The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, January 8, 1932


Ford Station Is Now at Home in Swagerty Bldg.

            The Ford Station has moved.  Messrs. STRICKLAND & TERRILL, owners, have taken a lease on the Swagerty Bldg., by the T.P. Service Station, which is across the street south from the Farmers & Merchants Natl. Bank, and moving has been going forward all week.  It is a considerable job to move an establishment of this nature, and all hands have been busy getting things relocated.

            The Swagerty Building is well adapted to the use for which STRICKLAND & TERRILL have leased it.  There is a nice office building which is separated from the work shop, and the fixtures of the firm have been placed there.  There is also nice display space for new cars, and ample room for “seconds” and the firm will doubtless do a thriving business here.

            Messrs. STRICKLAND & TERRILL have an excellent service department where they work on all kinds of cars.  Roy SMITH, head mechanic, has had many years experience in this line and knows motors thoroughly.  They solicit patronage in this department.


Chevrolet Co. Buys Building And Moves In

            BUTLER & MORTON recently purchased the Streety Warehouse building, where the Caraway & Miller Feed Store has been in operation, and have moved their Chevrolet Sales and Service business there.  The move commenced on January 1 and continued for several days.  At this time the stock of new and used cars have been moved to the new location and things are beginning to be orderly and comfortable there.

            The building is going to prove well adapted to the needs of this firm, once their program of improvement has been put through.  There is ample room for both the new sales room and the work shop, and the location is quite accessible, being only one block from the “main drag.”  Both the owners are well pleased with the new location.


H.E.  Whittle, Foreman

            BUTLER & MORTON announce the addition of H.E. WHITTLE to their service department, Mr. WHITTLE going with the concern on January 1st as shop foreman.  “Whit” scarcely needs an introduction to De Leon folks, but it is not amiss to say that he attended a Chevrolet Mechanics school at Dallas in 1929 and made the highest grade of any man in the Dallas zone, comprising several hundred stations.  Mr. WHITTLE knows Chevrolets and any mechanical work entrusted to him will be well taken care of.


Caraway & Miller Now Located at the Holden Bldg.

            In the general shakeup of January 1st, Caraway & Miller found it necessary to seek a new location for their mill, and they took a lease on the Holden Bldg., two blocks west of the business section.  Here they have a building well adapted to their needs.  Trucks loaded with feeds may drive in and load or unload and shipments of feeds going out may be handled to advantage.

            Caraway & Miller do custom grinding, and mix large quantities of feeds for sale, as well as for their own herds of fine Shorthorn cattle, hogs and other livestock.  Their business has made good progress since they took over the plant early last year.


W.D. Wilkinson of Rucker Died January Second

            William Dewoody WILKINSON, of the Rucker community, died at his home at 11:25 a.m. Saturday, January 2nd, 1932.  Deceased had reached the ripe old age of 78 years and 19 days.  He had been critically ill since suffering a stroke of paralysis on Dec. 18, and had been unconscious for four or five days prior to his death.  Although he lived one and one-half days in the New Year, he was not conscious to realize the fact.

Mr. WILKINSON was born in Cass county, Texas, Dec. 14, 1853 and moved to Alabama with his parents when he was but seven years of age.  He grew to manhood in Morgan county, Ala., and in 1887 was married to Miss Lura BURT there.  Three children, two sons and one daughter were born into the home, these, together with his good wife surviving him.  His children are G.B. WILKINSON, Rucker; E.B. WILKINSON, Waco; and Mrs. E.S. MARTIN, Carbon.  There are two grandchildren.

            Mr. and Mrs. WILKINSON came from Alabama to Taylor county, Texas, in 1904.  Since that time they have lived in Shackleford and Erath counties, and came from the latter to De Leon in December 1924 and engaged for a time in the filling station business in this city, then moved to Rucker.

            The funeral service was held in the Church of Christ, of which the deceased had been a member for many years, here Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock with Eld. LAMMINACK of Tolar conducting the service.  The body was laid to rest at the De Leon cemetery.


