The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, May 27, 1932


Miss Louise Lester to get Degree Next Week at T.C.U.

            Fort Worth, May 27 – Miss Louise LESTER of De Leon is among the approximately 110 seniors who will receive degrees from Texas Christian University at the 59th annual commencement exercises Monday evening, May 30.

            Miss LESTER, whose major study while in the University has been piano, will receive a Bachelor of Music degree.  She is new secretary-treasurer of the T.C.U. Music Club, is a member of the Girls’ Glee Club and the Choral Club.


De Leon Girl is Injured When Car Wrecks at Denton

            Miss Addie Gayle MIXON, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. MIXON of this city, was injured in an automobile wreck a short distance from Denton last Thursday night.  Miss MIXON was riding with three companions, two boys and another young lady, in a sport model small car which had the top removed, the car having a rumble seat.  The party had been thirty miles from Denton, to Grapevine to the celebration held there in observance of the opening of a section of Highway No. 10.  Returning, they came up over a hill-top and overtook another car unexpectedly, which was running without lights.  In an effort to pass the car ahead the machine in which they were riding skidded and turned over, rolling down the highway.  It did not leave the concrete, it was stated.  All the occupants were thrown from the car.

            Miss MIXON sustained two broken ribs on her right side and a cut to the bone on her right lower limb, just below the knee, besides other less serious cuts and bruises.  One of the young men sustained a broken arm above the elbow.

            Mr. and Mrs. MIXON went immediately to  Denton when told of the accident.  Sunday they returned here, reporting their daughter recovering nicely.  She is a student at North Texas Teachers’ College.


Three Injured as Car Wrecks East of Town

            Three persons were injured, one of them seriously, when a high-powered roadster over-turned on the highway four miles east of this city last Sunday afternoon at around six o’clock.  The machine was being driven by Dr. C.B. CARTER, local chiropractor, and he was accompanied by two young ladies, Misses Dollie WYATT and Buena ALEXANDER, both of Dublin.  Miss WYATT’s spine was seriously injured, probably broken.  The other two occupants of the car escaped with bruises and cuts of less serious nature.

            The machine was being driven by Dr. CARTER, at a “pretty lively speed” and overturned when it attempted to pass a truck which refused to give half the road, Dr. CARTER told the Free Press.


Maybe His Lucky Day

            Born to Mr. and Mrs. A.C. HODGES on Friday, May 13th, a baby boy.  The little one was named Rondel Howard and he starts life with great promise in spite of the fact that he came on an unlucky day.

T.P. Patterson Improving Slowly from Operation

            The Free Press had a card from C.R. PATTERSON, Abilene, some days ago in which he said, “Uncle Dory” PATTERSON, “is improving more slowly now than immediately following his operation.”  However, he is reported as making progress, and it is hoped will soon be recovered.

            “I hereby wish to thank his many friends for their kindness in writing to him.  Although it is not possible to answer all letters received, we are indeed grateful,” said Mr. PATTERSON.  (His mail should be addressed care of Baptist Sanitarium, Abilene, Texas).


Mothers Day Surprise Dinner

            Mrs. M.G. MORRIS, mother of Mrs. C.M. FARROW, was honored with a surprise Mothers Day party at the FARROW home near Harmony church, on May 8th.  Mrs. MORRIS, who resides at Dublin, came to the FARROW home to spend the week end.  Mrs. FARROW went about preparing dinner as usual on Sunday.  At noon the other children of Mrs. MORRIS arrived bringing abundance of good things to eat and a feast was served to all.  Mrs. MORRIS knew nothing of the celebration until the guests began to arrive.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Glen MORRIS and children, Ranger; Mr. and Mrs. Charley MORRIS, Rucker; Mr. and Mrs. Roy ARMSTRONG, Dublin.  The day was most pleasantly spent, Mrs. FARROW told the Free Press.


