The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, March 25, 1932


Bell Barber Shop Moved to Building on Texas Street

            The V.V. BELL Barber Shop moved again this week.  On Monday the equipment was transferred from the building on Postoffice street, by Goodyear Shoe Shop, to the Ayers building, next door north from Heath's Cafe where everything has been re-located and made inviting for the trade.  There are four barbers on duty in this shop and they render "sudden service."  The place is convenient, right on the main drag, only two doors from the entrance of the city's large department stores, W.H. SMITH's place.  You can't miss it.


Brothers Each Get Broken Leg When Horse Fell

            Sunday afternoon two brothers, Raymond and Vernon CARVER, ages about 16 and 17 years, were victims of a peculiar accident which resulted seriously for them.  Both the boys were riding a horse in the northeast portion of the city, and as they guided the animal down an embankment near the home of W.H. BRIDGES, the horse fell, rolling over on them.  Each boy sustained a broken left leg.  Their injuries were cared for at Gorman Sanitarium.

            The CARVER family moved to De Leon several weeks ago.  The boys are students at De Leon high school.  They are recovering nicely.


Local Fireman to be Married

            (Kilgore News)  Announcement was made here this week of the approaching married [sic] of Miss Elizabeth BROWNLEE and Bertram O'DONOVAN, member of the Kilgore Fire Department.  They will be married the latter part of this week, and will make their home in Griffin Addition.  Mrs. O'DONOVAN is a daughter of the late J.J. BROWNLEE of De Leon.


Albert Ballard, Son of De Leon Woman, is Dead

            Albert T. BALLARD, son of Mrs. S.F. BALLARD, and a brother of Adrian BALLARD of this city, died suddenly at his home three miles from Shallowwater at 6:00 o'clock p.m. Saturday, March 19.  BALLARD's death was caused from heart failure.  He was stricken at 4:00 o'clock and died two hours later.  His family was present when the end came.

            BALLARD was eared here at De Leon, a son of Mrs. S.F. BALLARD, whose enfeebled condition because of her 80 odd years, made it impossible for her to attend the funeral service.  He was married to Miss Julia McCARROL.  Three children were born to them, a baby daughter dying in infancy.  Their two sons are grown, Autrey, 23, and Gayle, 19, living with the mother at Shallowwater.  Albert was born near Alexander City, Alabama, some forty one years ago.  The family came to Texas somewhere near the year 1900.  Since going to the panhandle, the family has lived at Muleshoe, Sudan, Spur and Shallowater.

            A mile of automobiles made up the funeral procession which drove from Shallowater to Lubbock, twenty miles distant, for the funeral Sunday afternoon, the large number of people attesting to the esteem in which Albert was held by his neighbors.  Burial was at Lubbock, there being no  cemetery at Shallowater.  Adrian BALLARD and wife of De Leon and Mr. and Mrs. Dana McCARROLL of Cisco attended the funeral.

            Being converted 19 years ago, Albert united with the Missionary Baptist church and lived a consecrated Christian life, being a good friend and neighbor and dealing honestly and squarely with all men.  His church membership was with the Harmony Baptist church here.

            A month and three days prior to his death, Albert's brother, Luther BALLARD, died in San Angelo and his body was brought here for burial.  Surviving brothers and sisters are:  Dr. Tom BALLARD, Mt. Pleasant; Roland BALLARD, Shallowater and Adrian BALLARD, De Leon; Mrs. Mary E. DODSON, Cross Plains; Mrs. Bertha Laswell, Stamford and Mrs. Bessie JERNIGAN, Raymonville.


Hundreds of Students Flock to Comanche Today for Interscholastic League Meet

            Hundreds of students from all parts of Comanche county will flock to the county site today and Saturday to engage in the various contests offered by the Interscholastic League.  These will be in both literary and field events.  The annual League tests are looked forward to with eagerness by the students, ranging from little tots in the grammar grades to dignified seniors who debate such weighty topics as the lobbying evil. 

