The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, April 22, 1932


W.C. Jenkins Elected Supt. Stith School

            Mr. and Mrs. D.C. JENKINS and Mrs. Oscar HOWARD were in Trent and Stith on Thursday and Friday of last week, guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. JENKINS and Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher JONES, at which time JENKINS was elected Supt. of the Stith school for next school year.  Friends here of the JENKINS family will regret their moving away next fall.


Dale Howard Heads Faculty at Oliver Springs School

            The school board at Oliver Springs met April 16 and elected Dale HOWARD, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar HOWARD, as principal of that school for the coming year.  Howard taught in the elementary department of the Oliver Springs School the past year and his election now as head of the school is a compliment to his ability.  He is a graduate of John Tarleton College and an all-round young man.

            The board at the same time elected Miss Oma HUMPHREY of Gustine as intermediate teacher.  The primary teacher has not yet been selected at Oliver Springs.


De Leon Girl is the Most Popular Student at School

            Mr. and Mrs. W.B. RAY have received information from the Methodist Hospital at Dallas that their daughter, Miss Lorene RAY, was recently elected “most popular girl” in the School of Nursing there, and will be so featured in the year’s issue of the Annual soon to come from the press.  Lorene has made the highest grade of any girl in the school, and was recently chosen to represent the school at a meeting of the North Texas Medical Society where she read a theme she had written.  She is chorus conductor in girl’s singing, also.

            Miss RAY has been in Dallas 14 months, her course in nursing requiring three years to finish.  Her De Leon friends will be pleased, but not surprised, as she made a most excellent record in high school here, graduating with honors.


Zollie Steakley was Married at Austin to Miss Mauritz

            Zollie C. STEAKLEY, son of Mr. and Mrs. Z.C. STEAKLEY of Sweetwater and a law student in the University of Texas, was married last Friday to Miss Pauline Maurine MAURTIZ, graduate student in the University, according to word received here by friends this morning.

            They were married in a twilight ceremony at the First Baptist church in Austin with the Rev. Leon M. LATIMER officiating.

            The double ring ceremony was used, the bride being attended by Margaret VAUGHN and the bridegroom by Everett NICHOLS, Jr.  Only close friends of the couple were present.

            The bride has visited in the STEAKLEY home in Sweetwater and is known here among members of the younger set.  The meeting at this time, however, was a surprise to friends.

            She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.N. MAURITIZ of Ganado.  She is a member of Phi Mu sorority and a graduate student, holding a bachelor of arts degree received from the University of Texas in 1930.

            Mr. STEAKLEY is a senior law student and a tutor in the department of public speaking at the University.  He is chairman of the judiciary counsel and a member of Delta Phi fraternity.

            The couple plans to make their home in Austin temporarily.  Both will receive degrees from the University in June, Mrs. STEAKLEY taking a master of arts degree and Mr. STEAKLEY a bachelor of law degree. – Sweetwater Reporter


Dressing Up the Hardware Store at Higginbothams

            Around at Higginbotham Bros. & Co’s. hardware store some drastic changes are being made.  The old obsolete display cases which used to run down the center of the house have been wrecked, and in their place now are to be found nice display tables of modern design which will display the merchandise in a manner permitting the customer the greatest freedom in examining goods.  The fixtures are built along the line of the most modern store fixtures, and when the program of improvement is completed the store will present a greatly improved appearance.


Steakley Brothers Now Own Chevrolet Station, Sherman

            De Leon friends will be interested to know that Bob and Bill STEAKLEY, former aggressive young businessmen of this city, have purchased the Chevrolet business in Sherman.  They have owned and operated the Chevrolet business at Denison since leaving De Leon some years ago.  The two cities are only a few miles apart and they will operate both in future, the Free Press has learned.


Paul Holdridge is Elected Principal Van Dyke School

            Free Press has learned of the election of Prof. Paul HOLDRIDGE as principal of the school at Van Dyke for the coming year.  The Board of seven members met there Wednesday last week and elected HOLDRIDGE, the election being a distinct compliment to him as they had many applications.  The place carries with it a nice salary.  There are three teachers at Van Dyke and the district has 102 scholastics.  It is a consolidated district.

            Mr. HOLDRIDGE has been principal of the school at Oliver Springs the past two years and gave excellent satisfaction.  His friends extend congratulations upon his advancement.


Card of Thanks

            We choose this way of thanking friends and neighbors for the kindness shown my father, Mr. H.S. ECHOLS.  He had the misfortune to break his arm in December.  Friends brought axes and a saw.  They sawed wood enough to do him quite a while.  They then gathered in and helped put up his land, proving that: “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Mrs. P.M. BREEDLOVE and family, Comanche, Texas


J.M. Hastey, 52, Died Near Here Last Tuesday

            Free Press has heard of the death of J.M. HASTEY, aged 52 years, four months and 18 days, which occurred near Pounds school, Tuesday this week.  Mr. HASTEY worked at plowing Monday until the rain came up.  Soon thereafter he was stricken with paralysis and death ensued.  He was a brother of George and Joe HASTY who reside on the COZBY place, a short distance from Pounds school.