School News

Writing Pens: The following penmanship pupils won awards for excellence in writing.  The trophy was a pin. Seventh Grade: Orville MILLER, Charles LEIGON, Mary Dolph BOSWELL, Julia Jean ROLLINS, Billie Faye LONDON, Frances GREGORY, Atlas IRVIN, Minnie Lue ELLIS. Sixth Grade: Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Flora JONES, Charlene SMITH, Willie Fae ASH, Velma DENDY, Byron HUDDLESTON, Beatrice RICH, Aubrey SLAUGHTER, Bennie STEPHENS, Jack WHEAT. Fifth Grade: Catherine SNEAD, Josie Beth ALLEN, Helen HALL, Wilma YOUNG, Iona Mae BAGWELL, Ruby Lee PELL, Lillie Mae DENDY, Violet KEN, Billy LIVINGSTON, Louise PIERCE, Beatrice SLOAN, Hazel WAVE.

Writing Certificates, Seventh Grade: Opal Mae TATE, Vance ROCH, Billy COLEY, C.L. MOHON, Bobby Jean STRINGFELLOW, Eugena GE NTRY, Claunese GLAZIER, Frances GREGORY, Orville MILLER, Mary Dolph BOSWELL, Dorothy COOK, Wade SMITH, Donald HOWE, Fred HOLDRIDGE, Alma D. TUBBS, Paul COZBY, Billie Faye LONDON.

Reading Certificates: The following pupils have read fifteen books this year in addition to fifteen they have read before and are entitled to seals for their certificates: Mary Dolph BOSWELL, Eugenia GENTRY, Billy Faye LONDON, Virginia SCOTT, Frances GREGORY, Charles LEIGON, M.E. NELSON.

Perfect Attendance: The following Grammar school pupils were neither absent nor tardy the school year just closed, and each received a Perfect Attendance Certificate: Lu Elle PIERCE, Velma DENDY, C.L. MOHON, Buster RAMPLEY, Dimple COATS, Weldon MAUNEY, Derwin NABORS, Herbert RAMPLEY, Mary Frances OWENS, Norma Jean JAMES, Jimmie SLAUGHTER, Charles CHRISTOPHER, Paul COZBY, Derroll HAFFORD, Sam Eugene WEAVER, Talma RICE, Ruby Lee PELL, Iona Mae BAGWELL, Billy TATE, Garland LOUDERMILK, James Doyle BARTON, June TERRILL, Clark DUKE, Darwin HAMILTON. High school: Louise GREENWALDT, Edna JETTON, Hiram LOCKE, Feryn BLACK, Florence TOLAND.

High School Graduates: Vivian HOLLAND, Hazel Ruth PRESTON, Iva E. WIDEMAN, Oleta A. NABORS, Myrl ROBISON, Lois PILCHER, Marie GREGORY, Bob H. SMITH, Velma CLAYTON, Lucille SCOTT, Iris Pearl WILKERSON, Bertie W. SIMS, El Dora COONER, Lucile KEE, Edith Evelyn GOLIGHTLY, Weldon W. WARE, J. Axle SCOTT, Frances COLEY, Vera Mae BRATTON, Anthon LEIGHON, Lenora FINKELSTEIN, Trumon BRATTON, Lola ROBBINS.

High School Honor Students: Trumon BRATTON made the highest general average of any member of the class.  He made an average of 96.2 per cent.  Lenora FINKELSTINE made the highest general average of any girl in the class.  She made an average of 92.4 per cent.  These students were given scholarships to the various colleges and Universities of the State.

High School students with yearly average of 90 or over: Seniors:  Truman BRATTON, Vera Mae BRATTON, Lenora FINKELSTINE, Frances Coley. Juniors:  Pat NARRY, Susan SCHMIDT. Sophomores:  Doris MORTON, Lady Grace WHALEY, Pansy MULLOY. Freshmen:  Chrystelle HOLLEMAN, Lillie Marle UNDERHILL, Pauline BRATTON.

Seventh Grade Honor Graduates: These students made an average of 90 or above: C.L. MOHON, Eugena GENTRY, Vance ROACH, Virginia SCOTT, Bobbie Jean STRINGFELLOW, Opal Mae TATE, Frances GREGORY, Mary Dolph Boswell.

