The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, January 22, 1932


Death Came to Frances Hall, 11, Here Thursday

            Death came to Frances HALL, 11, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.L. HALL, at 2:00 o’clock a.m. Thursday.  The child had not been ill until Monday of this week, when she last attended school.  She developed a cold, but seemingly not a severe one.  She grew worse and her father, who manages a drug store at Longview, as sent for, arriving at 1:00 p.m. Wednesday.  During Wednesday afternoon physicians held a consultation and it was believed her condition was not critical, although she was known to be seriously ill.  Dr. Sam WEAVER, brother of Mrs. HALL, was out of Dallas Wednesday and could not be reached.  At 10:00 o’clock Wednesday night Frances became very much worse, her death ensuing at two o’clock, as stated.

            Frances was a perfectly healthy, happy child.  She was quite athletic and was outstanding in sports in which the grammar school children engage.  She was much loved among the students of her Ward, and Thursday when it became known that she had died, more than forty members of her class (sixth grade) sent cards of regret which were placed on her casket.  She was also popular in her church, being a devout Christian and a member of the Baptist church for some years.  Her death is believed to have been caused from a ruptured appendix.

            Frances was born September 30, 1920, at Corsicana.  Her brief life numbered only eleven and one-half years, yet in those years she scattered sunshine and happiness, leaving the stamp of her bright personality upon the lives of many.  Memory of her sweetness and purity lingers a blessed benediction upon the lives of her loved ones and friends.

            The funeral was announced to be held at the Baptist church at 1:30 o’clock p.m. Friday, the burial at De Leon cemetery.  The many friends throughout the community sorrow with the heartbroken parents and other loved ones in the great tragedy which has come upon them.


John Grisham Again Follows His Trade

            John GRISHAM, veteran barber of this city, has been ill for a year or more.  Lately he has been recovering his former good health, and this week he resumed his accustomed position beside a barber chair.  He will be found at the Family Barber Shop, owned and operated by J.S. FREEMAN, formerly the Grisham Barber Shop.  John will be glad to welcome his old friends and customers.


D. & C. Hatchery to Open Monday at Howard Bldg.

            Fulton SMITH, local manager for the D. & C. Hatchery, announced the opening of the hatchery for Monday, January 25th.  The equipment has been moved from the Sloan Grocery building, to the J.W. HOWARD feed store building, next door north from Howard’s Grocery.  The Mammoth Incubator has been set up and put in running order.  Mr. SMITH, who was with Davidson & Comer last season, is continuing with Mr. DAVIDSON this season.  Mr. DAVIDSON is operating at three points, De Leon, Stephenville and Comanche.

            Mr. I.F. PHELPS is also with the company this year.  Mr. PHELPS is salesman for Mr. DAVIDSON and will alternate between the several plants, principally De Leon and Comanche, he stated.


V. V. Bell Moved His Barber Shop

            Friends and customers of the V.V. Bell Barber Shop will please be advised that Mr. BELL has moved.  He has been busy getting his new shop equipped in the building formerly occupied by the Free Press, next to Miller’s Shoe Shop.  Everything is now moved and ready for business.  The building is well located and well suited for the purpose of a barber shop and Mr. BELL invites his friends to call.


James – Brownlee

            Miss Geretta JAMES and Allen (Red) BROWNLEE were happily married on Monday, January 18th, at the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS, they being accompanied to the house of Rev. NABORS by Mr. and Mrs. Edward DYER, who witnessed the ceremony.  Mrs. BROWNLEE is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.M. JAMES.  Both the young people were reared at De Leon and have many friends who wish for them much happiness in their married life.


