The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, February 26, 1932


S.A. Cooper Died at Tahoka Sunday; Former Resident

            S.A. (Uncle Sol) COOPER, who made his home for many years on his farm in the Turkey Creek community, died last Sunday morning at Tahoka, where he had been living.  News of his death came to the Free Press from J.E. HALBROOKS of Trent, who formerly lived here.

            Uncle Sol was up in the seventy's.  He contracted smallpox and a case of pneumonia followed this.  He was unable to withstand the attack.  He still owned his farm here at the time of his death, although he has been away for some years the Free Press understands.  We are sorry we have no further particulars of his life.


Mother of Mrs. Wm. Duke Died Tuesday at Alexander, Ala.

            Mrs. Laura SCOTT, mother of Mrs. Wm. DUKE and W.J. SCOTT, died at 4:00 o'clock p.m. Tuesday, February 23rd, 1932, at the home of her son at Alexander City, Ala.  The dead woman is an aunt of the editor of this paper, being a sister of Mrs. H.B. SCOTT of San Angelo.  Relatives here had not known that she was critically ill.  She was buried at Flint Hill cemetery, the old family burying ground, Wednesday this week.

            Mrs. SCOTT would have been 79 years of age had she lived to April 11th of this year.  She was born in Tallapoosa county, only a few miles from where she died, spending her life very largely there.  She came to Texas in 1919 and visited with her son and daughter for awhile.  She has many relatives and acquaintances living around De Leon at this time.

            There are six living children, four at Alexander City, one in Tennessee, and one here at De Leon.  There are twenty-one living grand children and one great grand child.  Deceased had been a member of the Methodist church and a consecrated Christian for more than 60 years.  Her husband died in 1918.


W.P. Robertson Buried Wednesday

            William Perry RO"BERTSON, 72, and 48 years a citizen of Comanche County, died at his home three miles north of Comanche Tuesday morning, February 16, following a month's illness although he had been in failing health for two years.  Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the Comanche Baptist Church, conducted by Rev. T.N. CARTER, assisted by Rev. Gordon BARRETT.

            Mr. ROBERTSON was born at Little Rock, Arkansas, January 21, 1860.  Soon after reaching maturity, Mr. ROBERTSON moved to Texas, settling in Comanche Co.  He was married 44 years ago to Miss Maggie ROSS of De Leon, who survives him.

            "Uncle Perry" as he was familiarly known to his friends was always active in community affairs taking especial interest in the affairs of the Baptist Church and in school affairs in which he always felt a deep responsibility.

            In addition to his widow, he is survived by the following children:  Finis ROBERTSON of Abanathy, Miss Alice ROBERTSON of Dallas, Mrs. Grover REED of Comanche, Jake ROBERTSON of Galveston, Mrs. Viola, teacher in the Van Dyke school, T.D. ROBERTSON, Stephenville and Lewis ROBERTSON of Ralls. --Comanche Chief.


Round Grove Boy, 3, Punched Eye Out With Knife

            Harold ROSS, aged 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan ROSS, will go through life without the sight of his right eye as a result of paying with an open knife.  The family lives in Round Grove.  The child had been slightly ill and was fretful.  Monday afternoon near sunset he begged for a knife with which to whittle.  His mother gave him the knife, a pocket knife, opening the small blade.  It was believed in whittling toward his face, he pierced the right eyeball, the knife striking exactly in the pupil of the eye.

            The child's screams brought his parents quickly, who brought him to a local physician and the day following he was taken to Gorman.  It is believed he will lose the use of his eye, however, it is possible that the eyeball may not have to be removed.

            The injured child is  grandson of W.W. HODGES, also of Round Grove community.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to thank each of you who so kindly helped us in our hour of sorrow.  Your words of sympathy and every deed of kindness will always be remembered.  May God bless you.

            Mrs. E.L. BALLARD and children, Mrs. S.F. BALLARD and children



            Miss Launa FRETWELLwas home the past week end from Lipan, where she teaches.  She was accompanied by her former classmate at Texas Christian University, Miss Lou Alice JERNIGAN, of McCrory, Ark. who also teaches at Lipan.

C.L. KINCHEN has gone to Tyler where he has entered school.

Kenneth FINKLESTINE has returned home from Fort Worth.

Horace IRVIN is critically ill from a heart attack.

Mrs. Stanley MORELAND went to the Gorman Sanitarium Wednesday where she is being treated.

Miss Evelyn KINCHEN of Stephenville was week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN.

Robert STEAKLEY and family, of Denison, were week end guests of STEAKLEY and LAMBERT families in this city.

Mrs. Mary L. DIXON has returned from a visit with her daughters, Mesdames GRISHAM and COX and families at Luling.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. WILSON and children of Cisco were guests Sunday of her mother, Mrs. Emma COONER and family.

Miss Ruth HARPER received an announcement telling of the arrival of a baby girl, name Julien Lou, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.A. BAKER at Breckenridge.

Free Press editor has received information that his nephew, Ira STEPHENS, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff STEPHENS, of Tahoka, recently joined the U.S. army.

