The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, June 5, 1931


H.A. Watson Died at Comyn Home on Wednesday, June 3

            H.A. WATSON, for many years a citizen of Comyn community, is dead.  The end came at his residence there between four and five o’clock a.m. Wednesday, June 3rd, 1931.  He had been ill for many weeks, and had been until recently a patient at the Blackwell Sanitarium, at Gorman.  He was brought back to his home here some days ago and has continued in a critical condition.

            Mr. WATSON would have been 75 years of age had he lived to June 23.  He has lived at Comyn for about 33 years, rearing a large family of sons and daughters to be honorable and useful men and women.  He was a prominent member of the Baptist church, a man of strong religious convictions, and his character and reputation stood through the years without a scar or blemish.  He was a good father, husband, friend and neighbor, and will be missed in the community in which he lived for so many years.

            The funeral was at Comyn Baptist church at 2:00 o’clock Thursday afternoon and burial at Comyn cemetery, the W.O.W. Order, of which he was a member, being in charge of the burial service.


Sarah C. Medcalf

            Sarah C. MEDCALF was born in Floyd County, Georgia, June 29th, 1853 and at the age of 19 she became a Christian.  She united with the First Baptist Church and the 2nd day of September 1874 she was married to D.G. MILLER of Gordon County, Georgia.  To this union was born six children, three of whom preceded her in death.  Three are living and are:  Charley, Homer and Orien.  She was also survived by seven grand-children and ? great-grandchildren, all being present at her bedside.  A brother, L.J. MEDCALF of Lalton, Georgia was also present.

            She and her husband came to Brown county, Texas in 1876 and only stayed three years.  They then went back to Georgia and stayed ten years and came back to Brown county and lived there until 1893 and moved to a place west of De Leon and then on later to the present home at Oliver Springs in 1899.

            She suffered an attack of influenza last February, but was regaining her strength when she fell from her porch Friday evening breaking her hip.  The death angel came at one-fifteen o’clock Sunday afternoon.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Jim HENDERSON of Blanket and Rev. Frank SKAGGS, pastor of the home church.  She was laid to rest Monday May 25 at 4:30 p.m. by her daughter, Mrs. Eva PARK, in the Oliver Springs Cemetery. – Contributed.


Owl Confectionary Closed Its Doors and Moved Away

            C.H. LESTER, proprietor of the Owl Confectionary, has closed his business in De Leon and moved away.  He closed out his affairs with the month of May, and had a truck move his equipment to Fort Worth where he has already opened for business, the Free Press understands.  His new place is near the Penny store, on Houston street.  He will conduct a confectionary and cold drink counter, similar to the business he operated in De Leon.

            Mr. LESTER was in business for more than ten years in De Leon and was successful in building up a nice trade.  Things have not gone so well lately, and he decided to try his luck in a larger field.  His friends wish for his continued success.


C.C. Hampton is Proprietor of New T.P. Gas Station

            When the Magnolia Petroleum Co. relinquished its lease on the SWAGERTY property, known as the J.E. Short Service Station, a new lease was made to C.C. HAMPTON, who is now in charge of a gasoline service station business there.  Mr. HAMPTON took charge on June 1st.  The Magnolia fixtures have been removed and in their place are T.P. Gasoline pumps and oil tanks.

            Mr. HAMPTON engaged in a similar business in De Leon before and is therefore not a stranger to the trade.  He had a lease on Steakley’s Filling Station property a year or so ago.  Mr. HAMPTON has employed Fulton SMITH and J.C. POPE, who will have charge of actual operations.

            Mr. HAMPTON will carry a line of tires and tubes, announcement of which will be made in the near future.  He invites all his old friends, and new ones, to buy their meter needs, or at least a liberal portion of such, at his station.


G.W. Crow Bought the J.D. Narry Grocery on June 1

            George W. CROW is the new proprietor of the grocery which was established by J.D. NARRY some months ago.  The location is on the NARRY property, which corners on Market Street and the main street of town, and Mr. CROW has a nice stock of groceries which he will keep fresh and attractive always.  He invites his friends to call on him there at any time they are in need of things to eat, seed, certain kinds of feed, etc.


Postmaster and Wife Off for an Outing in Big Bend Country

            Mr. and Mrs. C.R. REDDEN left Tuesday morning for an outing of some days in the Big Bend country, probably around Marfa, Presidio, Ft. Stockton and Alpine.  The Big Bend is famed for some of the highest mountain peaks in Texas, and an outing there at this season is quite attractive.  They made the trip in their car.