John R. Wood Died at His Home 2:30 Thursday Morning

            News of the death at 2:30 o’clock a.m. Thursday of John R. WOOD, long time citizen of this city, came as a sad shock to his many friends.  “Uncle Johnnie,” as he was called by almost everyone, had lived in De Leon for more than forty years.  He is survived by his wife and a daughter, the latter living in Fort Worth.  Expressions of sorrow were heard on every hand at his passing.  Few men have been more universally loved than he.  Kindly and genial as a daily habit, staunch in friendship, solid in character, devout in spiritual nature, such terms as these describe the daily life of this good man.

            “Uncle Johnnie” had been ill for some time, steadily growing weaker.  He was eighty years, ten months and 26 days of age.  Death came as he was attended by loved ones.  Throughout Thursday morning friends came to pay their respects and to sorrow with the bereaved ones.

            The funeral and burial occurred Thursday afternoon at 3:30, Rev. Montie A. DAVIS conducting the service at the residence.  The body was laid to rest at De Leon cemetery.


Higginbotham’s Shifting Dept Heads Feb. 1st

            Changes in department heads at Higginbothams are announced to take place February 1st, by C.V. SINGLETON, manager.  Wesley SHOOK has severed his connection with Sloan & Shook Grocery, and Mr. SHOOK will return to his former position as head of the Hardware Department.  Mr. SHOOK has been in this position for years in the past and will need no introduction.

            C.A. KIKER will become the head of the drygoods department, succeeding Gaston GRISHAM, and Harold WILLIAMS will be assistant drygoodsman.  Miss Mary KIMBLE will continue.  GRISHAM will not be with the company.  Riley WORTHY recently succeeded Eugene HARRIS as head of the Lumber Dept.  HARRIS is assistant in the Hardware Department, succeeding D.C. NORTON, who has moved to Gorman.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to acknowledge our indebtedness to those numerous friends who so kindly ministered in the illness and death of our mother.  The warm sympathy expressed by those many acts and through offerings of flowers is a cheering remembrance that we keep from the bereavement and sorrow of the hour.

            The children of Mrs. G.W. SPENCER


R.F.D. Carrier Had Narrow Escape in “Lost Creek”

            B.C. CHAMBERS, R.F.D. Carrier on De Leon Rt. 3 for the past twenty years or so, had an experience this week that he has not had before.  He drove his car into a swollen stream which ordinarily is not deep.  However, “Lost Creek” was on a greater rampage than he anticipated.  His machine stuck in the rising water.  He waded out and went for help.  It required the efforts of several men some hours to get the car out of the water which rose to a depth almost covering the radiator.


Bridge Club

            The De Leon bridge club met Tuesday, January 19, with Mrs. Herbert WEAVER at the home of Mrs. Will WEAVER.

            A salad course, both delicious and attractive was served to the following members and guests:  Mesdames Joe ASHBY, W.H. CLARK, E.E. DABNEY, H. HAMPTON, E. HANSFORD, C.W. LEIGON, R.L. SCOTT, E.L. LOCKE, T.E. MAJOR, W.H. SMITH, Jeff TATE, H.G. TERRILL, R.N. HILL, Dewey DANIELL, John WEAVER, W.P. WEAVER, R.M. SMITH, John NUNNLEY, W.J. ROSS, Archie LEE, W.C. LIGHTFOOT, Coleman GULLEY.  Misses Bertha ROSS, Olive WHITE, Janice KEE, Virginia Grace WESSON, Evelyn COX, and Mrs. A.C. COSBY of Dallas, a guest of her sister, Mrs. Joe ASHBY and Mrs. Fonzo WHITE of Gorman, who is visiting Mrs. Herbert WEAVER.

            Bridge and forty-two were enjoyed by all those present.  Mrs. W.H. SMITH won high score.


Shakespeare Club

            Mrs. W.H. SMITH was hostess to the Shakespeare club Wednesday afternoon.  As it was Federation Day for the club, the roll call was answered by naming a Texas Federated club.  The interesting program was as follows: Pioneer Clubs of Texas – Mrs. D.L. TERRILL, Women’s Clubs Play, Grounds – Mrs. Frank SNEAD, Relationship of Junior Federated Clubs of Texas to Senior Clubs – Mrs. Y.L. DABNEY, Souvenir, Dyrdla – Miss Gussie INSALL.



