The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, April 1, 1932


Casings Stolen From Five Car Owners Thurs.

            Seven automobile casings and wheels were stolen from owners of De Leon cars during the period between six o’clock Wednesday evening and daylight Thursday.  The thefts were all on the north side of the railroad.

            Shorty OWEN lost three casings and a wheel from his car; Alvis TOLAR lost a casing and a rim; Mr. LEWELLEN lost a casing and a wheel; H.G. GILLOCK lost two casings and two wheels and Guy MORELAND lost a casing.

            Officers were working on the case Thursday with numerous clews being presented.


Mrs. Viva Hampton Pneumonia Victim on Easter Morn

            Death with its blighting sadness invaded the home of H. HAMPTON, local jeweler, on Sunday morning, March 27 – Easter Day, and took away the earthly life of the wife and mother.  She had suffered for several days with pneumonia.  Physicians and nurses were at her bedside constantly for many hours, combating the ravages of her malady with skill and persistence, but it was all to no avail.  At 8:15 o’clock she passed from the stage of earthly life into the realms beyond.  Her passing cast a pall of sadness over the entire city.

Viva HUEY was born at Glory, Lamar county, Texas on May 18, 1900.  Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. P.A. HUEY.  When quite young she moved with her parents to Comanche county and was reared to young womanhood at Gustine where she attended school and graduated from high school.  It was also during her residence at Gustine that she was converted and united with the Baptist church.  She was married to H. HAMPTON on May 20, 1920.  One child was born into the home, Elaine, who is ten years of age.  Besides her husband and little daughter, she is survived by her parents who still reside at Gustine, and four brothers and three sisters, all but one of whom reside in Comanche county. 

            Mr.and Mrs. HAMPTON came to live at De Leon in 1921, having lived for short periods at Gorman, Comanche, Sipe Springs and Gustine following their marriage. 

            The funeral service was conducted at the First Baptist church Monday afternoon with Rev. Montie A. DAVIS in charge.  Pall bearers were from the American Legion, as follows:  W.H. SMITH, Sam SELF, J.P. HOWE, D.C. NORTON, M.E. BLITCH, J.D. TATE.  Honorary pall bearers were also Legionaires, Tommie MOHON, F.C. MILES, W.A. CRAWFORD, J.M. HEATH, Manley STONE and Russell RICE.  Burial was at De Leon cemetery.


Rev. Montie Davis Preached Farewell Sermon Sunday

            A good audience was present at the Baptist church last Sunday evening to hear Rev. Montie A. DAVIS preach his farewell sermon in the Baptist congregation.  In another column of this paper will be found a farewell message of Rev. DAVIS in which he expresses his appreciation for the courtesies and friendship of De Leon people.

            Free Press editor found Montie A. DAVIS a most congenial and likable character.  He was wholehearted, uncompromising and a 100 per cent Baptist – and we liked him for it.  If a person is going to be something, we like them to be enthusiastic in it.  Yet he never suggested forcing his theology upon people of other faiths.  We regarded him as a sermonizer of outstanding ability, and he was interested in community activities.  Rev. DAVIS was deep and scholarly, quite well read along lines aside from theology, and was interesting to talk to.  He was a world war veteran and often spoke of his experiences with the A.E.F. in France.  He was interested in sports, in social things, in fact was alive to the world in which the young of his church live and move and have their being.  His ministry at De Leon was very successful and the editor of this paper is sorry that he is gone.

            Rev. and Mrs. DAVIS and children moved to Brookhaven, Miss. early this week.


Two Arrests for Alleged Theft of Cattle near Here

            Two young married men who reside south of town were arrested at Moran late Saturday and brought back here and lodged in the City jail for a short time, then carried to Comanche where they are now in the county jail.  Charges of cattle theft were preferred against them.  They were alleged to have taken three calves from Mack HALE, who resides on the RUFF place three miles from town, and of trucking them to Moran where they are alleged to have sold them for a pitifully small wad of money, one report being $3.50.  Later the accused men made bond and were released early this week, it is reported.


