The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, April 29, 1932


Walker Again in Charge Gas Station with Humble Line

            W.W. WALKER is again in charge of the filling station nearest Lambert Hotel, where he was formerly located.  He is handling a line of Humble products including gasoline and oil.  He invites his friends to call when in need of automobile service.

            Mr. WALKER has been connected with garage and service stations at De Leon for a good many years and his friends have learned that they can always depend upon getting prompt and reliable service at his place.


Teachers Elected

Perry MORING has again been elected Supt. Of the Robinson Springs school, Emmett HOWARD, Hezzie DEAN and Miss Opal HOWARD were all re-elected.  Miss Mildred MILLER was elected for primary teacher and Mrs. Perry MORING was elected for half-time to teach Home Economics.

The trustees of the Trinity school met last Wednesday and re-elected Loyd HALBROOKS for principal and Miss Opal THOMAS for the primary grades.

Prof. Carl BRUMBELOW, who has taught music in the Ranger school this year, has accepted a position as head of the department of music in Decatur College at Decatur, Texas.

Miss Inez BOSWELL has been elected primary teacher of the Oliver Springs school.

The trustees of the Bowman school met Monday, April the 23rd, and elected J.W. WALLACE for the principal and Mrs. Clista DUNCAN for the primary teacher.

The New Hope trustees met last week and re-elected John LIGHTFOOT for the 15th consecutive year and Miss Marion SHORT was elected to teach the primary grades again.

The trustees of the Soda Springs school met Wednesday, April the 21st, and elected Carl MACON as principal of their school.


Lightning Hit Joiner Home and Did Some Damage

            Mr. and Mrs. J.N. JOINER had a narrow escape from serious injury or death when lightning struck their home during the heavy rain storm Monday of last week.  The bolt struck the southwest corner of the building while Mr. and Mrs. JOINER were on the back porch to the building.  A small hole was torn in the roof and the flash burned out the fuse quite near where they were standing, doing other damage to the electrical equipment in the house.


Home on Brown Farm Destroyed by Fire Sunday

            Mr. and Mrs. O.O. GREGG were left without a roof over their heads at an early hour Sunday morning when fire of undetermined origin destroyed their home on the Aunt Fannie BROWN place, three miles southwest of De Leon.  Only a couple of mattresses and three or four quilts were saved.  Besides their household effects, Mr. and Mrs. GREGG lost about thirty bushels of seed peanuts which he was going to plant.  The fire seemed to have started in the dining room of the GREGG home.

            The family probably owe their lives to a small bull-dog, whose persistent barking awakened Mr. GREGG after the flames were already licking into the room in which the family was sleeping.  The roof fell in only a few moments after the family had escaped in their night clothes.  No insurance on either building or contents.


Card of Thanks

            We desire to thank our many friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy during the illness and death of our dear brother and assure one and all that such loving gratitude will always be cherished by us.

J.C. HASTY and family, Joe HASTY and family, George HASTY, Mrs. Lottie SPEIGHTS.


Visitor is Honored

            One of the nicest affairs of the spring season was given by Mrs. Feltz TERRILL Saturday afternoon, April 23, complimenting her sister, Mrs. Woodley REID of Roby, Tex.  In the receiving line were the hostess, the honoree, Mesdames Autrey SELF, D.L. TERRILL and John NUNNELLEY.  Pot flowers added to the atmosphere of the beautiful home.

            Several interesting games of “42” were played.  A delicious salad course was served to the following guests:  Mesdames C.H. SHARP, B.E. HOWE, Autrey SELF, John NUNNELLEY, D.L. TERRILL, C.M. ALLEN, A.G. LEE, H.T. WEAVER, Joe ASHBY, Everett HANSFORD and W.M. REID; Misses JETTON, KIKER, KEE, WESSON, MOHON, SMITH, HOWE and Evelyn COX.