            Mr. HASTEY was an electrician by trade and had been living at Cleburne, the Free Press was informed.  He was a bachelor, and was living with his brothers.  His father died some two years ago and was buried at De Leon cemetery.

            The funeral and burial of Mr. HASTEY occurred at De Leon cemetery Wednesday afternoon, April 20, with Rev. J.W. WALLACE conducting the service.


Miss Alene Pitts Weds Mr. Orville Sparks

            “One of the many items of much interest to the community overlooked last week in the absence of the editor, was the marriage of Miss Alene PITTS to Mr. Orville SPARKS, both of this city.  The popular young couple were married on Tuesday, March 22nd, at Carlsbad, New Mexico where they were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Jake DAVIS, Mrs. DAVIS being a sister of the bride.

            The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.N. PITTS, and for the past several months has been employed by the Popular Variety Store here.  Mr. SPARKS is a partner in the Poular Variety Store, and has been manager of the local store for some time.  Both parties are well known in McCamey and are very popular.

            Their future home will be in Carlsbad where Mr. SPARKS has taken over the management of the Popular Variety store in that city.

            The best wishes and congratulations of a host of friends follow them to their new home.”

The above clipping is from the paper at McCamey.  The PITTS family moved from De Leon to McCamey some two or three years ago.  The young lady is well known in De Leon and has many friends here who wish for her much happiness. - Editor



Misses Jessie Mae and Alberta TOLLESON, nieces of Mrs. H.H. ALEXANDER, recently took an audition test at a Birmingham, Ala. Radio station.  The winners in the test were to receive employment at the station.  Mrs. ALEXANDER had not heard the result of their audition when she reported the matter to the Free Press.

Mrs. J.L. FUNDERBURGH and Billie Sue were in Eastland last week visiting with their son and brother, Howard FUNDERBURGH.

Miss Lottie ROBINETT of Stephenville was week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. D. ROBINETT.

Mrs. W.C. STREETY and daughter had as their guest last week end, her brother, Arthur ANDERSON, who was a business partner of W.C. STREETY in the firm of Gorman, Streety, Anderson Co., in the building now occupied by W.H. SMITH in the years around 1900.  Mr. ANDERSON now lives at Amarillo.  He stated that his brother, Charley ANDERSON, who lived the past ten years or more at Marfa, has moved to Texarkana.

Chas. MORRIS, who has been for some years in Dallas, was here the first of the week visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will MORRIS.

Mrs. Dick HILL returned to Walnut Springs Tuesday after having been a guest in the home of her son, Mr. and Mrs. R.N. HILL.

Mrs. C.C. NICHOLS attended a family reunion at the home of her sister, Mrs. TENNYSON in Clifton last week end.

Miss Emma FIELDS of Gustine has moved here.

Little Miss Meldene LYLE was in Merkel last week visiting her father, N.T. LYLE.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

Late Monday evening a storm swept through this community doing a great deal of damage.  The Home Economics cottage and Manual training room was hit by a small cyclone, moving the building from its foundation.  Insurance was carried on the building and it is expected to cover the damage done to the floor and roof.  Other property and buildings through here were damaged.  The storm was followed by a large rain and swollen streams and bad roads resulted.

A slumber party was given at the home of Miss Wilma Carroll MILLER in honor of the Sophomore girls.  They carried their supper to the woods and were afterwards served ice cream and cake.  Those who attended reported an excellent time.

Mrs. J.Q. CHATHAM spent last week end with her brother, Mr. Jim HENDERSON of Blanket, who is ill.  He is somewhat better now.

Cecil BROWNLEE of Beattie is visiting his sister, Mrs. Earl DANIEL.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. KIMMELL and family visited Mrs. KIMMELL’s father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. W.D. KILGORE of Edna Hill Sunday.

Miss Modess WEST is in Dallas visiting her aunt, Mabelle GREEN.

Mrs. SMITH of Oliver Springs is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Jim WEST this week.

Honor roll for the first four grades:

First grade – Collis MACON, Ona MIERS, Omar McADAMS, Marion TAYLOR, Bob MILLER, Wanda KIMMELL and Earnest TAYLOR.

Second grade – Wayne MAHAN, Charlie FORREST, Louise BLANKENSHIP, Erwin Earl St. CLAIR and Adonis KIMMELL.

Third grade – Wayne BLANKENSHIP, Jack BLASSINGAME, Wesley KIMMELL, Durwood PARK, Dean Truett MILLER, Gil Marie BLANKENSHIP, Avis FORREST and Wilma Fay KIMMELL.

Fourth grade – Melton DECKER, Oscar Rex MILLER, A.J. STEWART, Velma FORREST and Arlie Lorene FOREST.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

The good rain that fell Monday night was surely appreciated, especially by farmers as all crops were beginning to suffer from drouth.

