The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, March 18, 1932


They've Drank Together on 14th of March 29 Years

            Dr. J.E. SELF and E.J. WISDOM have celebrated their birthdays by taking a drink together for 29 years.  E.J. has a birthday on the 14th and Dr. SELF's falls on the 15th of March.  For all these years they have observed the occasion, this year by drinking a "milk shake."  (It may not always have been so tame).  And for most of these years they have lived on the same block and have never engaged in "hard words."  The record is commendable.


Recovering From Appendicitis Attack

            Thurston, son of Mr. and Mrs. O.F. CARR of Gorman, Rt. 3, is recovering from a recent operation for appendicitis which he had at the Blackewell Sanitarium, Gorman.  The operation was successful and the young man will soon be back to normal.


Miss Mollie Coley Died at Her Home After Long Illness

            The long illness of Mrs. Mollie COLEY terminated in death at her home in this city at 6:15 o'clock a.m. Tuesday March 16, 1932.  She fell ill of an unusual malady almost two years ago.  Gradually her physical resistance was diminished until August 15, 1931 she was confined to her bed and during the intervening months had been a patient and hopeful sufferer.  Being a wife and mother and in the midst of life, she looked forward to the return of health.  But such was not to be.  The plan of Providence called for her presence in another realm, and earthly life was surrendered up to conform to His plan and purpose.

            Mollie Susan COLEY was the youngest daughter of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS.  She was born near Hanover, Ala., on October 22, 1888, being forty-three years, five months and 4 days of age at death.  When nine years of age she came with her parents to Texas and settled at De Leon.  For more than thirty-three years she has lived in and near this city.

            On August 5, 1908 Mollie NABORS was married to W.M. COLEY.  Into their home five children were born, one dying in infancy.  These are Mrs. H.P. HOLDRIDGE, (Ersel), Geneva, Frances and Billie.  Besides her husband, she is also survived by her parents, Rev. and Mrs. NABORS, sister, Mrs. J.L. GREENWALDT, and five brothers, A.E. NABORS of Brownwood, R.G. NABORS of Snyder, A.O. NABORS of Austin and B.K. and Eschol of De Leon.

            A great throng of sorrowing relatives and friends came to the Methodist church Wednesday afternoon where Rev. S.J. RUCKER conducted the funeral service.  It seemed most fitting to those who had known Mollie from childhood that this last sad service should be conducted here for her face had been a most familiar one in the place of worship.  She had been a teacher in Sunday School for many years and actively associated with women's work.  Herself reared in a Christian home, she came into the church when but 12 years of age, and when her own children came into the home it was but natural that she led them in the same paths.  She leaves a priceless heritage.  Writing her record on the hears of those whose lives she touched and influenced with loving words and kindly ministrations, she set adrift a ripple on the calm waters of the sea of time which, in ever widening circle, shall at last lap the shores of Eternity.


Little Daughter of Tom Woodard Died in Tucumcari

            A letter from Mr. and Mrs. Tom WOODARD, who reside at Tucumcari, N. Mexico, tells of the death of Tommye LaJean, their little daughter, on March 7th, 1932.  The child was nine years, three months and six days of age at death.  She was in the fourth grade at school and a fine little scholar.  It is hard indeed for loving parents to understand why one so young and whose life held so much of promise, should be taken.  They have the sympathy of the many DeLeon friends who knew them from the years when they made their home in this city.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to express from the depths of our hearts our sincere thanks and show, in the best way we possibly can, our appreciation for every act of kindness, and every word of comfort, that has been so willlingly extended us in this our bereavement in the loss of our dear, sweet wife and brother. - W.M. COLEY, Geneva, Frances, Billy and Mr. and Mrs. Paul HOLDRIDGE.


Card of Thanks

            We take this opportunity to thank our many kind friends and neighbors for all their assistance during the illness and death of our beloved little brother and son, James Ardie WEST.  Especially do we thank Rev. BAYS for his comforting words, and the RIPPTOE quartette who rendered the special songs.  We also extend our heart-felt thanks to the school, teachers and friends who contributed the beautiful flowers and cards of sympathy.  May God's richest blessings be with all of you and when in sorrow may we be as comforting to all as you have been to us. - Mr. and Mrs. Jim WEST, Grandmother SMITH, Modess, Floyd, Lloyd, Myrtle, Vertna, Clyde and Troy WEST.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

J.E. GUTHERY, who has been sick the past week, is improving.

Mr. and Mrs. Cooge SMITH and Mrs. Ben PAYNE of School Hill visited Mr. and Mrs. L.C. PAYNE Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. R.C. LINDLEY of Desdemona visited with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond LINDLEY Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.E. RILEY and daughter, Isla Maurine, of Borger, spent the week end visiting with Mr. and Mrs. G.E. RILEY.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. BOYD, who has been visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom LINDLEY, left for their home at Lubbock this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie LINDLEY and family of Desdemona visited with W.A. LINDLEY and family Sunday.