Birthday Dinner

            Ernest GREGORY was honored by his family and friends with a birthday party at his home last Sunday.  The party spent the day in a most enjoyable manner and all report a good time.  At the noon hour a bountiful spread was ready which was by no means the least feature of the events of the day.  The guests were Mrs. HAYNES and son, Johnnie; Mr. and Mrs. Enoch WISDOM and son; Mr. and Mrs. Bert SCLOCK and family; Mr. and Mrs. Luther BELYEU and family; Sam HENSON and V.A. GREGORY.

            Mr. and Mrs. GREGORY live on the old SHOOK place, two miles east of town.


De Leon Boy Makes Good in Tyler Commercial College

            Friends and acquaintance of Walter H. JETTON of De Leon, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.T. JETTON, will be glad to know he is making good after having attended the Tyler Commercial College from July of last year to the first of this year.

            Officials of the big school at Tyler praised this young man very highly.  In practically all of his courses at Tyler his grades very seldom fell below “A.” Despite the fact that young JETTON pursued his course in school under a handicap, his grades are far above the average.  It is pointed out by officials of the school that Mr. JETTON worked in a dining room, waiting on tables for his board and room while attending school.  In view of the fact that a course of study in this school such as that pursued by Mr. JETTON is very intensive, it is very commendable of him for the wonderful success he has made.

            Since leaving school he has been employed continuously with the Hooker-Horn Chevrolet Motor Company of Tyler, Texas, as bookkeeper.  One of the subjects included in his course was that of the famous General Motors Accounting System, which made it possible for him to fill the responsible position he is now holding.  This system of bookkeeping, as most people know, is a uniform system adopted by all General Motors Dealers.  The biggest brains in the accounting field were called upon in building this course, and to ambitious young people who wish to become connected with one of the biggest industries in the country, this course is a wonderful stepping stone.  One is thoroughly qualified, after having completed this course, to keep books of any General Motors Dealer.  This course is taught in connection with both the Junior Accountancy Course and the Complete General Business course in the Tyler Commercial College.


Has Taken Paper Since Early 80’s

            Back about the year 1885, C.L. GREENWALDT became a subscriber to the “De Leon Monitor”, The paper which preceded the Free Press.  When the Free Press was established in 1889 Mr. GREENWALDT became a reader and has continued throughout the years.  The Free Press acknowledges the renewal of Mr. GREENWALDT’s subscription this week and trusts that this paper may continue as a visitor to his home for many years to come.

            Mr. GREENWALDT was in Brownwood this week where he consulted a specialist about his eyes, having had some difficulty lately which his friends trust he may soon overcome.


On Honor Roll

            Stephenville, Texas, April 26--- Lottie Morene ROBINETT of De Leon was listed on the John Tarleton College honor roll for the second preliminary report, second semester, according to announcement from the registrar’s office.


Downing by Helen Piper

The nice rain which fell here last Monday night was appreciated by every farmer of this community.  The corn and young gardens were suffering from the need of rain.

Mr. A.L. PIPER and daughters, Isla Mae, Joyce and Helen and Mrs. D. B. PIPER were visitors in the home of Edd BLACK, his mother and sisters of Beattie Saturday.

L.M. BOYD has returned from a visit in Abilene.

One of Mrs. Walker BOYD’s sisters has been visiting here this week end.

Little Miss Isla Mae PIPER has made a trip to West Texas this week with her father.


Beattie by Weldon Andress

We have only two more weeks of school and the pupils and teachers are all very busy preparing for their final exams, the play and other exercises to be given.  All the faculty has been retained for another term with one exception. The faculty next year will consist of the following:  B.R. McCORKLE, Supt.; W.A. MORGAN, Mrs. L.R. WILLIAMS, H.M. KELLEY, Miss Gladis GREEN, Miss Sara STEEL and Mrs. W.A. MORGAN.  All the teachers live here except Mrs. STEEL of Brownwood and Miss GREEN of Fisher County.