Brinson – Rackley

            Miss Ruby Olene BRINSON became the bride of H.F. RACKLEY at the home of Rev. A.F. NABORS on December 26th.  The young couple was accompanied to the home of the minister by Mr. Elzo BRINSON and Miss Ruth BELYEU, Mr. Gaston CAMPBELL and Miss Laverne HANSON, Mr. Casey Allen BRINSON and Mr. and Mrs. John PARKER.  Mrs. RACKLEY was raised near Downing, being a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.B. BRINSON.  Mr. RACKLEY’s parents reside near Proctor, however, he is employed by the Humble Co. at Overton where the couple will make their home.  Best wishes of many friends attend them.


Golden Wedding is Celebrated

            On December 28, a home coming of the children and friends featured the celebration of the Golden Wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. T.J. COAN held last week at their home on De Leon, Route 2.

            Mr. and Mrs. COAN were married December 28, 1881 in Tallapoosa county, Alabama.  They came to Texas in December 1904, first living in the Downing community and after three years moved to this community where they have resided since.

            Thirteen children were born to them, one dying in infancy, all married but two, and all living in this county except one.

            The oldest daughter, Mrs. Will HORNSBY of the Downing community also celebrated their thirteenth anniversary the same day, they being married December 29, 1901.

            They have sixteen grandchildren, and only one married.

            Among those present at the homecoming were:  Mr. and Mrs. Will HORNSBY, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. JENKINS and three children, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. COAN and two children, Mr. S. W. COAN Sr. and three children, Mr. and Mrs. A.L. COAN and son, Mr. and Mrs. S.N. HAYNES and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. G.A. COAN and two children, Mr. and Mrs. I.F. FRASIER and three children, Mr. and Mrs. I.E. GRAY, De Leon, Texas and Mr. and Mrs. Bart COAN of Fort Davis Texas.


Shower for Mrs. Autrey Havis

            The Comyn school faculty gave a shower on Tuesday afternoon in the Home Economics room at 3:20 o’clock honoring one of their members, Mrs. Autrey HAVIS.

            Mrs. HAVIS is one of Comyn’s grammar grade teachers, and was Miss Jewell GRISHAM before her marriage to Mr. HAVIS on December 19.

            In order to keep the shower plans perfectly secret from Miss Jewell, as she is still fondly called by everyone, Supt. CULPEPPER issued a call for a special faculty meeting at 3:20 to meet in the Home Economics room.

            Everyone came to the appointed place on time and Supt. CULPEPPER spoke a few words in interest of the special call meeting, then turned the remainder of the program over to Mesdames A. CARAWAY and K.N. SPENCER who started a game of blind fold.  As soon as they had succeeded in capturing and blindfolding Mrs. HAVIS, the gifts were placed around her and she was asked to sit down in a rocker, which was one of the gifts.  The blind fold was then removed and she found herself in the midst of a beautiful assortment of gifts all appropriate and useful for a new house keeper.  Upon opening the packages it was found there were articles for practically every room in the home.

            At the close of the afternoon refreshments of hot chocolate and cake were served the guests.


Havis – Grisham

            A wedding of interest to their many friends and acquaintances was solemnized at Comanche on Dec. 19, 1931 when Miss Jewell GRISHAM became the bride of Autrey HAVIS of Comyn.

            Wishing to make their wedding a surprise to their friends, they drove to the home of Rev. T.N. CARTER, former pastor of the Comyn church, who said the wedding rites for them.

            Mrs. HAVIS is the youngest daughter of Mrs. M.L. GRISHAM of the Cow Creek community.  For the past several years she has been one of the grammar grade teachers in the Comyn school and will continue her work throughout the year.

            Mr. HAVIS is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. HAVIS of Comyn and has lived here the greater part of his life.

            Mr. and Mrs. HAVIS are making the Comyn community their home where he will continue to be engaged in farming.

            The best wishes of the hosts of friends of Mr. and Mrs. HAVIS are extended.


Card of Thanks

            We take this means of thanking our neighbors and friends for their kindness to us during the short illness of our beloved companion and father and at the time of his death and funeral.  All of us found your sweet sympathy during those dark hours most comforting.  We appreciate your friendship more than words can tell and are deeply grateful for the many lovely floral offerings, silent tribute of your sympathy for us in our great loss.