W.N. KOONCE is recovering from a mild attack of the flu that kept him in several days.

W.N. KOONCE has purchased the Billy MALLOY place and is having some improvements made.

Anthon WYNN, who has been critically ill with a relapse of flu, is reported to be improving.


Beattie by Weldon Andress

Dan BINGHAM of Beattie is now working in the Barber Shop with his son, Alonzo at (Archie Town) De Leon.

We are glad to report the weather moderating at this time.  It would be hard to estimate the damage done in this community from the cold weather as there were a considerable lot of gardening done before the freeze, not to speak of the fruit crop.  Some are fearful for the sweet potatoes that were bedded out, which means a big item should they be ruined as this community was planning on going pretty strong on sweet potatoes.

Wilmer NOWLIN's sister, Grace PHILIPS and husband, who has been visiting here several days, returned to their home in Dallas Friday.

We have just learned that Mrs. W.A. MORGAN, our primary teacher, was sick and not able to get to her school today (Monday).  We hope she will soon recover.

Miss Lois ROBERTSON is our substitute teacher and fills all vacancies when the regular teacher is unable to be at school.

A good many people have made use of this cold weather for hog killing as there were a number who have been waiting a long time for hog killing weather.

John JONES, R.F.D. carrier of De Leon, was in our community Wednesday of last week.


Concord by Mrs. Anna Wilson (From Last Week)

Elmer ST. CLAIRE and family have moved to the A.J. CUMMINGS farm.

Two hundred and twenty-eight rabbits were killed in the drive made here Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. T.J. WILSON from Abilene are at the home of Mr. WILSON's parents.

Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Jim WEST are in deep sympathy with them over the death of their son.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

School attendance is low this week due to the fact that there are so many cases of flu.  We hope that attendance will increase.

Hezzie DEAN has been very sick with the flu and is unable to be with his school work this week.  His sister, Miss DEAN is teaching in his place.  Troy BROWN is doing the truck driving.

Mrs. D.A. BAYS has returned to her daughters home, Mrs. S.C.PRICE.  She has been visiting her son, Claude BAYS of Lingleville.

Miss Janice KEE, Roger Mae SMITH, and Virginia Grace WESSON of De Leon were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. WILLIAMS and Mr. and Mrs. Merritt HARRIS Sunday.

Miss Mildred MILLER, who has been suffering with her head, was taken to Gorman Monday for a minor operation.


Victor by Miss Grace Dixon (From Last Week)

The cold weather the last few days has killed fruit trees, such as peaches and plums.

On account of illness and a death in neighboring communities, we did not have a very large crowd out for singing Sunday night.

School will close at this place Friday.  This is the shortest school term we have had here in several years.  The school was cut short unexpectedly and there was no program gotten up for the closing day.

Leon KEITH and R.L. GARY left one day last week to try and find work.

Rev. BARKER of Dublin has been called as pastor of the Baptist church here, will fill his regular appointment here Sunday morning and Sunday night.


Comyn  by Mrs. J.F. PHIPPS

Mr. and Mrs. Grady MOHON and Pete PELL went to Dallas Saturday.  Mr. PELL is under treatment of an eye specialist there.

Miss Davie MALTHERY, sister of M.C. MALTHERY, who recently lived here with her brother's family, died at Dublin last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. S.D. STRONG were called to Green's Creek Tuesday on account of the serious illness of Mr. STRONG;s twin brother, Will STRONG.  Later in the day Mr. STRONG's death occurred.  He had been in ill health for some time, having suffered a stroke of paralysis a year or two ago.

Mr. and Mrs. S.D. STRONG and family attended the funeral at Green's Creek Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. C.G. HODGES are the parents of a baby born Monday, March 14.  The little fellow has been named Robert Murray.

Mrs. Roy LINDLEY of Desdemona visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. COOK on last Thursday.


Buffalo  by Miss Valda Gregory

J.D. BAUGH of this community was taken to Gorman Sunday night where he underwent an operation.

Mrs. Olene RACKLEY of Overton, Texas, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.B. BRINSON.

Mrs. Olene RACKLEY of Overton, Texas, Mr. Elzo BRINSON and Miss Alma Ruth BELYEU of this community attended the Stock Show at Fort Worth. 

Miss ruby Mae DAVIS of the Roch community spent the week with Miss Cuttie WILKERSON.

Wash ROCH of Jayton, Texas, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. M.A. ROCH.

John GREGORY will leave this week to go to Throckmorton County where he will stay this year with his brother, S.C. GREGORY.


Oliver Springs by Mrs. Eunice Baird

There was only a few in attendance at the churches Sunday on account of sickness and bad weather.

