The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, February 12, 1932


Life of Oscar Nabors Ends in Deep Tragedy

            The community was shocked by a most regrettable tragedy last Friday.  Oscar NABORS, eldest son of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS, ended his life at his home near New Hope – a suicide.  He carried his children to the home of his parents Friday morning, then returned alone to carry out plans which he had evidently perfected with definiteness and precision.  He wrote a number of letters, these to his children, to the Farmers & Merchants National Bank of De Leon, and one to the public.  He left a note in his Rural mail box to the carrier.  This done, he bathed and dressed himself in his best clothing, and is alleged to have taken strychnine and chloroform.

            The rural mail carrier arrives at the NABORS’ farm at about noon each day.  He found the note and took it to a nearby home.  Investigation made by friends disclosed the tragedy.  An inquest was held and the verdict was death by suicide.

            The funeral was held at the Methodist church in De Leon at 3:30 o’clock Saturday and the auditorium was packed.  Deceased had been a member of the church at New Hope for many years and his membership was there at the time of his death.  Revs. S.J. RUCKER and R.T. WALLACE conducted the service.  He had enjoyed the respect and confidence of his fellow man through the many years he had lived here.

            Born in Alabama Jan. 12, 1885, he came to Texas on Dec 1, 1897 and had lived here a little more than 32 years.  He was married in 1910 and his wife died in 1921.  Four children were born into the home, Una, O?o, Dane and Wade, these ranging in years from about 11 to 19.


Z.E. White, Long Time Citizen Here, Dies at Carbon

            The death of Z.E. WHITE, brother of J.V. WHITE occurred at the home of his son, Wade WHITE, a mile south of Carbon, at 6:30 o’clock p.m. Tuesday, February 2, 1932, and the funeral and burial was held the day following.  Because of the illness of Wade WHITE, the funeral was held at the home and the service concluded at Gorman cemetery where burial took place.  The minister in charge was Rev. Ben CLEMENTS, an old friend of the deceased.

            Born in LaFayette county, Miss. Sept. 26, 1857, Mr. WHITE grew to manhood near the town of Oxford, where he was married to Miss Ora MORGAN in the early 80’s.  Two children were born to this union, a son and a daughter.  The daughter, Mrs. Add McCHAREN, died eight years ago at Matador, Texas.  His wife passed away some thirteen years ago at Gorman.  There are six grand children, J.V. WHITE of De Leon and E.D. WHITE, Belen, Miss.  Brothers who survive.

            Mr. WHITE came to De Leon in the year 1887 and settled near De Leon living on the C.R. CARRUTH place, the T. PATTERSON place near Round Grove and one year on the John BROUGHTON place, later moving near Gorman where he continued to remain for a number of years.  Since the death of his wife, he has been making his home with his son.


Brother of Local Physician Died at Mercedes the 9th

            Dr. J.E. SELF received a message Thursday apprising him of the death of his brother, J.J. SELF which occurred at his home in Mercedes, Texas, Tuesday, February 9.  Mr. SELF had an operation 3 weeks ago for gall stones and his death is traceable to this cause.  He had been critically ill for some weeks.

            J.J. SELF lived at De Leon for a short while in 1911.  He reared a family and his children were in school while here.  All his children are now grown.  The family has resided in the Lower Rio Grande Valley for many years.


Mother of Rodney Culpepper Died Suddenly Sunday

            Mrs. Ella LYON, mother of Rodney CULPEPPER, died suddenly at her son’s home here at 8:30 o’clock a.m. Sunday.  The cause of her death was not definitely determined.  She had gone into the bathroom to carry soiled bed linens to a laundry bag.  While there she fell, either from a heart attack or from fainting, striking her head probably on some part of the bathroom fixtures, sustaining a fracture on the back of her head.  She only gasped once or twice after being discovered and died before aid could be summoned.