Etcel WILHELM, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank WILHELM of Arkansas, and a grandson of Mrs. G.W. WILHELM of this place, who is in the U.S. Navy, recently graduated from a wireless school at Hampton Roads, Va., and was attached to a vessel sailing for Cuba.  He is a wireless operator.


Highland - Round Grove by Walter Rippetoe

Today (Tuesday) is eight days since we have seen the sun, altho we know its shining somewhere.

The flu is still among us.  Mr. Geo. M. HOOD, principal of Highland, is in bed with the flu.

Mrs. Earnest RIPPETOE, who has been sick, is better at this writing.

John L. THIEBAUD and most all of his family have been sick with cold, flu and whooping cough.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

Mr. and Mrs. Earl LOWERY gave the basketball boys and girls a party last Friday night.  There was a good number present.  All reported a nice time.

Bill THOMAS visited relatives at Dublin last week end.

The honor roll for this six week was as follows:

First Grade:  Collis MACON, Wanda KIMMELL, Bob MILLE, Marian TAYLOR and Omer McADAMS.

Second Grade:  Wayne MAHAN, Charley FORREST, Adonis KIMMELL, Edwin Earl St. CLAIR.

Third Grade:  Durwood PARK, Jack BLASSINGAME, Alvis Vera FORREST, Maris BLANKENSHIP.

Fourth Grade:  A.J. STEWART, Melton DECKER, Thelma FORREST, Orlie Lorene FORREST and Oscar Rex MILLER.

Fifth Grade:  Marjorie BRUMBELOW, Margaret PARSON, Elephore DECKER.

Sixth Grade:  Vera May COOK, Gene LOFTEN, Vera BARKER, Charlotte BLASSINGAME, Mozelle STEWART and Mary BLOYD.

Seventh Grade:  Janice BRUMBELOW, Charlotte MILLER, Thelma MILLER, Alene KIMMELL, Velma MILLER.

High School Honor Roll:  virginia TAYLOR, Mary Frances RADENBACK, Josie BLOYD, Thelma BARKER, Belua GRAY, Alta Mae RADENBACK, Levada MACON, Wilma Carroll MILLER, Hollis DYSON, Adina KIMMELL, Myrtle May LOWRANCE, and Elaine BARKER.

Aulton BRUMBELOW spent Tuesday night with his Grandmother BRUMBELOW.

Foye DYSON has returned from Abilene where he has been visiting his sister, Mrs. H. ROGERS.

Miss Mamie TAYLOR has returned from California to the home of her parents.

Don DIXON has returned to his home in this community.


Oliver Springs by Mrs. Eunice Baird

School attendance has been small this week and past on account of so much rain.

Geo. REED rceived news last week from West, Texas that Mrs. Sarah FOSTER was quite ill with the flu.

Tuesday night Mr. and Mrs. Ernest DANIELS entertained with a "42" party.

Several of Mr. A. WARRENS family are ill with the flu.

Mrs. Susie WEST of near Comanche visited with her sister, Mrs. Clyde NABORS Tuesday and Wednesday.


Beattie by Zora Andress

There has been plenty of rainfall here this week.  We have enough moisture in the ground to last quite a while.  It has been cloudy and raining all week.  we have scarcely seen the sun since last Saturday.

There is quite a lot of illness in the community lately.  There seems to be quite an epidemic of "flu" going through the country.  Our high school English teacher has been kept out of school all week because of illness.  Miss Lois ROBERTSON has been teaching in Mrs. SMITH's place.

There was only a very few present at singing Saturday night because of bad weather and almost impassable roads.  Those who were present put in a lot of good time practicing some new songs and enjoying the old ones.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

The continued rainy weather has stopped all farm work and some that farm the larger farms in this community feel that they are already behind with their work.  The rains have given us the best bottom season in many years.

W.A. LINDLEY and family visited with Tom LINDLEY and family Sunday.

Clifford GROGAN and family have moved to Desdemona where they will make their home.

Miss Lillian ROBBINS, who is a senior in the Desdemona high school this year, has been out of school because of illness.

Misses Delia and Cora WALL gave a birthday party for Miss Sarah HUGHES and Miss Mildred McKINNEY Saturday night to which a number of special friends were invited.  Doughnuts and hot chocolate were served at a late hour and a most enjoyable time was reported by all present.

Preaching that had been announced for Sunday was rained out.  Rev. RADFORD was faithful enough to come but owing to the rain and the condition of the roads many did not come.

The Misses WALL and Miss Lucile RILEY, teachers in the school at this place, took the high school girls on a hiking party last week.  They had selected a picturesque place known as Rock Hollow on Leon River as their destination and they hiked to that place, arriving about noon.  Camp fires were built and luncheon cooked and pictures taken and a most enjoyable time was reported.  A girl club was organized the name of which is "The H.B.H.C. Club" and they expect to go on many more hiking parties.  Those present were:  Misses Delia WALL, Cora WALL, Lucile RILEY, Sarah HUGHES, Mildred McKINNEY, Evelyn LANE, Alma GREGORY, Madge McKINNEY, Novis LINDLEY, Estelle LINDLEY, Lillian ROBBINS, Obanetta WINNEGER, Emogene ADAMS and Bartene MOORE.



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