Death of Mrs. J. W. Coley Easter Sunday

            The end of much suffering came to Mrs. J.W. COLEY on Easter Sunday morning when she completed earth’s journey and yield up her mortal life.  Death came at 8:45 o’clock a.m. as friends and loved ones watched beside her.  She had been desperately ill for days, even weeks, and the coming of the summons marked the end of a long period of intense suffering.  On July 10, 1930, Mrs. COLEY had the misfortune of falling and injuring her hip.  From that time to the day of her death she was confined to her bed.

            Lou Ella NOELL was born May 20, 1854 at Thomasville, Ga., and came with her parents when only two years of age to Cleburne county, Ala. where she grew to womanhood.  At the age of 12 she was converted and joined the Methodist church and during her long life was faithful and devoted to its teachings.

            On October 9, 1880 she was married to J.W. COLEY and to them was born five children, one dying in infancy.  Surviving children are:  Miss Artie COLEY, De Leon; W.M. COLEY, De Leon; and Robt. and Gideon COLEY, San Antonio.  Mrs. COLEY had seven sisters and five brothers and only one of these survive her.  He is B.A. NOELL, of Blair, Okla.  Her husband died here at De Leon on April 10, 1913.

            The span of her life was 77 years, 10 months and 7 days.  In those years she made a definite and lasting impress upon the world.  It was not accomplished through acts of greatness, as the world rates fame, but through the gentler arts of home making, wife and mother.  To rear sons and daughters who rise up to honor her name, that is an heritage, rich and abiding.

            The funeral service was conducted from the family residence at 2:00 p.m. Mondays with Rev. S.J. RUCKER in charge of the service.  Active pall bearers were:  W.S. GLOVER, Dr. A.M. ALLEN, W.Z. COMPTON, Tate COUNTS, M.W. HOLDRIDGE, and J.D. TATE.  Honorary pall bearers were: E.H. BOULTER, C.C. GULLEY, Clifford ALLEN, Geo. MOHON, J.W. JONES and B.C. CHAMBERS.  Burial was at DeLeon cemetery.


Dorothy Frances Laswell

            Dorothy Frances, the eleven year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John LASWELL of Stamford, died March 29, a victim of pneumonia.  She came home Monday afternoon from school ill and only lived until Tuesday night.  Mrs. LASWELL was formerly Miss Bertha BALLARD, and grew to young womanhood here, she being the daughter of Mrs. S.F. BALLARD.  Grandmother BALLARD has the sympathy of her many friends in the loss of her two sons in the past six weeks and added to this the loss of her granddaughter.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to express deepest appreciation to all who so tenderly administered in any way to our beloved mother in her long days as a “shut in” and in her recent suffering and going.  Acts of kindness in times like we have gone through recently will be held in sacred memory.

            S.M. COLEY and children, R.D. COLEY and wife, G.A. COLEY and family, Artie COLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Paul HOLDRIDGE.


Kid Party

            A kid party was given by Miss Valde Merle ROCH Thursday evening, March 24, 1932.  Guests arrived at 7:30 o’clock all dressed like children.

            Many childish games were played and a prize awarded to Miss Hazel PRESTON for the way she acted and the way she looked.  Later all the girls made candy and had a very enjoyable time.  Those present were: Pansy MULLOY, Ava DUKE, Opal HANDLIN, Hazel PRESTON, Ozelle ELLIS, Etta FRAZIER, Vaneta PETERS, Vivian HALLAND, Odelle DAVIS, Lillie Marie UNDEHILL, Chrystelle HOLLIMAN, Chelsea BLACK and Vance ROCH.


Carrol Chosen Grand Master

            W.D. CARROLL of Comanche was chosen to head the I.O.O.F. of Texas Tuesday when he was elected Grand Master at the annual session of the Grand Lodge at Waco.  Mr. CARROLL served as Deputy Grand Master last year and several years ago served as Grand Patriarch of the I.O.O.F. Encampment.