            Mrs. LYON was born at Charleston, Mo. Jan. 3, 1892, being 40 years, one month and 4 days of age at death.  Her life was spent mostly in the state of Mississippi, at Belzona.  Here she was married and one child was born, Rodney CULPEPPER, who survives.  She is also survived by her father, H.J. ATKINS, who resides at the CULPEPPER home.  Mrs. LYON came to De Leon to make her home with her son the 6th of June last year.  She was a member of the Methodist church at Belzona, Miss. For 9 years, being a consistent Christian.  She was also a member of the Order of Railway Telegraphers, her father stated.

            The funeral was from the family home at 3:30 o’clock Monday afternoon with Rev. S.J. RUCKER, assisted by Rev. M.A. DAVIS in charge.  Her body was laid to rest at De Leon cemetery.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to extend our most sincere thanks to the good friends and neighbors who came to our assistance this week in the great tragedy which came to our home in the death of our loved daughter and mother.  Your kind ministrations and words of comfort will remain with us always a treasured memory.  May a kind Providence abundantly bless each of you.

            H.J. ATKINS

            Rodney CULPEPPER and wife


Card of Thanks

            We wish to take this opportunity to thank our many friends who were so kind and helpful to us during the prolonged illness and death of our dear husband and father.  May each kind word spoken and each deed come back to you many fold.  The beautiful floral offerings which made our hearts glad in our last sad moments with our loved one will ever remain in our memory.  There shall be a warm place in our hearts as long as time shall last.  May God bless each and every one of you.

            Mrs. J.L. HOOD,  Mr. and Mrs. George M. HOOD, Mr. and Mrs. W.M. HOOD, of Dublin, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. HOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Archie HOOD of Fort Worth and Mr. and Mrs. M.O. HOOD of Rule.


Honor Roll of Entire School For the Third Period

            The first lesson you must learn is that an education cannot be given you, it matters not how ardently your parents may desire it, it is a goal to be attained through individual effort, and it is a task long and difficult.

            Therefore, realizing the above is true, we appreciate very deeply the pupils who are listed in this honor roll.  They have made a general average of 90 per cent.  We all hope this roll will continue to grow. –E.H. BOULTER, Supt.

High School

Seniors: Truman BRATTEN, Lenora FINKLESTEIN.

Juniors:    Ava DUKE, Susan SCHMIDT, Pat NARRY.

Sophomores:  Azalee CLARK, Doris MORTON, Pansy MULLOY, Lady Grace WHALEY.

Freshman:  Pauline BRATTON, Chrystelle HOLLEMAN, Lillie Marie UNDERHILL.

Grammar School

First Grade:  Samm HALL, Bobby Jean GOOCH, Alida Mae HARRIS, Jo IRVIN, Gloria Jen LOUDERMILK, Gene MORTON, Maryline SMITH, Polly TERRILL, B. Alice WHITTLE, Roy HUNTING, Billie C. PITTMAN, Margie MAUNEY, Mildred HIGGINBOTHAM, B.F. SINGLETON, Arvella RICH, Mary Frances OWENS, Norma E. JONES, Ruby HASTY, Jimmie Rae GOODEN,  Jim SLAUGHTER, John Alfred RUMPLEY, Ralph KEA, Calvin ESTES.

Second Grade:  Harold CLARK, John DAVIS, Jimmie SCHMIDT, Orlie HEATH, Peggie COUNTS, Mary Frances DUNCAN, Zela STACY, Bobby FUNDERBURGH, Srah Jo MORRISON, Mary Jack RICE, Donna WALL, Zelda BUCHAN, Alice Louise EOFF, Dorothy Gene GLOVER, Bell ASH, Gaston BRIDGES, Buster DENDY, Jack HARRIS, Cecil KED, Valton LEWELLEN, Derwin NABORS, Herbert RAMPLEY, Gayle RIPPETOE, Eldon TERRILL.