Had Operation

            Harry HOWELL, of Cleburne, is in a Dallas sanitarium recuperating from an operation for appendicitis which he had there some ten days ago.  Although there was no particular reason for alarm, he was not doing as well as was expected, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL, Sr., went to Dallas Thursday to visit him.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to thank our many friends for their kindness and sympathy expressed in word and deed during the recent long illness of our dear mother whose death occurred May 24th.  Your thoughtfulness and kindness helped us to bear our sorrow and make us more appreciative of the good friends and neighbors we have known and loved through the years.

            May God Bless each and every one in our prayer.  D.G. MILLER, Orien MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. MILLER and Mr. and Mrs. Thelbert MORRIS.


Rucker School is Transferred to De Leon for 31-32

            At a mass meeting held at Liberty, (Rucker) school last Monday night, it was decided by the school patrons and trustees to transfer the student body of that school to De Leon for the coming year.  A truck will be routed over that school district, picking up the children each morning, bringing them to school, and returning them to their homes each afternoon.  A large majority of the patrons were present at the meeting and voted unanimously to make the change for the coming year.

            County Supt. R.S. WALKER attended the mass meeting and explained the proposed change to the patrons of this school.  Mr. WALKER did not urge the change.  He merely explained how their smaller school could merge with a larger system and their children get the benefit of nine months school whereas their limited funds would allow a much shorter school term.  They are only transferring in for one year, and are not “burning bridges behind them.”

            The Liberty school board has contracted with L.R. HIGGINBOTHAM to teacher there next year, and it is understood Mr. HIGGINBOTHAM will be added to the faculty at De Leon as grade teacher.  The Liberty trustees are W.S. ALLGOOD, president, C.T. MORRIS, secretary, and D.W. ALLSUP.

            Liberty school has about 36 scholastics.  Their state apportionment will be paid to De Leon school district, as will also their property school tax at their local rate.  In return, for the receipt of such funds, De Leon district will teach their children and furnish them transportation by truck.

            De Leon school board is willing to discuss a similar proposition with an invitation to all school boards interested to avail themselves at any time of this city’s larger and more appropriate educational facilities for the benefit of their children.




            In a beautiful and impressive ceremony on last Sunday morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T.F. MORROW, Miss Lottie Mae MORROW became the bride of Mr. Elmer UNDERWOOD and Miss Jewell HUTCHINS, the bride of Mr. Clifford ALLEN.  Three of the four are local folk while Mr. ALLEN is well known here being a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. MORROW.  At ten o’clock Rev. W.E. ANDERSON, pastor of the local Methodist church read the ritualistic words which united the young folks into the bonds of matrimony.  Miss MORROW and Mr. ALLEN are cousins, their mothers being sisters from the well-known COLLIE family, of Gorman.

            An improvised altar of roses and larkspur, together with the soft light of tall tapers, formed an effective background for the wedding setting. 

            Preceding the entrance of the wedding party, B.M. COLLIE sang “I Promise You,” and as these rich tones died away, their tones were picked up by the peal of Mendelssohn’s Wedding march played by Mrs. T.J. HALEY.

            The ring bearers were little Miss Mary Joe COLLIE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.M. COLLIE and Katherine COLLIE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. COLLIE.  They wore dainty frocks of pink crepe and carried tiny pink hand-painted pillows, ruffled with tulle.  They were followed by Miss Willie Merle WALKER and Miss Clara HUTCHINS, wearing pastel shades of green and orchid crepe, each carrying an arm bouquet of roses.

            The brides, who entered next with the grooms, were perfect pictures of girlish charm in their bridal frocks of green and blue crepe.  Each carried a bouquet of Talisman roses and Baby Breath.

            Both couples left immediately after the ceremony for a short wedding trip.  Mrs. Underwood’s going away costume was of tan with accessories to match, while Mrs. ALLEN’s was of blue.

            Mrs. ALLEN is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George HUTCHINGS and Clifford is the son of Dr. and Mrs. A.M. ALLEN of De Leon.  Mrs. UNDERWOOD is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.F. MORROW, while Elmer is the son of Mr. and Mrs. I.C. UNDERWOOD.

            Mr. and Mrs. ALLEN will make their home in De Leon, and Mr. and Mrs. UNDERWOOD are now temporarily located in Gorman in the home of Mr. and Mrs. K.L. FORD.