            There will be declamation, debate, music memory, picture memory, extemporaneous speaking, spelling and arithmetic contests.  The track events will occupy most of the day Saturday.

            The following is a complete list of the De Leon school pupils who will compete in the various contests:

High School


Boys Division - Coy HOLDRIDGE and Anthon LEIGON.

Girls Division - Lucile KEE and Evelyn GOLIGHTLY.


Girls Division - Doris MORTON

Boys Division - Harry PEARSON


Senior Division - Pat NARRY and Doris WHITE.

Junior Division - John WALACE and Jeanette EGBERT.

Essay Writing - Jeanette EGBERT.


Boys - Anthon LEIGON, Girls - Oleta NABORS.


120 high hurdles - Cecil COOK.

100 yard dash - H. FUNDERBURGH.


220 yard dash - J.L. FUNDERBURGH.

880 yard dash - Elgie TERRY



Running High Jump - MERRITT, COOK, ALLEN

12-pound shot put - COOK, Allen ROGERS.

Javelin throw- COOK, Allen ROGERS


Junior Boys Team - J.C. MILLER, Carroll HOWARD, Joe ROBINETT, Wilfred BAGWELL, Eldon BOULTER, Hiram LOCK, Vernon MORELAND, De Layn SINGLETON, Adron ROBBINS, John WALLACE.  Substitutes- Charnel BROWN, Spencer LIGHTFOOT, Roy HAMMERS.

Junior Girls Team - Chrystelle HOLLEMAN, Lillie Marie UNDERHILL, Clois TOLAR, Johnnie Marie CAMPBELL, Edith ROBINETT, Oneta POPE, Cathrine DUNNAHOO, Florence TOLAND, Robbie Jean MILLER, Susan SCHMIDT.  Substitutes- Mary Alice ROLLINS, Fae EASLEY, Olive Winters BUCHAN.


BOYS TENNIS - Singles - W.S. SNEAD, Jr.; Doubles - Billie SNEAD, W.S. SNEAD.  Alternate- Alexander ALLEN.

GIRLS TENNIS- Singles - Ruth LIGHTFOOT. Doubles- Gladys COOK, Hortense GLAZIER.

North Ward Entries


Sub Junior Girls - Elizabeth MORELAND, alternate- Mary Frances CARRUTH.

Junior Girls - Opal Mae TATE, alternate- Lillie M. DENDY.

Sub Junior Boys - Herbert RAMPLEY, alternate- Buster DENDY.

Junior Boys - Walter EGBERT, alternate- Billie LIVINGSTON.


Junior Division - C.L. MOHON and Billie COLEY, alternate- Elsie LEE.

Sub Junior Division - Willie M. WISDOM and Mary Frances CARRUTH, alternate- Irene SLAUGHTER.

ESSAY WRITING - Vance ROCH, alternate- Billie COLEY.

PICTURE MEMORY - Hazel WARE, Louise PIERCE, Billie LIVINGSTON, alternates- Violet KEA, Beatrice FRANKS.

MUSIC MEMORY - C.L. MOHON, Elsie LEE, alternates- Iva Jo PITTMAN, Paul HEFLIN.

CHORAL SINGING - Brooks RIPPETOE, John GRISHAM, Vance ROCH, Vera PRESSELY, Frances CARRUTH, Irene SLAUGHTER, Zora MAUNEY, Beatrice RICH, Merle RICH, Lois HANDLIN, Gladys LOWRY, Modess BIBBY, Iva Jo PITTMAN, Grace WYATT.  Substitutes: Violet KEA, Ruth BUNTING, Velma DENDY, Mabel JAMES, J.B. CREED, Rosa Lee McCURDY, Cecil CROWDER.

GLEE CLUB:  Vance ROCH, Byrum HUDDLESTON, Merle RICH, Beatrice RICH, Paul HEFLIN, J.C. BIBBY, Modess BIBBY, Darwood HAZZARD, Iva Joe PITTMAN, Vera PRESSLEY, C.L. MOHON, Aubey SLAUGHTER, Jack DAVIS, Willie Fae ASH, Brooks RIPPETOE.  Substitutes: John GRISHAM, J.B. CREED, Opal Mae TATE, Mabel JAMES, Lois HANDLIN.