Third Grade:  Mary Frances ELLIS, Frances HAMPTON, Harwell DONOHUE, Dorwin HAMILTON, Bruce TERRILL, Ruth Elaine BOSWELL, Ruby FUNDERBURGH, Mary Jane NEWTON, Bettye Jo STRINGFELOW, Betty Jean VAN ZANDT, Johnny PEEVY, Delton KILLEBREW,  Jimmie HANDLIN, Esther ANDERSON, Lela DENDY, Willie Mae WISDOM, Louise HOLLEMAN, Elizabeth MORELAND, Addie Sue PITTMAN, Doris UNDERHILL, Geneva LEE.

Fourth Grade:  Mary Frances CARRUTH, Rachel LANCASTER, F. Rae BOULTER, Elaine HAMPTON, Helen HALL, Ina Louise MILLER, Mary SALTER, June TERRILL, Darleen VAN ZANDT, Gerold SHORT, Edith Mae ROGAN.

[Transcriber’s note:  Unfortunately the microfilm of this page was so dark that Fifth grade and Sixth Grade were unreadable.]


Jakehamon  by O.H. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. John LINDLEY and children of Eastland visited with her brother, Freddie OSBORN and family this week.

Mrs. Ben PAYNE and children of Shamrock visited with Mr. and Mrs. L.C. PAYNE this week.

Clark PAYNE, son of L.C. PAYNE has returned home from Shamrock where he has been employed for several months.

Mr. P.H. ANDERSON and family of Huckaby have recently moved into this community and have placed their children in school.  They will farm the McGUIRE place.

Little Dorothy Jean SALYER of Desdemona is visiting her grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. HUGHES of this community this week.

J. L. HUGHES, who has been sick for the past several weeks has not improved at this time.

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. VARNER gave a birthday dinner for Otto BARNES at their home Sunday.  A large number of friends gathered and enjoyed the occasion.

A large number of young folks of this community visited with Mrs. Nell KITCHEN of Desdemona Friday night and took their song books where they sang till a late hour.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond LINDLEY and Mr. and Mrs. R.C. LINDLEY of Desdemona were in Eastland Saturday shopping and seeing some special shows that were going on there.  They spent Saturday and Sunday with their grand parents, Rev. and Mrs. W.M. LINDLEY of that place.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom LINDLEY and daughter, Miss Floradell, spent the week end visiting with Will HOLLAND and family near Breckenridge and also visited his father, Rev. LINDLEY and family, of Eastland.

Mrs. O.I.L. AYRES, merchant of Desdemona, had the misfortune to get her car in the ditch Sunday night and narrowly escaped a serious accident.

F.C. MOORE of Victor visited his son, O.H. MOORE, and family Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie GUTHERY gave a birthday party honoring G.A. CLARK, father of Mrs. GUTHERY.  A large number of friends of the family gathered and spent the evening merrily together.  Forty-two and Flinch was played and a delicious course of cake and chocolate was served by Mrs. GUTHERY.  As the party progressed, a game was played in which O.H. MOORE and Mr. CLARK won high score, then they were to follow a thread at the end of which Mr. CLARK found an assortment of useful and ornamental presents brought in by his friends.  Mr. G.A. CLARK is a young man of seventy summers, but looks much younger, and has lived in this part many years where he has a host of friends who wish for him many more happy birthdays.


Oliver Springs by Mrs. Eunice Baird

Mrs. Clara HILL was hostess to thirty-five ladies Wednesday.  A splendid dinner was served and seven quilts were quilted.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff SMITH visited their daughter, Mrs. Johnnie BURLESON, Sunday.

John REED was quite sick for a few days but has improved this week.

Mr. HOWARD, intermediate teacher, visited his aunt, Mrs. A. WARREN Monday night.

L.C. COZART and family spent Sunday with Hurly COZART and family of St. Joe.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Everyone has been enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather after so much rain.  Most farmers are busy cutting stalks, breaking land, getting ready to plant corn.  Some have been gardening.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee NABORS of De Leon, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. ALLGOOD of Rucker, Mr. and Mrs. Jonah PETERS and son of De Leon, and Mr. and Mrs. Jim CRENSHAW of Gorman attended church at Ross Chapel Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. CRENSHAW are former residents of this community and their many friends here are always glad to see them.