            Only relatives of the contracting parties were present for the occasion.  Among the out-of-town guests were:  Mr. and Mrs. D.M. LOVING, Mrs. Inez COFFMAN and Mr. and Mrs. W.M. COLLIE of Dallas; Miss Jamie Brown COLLIE, of Lubbock; Mr. and Mrs. Dewey DANIEL, Dr. and Mrs. A.M. ALLEN and family of De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. M. G. UNDERWOOD, of Cross Plains; Mr. and Mrs. B.M. COLLIE, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. COLLIE, Mr. and Mrs. T.M. COLLIE, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. HEL-Y, Mr. and Mrs. Claude STUBBLEFIELD and little daughter, June, all of Eastland, Mrs. R.E.C.  MORAGNE and son of Norman, Oklahoma.


Attend Son’s Graduation at Southern Methodist U.

            Forest RUCKER, young son of Rev. and Mrs. S.J. RUCKER, took his Bachelor of Engineering degree at Southern Methodist University, the first of this week, and Rev. and Mrs. RUCKER were present for the occasion.  Young Mr. RUCKER majored in engineering, and has been employed during his student years with the Texas & Pacific  Railroad Company.  He will continue in their employ, the Free Press has been advised.

            Young Mr. RUCKER has been a outstanding student throughout his college career, taking a prominent part in Campus activities, and has won honors for his school in track and field events.  He had the distinction of being president of the Engineering class, and was honor student in that class.  He has visited De Leon often since his parents have lived here.



Miss Blanche HANSFORD, who studied at C.I.A. the past year, returned home last week, school having been out.  She immediately accepted a position as cashier and bookkeeper at the E.E. Dabney store, and for A.C. MARTIN.

Mr. and Mrs. B.F. COX and R.W. BELL went to Fort Worth to be present at the graduation exercises at Texas Christian University, the Baccalaureate service on Sunday and the graduation proper on Monday evening.  Miss Launa FRETWELL, daughter of Mrs. COX, received her degree in Music.

Miss Vera SPENCER, who is employed at Fort Worth, and her sister, Mrs. W.W. GREGORY, who has visited her the past month, came home Sunday, the former for a brief visit.

Mrs. J.T. EDMONSON and son, James, and Miss Clyde COAN and her nephew, are spending this week in Austin and San Antonio on an outing, to return here the last of this week.

Mrs. G.H. HARMON and son, Fred, are expected home from Austin this week where the young man has just completed his first year at the State University.

Misses Lois, Gladys, Gertrude and Grace SHORT, all of whom are teachers in Texas schools, or attending school preparing to teach, are home with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.W. SHORT.

Mr. and Mrs. A.A. HANSFORD went to Moran the past week to attend piano recitals given on Monday and Tuesday evenings by their daughter Miss Lillian HANSFORD, who was presenting her pupils in piano recital at that time.  Miss HANSFORD has had a very good class at Moran this year, and immediately after the close of the regular term of school she commenced teaching a summer course, after visiting at home for a day or two. 

Mr. and Mrs. W.Z. COMPTON and son, David, have gone to College Station where he will enter school Monday for the next 12 weeks, at the end of which time he will have his B.S. degree.  He will teach Vocational Agriculture here next year.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd YOUNG are the proud parents of a son whose name is Floyd, Jr. He arrived May 30th.  Mr. and Mrs. YOUNG are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.

Misses Delia, and Cora WELL, Lucile RILEY, and Mr. George HUGHES, all of Jakehamon school, have gone to Alpine to enter summer school at Sul-Ross Teachers College.  The three ladies are teachers at Jakehamon and HUGHES is a graduate of their high school the past year.

Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. MORRIS were here early in the week from Cisco, guests in the house of his father, C.C. MORRIS.  They are moving from Cisco to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they will locate.

Misses Lorene LIGHTFOOT and Arra Lee WHATLEY are leaving for Denton where they will study during the summer months.  Miss LIGHTFOOT and Miss WHATLEY are employed as Primary teachers in the Duster school.

Mr. Bud M. GLOVER of the Legion hospital at Kerrville, is improving in health since he left here. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl FINE and children of San Antonio are visiting her mother, Mrs. Mollie TATE.

Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN of Ft. Worth were guests last week of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN.

Reba Vivian is the name of a small daughter who arrived at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Roy NELSON May 30th.