South Ward



Sub junior Girls: 1. Elaine HAMPTON , 2. Elaine SCOTT

Sub Junior Boys: 1. Bruce TERRILL, 2. Jimmie SCHMIDT.

Junior Girls: 1. Virginia SCOTT, 2. Frances GREGORY.

Junior Boys: 1. Robert COOK, 2. Gene BLITCH.


Sub Junior: 1. June TERRILL, 2. Elaine SCOTT.  Substitutes: Frances HAMPTON, Royce STRINGFELLOW.

Juniors: 1. Margaret SHARP, 2. Raynell LIGHTFOOT.  Substitutes: Mary D. BOSWELL, Mae ROBBINS.


1. Virginia SCOTT, 2. Frances GREGORY. Substitutes: Eugena GENTRY, Billie Faye LONDON.


1. Bobby Jean STRINGFELLOW, 2. Worth HOWE.  Substitutes: Stedman STRICKLAND, Claunese GLAZIER.


1. Clifford SLACK, 2. Victor Wayne ORMSBY, 3. Elizabeth CARTER, 4. Kathrine SNEAD.  Substitutes: Russell Andrew MORRISON and Talma RICE.


Elaine SCOTT, Josie Beth ALLEN, Helen WALL, Eugena GENTRY, Billie Faye LONDON, Julia Jean ROLLINS, Margaret SHARP, Eugene WEAVER, Paul COZBY, Derrol HAFFORD, Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Madge LIGHTFOOT, Ruth COOK, Ralph NICHOLS.  Substitutes: Ruby Lee PELL, Dorothy COOK, Catherine SNEAD, Orville MILLER.



Travis DIXON of Roby is guest of his grandmother, Mrs. Joe DICKSON.

A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Bernice WARREN, who resides on route 4, Wednesday, March the 15th.  The little lady's name is Ruthie Bernice.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. SHORT and Mrs. Edgar SHORT were in Stephenville Sunday visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.O. JONES and Mr. and Mrs. George BEAUCHAMP.

Mrs. Pete SHAVER went to Joplin, Mo. last week in response to a telegram stating that her daughter, Mrs. George VAUGHN was ill and Tuesday Mr. SHAVER received a message that Mrs. VAUGHN is to be operated on Wednesday for gall stones.  He left immediately to attend her bedside.

Mrs. Brown SHAVER is a guest in the home of her mother, Mrs. S.F. HAMPTON.

A tiny baby daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grady SHARP at Gorman Sanitarium, Sunday March 20.  The little one was named Mary Ann and she starts life by tipping the beam at seven pounds.

Mrs. S.G. PARKS returned Saturday afternoon from Fort Worth where she spent a week, her son, L.D. bringing her here while he was enroute to Van Horn where he has a road contract.

Mr. and Mrs. C. HAILE, who spent the winter visiting relatives near Pecos, are here guests of her mother, Mrs. CHANDLER, who lives on route 2.

Mrs. Gene SLAUGHTER and son of Fort Worth were guests last week of her mother, Mrs. HYDE.

Murray NICHOLS of Lubbock was week end guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. NICHOLS.

Miss Evelyn KINCHEN of Stephenville was week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN.

Otis HARVEY of Eastland was here Monday guest of his sister, Mrs. J.R. WOOD.

Mr. and Mrs. V.V. BELL and son J. Edward have gone to Fabena for a 2 months visit with Mr. and Mrs. Otho BELL.

Oscar COZBY of Oklahoma City was here last week end visiting relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Autry SELF of Iraan are here visiting in the home of Dr. and Mrs. J.E. SELF.

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP accompanied C.Y. MORRIS to Fort Worth last Thursday where he will take treatment in a hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL and son, Russell, were in Cleburne Friday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Will HOWELL and Harry HOWELL.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

The worst sand storm of recent years is blowing here.  Some injury to small buildings will result and much injury to the farms results from such winds.

