The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, January 29, 1932


M.W. Holdridge Elected Chief of City Firemen

            At a business meeting of De Leon volunteer firemen at City Hall Thursday night last week, Melvin HOLDRIDGE was elected Fire Chief for the coming year, to succeed E.J. WISDOM.  Tassie MOHON was elected Assistant Chief.  WISDOM has served the firemen as chief for a number of years and has proved a good officer.  He drops out as chief because of a recent illness.  The new men have been on the list for a number of years and both are experienced firemen.

            After checking up the finances and attending to other business, the firemen found they had sufficient funds to stage a banquet, and named a committee to see about same.  The banquet date was set for Thursday evening, January 28.



John R. Wood

            John R. WOOD was born February 27, 1851, at Spartanburg, N.C. and moved to Georgia in childhood.  He grew to manhood, was married at Atlanta, Ga., and one daughter was born there.  More than fifty years ago he left Georgia and came to Texas, settling first at Ennis, then moved to Dallas, remaining for no great length of time at either place.  He then came to De Leon in the early 80’s and had been a citizen of this city practically since it was founded.  He followed the occupation of a carpenter, but had farmed also.  He settled the J.F. BEATY place, just north of Downing and once lived there.

            His first wife having died many years ago, Mr. WOOD was married to Miss Laura HARVEY in 1901.  During their more than thirty years of married life they have made De Leon their home, except a few months which they spent at Sherman.

            More than seventy years ago, Mr. WOOD was converted and united with the Missionary Baptist church and spent his entire life conscientiously devoted to the high purposes of Christian living.  His creed was honesty and square dealing, kindness and service, and he never stepped aside nor swerved from the pathway of duty.  His lodge was the Odd Fellows, to which he was faithful and loyal.

            Mr. WOOD had been ill a year, and critically ill for about six weeks.  Dropsy of the heart was the immediate cause of his death.  In the still watches of the night alone with his wife and her brother, R.R. HARVEY, Thursday, January 21, the death angel came and bore his spirit to realms above.  Thursday afternoon Rev. Montie A. DAVIS conducted the funeral service at the Baptist church and his Odd Fellow brethren laid his body to rest at De Leon cemetery.


Card of Thanks

            I take this way of thanking all who help us or assisted in any way in getting us a place and moving.  We cannot see you face to face to thank you, but we are grateful to all.

            -Bob WARREN and family


Erath Grand Jury “No-Billed” Rex Lightfoot

            The Erath County grand jury Friday, January 15, returned a “no-bill” against Rex LIGHTFOOT on a charge of fatally shooting Johnnie WALKER on the streets of Dublin on Christmas Eve night.

            The “no-bill” verdict was rendered after the grand jury had examined perhaps thirty of forty witnesses.  LIGHTFOOT, who went to jail following the shooting, was released after a few days, on bond.

            Evidence brought out before the grand jury indicated that the shooting was a culmination of a series of encounters which started between the two men at a football game at Comanche last fall.  One shot was fired by LIGHTFOOT when WALKER got out of a car in front of the Dublin Drug & Jewelry Co.  The shot struck WALKER just over the heart and he died before he could be carried to a nearby doctor’s office. 

            LIGHTFOOT left immediately after being cleared of the charge for Lubbock where he entered Lubbock high school, living for the present with his uncle, Emmett SPENCER, who is in failing health and needed the assistance of his nephew.


Leap Year Party

            Mr. and Mrs. W.H. CLARK entertained with a Leap Year party on Tuesday Evening, January 26.  All formality was taken out of the occasion by having a rule that anyone who did not call the other guests by their given names had to pay a penalty by giving the hostess some of their valuables.  This created quite a bit of excitement.

            Six tables of bridge were arranged for the following:  Mmes. And Messrs. Herbert WEAVER, John WEAVER, W.H. SMITH, Coleman GULLEY, Jeff TATE, Clifford ALLEN, Grady TERREILL, Joe ASHBY, Rollie HILL, A.C. SCHUMAN, Steve DUKE and Mrs. T.E. MAJOR and Dewey DANIELL.

            Beautiful prizes of large red striped stick candy were awarded to Mrs. A.C. SCHUMAN and Jeff TATE who won high score, while delicious all day suckers were given Mrs. T.E. MAJOR and Joe ASHBY for low score.