Uncle Jim FIELDS of Sidney is visiting with his daughter, Mrs. H.S. HALBROOKS and is sick in bed at her home.

A.N. BINGHAM, Stetson BINGHAM, S.F. WILLIAMS, Vernon WELCH, Boyd BUTLER, George WILLIAMS and Hubert KELLEY all went to Maytown Sunday to an all day singing.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. ANDRESS visited with Mr. and Mrs. Ed ANDRESS of Sidney Sunday.

Rev. Frank SKAGGS filled his regular appointment at the Baptist church Sunday at eleven, also Rev. E.M. DAILEY, pastor of the Methodist church, filled his appointment Sunday afternoon.  There was also preaching at the Christian church in the afternoon.

John STEPHENSON, who has been working at Ropesville the last six months, returned home last Wednesday.  Alfie STEPHENSON of that place accompanied him home for a short stay.

Miss Sara STEEL visited home folks at Brownwood Saturday.  Her sister, Miss Katherine ANDREWS, came back with her Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy SMITH of Buffalo Gap, Taylor County, were visiting the former’s parents Saturday night.


Duster by Viva Graham

Miss Inez PRICE and little Miss Grace WILSON are on the sick list this week.  Both of them have appendicitis.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh MOORE and small sons visited in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.L. PRICE this past week.

Mr. and Mrs. BRADFORD of Gorman visited in the home of their son, Vince BRADFORD Sunday.


Highland – Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

Mrs. R.D. ROSS (Grandma) is not improving as we would like to see her.

Sam RIPPETOE of Necessity was a visitor here Sunday.

Jess STANTY of Breckenridge visited his sister, Mrs. R.C. CHRISTIAN here recently.

Mr. and Mrs. B.H. DAVIS and family of Fort Worth visited her father, Ed RIPPETOE here recently.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

The faculty of this next school term will be Professor Perry MORING was elected for Supt.; Emmett HOWARD, Principal, Hezzie DEAN, Miss Opal HOWARD for intermediate and Miss Mildred MILLER for primary.  Mrs. MORING was elected for half-time teacher of Home Economics and High School work.

Edd MILLER and Roy, Hubert BLANKENSHIP and Arthur MAHAN worked a day putting the Home Economic Cottage on its foundation again.

Mrs. J. Q. CHATHAM has returned home.  She has been at her brother’s bedside who has been very sick.  Mr. HENDERSON lives at Blanket.

Carl BRUMBELOW has been visiting home folks this past week end.

Miss Hollis DYSON gave a Sunday dinner in honor of the sophomore girls.

Mrs. Jack O’BRIEN and daughter of Cisco visited Mrs. O’BRIEN’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abb WILSON Sunday.

B.Y.P.U. Honor Roll for April:

Officers – B.C. CHAMBERS, Mildred MILLER.


Senior – La Joyce MACON, Mrs. MORING.

Intermediate – Laveda MACON and Charlotte MILLER.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

M.T. DUKE won first prize in the poultry show held at De Leon the past week.  M.T. and other members of the agriculture class at De Leon attended the judging contest held at A. & M. the past week end.

Mrs. Myrtle WALL has returned home after a visit with her mother, Mrs. G.B. JOHNSON and her sister, Mrs. Ector DRY and family of Iraan.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. DUKE and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. RAY and Pauline attended the singing at Downing Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Otho MORRIS of De Leon visited her grand mother, Mrs. M.L. MORRIS Saturday.

M.L. MORRIS is improving after having had a severe attack of rheumatism.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Mrs. Oleta OWENS of Gorman visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.V. BRAZELL, Sunday and attended the singing here Sunday afternoon.

Little Miss Sybil McKINNEY entertained a number of her friends with a birthday dinner Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Mack PEAK of Waco visited J.C. PEAK and family Sunday.

Mrs. Grace LEWIS is recovering from a severe attack of influenza.

Little Doyle HUGHES, who was seriously ill with pneumonia, is recovering.

