLEVELAND of San Antonio is guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBLE.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. DENMAN, who have been visiting in Marlow and Purcell, Okla., also Oklahoma City, for the past almost two months, are at home again with their daughter, Mrs. H.H. ALEXANDER.  Enroute home they visited Mrs. DENMAN’s sister and attended a family reunion at Venus.  W.M. DENMAN and wife of Marlow are also visiting in the ALEXANDER home.

French ROBERSON of Haskell was here last week visiting his wife and daughter, who are guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. LOWE.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence BERRY of Dallas brought his mother, Mrs. U.S. BERRY, here this week for a visit in the home of her sister, Mrs. E.W. WILLIAMSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin BARNES, of Lubbock, are here for a visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil HENDERSON, Mrs. HENDERSON being their daughter.  They lived in De Leon some twenty years ago.

Van HYDE was called to Fort Worth to the bedside of his mother the last of the week.  He has returned and reports her not greatly improved.

Miss Doris WHITE has gone to Austin to visit in the home of her brother, Archibald WHITE, and will visit her brother Goen, at San Antonio and in Houston before returning.

Autry SELF and Pete McCLELLAN went to Fort Worth this week and accompanied home Curt MORRIS who has been in a hospital there for some three months.  Mr. MORRIS’ condition is somewhat improved.

Mr. and Mrs. O.M. BUCHAN and daughters, Olive Winters and Zelda went to Dallas last Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. BUCHAN’s brother, W.M. TERRY, who resided there.  Friends sympathize with the family in this their hour of sorrow.

Mr. and Mrs. Les BURGESS and son, Billie, of McCamey are visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. JENKINS.  Billie was quite ill at the sanitarium at Gorman last week with whooping cough and complications.  He is improving now at the JENKINS home.

Those from out of town who attended the funeral of Miss Lora SINGLETON last Friday were:  Mrs. HARRIS, Misses Ruby and Edna HARRIS, Comanche; Mrs. Mollie FLORENCE, Mr. and Mrs. Bryce WEAVER of Rule; Mr. and Mrs. Dale HOWARD, Misses Opal HOWARD, Inez BOSWELL and Mildred MILLER of Stephenville, and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis NORTON of Gorman.

Mr. and Mrs. H.L. DONALDSON of De Leon Rt. 4 have as their guests two of his brothers and a sister, all from Pontotoc, Mississippi.  They are Prof. John DONALDSON, former superintendent of De Leon schools, Dr. DONALDSON, also a son of each, and the sister is Mrs. ALEXANDER. 



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