            The hostess served coffee and individual pineapple pie topped with whipped cream.


Key Note, Published Jan. 29, 1932, Sixth Grade, South Ward School, De Leon, Texas

Dora Laura PEEVY – Editor

Frances HALL – Assistant Editor

Ralph NICHOLS – Business Manager

Janice KEE – Sponsor

Class Roll:

Ruth COOK, Frances HALL, Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Moray HOLLAND, Flora JONES, Madge LIGHTFOOT, Ray Nell LIGHTFOOT, Dora Laura PEEVY, Dorris PHELPS, Wynell SALTER, Margaret SHARP, Ruth SALMON, Daphne SHOOK, Maxine SIKES, Charlene SMITH, Mary Lou WALDREP, Lucile WALTRIP, Anita WALLACE, Mae ROBBINS, Gene BLITCH, Joseph BLITCH, Boyd BROWN, Bobby D. HAMMERS, Billy HAMNER, Albert HAZLEWOOD, Albert W. MORRISON, M.B. NELSON, Ralph NICHOLS, Dale SINGLETON, Sam WEAVER, Buster WHITTLE, Johnnie GRIMES.

            Dorris PHELPS moved to Big Spring.  Mary WALDREP went to Stamford.  Billy HAMNER left just before mid-term for Smackover, Arkansas.  Dale SINGLETON is at school at Trinity.  We are always sorry when classmates move.

            Daphne SHOOK has been out of school a number of weeks with whooping cough.  She returned to classes this week.

In Memoriam

            Frances HALL entered the low first grade in Cisco, Texas, September 1927.  After a short while she was promoted to the high first.  When she, with her parents, moved to De Leon in November, she was in Mrs. D.M. RUSSELL’s room.  Very soon she was again promoted to Mrs. Oscar COSBY’s second grade, so during her first school year she very successfully completed the second grade.  She was seven years old.

            With Miss Lillian MOHON as her third grade teacher and Miss Iris MOHON as her fourth grade teacher, she led her class with excellent grades, and both years represented our school at Comanche in Interscholastic League sub-junior spelling.

            During her fifth grade year, Frances won several outstanding honors.  She received a writing pen, a reading certificate, and the only citizenship certificate awarded in her grade.  At the county meet, she won Picture Memory and Sub-Junior spelling.  Her average grade for the half year she was in the sixth grade was the highest in the class.

            Frances was an excellent student – so dependable, so ambitious.  She was interested in piano and choral singing, as well as baseball, and with her determination she made good at anything she undertook.

            It was with the deepest grief that we received the news of her death last Thursday morning.

Birthday Party

            On October 2, 1931, Frances HALL gave a birthday party.  She invited all the pupils of the sixth grade and also some in the fifth and seventh grades.  We played “Gossip,” “Spinning the Bottle,” “Barnyard Chorus,” “Flying Dutchman,” “Buzz” and “Cross Questions and Crooked Answers.”

            The refreshments were punch and cake.  The cake had a needle, dime, and button in it.  Margaret got the needle which stood for an old maid.  Billy GREENWALDT got the dime which stood for riches, and Mary Lou WALTRIP got the bachelor’s button.  We had a wonderful time.

New Teachers

            This year we have two new teachers.  They are Miss Bertha ROSS and Mrs. R.L. HALL.  Miss Bertha teaches arithmetic, spelling and geography.  She was not able to teach the first three weeks, so Mr. Carl MACON substituted.  We liked him very much, but we are glad to have Miss Bertha with us.

            Mrs. HALL teaches writing.  She is a good teacher, and is loved by everyone.



The following Cisco people were here recently in attendance at the funeral of the late Mrs. G.W. SPENCER:  Rev. E.S. JAMES, A.D. JAMES, W.F. WALKER, A.M. WILLIAMS, Hiram BRANDON, Mr. and Mrs. E.H. VARNELL, Mesdames R.N. CLUCK, Irene WATTERBURY, F.D. WRIGHT, L.A. HARRISON, C.B. POWELL and Mr. Omer BURKETT.

Those from out of town who attended the funeral of J.R. WOOD here Thursday last were:  Mr. O.E. HARVEY, Eastland; Mr. and Mrs. I.O. HARVEY and family, Goldthwaite; Mrs. C.M. ALLEN, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. HAWKINS and baby, and Mrs. S.L. ALLEN, all of Dallas; Mesdames LeRoy WREN and Floyd YOUNG of San Angelo, and Mr. and Mrs. John D. HARVEY, Rankin; John BRINSON, Comanche.  Mrs. Kate TOON of Waco, grand daughter, arrive Friday.