Where De Leon Teachers Will Spend Vacation: Supt. E.H. BOULTER has given the Free Press the following statement of how and where the faculty of De Leon schools will spend the summer months:

E.H. BOULTER to State at end of Summer School. 

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. GULLEY to State University for twelve weeks. 

Miss Olive WHITE is studying twelve weeks at University of Colorado, Boulder. 

Miss Virginia Grace WESSON plans to visit in Idaho with relatives. 

Miss Lucile VAUGHN will attend N.T.S.T.C. 

Miss Bertha ROSS will study six weeks at Southern Methodist University, Dallas where she will receive her degree. 

Miss Lillian MOHON will attend North Texas Teachers College at Denton twelve weeks, studying primary work. 

Miss Lillie SINGLETON will attend school at North Texas Teachers College, Denton, six weeks, towards a degree. 

Miss Willie Mae JETTON, North Texas Teachers College, Denton, six weeks, working toward degree. 

Miss Bernice KIKER, primary work at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, twelve weeks. 

W.Z. COMPTON probably will take a special two-weeks course for Vocational teachers at A. & M. 

Lester HIGGINBOTHAM, University of Texas, twelve weeks, working toward degree. 

Clifford ALLEN, Miss Artie COLEY, Mrs. S.A. DUKE, Miss Roger Mae SMITH, Miss Janice KEE and Miss Della WALL and Miss Virginia Grace WESSON are not going to school this summer.


Young Son of Jeff Peak has Painful Accident

            While playing with his cousin in Fort Worth, Wednesday, Billy PEAK, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff PEAK, fell and broke his arm near the shoulder.

            Billy, with his mother and sister, Maxine, was on a one day visit with relatives in Fort Worth when the accident happened.  He was immediately taken to a surgeon and his arm set, but the nature of the fracture is such that he cannot carry his arm in a sling and will have to remain in bed for some weeks.  Billy’s little friends will be sorry to hear of his accident as they will miss him much in their play.


Court House News

Marriages Recorded:  L.Q. STROBE, De Leon and Miss Ruby BYRD, De Leon were married last week by Rev. A.F. NABORS.

Marriage License:  Everett FAVOR and Miss Margaret NICHOLSON, Brownwood.

Deeds Recorded:  E.W. BUTLER to J.B. SMOOT, 152 acres out the J.M. BROWN survey, consideration $1050.  – Chief


Rook Club

            Mrs. J.F. DONOHOE entertained the Rook Club at her pretty home in Humphrey Addition 2:30 to 5:30 o’clock Thursday of last week.  The house was prettily decorated for the occasion with cut roses and greenery, and four tables were arranged for the sixteen members and guests, high score for the evening going to Mrs. Roy HAMMERS.  At the close of the games, Mrs. DONOHOE served a salad course with iced tea.  The Club meets next on the afternoon of June 2 with Mrs. W. EGBERT.  Members and guests present were Mesdames J.H. GRIZZELLE, F.V. DANIELL, Ottis BUCHAN, S.R. UPSHAW, Jeff PEAK, Warren DELL, A.M. ALLEN, J. NABERS, W. EGBERT, W.C. LIGHTFOOT.


Mrs. M.D. Stewart to Teach Dancing

            Mrs. M.D. STEWART has returned from a several months stay in Hattiesburg, Miss., where she completed the Teachers Practical Training course and assisted in teaching physical education, toe, tap, acrobatic and ballet dancing at the Marguerite Conn School of Dancing.  Mrs. STEWART will open a studio in City Hall Auditorium, enrollment starting 10 a.m. Monday, May 30th.

            Mr. STEWART, who has been on business in Georgia, accompanied Mrs. STEWART home.