Miss Levis LOCK visited Miss Iris WARREN of Oliver Springs Sunday.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Mason

Hezzie DEAN began Monday working the high school boys “out” in track events.

Mrs. J.M. KAY, who has been on the sick list, is now improving.

Miss Gladys HOOPER of Desdemona spent the week end with her sister, Mrs. C.L. TARRENCE. 

C.W. PARK and family canned a beef the past week.

One of the most interesting happenings of the season occurred Thursday, January 28 when Mr. Ike BRUMBELOW and Miss Bess UNDERWOOS were joined in the holy bonds of matrimony.  The young couple was married in Comanche, Rev. Gordon BARRETT performing the ceremony.  The romance of these two young people is one of some duration, and their devotion has been rewarded in this happy culmination of affairs.  The groom has lived in this community since childhood, and is a prominent young man, and held in high esteem among all who know him.  The bride’s home is in Dublin where she has lived since childhood and is respected as one of the most popular young ladies at that place.  Mr. and Mrs. BRUMBELOW are going to make their home on Mrs. G.L. BRUMBELOW’s farm.  Mr. Ike is a very progressive farmer and a good manager as he has been overseer on the BRUMBELOW farm since his father’s death.  The host of friends of this young couple rejoice with them in their happiness and sincerely wish them many, many years of conjugal felicity.


Beattie by Zora Andress

Herrell KELLEY, who is attending school at Tarleton, visited home folks here last week end.

Mr. and Mrs. W.W. SMITH and Mr. and Mrs. W.T. KEITH, Jr. and family visited Mr. and Mrs. R.R. SMITH of Trinity Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Alvis LOCKE of Comanche are visiting Mrs. LOCKE’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.T. ANGLIN at this writing.

Emmitt MORGAN accompanied his brother-in-law, Lawrence FRANKS of Pioneer on a trip to Harlingen this last week to visit his brother there.

Homer BOYD, who is now owner of the telephone system here, has been doing some work repairing the lines and putting in lots of new posts.

Altie DRENNAN, a former student of Beattie Hi and who is now cashier in a prominent bank in Abilene, visited home folks this week end.  He was accompanied home by his mother who has been visiting her daughter at Haskell.

A number of people here are selling their peanuts now.  It was announced Saturday night that there would be some peanut buyers from May, Texas, here this week.

Leland NABORS was at the play here Friday night.  His many friends in this community are very glad to see him up and about again.



M.T. BLACK of Dublin is guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. BLACK this week.

Adrian GRIZZELLE has gone to San Antonio where he has accepted a position.

John Carl HASKINS spent last week end here visiting his mother, who has been seriously ill.

Mrs. H.R. BOWERS and daughter Billie Fae of Brady are guests of her mother, Mrs. RUFF and other relatives here.

Miss Lora SINGLETON, who teaches school at Energy, is in the Gorman Sanitarium very sick with appendicitis and an attack with her heart.

Edwin, the 13 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. H.G. WALLACE, is in the Gorman Sanitarium quite ill with acute appendicitis and other trouble.

Eral NELSON and Charley FREEMAN, who are working in Fort Worth, were week end guests with their families here.

H.E. NEWTON is in Stephenville this week doing some carpenter work for Rev. J.N. CAMPBELL, who recently moved there from Pharr.

Ray HARVEY has returned from Dallas where he attended S.M.U. last fall.

Mr. and Mrs. H.W. GREEN have returned to Lometa after spending the fall here where he had employment.

Mrs. Fonze WHITE of Gorman is guest of her sister, Mrs. Herbert WEAVER.

Mrs. Odell GRIMSHAW and Mrs. Amelia HATTOX were guests last week end of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. HATTOX at Stephenville.

Mr. and Mrs. B.F. COX went to Lipan the past week end for a visit with their daughter, Launa FRETWELL, who teaches there.

The 12-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Houston CROW, residing north of town, had an operation for appendicitis at Gorman Sunday and is recovering nicely.



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