Mrs. Fred ADCOCK, who has been ill for some time, is reported to be improving nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil McKELVEY of Olden visited his father, J.F. McKELVEY and family Sunday and attended the singing at Dublin Sunday afternoon.

Miss La Faye MACON of Ralls was guest of her aunt, Mrs. J.A. DUKE and Mrs. W.B. RAY the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. OTWELL and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Jack OTWELL and family of New Hope Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Felix MORRIS gave a birthday dinner in honor of their son, Stanley, at their home Sunday.  Those being present were:  Mr. and Mrs. Jess MORRIS and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. George MORRIS and baby, Misses Geraldine, Donnie Mae and Connie Fay MORRIS, Misses Ruth OGLESBY, and Faye Lock and K.M. VAN ZANDT.

Grandmother OTWELL is spending several days with her son, Claude, and family of New Hope.

Mrs. J.A. DUKE visited her sister, Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS of Robinson Springs Sunday.


Duster by Mrs. Anna Wilson, Viva Graham

Mrs. J.H. HOLMES of Downing spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. J.D. HOLMES of Duster.

Miss Opal BLAIR, who has spent the past few weeks in the home of W.L. BLAIR, returned to her home in Houton Saturday morning.

Miss Lorena LIGHTFOOT spent the week end with her parents in De Leon.

The seventh grade are giving their graduation exercise on Thursday night, April 28th at the High school auditorium.  The seniors and juniors will have their program Friday night, April 29th.  Everyone is invited to attend.

Mrs. Mattie HAYNES, the Home Economics teacher, accompanied by Miss Clyde COAN, Miss Hazel DUKES and Miss Alta Lu ANDERSON, attended the Annual Home Economics meeting at John Tarleton Saturday, April 16th.

Miss Fannie HUFF spent Saturday and Sunday in the home of her brother, W.J. ANDERSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh MOORE and small son spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. PRICE.

Mr. and Mrs. Grady COAN, their son, Troy and daughter, Cherry Sue, of Downing, spent the week end with their parents of Duster.


Comyn by Mrs. J.F. Phipps

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin BOYKIN of Oglesby spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.M. SLAUGHTER.

Miss Waldene JOHNSON of Dublin is visiting Mr. and Mrs. M.L. DOGETT and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. HOWERTON and children arrived last week from Independence, Kansas, to visit Mrs. HOWERTON’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. COOK.  Mr. HOWERTON left Monday for home, while Mrs. HOWERTON and children remain for a longer visit.

Mrs. Melton HUCK and children of Fort Worth spent last week visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. COOK.

Mrs. Lizzie COOK of Fort Worth is visiting her daughter, Mrs. A.H. GRISSOM and family.

H.E. THIEBAUD, one of the Comyn school bus drivers, suffered a painful accident one day last week when he caught one hand under the belt on the air pressure pump.  One finger nail was torn completely from the finger and other slight injuries done to his hand.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Allen GREGORY, son of H.A. GREGORY, has been seriously ill the past week but is recovering.

W.D. KOONCE and Phil REID visited with R.H. REID of Oliver Springs Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. McADAMS and daughters, Emma Jean and Robbie Lee, and Mrs. R.W. DUKE attended the singing convention at Dublin Saturday night and Sunday.

Misses Mildred McKINNEY and Obanetta WINNEGAR visited Mr. and Mrs. R.B. McKINNEY of Dublin last week end and attended the singing convention at that place.

Mrs. Joe DUKE of De Leon visited her son, R.W. DUKE Saturday and Sunday.

Roy OSBORN of Gustine visited Mr. and Mrs. F.E. OSBORN last week.

Mrs. F.E. JOINER taught last week for Mrs. Thesel ALLEN who was unable to be at her work.

W.L. MOORE, Jr. was given a birthday party last Friday night by his sister, Mrs. E.F. JOINER, where a host of his young friends gathered to celebrate in a fitting way the 16th anniversary of his birth.  Mrs. JOINER entertained the young folks with games and served her guests a delicious course of cake, lemonade and punch.


Downing by Helen Piper

Miss Maudie LEE and Ruth YATES  are visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey YATES of Robinson Springs community.

Miss Vaunede PETERS, student of De Leon High School spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.D. PETERS.


Beattie by Weldon Andress

Uncle Billie BINGHAM has been real sick the last few days, but we learn that he is getting better.  “Uncle Buckle” as he is called is one of the old pioneers of this county 

Ray SMITH, Lona UNDERWOOD, Lester PERDUE, Loraine DAWKINS, Vernon WELCH and Clara JENKINS attended the singing convention at Dublin Sunday.

Tony WARREN moved from this community last week to Soda Springs where he has a job of work.

Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo BINGHAM of De Leon were visiting the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.W. BINGHAM Sunday.



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