Spencer LIGHTFOOT is visiting his Aunt, Miss Vera SPENCER in Fort Worth, this week.

Taylor DABNEY is home from school the past year at John Tarleton College.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil NELSON of Waco are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.B. NELSON.

Mrs. Albert RUCKER has returned from Sanitorium where she accompanied her daughter, Miss Faye, some two weeks ago.

Mr. and Mrs. R.D. PRICE of Throckmorton are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby girl, May 31st at the Gorman Sanitarium.  Mr. and Mrs. PRICE will visit this summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley COGBURN.

Dr. Milton ALGOOD and family of Gould, Oklahoma and Mr. and Mrs. Easter LEDBETTER of Dallas, are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. ALLGOOD on Route one.

Mr. F.E. STEGALL and son, Edwin, accompanied Miss Margarette to Austin Wednesday where she will take work at the State University for the next twelve months.

Jack SPENCER and little daughter, Bettie Lou, four, of Houston, were Sunday visitors in the home of his mother, Mrs. G.W. SPENCER.

H.J. BUTLER returned this week from San Benito where he visited his son.  Mr. BUTLER said he crossed the new International bridge into Old Mexico while there.



Mr. J.H. ADAMS, highly esteemed citizen of this community and a much experienced oil field man, came near losing his life in the process of plugging a well on a lease of which he has charge.  In hoisting the sand reel, which had to be snubbed up, broke loose from its moorings in such as way as to catch Mr. ADAMS against some rig timbers so that he barely escaped being crushed to death.  He was taken to the Gorman Sanitarium for treatment.  He is back home now and much improved.

Another and more serious accident occurred in the process of plunging the TERRILL well several miles north of the place.  The twelve and one-half casing was being hoisted, and as a joint swung clean, the machinery failed to hold the heavy weight and the joint fell, crushing Mr. Bill EDWARDS.  He was hurried to the sanitarium where slight hope is out for his recovery.  Mr. EDWARDS, with his family, resides at Olden, but works in this oil field.

Miss Thesal ALLEN, who teaches primary work at Robinson Springs, is at home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. MOORE of this community, to spend the summer.

Miss Abbie LEWIS was visiting with her sister, Mrs. That WHITE of Ranger last week, but is at home now.

Miss Dixie Dee LAMINACK, a former resident of this community, who now resides at Gorman, is at home to spend the summer after finishing her senior high school work at Idalou.

Miss Winnizell HOLLERMAN of De Leon spent part of last week with her cousin, Miss Novis LINDLEY.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford GROGAN and little son, have moved in to this community, occupying the old STUART house.

Mr. Woodrow PATTERSON of Ranger is visiting here with his sister, Mrs. Jake WILLIAMS and also with Author and Anthon WYNN.  He will continue his visit indefinitely.

Mr. Emil YOUNG left this week for Glade Water where he expects to be employed for some time.

Mrs. Aubry WYNN is on the sick list again this week.

Roy GUTHREY and family of Robinson Springs community visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. GUTHREY, Sunday.

Ben PAYNE and family of Shamrock visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.C. PAYNE this week and Clark PAYNE accompanied them home.

Mr. Charley LINDLEY, who has lately purchased the REDWINE place, is making noted improvements in the farm and on the house also.  He expects to move to the house some time soon.


Robinson Springs

Mr. Carl MACON spent last week out west, spending one night with his uncle, Mr. W.T. MACON at Ralls.

Mrs. Rob CLIFTEN and daughter, Gwendola of Hobbs, New Mexico, who are visiting Mrs. CLIFTEN’s mother and sister, Mrs. SMITH at Victor, visited relatives and friends here Sunday.

Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS is on the sick list suffering with a severe cold and sore throat.

While working Saturday Mr. B.C. CHAMBERS accidentally sprained his back which has caused some suffering, but is slowly recovering.

Miss Bernice CHATHAM left Monday to attend school at Stephenville this summer.  Miss Chatham taught a successful school year at Desdemona.



Miss Delva YOUNG spent part of last week with her uncle, Mr. Carroll YOUNG, of the Bays Community.

Miss Avil KEITH of Lingleville visited her sister, Mrs. Fred NEWTON last Friday.



Mrs. Rupert BLANKENSHIP was called to the bedside of her mother, Mrs. J. SOUTHALL of Highland, who is seriously ill.

Mrs. Virgil BATTERSHELL of Fairy visited her mother and sister Tuesday.



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