            Mr. CARROLL will be installed at the next annual meeting of the Grand Lodge which will be held at Greenville a year from now.  –Chief.


On Tarleton Honor Roll

            Among the students whose names appeared on the regent Honor Roll announced at John Tarleton College were Claude MERCER of Gustine and Lottie M. ROBINETT of De Leon.  –Chief.


Card of Thanks

            We take this method of thanking those who have assisted in any way to make the path easier during the sickness and death of our dear wife, mother, daughter and sister.  May each of you have the same consoling friends about you when the hour of grief comes to you, and may the Giver of all good gifts bless you and care for you as you go on through life and when the last sad hour comes may you go as she has gone to her creator.  Thanking you again we are:

Homer HAMPTON, Elaine HAMPTON, Mr. and Mrs. P.A. HUEY, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. PERRY and family, Mr. and Mrs. O.C. SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. George JONES, Mr. and Mrs. D.E. RENFRO, Mr. and Mrs. Travis HUEY, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin HUEY,  Granville HUEY, L.U. HUEY.


Grand Jury to Convene on April the 18th

            With what promises to be one of the lightest dockets within recent years, the spring term of the District Court will convene at Comanche Monday, April 18, according to District Clerk W.F. HOWINGTON, who drew the grand jury and pettit jury lists Monday.

            Most of the old criminal cases were disposed of the last term of the court and fewer people than usual have been bound over to await the action of the grand jury.  There were only four inmates in the county jail Monday.


Grand Jury for April Term

G.F. CARAWAY, Energy; Paul NEELE, Lamkin; R.E. SEAY, Comanche, Route 5; J.T. GILBREATH, Dublin, Route 1; O.L. PARKER, De Leon, Route 4; J.W. HOWARD, De Leon; W.A. NUNNELLY, De Leon; N.J. POUNDS, De Leon Route 2; Walter FOSTER, Sipe Springs; D.A. BROWN, Mercer Gap; A.E. BOYD, Sidney; William CHILTON, Comanche; K.L. MACON, Comanche; G.M. SCOTT, Comanche; J.M. YOUNG, Gustine; C.F. STRALEY, Comanche.

Second Week

R.H. ECHOLS, Gorman 2; W.D. DIXON, Proctor; R.L. GRAHAM, Proctor; E.W. STRICKLAND, Gustine; C.T. SEAGO, Gustine; J.A. COAN, De Leon 2; S.M. BOYDSTON, Energy; H.S. BUMGARNER, Gustine; Dorus BROWN, Comanche Democrat Star; J.A. CARRIGAN, Comanche 2; Winfred KEARNEY, Comanche 3; K.N. SPENCER, De Leon 5; L.B. ADCOCK, Gustine; E.D. COX, Comanche; Roy HENSON, Gustine; W.R. LUCKIE, Indian Gap 2; T.D. CUNNINGHAM, Comanche 5; J.N. POLK, Blanket 2; Clemmons LUKER, Proctor; B.F. MOORE, Proctor; O.H. DONAHO, Comanche; W.R. NAGNESS, Energy; J.R. OTWELL, De Leon 1; W.D. ARMSTRONG, Sipe Springs; R.C. CARTER, De Leon; Marvin LEE, Comanche 4; C.W. HONCK, Sidney 1; L.D. FRAZIER, Comanche 3; P.H. ISHAM, Gustine; J.F. McNUTTY, Comanche 1; Jim T. JONES, Comanche; J.H. CRATER, Comanche 4; W.L. WILLINGHAM, Gustine; Willie GLASGOW, Comanche, Democrat Star; C.P. LIVINGSTON, Blanket 2.