Mrs. B.M. JOHNSTON was called to the sanitarium in Gorman to attend her daughter, Mrs. Henry STEWART.

School was dismissed Tuesday and Wednesday because of the death of Mrs. HOLDRIDGE's mother.  We have not known Mrs. HOLDRIDGE's mother personally but it must have indeed been a lovable character to have given to the world a daughter such as we think Mrs. HOLDRIDGE.  The sincere sympathy of the school and community is extended to them in their hours of sorrow.

Mrs. Gladys SMITH is ill with the flu this week.

Mrs. Tom LINDLEY and Miss Connie JOHNSTON visited Mrs. Henry STEWART in the Gorman sanitarium Sunday evening.

(From Last Week)

Mr. and Mrs. Maneil SMITH visited his parents at Ranger last week.

School attendance is lowered on account of bad weather and several cases of the flu.

Miss Opal COZART is absent from school with the flu.

Mr. and Mrs. R.D. BAGGET and little Willie Frances and Miss Carmen BAIRD of Ranger visited home folks this past week.

Russell BURLESON and family of Rucker visited Johnnie BURLESON and wife Sunday.

Several ladies of the community met at Mrs. Clyde NABOR's last Tuesday and quilted five quilts.

The freeze of a year ago seems to be duplicated this week.  Some if not all the fruit is killed.  This is a disappointment because we have missed three fruit crops.


Stagg Creek

The freeze and cold weather has surely killed all the fruit and early gardens.

Miss Lorraine ROGERS, who is attending school at Beattie, spent the week end with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. C.V. DRENNAN of Santa Anna spent last Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry DRENNAN.

Oscar HILLEY has returned home from Comanche where he has been working.

Melton PATTERSON returned to his home in Brownwood.

Miss Maurine STEWART of Eastland is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. HALL.

Grandmother DAVIS, who has been living with her daughter, Mrs. J.H. JAYNES, left Sunday for Post City to visit her son.

Mrs. Oscar STONE from California is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.J. HOOD.

Neely COX and little daughter of Glen Rose spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. COX.



A baby boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde HODGES, in the Round Grove community, on Monday March 14.  All doing nicely.

Mrs. Ronald SHANDS, of Stamford, was here this week guest in the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. A.L. MOORE.

Mrs. D.A. STEPHENS has been very ill with the flu, but is better at this time.

H.C. DEAN has been home this week sick with the flu, his sister Gertie has been teaching in his place.

Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE was in San Antonio last week, guest of Mr. and Mrs. Edmond GRIZZELLE.

Mrs. L.C. ROWE and little daughter, Jackie, have returned from spending the winter with relatives at Del Rio.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford ALLEN went to Gorman, Eastland and Fort Worth during the past week end, visiting with relatives and friends.

D.M. HANSARD of San Antonio, Mrs. Reva SMITH of Gorman, and Mrs. Nolah HUBBARD of Ranger visited their sister, Mrs. Grace DEAN on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.

Miss Lillie SINGLETON, Mr. and Mrs. SINGLETON, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. HUMPHRY and Misses Lucile VAUGHN, Della WALL and Bernice KIKER went to Dingler Friday where they attended the funeral of Roy McCULLOCH.

Mrs. Reva SMITH of Gorman and Mrs. Nelah HUBBARD o Ranger visited their sister, Mrs. Grace DEAN on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. John C. SPRADLEY, of Longview, are the very proud parents of a baby boy, born to them on Monday March 14.  Mrs. SPRADLEY was formerly Miss Flossie STOVER.

Mrs. R.B. HUMBERSON and children of Houston were here the first of the week visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ramond VAN ZANDT.  Mesdames VAN ZANDT and HUMBERSON are sisters.

Mrs. Mollie TATE has gone to San Antonio for a visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. FINE.  Mrs. FINE (formerly Mary COUNTS), had a serious operation two weeks ago and has not recovered as rapidly as was hoped.

"Alice Ann" is the name of a precious mite of humanity making an appearance in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank PATTERSON, at Junction.  Mrs. PATTERSON was formerly Miss Allice McDEMIE, youngest daughter of W.B. McKEMIE here.  The mother and little daughter are doing well.

Those from out of town who attended the funeral of L.W. EASTERLING here last Friday were:  Mr. and Mrs. J.H. EASTERLING, Whitney; Mrs. J.T. EUBANKS, Waco; Mrs. G.V. FORREST, San Antonio; Mrs. J.C. LATHAM, Whitney;  Mrs. F.A. KNOX, Lubbock; Mr. and Mrs. Howard RICHARDSON and Betty Jean, San Antonio; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth EASTERLING, Stamford; Mr. and Mrs. T.W. BENNETT and children, Ardmore, Okla.; Mr. and Mrs. Joe WILSON and Mrs. R.L. WILSON, Cisco.



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