            Mrs. A. SLOAN and children


Card of Thanks

            We wish to extend our sincerest thanks to all the good neighbors and friends who were so kind and sympathetic during the illness and death of our husband and father.  No one could have been more thoughtful and kind, and we wish each and every one who came to know that we feel a deep sense of gratitude for every expression of sympathy and set of helpfulness.  We pray that a kind Providence keep you from a similar sorrow, but should sorrow come, may you, too, find kind and loving friends to comfort you, as we have done.

            Mrs. W.D. WILKINSON and children



Mr. and Mrs. Dave FLOYD and children spent Christmas in Luedera visiting his mother, Mrs. M.E. PARKER and Mr. and Mrs. MacMIMMS.

Mr. and Mrs. Ames FLOYD and baby of Crane spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry FLOYD.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul BURTON of Texon visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. HAVIS during the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther WOOTEN and children of Durant, Okla., have moved into the Comyn community.

Miss Gladys WRIGHT, who formerly taught here was visiting during the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. M.L. DOGGETT and family.  Miss WRIGHT is teaching Home Economics in the Itasca Public School this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Grady NANCE are the parents of a baby girl born Dec. 13.  The little one was named Grady Lou.

Howard HODGES of Pontiac, Miss., spent the holidays with his uncle, W.W. HODGES and family.

Miss Mara Glenn DONALDSON spent Christmas with her parents in Fort Worth.

George LEWIS and family of Del Rio are visiting their relatives, C.O. PELL and family.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. PULEY and children visited relatives in Ballinger during the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. ALSTON and children visited relatives in Decatur Sunday.

Mrs. Harvey ELLIOTT of Fort Worth and Miss Merl DAVIS of Waco visited her sister, Mrs. C.S. ROSS on Wednesday.


Downing by Helen Piper

A.L. GUNN and William STEPHEN went to west Texas, Monday morning with a load of pecans and peanuts.

Mrs. Susie GRAHAM of Paris, Texas, returned home Monday morning.  Mrs. GRAHAM has been spending Christmas holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. SHUPP and family.

Mr. and Mrs. D.M. BEATY and family spent Christmas Day with Mrs. BEATY’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. LINSLEY of Comanche.

Mr. and Mrs. D.B. PIPER, and little daughter, Clara Alice and nieces Miss Helen and Isla Mae PIPER spent last Wednesday with A.L. PIPER who is ill in the Stephenville Sanitarium.

Mrs. La Rue DILLON and little daughter, Nita Faye, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.O. HATLEY.

Mr. and Mrs. Earney LOUDERMILK and children spent Christmas Day with Mrs. LOUDERMILK’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. GARNER of Breckenridge.

Little Mary Frances GRISSOM, baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I.N. GRISSOM, spent Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day with her cousin, Mrs. La Rue DILLION of Comanche.

Lofton BISHOP, who has made his home in Brownwood for several years, will make his home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. BISHOP.  We welcome Lofton back to his home at Downing.

A wedding of much interest to their many friends was that of Miss Mattie HULSEY and Oren L. MORRIS, who were married Wednesday, December 23rd, 1931 at Hamilton.  Mrs. MORRIS is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tonk HULSEY and Mr. MORRIS is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. V.L. MORRIS.  Their many friends wish for them much happiness.

George Hardie LOUDERMILK and Miss Oma SCOTT were happily married Tuesday evening, December 22, 1931 at the home of Rev. A.F. NABORS.  Mrs. LOUDERMILK is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. SCOTT.  Mr. LOUDERMILK is the son of Hardie LOUDERMILK, all being of Downing community.  Their many friends wish for them happiness and success.

Friends are extending congratulations to Miss Audie Lee HULSEY and Clarence A. KENNEDY who were married some time ago.  They are both young people of Downing.  Mrs. HULSEY is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tonk HULSEY and Mr. KENNEDY is a son of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. KENNEDY.  Reports are that these young people will make their home near Downing.


Jakehamon by O.H. Moore

G.M. WADE has been confined to his bed for several days with an illness that his friends hope he will soon recover from.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. RILEY, who have been visiting with G.E. RILEY and family through the holidays, have returned to their home at Kilgore.

Mrs. Aubrey WYNN, who has been visiting at Gorman with her parents, returned home this week.

C.M. MIERS and family have moved to De Leon from this community.  We regret to lose this family from our school.