Third Week

Ed MABRAY, Blanket 2; J.L. McCLATCHEY, Proctor; C.L. TURNEY, Dublin 1; D.H. ISHAM, Comanche 1; J.C. ISHAM, Comanche 5; E.E. McNUTT, Comanche; J.G. HOWELL, Proctor;  Wid SPIVEY, Comanche 1; J.H. SIDES, Blanket 2; O.C. GEORGE, Energy; J.E. ADAMS, Comanche 3; Elmer WEIDNER, Dublin 8; B.A. HOWELL, Gustine; George H. LUBKE, Indian Gap 2; D.C. GILDER, Dublin 3; M.L. DOGGET, Proctor 1; E.D. MAHAN, De Leon; Earl MORRIS, Sipe Springs; K.F. BARRY, Proctor; J.J. MONTAGUE, De Leon 5; A.D. PETTIT, Sr., Gustine; Finis SIDES, De Leon 5; T.C. ROSS, Comanche 3; Jake McCULLOUGH, Gustine; W.C. FISHER, De Leon 4; V.L. COOK, Gustine; S.E. IVERSON, De Leon 3; C.E. DRENNAN, Comanche 2; Ben F. KEITH, Comanche 2; Wayne JOHNSTON, Proctor 2; George DAVIS, Comanche 5; J.S. STRIPLIN, Comanche 3; A.L. McDONALD, Gustine 1; C.L. PERKINS, Gustine; W.R. GREENWALDT, De Leon; H.L. BEATTY, Comanche 4.

Fourth Week

A.V. BOSWELL, De Leon 1; W.M. IRBY, Comanche 2; R.E. THOMPSON, Comanche; B.C. LUSK, Sidney 1; J.R. HAYNES, De Leon; P.L. BURKS, Comanche; Ira B. CLEMONS, Comanche; H.S. FREEMAN, De Leon 1; C.S. CARRUTH, De Leon 2; R.M. TUBBS, Hasse; Chas. CRAIG, Carlton 1; J.A. ALLEN, Gustine; R.D. MASSINGILL, Comanche; Avery MOORE, Comanche 2; J.A. ANDRESS, Comanche 2; J.L. BISHOP, Proctor; G.P. DUDLEY, Comanche; E.D. NORRID, Comanche; R.K. LANE, Comanche 5; V.F. VAN WINKLE, Gustine 1; T.C. SUMMERS, Sidney Star; J.B. IRVIN, Gustine; Jack PARKER, May 1; R.L. WOFFORD, De Leon; C.C. WILSON, Comanche 3; J.O. WAGNON, Sidney 1; B. ALLEN, Sidney 1; E.L. HALFORD, Comanche 1; J.O. STONE, De Leon; Johnnie NUNNELLY, De Leon; L.R. WILLIAMS, Comanche 2; H.R. LACY, Comanche; Jack W. MOORE, Comanche; R.A. LANDRETH, May  1; J.V. ODELL, Comanche; Bedford BUTLER, Gorman 4.

Fifth Week

R.L. McKIMMEY, Gustine; D.A. CARROLL, Dublin 8; R.W. BURTON, Comanche 6; L.F. McCLELLAN, Gustine; A.G. MILLER, Comanche; K.L. MACON, Comanche; S.E. BLACK, Comanche 2; A.J. BOUCHER, Gustine 1; T.B. BEGGS, Comanche 3; H.C. APPLEWHITE, Dublin 1; George HEARD, Gustine; M.O. COKER, Comanche 3; R.B. WALDROP, Comanche; D.E. CHISHOLM, Proctor; W.D. STURKIE, Proctor; W.A. MERCER, Comanche 3; W.P. EASLEY, Comanche 4; L.C. MACON, De Leon 3; W.H. HURT, Comanche; J.L. HIGGINBOTHAM, Gustine; Side WHITE, Gustine; Hollis DeWITT, Comanche 5; B.N. TERRY, De Leon 4; Henry DRENNAN, Sidney Star; R.S. PINKARD, Sidney  1; C.M. FARROW, De Leon 2; C.S. LANE, Comanche 5; J.V. CARTER, Comanche; J.T. HUGHES, Proctor; L.G. MILLER, De Leon; T.M. GATLIN, Dublin 1; A.H. CARAWAY, Comyn; M.Z. STOVALL, De Leon; G.B. STILEY, Sidney 1; E.F. BEAN, Gustine; C.B. WILLIAMS, Comanche.