He Helped Honor Centenarian in Unique Manner

            W.F. HEATHINGTON brought to the Free Press a time-worn copy of the Comanche Chief some days ago.  The paper bore the date of June 18, 1920, and the article for which Mr. HEATHINGTON had preserved the paper was an account of a unique celebration given in Comanche honoring John W. BANNER upon the occasion of his 100th birthday.  Mr. HEATHINGTON participated in the celebration and the even is still fresh in his mind, although the old centenarian has long since been gathered to his reward.  On the morning of the celebration the aged old citizen rode in a car around the square at Comanche in a car carrying a United States flag,  and following behind him were ten automobiles in which rode his 150 descendants.

            The party went to a park in Comanche and spent the day, the aged man reclining on a cot while friends younger in years conducted a service rejoicing in his honor.  Hilton BURKS was the master of ceremonies, and presented Mr. BANNER a tin box containing one hundred silver dollars as an expression of goodwill from a hundred of his friends, although he was not needy.

            The Comanche Chief gave two or three columns to the story and rated among the honored guests were names of probably a hundred prominent men from all parts of Comanche county, among these the name of Mr. HEATHINGTON .


Sturdivant – Mathis

            Miss Iva Wayne STURDIVANT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. STURDIVANT, became the bride of Seth MATHIS, a son of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. MATHIS, at a ceremony performed by Rev. A.F. NABORS at his home at eight o’clock p.m. Monday, May 23rd, 1932.  The young couple are of the Comyn and Ebenezer communities, both being students of Comyn school and quite popular especially among the young people of that section.  The Free Press wishes to join with their many friends in extending them congratulations and to wish for them much happiness and success.


Local Happenings

Miss Eugena GENTRY is guest of her aunt, Mrs. C.E. NEWMAN at Navasota.

Miss Olive Winters BUCHAN is in Dallas guest of her uncle, Mr. and Mrs. W.N. TERRY.

Mrs. S.T. TAYLOR, who now resides here, has gone to Stamford on business this week.

Miss Hollis DYSON is guest of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. C.A. ROGERS at Abilene.

Mr. and Mrs. Autry SELF, Mrs. Johnnie NUNNELLEY and Miss Grace BOYD were in Iraan this week visiting Mr. and Mrs. E.R. McCLELLAN and Mr. and Mrs. H.N. McCLELLAN.

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. THOMPSON of Holdenville, Oklahoma were week end guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.E. HOWE.

Miss Ruth Ann THOMPSON of Holdenville, Oklahoma is spending this summer with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. B.E. HOWE.

A baby girl weighing seven pounds and whose name is Nina Beth, has arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Merritt HARRIS, near Robinson Springs.  All doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett LOCKE and Misses Jaunita and Lois UPSHAW, left the latter part of the week for Kerrville, Del Rio and Old Mexico.  Mr. LOCKE, a postal employee here, is on vacation.

A.C. POLNAC and family visited his brother at Iredell last week and while there enjoyed an outing and fishing in the Bosque.  They had excellent luck, Mr. POLNAC stated.

Mr. and Mrs. M.M. MORRIS, of Idalou, Texas, were here Monday and Tuesday of last week, guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. FARROW.  Mr. MORRIS is a brother of Mrs. FARROW.

J. Hamp BRAGG and son, Charles, of Blanket, were here the past week-end visiting in the home of his son, H.L. BRAGG, and also in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.M. STACY.

Mrs. Alvin STRINGFELLOW entertained a number of little friends in honor of her daughter, Miss Bobbie Jean at their home, Hillview Farm.  Immediately after supper they went to the home of Miss Roger Mae SMITH and spent two hours playing games after which they returned to Hillview Farm and enjoyed a slumber party.  Those present were Misses Wynell SALTER, Frances GREGORY, Alene PILCHER, Margaret SHARP, Eugena GENTRY and Billie Fay LONDON.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

            The fine rains and the favorably weather is making the farm work and prospects for good crops the most favorable that we have had in recent years.  Some oats will be cut this week.  Most planting will be completed within the next few days.  Some fields have had to be replanted because of the excessive rains.  Considerably land has been reterraced during the past few years in this community and, nothwithstanding the largest rains have fallen within recent years, most terraces stood the strain well.  In some fields no terraces were broken.