O.C. CARTER, of Gladewater, Humble employee, is here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. CARTER.  Mr. CARTER was recently injured in a piece of machinery falling on his foot and he is recuperating.

Miss Johnnie BUCHAN is in Itasca, guest of her daughter, Mrs. W.R. BLAIR.

Mrs. Leonard KIRKLIN and little son, Tommie Joe of McCamey has been the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack HAYNES the past week.

Mrs. W.C. COCHRAN of McCamey has been visiting her father, Pat CARNES and her grandmother, Mrs. C.L. MOHON of this city for the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry LIVINGSTON of Alexander were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marion LIVINGSTON last Sunday.

A residence belonging to Mrs. SUMMERS, mother of George BOWDEN, was destroyed by fire at 1:00 a.m. Thursday.  The place was located in the northwest part of town, just off the Gorman highway.  Mrs. SUMMERS was away visiting at Dublin.  The place was insured.

Mrs. S.G. PARKS returned Tuesday from a week’s visit with her son, L.D. and family at Fort Worth.

Jimmy BIBBY and family of Sylvester have moved here.


Downing by Helen Piper

Mrs. Tessie WILSON, who has been working in Comanche for some time, spent the weekend with her parents and her little daughter.

Mrs. Sallie GOOCH has been ill for some time.  We hope Mrs. GOOCH is up and about her work soon.

Mrs. Garland HOBSON, who was operated on some time ago, is improving rapidly.

Mr. and Mrs. H.O. GRISSOM are moving to this community from Rucker.  They will make their home on H. BEATY’s farm.  We welcome Mr. and Mrs. GRISSOM.

Richard BASSETT carried a load of hogs to Winters last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete SIDES of Comyn community spent Sunday with Mrs. SIDES parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. SCOTT.

Z.L. BOYD and D.B. PIPER, employees of A.L. PIPER made semi-weekly trips to West and North Texas with kiln cured yams.


Robinson Springs by Miss La Joyce Macon

The Robinson Springs 4-H Club met Tuesday night, January 12, for the purpose of electing new officers for the new year.  The officers elected were:  Alvin PRICE, president; Alvis KIMMELL, vice president; Wilma Carroll MILLER, secretary; Hollis DYSON, yell leader; Laveda MACON, reporter; Adina KIMMELL, Oleta MACON and Dale KAY program committee.  Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS and Mrs. L.C. MACON local leaders.  Mr. BARTON and both local leaders were present.  We are striving to make our fifth year of club work the best of all.

Jack MAHAN, who has been suffering from an axe wound on the leg, is somewhat improved at this writing.

Bill THOMAS, who for some time has lived at Dublin, has started to school here.

Floyd STEWART and family of Downing visited his father, A.C. STEWART of this community Sunday.

Connie JOHNSTON of Oliver Springs has returned home from her visit with her sister, Mrs. Henry STEWART.

J.F. DYSON made a business trip to Stephenville last week.  He was accompanied by his son-in-law, Floyd MOORE of Desdemona.

While playing basketball against Beattie at De Leon last Tuesday, Myrtle Mae LAWRANCE happened to the misfortune of breaking one of her front teeth.

Earl DANIELS was moving his stock last week and while driving down the highway his pig jumped out the back of his car, unknown to him.  Saturday he heard of its whereabouts and moved it to his home here.

Mrs. Louise BRUMBELOW has improved some at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim KOONCE are the proud parents of a baby boy.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl LOWERY were Sunday visitors of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. MOORE of Jakehamon.

William Joe is the name of the new son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom HOLLENS.


Comyn by Mrs. J.F. Phipps

Mr. and Mrs. Homer BARNES of Big Lake spent the week end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse BARNES.