Curt MORRIS has been at Fort Worth at Methodist Hospital the past two weeks under the care of specialists and is reported making some progress toward recovery.  He has been ill since last summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Will HOWELL and Harry HOWELL of Cleburne, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. CLARK and children of Ranger were guests Easter of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL.

Mesdames E.E. GENTRY, J.R. WOOD, Johnnie NUNNALLY, C.L. KINCHEN and Miss Grace BOYD were visiting relatives in Iraan, Rankin and McCamey this week.

Mr. and Mrs. N.D. HAFFORD and son have returned to Los Angeles after spending the past two months here in the home of his mother, Mrs. J.D. HAFFORD.

J.D. TATE and G.E. MORTON are serving on the Federal Grand Jury at Ft. Worth and are required to make numerous trips there until their work is completed.

Archie is having a new porch added to his pretty cottage, which will add to its attractiveness.

Mrs. S.A. DUKE, primary teacher at the South Ward has been ill this week and Mrs. Autrey SELF has been substituting for her.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude WEBSTER of Waco have moved here.

Miss Glado FUGATE of Wichita Falls is guest of her aunt, Mrs. S.E. IVERSON.

Mrs. Autry SELF was guest of her sister, Miss Grace BARTON in Fort Worth last week.

Miss Modelle TATE of Stephenville was guest Sunday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. TATE.

Mr. and Mrs. O.D. BIBBY of Dublin were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. BIBBY.

Earl HOWELL of Dallas is guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL.

Mr. and Mrs. L.B. HORN of Eastland were guests Sunday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John MOHON.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis EASTERLING are rejoicing over the arrival of a little son which was born at Baptist Sanitarium at Dallas Saturday morning, March 26.  All doing nicely.

Mrs. W.F. McARTHUR, of Abilene, mother of Mrs. J.M. NASH, is a guest in the NASH home this week.

Taylor DABNEY was home from Stillwater, Oklahoma for Easter with his parents.

Robert TERRILL has been in Fort Worth recently having the attention of specialists at a Clinic there.

Miss Geneva NASH of Denton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. NASH, spent the past week end with her parents.

Mrs. STIMPSON of Denton has moved here and is residing in the home of her daughter, Mrs. O.L. THOMPSON and family.


Beattie by Weldon Andress

[Transcriber’s note:  The left margin of this column has been cut off so it is possible it will reflect some missing words.]

Easter brought us another north.. .sandstorm, yet not so severe as to keep us from going to the all… singing at Sand Hill where .everybody had an enjoyable time listening to some real good singing and partaking of a fine dinner.

Rev. T.N. CARTER of Comanche visited at his daughters, Mrs. Ben LOFTIS last Wednesday.  Mrs. LOFTIS has been on the sick list the past two weeks, but she is improving now.  Corn planting has been the order of the day this past week when the sand wasn’t blowing too bad.

Mr. and Mrs. W.B. HORTON and their son, Leo, of south of Comanche, were visiting their son, Calvin HORTON Saturday night.

Martin ROE of Young county was visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. …arley ROE this week.

Miss Katherine ANDREWS of Brownwood visited her sister, Miss Sarah STEEL Sunday.  Miss STEEL is teaching school here.


Oliver Springs by Ruby Lee Reed

G.H. BAIRD and family left Saturday of last week for Mississippi where they will make their future home.  The BAIRD family will be greatly missed in our community as they were active both in church and school work.  The community extends to them their best wishes.  They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Tom LINDLEY who will also make their home in Mississippi.

Mr. and Mrs. Mancile SMITH visited his father, W.E. SMITH of Ranger Friday.

There was no school Friday as the teachers gave the children an all-day outing in G.W. REED’s pasture.  After lunch was served then came the usual Easter egg hunt.  Several of the patrons attended and a very enjoyable day was spent.