Misses Frances HARVEY, Grace SHORT, Inez BOSWELL and Adrian GRIZELLE have returned from Stephenville where they attended John Tarleton College the past semester.

Dr. J.E. SELF received a message from Mercedes this week stating that his brother, J.J. SELF is not expected to recover from an operation which he underwent January 16th.

A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. H.W. GREEN January 18th.

The following relatives came for the funeral and burial of John W. WOOD.  Because of a misunderstanding regarding the time, they came the day following the funeral.  They were:  Mr. and Mrs. J.T. STEPHENSON, Fort Worth, and Mr. and Mrs. J.P. TOON and Mr. and Mrs. Curtis WILLIFORD, of Waco.

Lost Pig – On De Leon-Comanche highway, 7 weeks old, red male.  Finder notify Jim WILKERSON, Proctor, Rt.1.

Mrs. Jack WOODARD and daughter, Miss Naomi of Mangum were here Thursday guests of Mrs. E.C. WOODARD.

Mrs. Lonnie COZBY of Brownwood is here visiting her husband’s mother, Mrs. E.O. COZBY, who is ill.

Mr. and Mrs. L.E. TENNYSON and son, Elmore Jr., of Clifton were guests last week of her sister, Mrs. C.C. NICHOLS.  She was accompanied home by her mother, Mrs. FORD.

Mr. and Mrs. Carver HUDDLESTON have moved to Lometa.

H.G. GILLOCK was in Hamlin Saturday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton GILLOCK.

Bonnie V. NABORS, who used to make his home in De Leon, came near having a serious accident in Fort Worth last week.  He started across the street to catch the street car for school and a car coming the same way the street car was running struck him kinocking him in front of the street car, the motorman stopping in time to save the child, jumped out and he and the driver of the car found, while painful, the child was not seriously hurt.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert SHARP, of Kansas City, was visiting the past week end with his brother, C.H. SHARP and family here.


Comyn by Mrs. J. P. Phipps

Mr. and Mrs. Glen WEATHERFORD and baby of Pampa visited this week with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde SMITH.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. ALSTON and daughter went to Decatur Sunday in response to a message advising them of the serious illness of Mrs. ALSTON’s father, Mr. ST. CLAIR.

Mrs. C.S. ROSE was quite ill from an attack of the flu during the latter half of last week.  We are glad to report her able to be in the school room again this week.

Van DODGEN, one of the Humble employees, is quite ill at present.

The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Abb HODGES was taken quite suddenly and seriously ill last week.  At present he is reported improving.

S.T. COOK is in Fort Worth this week visiting with his children, Mr. and Mrs. Melton HUCK.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

Mrs. J.W. PARKS was a visitor of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. PARKS last week.

The men of this community are working the road so the school buses can be able to make their routes.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard SHANKLES and small daughter, Billy Lee, of Texon are visiting her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Earl LOWERY and other relatives.

Oscar LOWRANCE of Hico visited Myrtle May LOWRANCE Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. T.J. WILSON and children are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Abb WILSON and Mr. A.J. CUMMINGS.

Mrs. Arden LOCKE has been suffering from a nail wound in her foot.

The farmers here are not able to plow as there is so much moisture in the soil, but the cover crops are growing nicely.  Most of the farmers here have their ground terraced and they are a great help in this rainy weather.

Alvin PRICE visited his sister of Lingleville last week end.

Aulton BRUMBELOW and Foye DYSON were on the sick list last week but are back in school now and will be able to play at the tournament Friday.

Jack MALONE is still suffering with a wounded leg he received while cutting wood several weeks ago.

Miss Nellie GOODSON and small brother were honored with a birthday dinner.  Those present had an enjoyable time.


Beattie by Zora Andress

Aubrey FISHER is here now visiting home folks, O.P. FISHER and family.

Emmitt MORGAN is visiting relatives in west Texas.

Hamer BOYD has traded for the telephone system here.  He has moved it to his place of business in Beattie and intends to build it up to a first class system.

A family from Ranger by the name of GRAY moved to this vicinity last week.