S.A. JOHNSON and family of Pioneer visited friends in this community Sunday and attended the singing.  Mr. JOHNSON and his family formerly lived in this community and their many friends here are always glad to see them again.  Mr. JOHNSON is a class leader of some note and organized the singing class here many years ago.

S.W. LAMINACK and family of Gorman visited friends in this community Sunday and attended the singing.  Mr. LAMINACK and his family are all good singers and were an important part of the singing interest here before they moved away.  They contemplate making their home in this community again soon and their many friends will welcome them back.

Aubrey WINN, who has been working in the East Texas oil fields as a welder, returned home Sunday but will return to his work within the next few days.

Charles LINDLEY and family of Desdemona visited with his brother, W.A. LINDLEY and family Sunday.

Miss Lillian ROBBINS, Miss Novia LINDLEY and Raymond LINDLEY of this community was among the graduates in the Desdemona high school graduation exercises last Thursday evening.  A large number from this community attended the exercises and all were impressed with excellent address delivered by Dean Taylor of Howard Payne.

What is known as the Craven Building in this community caught fire at a late hour Saturday night and was completely burned to the ground.  This old building was the last of the buildings erected on the Jakehamon townsite in the hectic boom days.  The building was a large two story frame structure, substantially built and had weathered many storms.  Unknown parties had from time to time taken windows and doors, part of the floors and some of the ceiling until all that was left was a mere shell.  Tax liens had accumulated against the property beyond its value and could not be disposed of.  Many persons had tried to purchase the property.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Farmers are very busy this week harvesting wheat and oats and planting peanuts.

Misses Leona and Jessie Mae MORRIS entertained their cousins, Misses Donnie and Connie MORRIS with a birthday party at the home of the former last Tuesday night.  The honorees received many beautiful and useful gifts.  After playing various games, refreshments of cake and ice cream was served by the hostesses.

Miss Adelle McKELVEY has returned home from an extended visit with her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. McKELVEY of Tulsa, Okla.

Mr. and Mrs. Leon DUKE have returned to their home at Houston after spending their vacation with the formers parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.E. DUKE.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. PIERCE and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lee NABORS and children of De Leon, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde NABORS and family of Oliver Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Jim WEST and family of New Hope, visited Mr. and Mrs. J.R. OTWELL and family Sunday.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

Mrs. S.C. COWAN and son, Sammie, of Dallas, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. MACON.  While here Mrs. COWAN will can fruit to take home with her.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry MORING and sons, Joseph Herndon and Bobby MORING visited relatives in Huckaby last week end.  Bobby will spend the summer with his brother there while Mr. and Mrs. MORING are away, going to school.

Miss Hollis DYSON left Wednesday to visit her sister, Mrs. H.J. ROGERS of Abilene.  Hollis will spend several weeks with her sister.

Robert DANIEL, who lives with his grandfather at New Hope, is spending the week with his uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Earl DANIEL of this community.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. KAY spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. WILLIAMS of Desdemona.

Mr. and Mrs.  Virgil BATTERSHELL of Fairy spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. MILLER here.

Mrs. C. TARRENCE is on the sick list suffering with a severe cold.  Her sister, Gladys HOOPER of Desdemona, visited her Sunday.

Mrs. Earl DANIEL spent Friday and Saturday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. BROWNLEE of De Leon.

R. L. HALL was here early in the week from Longview and on Monday left for that place, accompanied by his wife and children, to make their home there.  Mrs. HALL has taught the past two years in De Leon schools while Mr. HALL has been manager of the Hamvasy Drug Co. at Longview.


Beattie by Weldon Andress

Mrs. John SMITH has been in a bad condition at the Gorman sanitarium the last few days, but we learn that she is now fast improving.

Leo HORTON of Cross Roads south of Comanche visited his brother, Calvin, Saturday and Sunday.

Uncle Jim FIELDS of Sidney is visiting with his daughter, Mrs. H.S. HALBROOKS this week.

Hubert KELLEY of this place accompanied Doyle and Cecil Brownlee of Pounds to the Colorado River fishing Monday.  We expect a good fish story when they return.



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