Sometimes in our lives there comes a time when it is expedient to change.  Such a time has come for us.  I take this means of expressing our love and thanks to neighbors and friends for their kindness while living in Oliver Springs.  The most enjoyable time of our lives was spent there, also the greatest sorrow.  The loss of our little girl was made more bearable by the kindness and sympathy of our neighbors.  We thank the teachers of Oliver Springs for their interest in our children.  They have been taught principals there that will have an effect for good all their lives.  Also it is due in main to Mr. HOLDRIDGE that Carmen can walk without crutches.  In our last home above may we find all Oliver Spring community in one place and our home amidst them.  We thank the editor of the Free Press for his courtesy in printing our notes from there and we are leaving you a correspondent that will be more able to write than we have been.  We never say good-bye, it makes parting with friends too sad so we say “till we meet again.

            __Mrs. Eunice BAIRD


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

Carl MACON, who has been visiting relatives in Dallas, returned to his home here last week.

Mrs. ST. CLAIR and her daughter, Ruth, of De Leon spent the week end with her sons, Elmer ST. CLAIR and Frank THOMAS.

Honor Roll for the first grade: Earnest TAYLOR, Wanda KIMMELL, Bobbie MILLER, Marion TAYLOR, Omer McADAMS, Bessie JOHNSTON, Callie MACON.

Second Grade:  Wayne MAHAN, Charlie FORREST, Adonis KIMMELL, Erwin Earl ST. CLAIR, Louise BLANKENSHIP.

Third grade:  Allia Marie BLANKENSHIP, Wesley KIMMELL, Wayne BLANKENSHIP, Jack BLASSINGAME, Wilma Faye KIMMELL, Durwood PARK, Avis Vera FORREST.

Fourth grade:  Melton DECKER, Oscar Rex MILLER, A.J. STEWART, Thelma FORREST, Arlie Lorene FORREST, Evelyn WILSON.

Mrs. W.F. BLANTON spent the past two weeks with her parents in Ballinger.

A.J. STEWART spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry STEWART of Jakehamon.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd STEWART and children Billy and Wayne of Downing were Sunday guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. STEWART and Mr. and Mrs. Fleet TARRANCE.

Judges for the tryout in declamation were from De Leon school:  Mr. GULLEY, Miss SMITH, and Miss HARPER.  We thank these people for the courtesy rendered.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Mrs. Lucille HOLLAND, formerly Miss Lucile LINDLEY, visited with Miss Novis LINDLEY this week end.

Mr. and Mrs. R.H. ROBBINS of Bellville visited with Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest DISHMAN and family of Henderson visited with J.S. DISHMAN and family over the week end.

A number of boys of this community have formed themselves into a club.  The chapter members are Herschel MOORE, Hugo WYNN, George BRAZELL, W.D. KOONCE and Elmon WAYLAND.  These boys had a hunting picnic last Friday afternoon.  Jack rabbits were chased with grey hounds and other sports suited to boys were engaged in.  Supper was prepared on a camp fire.  They reported a most enjoyable time.

The large two-story hotel building at Desdemona was burned to the ground last Monday afternoon.  The building is a land mark of that place.  It was owned by Jake SMITH who was making his home in the building.  It was a total loss with no insurance.

A.E. LINDER and family, who have lived in this part for many years, recently sold out and have moved to east Texas where they will make their home.

Misses Delia and Cora WALL, teachers in the school at this place, attended the regular Easter singing convention at the Sand Hill church Sunday and report a fine singing.

Misses Delia and Cora WALL, accompanied by George HUGHES, Jack KOONCE and Misses Sarah HUGHES and Mildred McKINNEY, attended the Interscholastic singing at Comanche Friday night.

Miss Sarah HUGHES gave the young folks a party Saturday night.  Music was furnished by Wayland SEALS and Stanley HUGHES.  A large number of young folks attended the party and report a most enjoyable time.

Mr. and Mrs. R.C. KOONCE were in Austin this week visiting Mr. and Mrs. WEIR, Mrs. KOONCE’s parents.

Clyde McKINNEY of Frankell visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY Sunday.



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