Martin ROE and family were weekend visitors of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie ROE.

Douglas STEPHENSON of Beattie is now engaged in selling life insurance for the Brownwood Mutual.

Miss Ophelia RANDOLPH and Paul FISHER, both of Suez, were forced to spend Thursday night with friends here.  They were at the auditorium practicing the play when a heavy rain began to fall.

Miss Jewell HALLBROOKS is working at Putnam, Texas, now.

Miss Estelle ANDRESS, 12 year old daughter of J.A. ANDRESS, barely escaped severe burns Monday evening when she dropped a match into the stove where kerosene had been poured and was smoking over some coals in the bottom of the fire box.  Her face and hair were burned, but not seriously.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Jack OWENS of Desdemona visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.V. BRAZELL Sunday.

Eugene RICHEY of Roscoe, who has been visiting with his Aunt, Mrs. O. McKINNEY, returned home this week.

Roy OSBORN of Gustine is visiting with his brother, F.E. OSBORN, this week.

Jesse L. HUGHES is on the sick list this week.

The Honor Roll for the school is as follows:  First grade:  Jackie V. DUKE, Iris June REED, Bonnie MOORE, Lloyd OSBORN.  Second grade:  Bryan McKINNEY.  Tenth grade:  Miss Sarah HUGHES.

Rev. Z.C. CHAMBLISS, Baptist pastor at Desdemona, preached at this place Sunday.  A large number gathered to hear him.

G.M. WADE, for many years a resident of this community, succumbed to an illness lasting several days and passed to his reward Sunday morning.  The deceased was widely known and had many friends throughout this section.  His illness was considered of a serious nature from the first attacks and the best of medical skill was called to his aid but because of advanced age he gradually weakened and continued heart attacks grew in intensity until death ensued.  He had raised his family to maturity in this and surrounding communities and leaves the three grown children and his faithful wife to mourn his loss.  All were with him at the time of his last illness and ministered unto him only as loved ones can.  Funeral exercises were conducted by Rev. WALKER of Desdemona at the home of the deceased, the inclemency of the weather making this advisable.  The house was crowded with friends and relatives for the funeral.  The burial was at De Leon.  His many friends in this community extend their deepest sympathy and condolences to the bereaved family.


Concord by Mrs. Anna Wilson   (From Last Week)

A big rain fell here last week end and all field work will rest for a spell.

Several from here attended the funeral service of Mr. HARRELL at Round Grove Wednesday.

Mr. KIMMELL dressed a hog Wednesday that weighed 600 pounds and rendered 21 gallons of lard.

Evelyn WILSON is at the home of her grand parents and will attend school at Robinson Springs.

Mrs. SCOTT of Robinson Springs visited Mrs. G.L. BRUMBELOW Wednesday.  Mrs. BRUMBELOW is improving some.

D. PAIR visited his parents the past week.

Mr. DECKER dressed three hogs for home use that weighed a thousand pounds and rendered 33 gallons of lard.

W.T. WILSON dressed one hog that weighed near 400 pound and rendered 11 gallons lard.

Mr. and Mrs. Skeet WADE of Desdemona visited Jean MALONE Sunday.  Jean had the misfortune of cutting his leg while getting wood.  It took six stitches to close up the wound.

Word from Abilene reported Mr. CUMMINS doing fine.

Mr. and Mrs. Berry DIXON have moved to the M.M. DIXON home and Mr. and Mrs. St. CLAIRE are living in the THOMAS house for a short time.


Oliver Springs

The attendance at school has been lowered by the condition of the roads.  One place near the school house is so bad the mail carrier has to turn back at the school house.  The roads in the community are in the worst condition they have been in for several years.  We need some culverts put in and the road raised in a few places.

Varence COZART, one of Oliver’s former school boys, visited the school one morning last week.  He is attending school in De Leon and from all accounts is proving the merits of the Oliver school.  Four of the Oliver high school students are attending other schools this term.  Otha and Brooks WARREN at Robinson Springs, Varence COZART at De Leon and Carmen BAIRD at Morton Valley in Eastland county.

Johnnie BURLESON is moving into this community.  Everybody knows Johnnie BURLESON, his wife and tiny daughter are gladly welcomed ‘home’ as he lived most of his life in Oliver Springs community.  His wife is the former Miss Rozelle SMITH of De Leon.



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