The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, May 29, 1931


Local Merchant in Hospital from Heart Attack

            While at work at his place of business last Monday afternoon at about 2:30 o’clock, Feltz TERRILL suffered a heart attack and as a result was carried to Gorman Sanitarium immediately for treatment.  Mr. TERRILL had a lighter attack on Sunday previous, but was not incapacitated by it.  He has suffered all this week with severe pains of the heart, getting little rest.

            Thursday just before this paper was placed on the press, a report from the Sanitarium indicated that he was resting better and his general condition was believed somewhat improved.

            It seems a strange co-incidence that Mr. TERRILL and Dr. SELF are in the same Sanitarium, suffering with almost identical maladies, and there have been other similar cases in town within recent weeks.

            Thursday the report of Dr. SELF’s condition was also more hopeful.  He has gained some strength during the past week, it is thought, and relatives and friends are hopeful for his early recovery.


Car Stolen from Business Street in Broad Daylight

            A bold daylight robbery was staged here last Wednesday morning when a 1929 model Ford car, property of E.L. LOCKE, was stolen from the curb near Bibby’s Variety Store, where it was parked.  Mrs. LOCKE drove the machine down town to do some shopping, parking at about 9:30 a.m.  At 10:30 the car was gone.  W.W. BELL saw someone driving away in the machine, going down the main drag past the depot, but thought nothing of it until later when it was reported that the car was missing.  So far as the Free Press is informed, there is no clew as to the identity of the thief.

            The machine, as stated above, was a ’29 model Ford Coupe and had been well taken care of.  It was worth probably $400 and was insured.

            Later – The stolen car was found parked in a residence street in Waco, about five blocks from the Amicable building.  It was discovered by the son of the Chief of Police early in the evening of the same day it was stolen.  When he passed the spot where the car was parked at 9:30, which was some hours later, and finding the car still parked there, he drove it into town and turned it over to the police.  LOCKE’s name and address was somewhere about the car – a mighty good idea, - and the police phoned him and he went and brought it home.  It was not damaged.


Finis Bell was Elected Supt. of School for 6th Term

            Finis BELL was recently re-elected superintendent of the school at Hawley, in the Abilene district, for the sixth consecutive year.  BELL, a graduate of De Leon high school and of John Tarleton College, has made an enviable record at the teaching profession.  He accepted the place at the head of Hawley school when the work was run down and the school was small, until at the present time a new building has been finished, and nine teachers are being employed in the system.

            Mr. and Mrs. BELL and their little son, Ronald Lee, were here this week visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. V.V. BELL, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee IRVIN.


Terrill Dairy Now Using Mechanical Milking Machine

            Out at Terrill Dairy a new and modern addition has been made recently, a mechanical milking machine.  Mr. TERRILL has had the purchase of a machine under consideration for some time.  He bought an International single unit machine, which in every way answers his needs.  The machine not only milks the cows much quicker than by hand, but the bacteria count is actually less with a well-kept machine, a State Health inspector told Mr. TERRILL this week.

            Mr. TERRILL is milking abut thirty cows, and the machine does the job in about one hour, thus saving one of the two hours formerly required by hand.  The machine can be made to finish a cow, but the most approved method, and the one Mr. TERRILL is following, is to “strip” by hand.

            Terrill Dairy was established a number of years ago, and gradually the quality of the herd has been improved until at the present time there are upward of half a hundred very fine animals in the herd.


Government Will Give Headstones for Vets. Graves

            J.P. HOWELL, post commander of the local post of the American Legion, announces that the federal government will supply, without cost, headstones or markers for the graves of Confederate veterans, or of veterans of the Spanish-American or World War, provided such graves are not now marked by permanent headstones.

            The headstones supplied for Confederate graves are of white American marble, 39 inches high, 12 inches wide and four inches thick, slightly pointed at the top, and will bear the name, the rank (if above private), and organization in which veteran served followed by the letters “C.S.A.”  This information should be supplied when making request for the headstone.

            Relatives or friends wishing to place permanent stones over unmarked graves of veterans are requested to see Mr. HOWELL, or D.C. NORTON, Post Adjutant, who will be glad to furnish more details about this service on the part of the government and will assist in making out the required application.


E.S. Merrick Improved, Able to be in Town Again

            Friends of E.S. MERRICK will rejoice with him that he has so far regained his health as to be up and about town.  Mr. MERRICK has been ill at his home for some weeks, and his family and friends were disturbed about his condition.  He now seems on the road to complete recovery.