J.E. GUTHERY, who has been confined to his room for the past few weeks is improving and his friends hope for his early recovery.

Mrs. FRITTS of Van Dyke visited with her daughter, Mrs. W.A. KING on Sunday.

Jack RILEY, who has been sick the past week, is able to be back in school this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom LINDLEY and daughter, Miss Floradell, visited Luther LINDLEY and family of Breckenridge this week.  Also, this family spent some time visiting with Will HOLLAND and family on his ranch.

Misses Cora and Delia WALL, teachers in the school at this place, went on a  hiking party Sunday with a number of the children.  Lunch was served at the Leon river bridge and from there the party motored to De Leon and other places.  A most enjoyable time was reported by all.

Grandmother KING has been sick but has shown some improvement lately.

Anthon WYNN, who has been sick for the past two weeks, is up again.


Beattie by Weldon Andress

Well, we realize that March is here.  The wind and sand reminds us of this

Mrs. A. CLEMENTS was called to the bedside of her mother at Waco Friday, who is reported very sick.  Mrs. CLEMENTS' mother is also the mother of U.S. Senator Tom CONNALLY, he being a half brother to Mrs. CLEMENTS.

Mr. and Mrs. R.B. MURRAY of San Saba is visiting Mrs. MURRAY's brother, Wilmer NOWLIN of this place, this week.

Steve, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. GRAY is reported as being very sick at this time.  It will be remembered that this news reported the loss of their son, David, two weeks ago at the Gorman Sanitarium.  This child has the same disease, intestinal flu.  We sincerely hope this one will recover.

Ark and Roe ALLRED (twin brothers) of Fort Worth are visiting thier sister, Mrs. D. WELCH this week.

Uncle Bill KEITH enjoyed a birthday dinner Sunday.  The dinner was prepared for him by his daughter, Mrs. Tom BLACK, at her home. It was Uncle Bill's 69th birthday.  We hope he will live to see many more.

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin HORTON were visiting his brother, Cecil HORTON in the Duster community Sunday.

Miss Belle HAMBRICK, who has been attending school here, returned to her home at Priddy Sunday.

A quartette from this place broadcasted over the KFPL in Dublin Monday night and rendered an interesting program to the radio fans.  The singers were:  Douglas and Ben STEPHENSON, Stetson BINGHAM and Vernon WELCH.  Hubert KELLY accompanied them on the piano.

Uncle John KELLY is remodeling his blacksmith shop this week.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

The Junior grammar grade girls that entered in spelling had their tryouts last week and of those entering, Janice BRUMBELOW, first; Thelma MILLER, second; Aline KIMMELL, third.  Others that entered were Lena Mae CARR, Charlotte BLASSINGAME and Mozelle STEWART.

The Junior high school spellers had their first try-out last Monday.  Mary Frances RADENBACK, first; Edith CINES, Alta Mae RADENBACK and Virginia TOLER tied for second place.

The Senior spellers are arranged according to their first, second, and third places.  Elaine BARKER, Adina KIMMELL and Omar MOORE.

Clay STEWART has purchased a fine young span of mules.  His sons, Vernon and Ralph went to Bunyon Tuesday to bring them home.


Highland - Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

The sand is rolling along, and some more cold weather, altho we hope it won't treat us too badly this time.

The flu is still raging among us.  Mrs. J.H.M. HARRISON has been real sick with flu but is better at this writing.

Mrs. Finis MOODY is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. G.H. TREADWAY has been sick and has almost lost her voice.  We are hoping she will regain her speech and health soon.

Little Miss Mary McKEVER has been real sick with whooping cough and flu.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde HODGES are the proud parents of a baby boy and they have named him Robert MURRAY.

A baby girl has arrived in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Onie KEITH.  Her name is La Joyce.

The car that was stolen February 8th belonging to J.C. CORBELL has been found in Louisville, Kentucky.  John L. THIEBAUD and Edwin HOUSE are planning on going after it this week.



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