Prof. R. LINDLEY, teacher in the high school of Desdemona, visited this school last week and talked to high school regarding his studies and travels in the mountainous states and especially with regard to recent studies of Indian villages of Colorado and Utah.

Kelton WINNEGAR was elected leader of the young people’s prayer meeting last week.  This prayer meeting meets every Wednesday night and is well attended.  The old as well as the young are invited to come and take an active part.

R.P. LEWIS who has lived on D.D. LEWIS ranch the past several years will move to the EMDE farm east of Desdemona.  D.D. LEWIS of Cisco will operate his farm and ranch himself, moving from Cisco.



Carl Dean is the name of a son who arrived in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dick STRUBE December 28th.

Cecil SPENCER, of Abilene, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. SPENCER.

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. CHAMPION are the proud parents of a baby girl, Jackie Nell, born into their home on Tuesday, December 29th.

Sam SELF, formerly head of the service department for Chevrolet, has severed his connection with the Chevrolet Co. and entered business for himself.  Mr. SELF has taken a lease on the Gentry Garage building and opened his new place Tuesday of this week.  He will work on all kinds of automobiles, specializing on starter and generator work.  He was with Chevrolet for seven years.  He invites his friends to bring him their motor troubles.

Mrs. G.W. WILHELM was guest last week of her daughter, Mrs. Natt LOUDERMILK and family at Abilene, and attending the meeting at the Church of Christ.

A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. C.D. LEWELLEN Tuesday, Jan. 5th.


Beattie By Zora Andress

Mr. and Mrs. Bob BINGHAM of Knox city, who have been visiting the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Manning ROGERS, returned to their home Monday.  Mrs. BINGHAM preached a very interesting sermon at the Methodist church last Friday night.

Herrell KELLY, Neal CHEATHAM, and Gus CHEATHAM returned to Tarleton Sunday after spending their holiday vacation at home.

Weldon ANDRESS is visiting his sister, Mrs. Edmund MEDFORD, her husband and little son of Haskell.

Leslie MEDFORD and brother Thurman MEDFORD of Haskell were visiting relatives here this past week.

Mr. and Mrs. W.T. KEITH, Jr. and Mrs. W.W. SMITH attended the funeral of grandmother SMITH of Sidney last Friday at De Leon.

Reed SAVAGE and his wife, who was until recently Miss Anne ROBERTSON, have been visiting relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee PURDUE and family suffered the great misfortune of having to watch their home go up in flames and smoke last Friday.  The house caught from the kitchen flue and was so well under way when discovered that it could not be stopped.  Mrs. PURDUE was preparing a New Year’s turkey dinner when the house caught fire- about 11 o’clock.  Help was summoned and most everything on the inside was saved except the kitchen furniture and utensils.  They will move into the house where Elmer BUTLER lived last year.


Highland – Round Grove By Walter Rippetoe

Highland school fired up last Monday morning the 28th with a bang, after the Christmas holidays.  Geo. M. HOOD is principal and Mrs. Katie BOWDEN assistant, and better ones could be hard to find.  Let all get behind them and help them put over a good school year.

Mrs. G.H. TREADWAY is on the sick list at this writing.

Mrs. R.D. (grandma) ROSS is still improving and able to be up most of the time.

Howell ROSS is moving from this community to the Comyn community.

R.L. RIPPETOE has moved to Morgan Mill, Texas.

Mrs. McKELVIE is moving into our community.  We welcome the new neighbors.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest RIPPETOE, Mr. and Mrs. Walter RIPPETOE visited in the home of Emmitt RIPPETOE at De Leon Sunday evening.

Lee HOOD and family of Ft. Worth visited his brother, Geo. M. HOOD and family last week.

The RIPPETOE quartet celebrated the New Year by broadcasting a three hours program over station K.F.P.L. Dublin, Texas last Friday night.  Here’s hoping that we let every state in the union hear from this part of the good old Lone Star state.


Robinson Springs By Miss La Joyce Macon

Due to the changes in the weather, there are several cases of colds and a few cases of diphtheria.  Several have taken the diphtheria serum.

We can report one new student in high school this week.  Miss Velma KIMMELL, who is a senior.  We are very glad to have her in our class.


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