The neighbors of Mrs. G.M. WADE met at her place this week and planted her crop.  Mrs. WADE wishes to express her appreciation for this neighborly act.


Comyn by Mrs. J.F. Phipps

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. ALSTON and daughter, Claire, left early Wednesday for Fort Worth to be at the bedside of Mrs. ALSTON’s sister, Mrs. Charles MELTON of Childress, who had undergone an operation in a Ft. Worth hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim SLAUGHTER and children of Cisco spent Sunday with D.M. SLAUGHTER and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank PATTERSON and baby and Miss Alice Catherine PATTERSON of Junction were here last Sunday visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. MATHIS and to be present at the birthday dinner prepared and served by Mrs. MATHIS in honor of their father, William McKEMIE.  Mr. McKEMIE was celebrating his seventy-eighth birthday.

The Humble Cottage Ladies entertained on Monday night honoring Mr. and Mrs. O.M. SKIPPER and Jimmie with a farewell party.  After the games, refreshments of ice cream and wafers were served the guests.

Supt. And Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER spent the week end in Cleburne visiting his parents, Rev. and Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER.

Mrs. A.E. GILCHREST and grandson, Orrville GILCHREST are spending the week with Mrs. GILCHREST’s daughter, Mrs. W.L. THOMAS and family at Gorman.

Mr. and Mrs. O.M. SKIPPER and son, Jimmie, left early Tuesday for Wink where they will make their home. 

An infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. HEIZER of Breckenridge was buried at the Comyn cemetery last Thursday afternoon.  Mr. HEIZER was formerly vocational agriculture teacher in the Comyn school and Mrs. HEIZER was before her marriage Miss Essie Mae WATSON of Comyn.

Rich COWAN and J.A. LYON returned Thursday afternoon from Washington where they had been in the interest of securing a patent on an oil gauging device made by Mr. COWAN.

Miss DONALDSON and five girls from the Home Economics class, Misses Ina Vay HODGES, Ima FLOYD, Orene GRISSOM, Lavada CHANDLER and Christine PAINTER are in Mineral Wells attending The Home Making Education Rally.



Miss Opal FITZGERALD was visiting in San Antonio in the home of her sister the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HOLMES were visiting their children at Cross Plains and Pioneer the past week end.

Mr. and Mrs. George REID of Dallas were week end guests of his father, George REID and family.

Mrs. Frank TATE of Big Lake was guest last week of Mr. and Mrs. John TATE and other relatives.

Mrs. HICKEY has gone to Hasse to visit her daughter, Mrs. E.S. GAMLIN.

Mrs. Coy COWAN and son, Sam, of Dallas, are visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lem MACON.

J.J. COLLINS and Mrs. E. HARRELL were re-elected at the Buffalo school and each has accepted the work for next school year.

Mrs. G.L. KING and children, Mack and Tiny of Gallup, N.Mex. are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rob DYSON.

Mrs. J.B. POOL and daughter, Miss Oren Joe of Hico were here last week visiting her mother, Mrs. J. Doss MILLER.

Dr. and Mrs. C.C. FOSTER of Grainger were guests in the home of Rev. and Mrs. S.J. RUCKER Monday.  Dr. FOSTER is Mrs. RUCKER’s brother.

Mrs. J.H. McARTHUR, daughter of H.J. BUTLER, who has been visiting her father the past two months, returned Tuesday to her home at Paint Rock.

Citizens from this section of the county who served on the Grand Jury this week were J.W. HOWARD, W.A. NUNNELLY, O.L. PARKER and Newman POUNDS.

Mrs. Harold WILLIAMS had as her guests during the past week end her sisters, Mrs. John SHARP and Miss Helen FROSSARD, and C.J. SHARP, all of Turkey, Texas.

Mrs. M.L. STERLING of Denver, and her mother-in-law, Mrs. STERLING, of Georgetown, were here during the week visiting with Mrs. C.L. PITTMAN and MILLER relatives.



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