Miss Earline WILLIS of Smithfield is visiting her relatives, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. DOGGETT and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy LINLEY of Desdemona spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. COCK.

W.P. PULLEY, who has been visiting his son, W.P. PULLEY, has returned to Cisco.

Mr. and Mrs. C.O. PELL went to Hasse Monday to attend the funeral of their brother-in-law, Will GODDARD.


Beattie by Zora Andress

School is progressing nicely now.  There are a large number of new students who have started since the first of the year.  Mr. McCORKLE and the other teachers checked up last week and there is now a total enrollment of 226 pupils.  That is about the highest number we have ever attained.  We understand that Mr. KELLEY and Miss STEELE have the largest number in their rooms, each having about forty pupils.  Miss STEELE teaches the second and third grades and Mr. KELLEY teaches the sixth and seventh grades.

Emmitt MORGAN has returned from a visit with his brothers in Colorado.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. ANDRESS and Mr. and Mrs. W.W. SMITH spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Edd ANDRESS of Sidney.


Oliver Springs by Mrs. Eunice Baird

Miss Opal HOWARD, one of the Robinson Springs teachers, spent Wednesday night with her aunt, Mrs. A. WARREN.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest DANIELS returned Sunday from Waco where they visited with Mrs. DANIELS’ sister.

Mr. AKERS and family of Ranger have moved on the N. COGBURN place.  We are glad to welcome them into our community.  They have two children who entered school Monday.

A quilting party was given at the home of Mrs. Henry REED Tuesday, each lady taking an article of food already prepared.  A splendid dinner was served and lots of quilting done.

H.S. ECHOLS is still confined at home with his broken arm.  It had to be reset and is still paining him.

Mr. FLEMING, who bought the HOLLIMAN place and moved here from De Leon has been terracing this past week.  Mr. FLEMING is a progressive farmer, rotating his crops, sowing clover as a cover crop and having the county agent with him several times to direct the terracing of his land.  He is carrying out the policy of living at home.


Duster by Viva Graham

Grandmother DUKES is on the sick list.

Merle HUDDLESTON spent Monday night with Mr. and Mrs. W.N. HUDDLESTON.

Mrs. NELSON and daughter, Mildred, visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles NELSON Sunday.

Herbert WATLEY, Alma Ruth BELYEU, Durvard BELYEU and La Verne HANSON, all of Downing, visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles NELSON Sunday.


Jakehamon by O.H. MOORE

J.H. ADAMS and daughters, Misses Robbie Lea and Emogene, attended singing at Desdemona Sunday afternoon.

Misses Sarah HUGHES, Mildred and Madge McKINNEY, Obanetta WINNEGAR, and Mrs. R.W. HOWARD visited Mrs. L.C. CLAYTON of Desdemona Sunday.

Walter RICHEY of Roscoe has returned to his home after spending several weeks visiting with his aunt, Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.

Mrs. O. M. MOORE spent last week visiting with her parents at Carlton where her father is seriously ill.

Miss Emogene ADAMS was on the sick list this week with tonsillitis.

G.M. WADE, who has been confined to his bed for several days, is improving.

Mrs. Fred OSBORN has been seriously ill this week but is now considered out of danger.


St. Joe by Pauline Ray

Quite a few from this community attended quarterly meeting at New Hope Sunday.  Those attending were:  Mrs. R.L. WALL, Miss Della WALL, and Clyde WALL, J.F. McKELVEY, Kenneth LOCK, Mrs. W.F. DUKE, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. DUKE and daughter, J.R. OTWELL and Misses Bernice McKELVEY, Irene DUKE and Florine SADBERRY, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. RAY and Pauline.  A good meeting was reported.  Rev. BOOTH, preaching Elder, delivered a most inspiring sermon Sunday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy NABORS of De Leon spent the past weekend with his sister, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. OTWELL and family.

Mrs. O.T. MORRIS visited her mother, Mrs. Bob DYSON of De Leon Friday.



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