Texas Christian U. Lauds Miss Launa Fretwell as She Takes Degree

            Fort Worth, May 20, -Miss Launa FRETWELL, daughter of Mrs. B.F. COX of De Leon, is among the 154 students who will receive their degrees from Texas Christian University at the 58th annual commencement exercises of the school Monday evening, June 1.  Miss FRETWELL will receive the degree of Bachelor of Music, with a major in piano.

            Class Day exercises are scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Saturday, May 30.  The baccalaureate sermon will be delivered at 11 a.m. Sunday, May 31.

            Miss FRETWELL has been very active on the campus, being a member of the Scholarship Society, ’30, ’31; Alpha Zeta Pi. (Foreign Language Fraternity), corresponding secretary in her junior year; Los Hidalgos, (Spanish Club) ’30, ’31; Music Club ’31; Frogettes ’28, Upperettes, ’29, ’30; and the Radio Players, who have been presented over WBAP, KTAT, and KFJZ at various times during the past two years.

            Miss FRETWELL’s scholastic standard has been consistently high.  She has won scholarships covering her freshman and sophomore years in the University, and her name has appeared on the Honor Roll, necessitating an average of B in all studies, during the entire four years.

            She acts as pianist for the College Division of the University Sunday School, and since the summer of 1930, has been employed on the University switchboard.

            She expects to teach English and piano.


Court House News


            James V. BREWER, Sipe Springs and Miss Dora Faye McPHAIL, Gorman, Route 4, were married Wednesday, April 29, the ceremony being performed by Rev. W.L. SKAGGS.


            Mrs. Matilda CAMPBELL, widow, died at her home near Dublin, April 9, interment at the Proctor Cemetery April 11, age 79 years.

            Viola GILCHREST, age 2 years, 10 months and 20 days, died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin GILCHREST, De Leon, April 2, interment De Leon Cemetery.

            Infant of J.W. BROWN, De Leon, died April 14, interment De Leon Cemetery.

            G.W. JONES, age was 72 years, 11 months, and 25 days, died at his home in De Leon, April 20, interment De Leon Cemetery, April 22.

            Martha Jane BRUMLEY died at De Leon, April 27, interment at Round Grove Cemetery, age 87 years, 6 months and 6 days.


            To Mr. and Mrs. G.H. BROWNLEE, Comyn, April 12, a daughter.

            To Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. FRANKS, De Leon, Route 2, April 19, a daughter, Dorris Nell.

            To Mr. and Mrs. John Inzer WEAVER, April 4, a son, John Mack WEAVER, De Leon.

            To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. FORREST, De Leon Route 3, a daughter, Eunice.

            To Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. ELLIS, De Leon, April 14, a son.

            To Mr. and Mrs. Oscar TERRY, De Leon Route 4, April 1, a daughter, Evelyn.

            To Mr. and Mrs. J.W. BROWN, De Leon, April 4, a son.

            To Mr. and Mrs. J.C. FAIR, De  Leon, April 4, a daughter, Juanita.

            To Mr. and Mrs. R.R. SMITH, De Leon, Route 2, a daughter.

            To Mr. and Mrs. Vernon PAINTER, Comyn, April 19, a son.

Deeds Recorded

            Arnold KIRK to Frank DEAN, 160 acres of land in Comanche and Eastland Counties out of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum Survey, consideration $2,400.

            A.B. BYRD and wife to F. and M. Bank of De Leon 160 acres of of the H. and T.C. Railway Survey, consideration $1.00 and other valuable consideration.

            Iva PITTMAN and husband, C.L. PITTMAN to the F. and M. Bank of De Leon, lots 9 and 10, block 3, Higginbotham Addition to De Leon, consideration $800.00. –Comanche Chief.


Mrs. A.C. Schumann Hostess

            The Bridge Club was very delightfully entertained in the home of Mrs. A.C. SCHUMAN on Tuesday afternoon.  The house was beautifully decorated with roses and rose buds were used as plate favors.

            The very delicious refreshment plate consisted of : sandwiches, toasted crackers, cheese salad, potato chips, pickles, ice-box cookies and iced tea.

            Those enjoying the party were Mesdames ASHBY, winner of high score, Smith MAJOR, Herbert WEAVER, DABNEY, PARKS, COBB, TERRELL, CLARK, CARLILE, STEWART, DUKE, TALLEY, W.P. WEAVER, C.R. ROSS and DANIEL.


Morgan – Huskey

            On Sunday afternoon at three-thirty o’clock, May the twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and thirty-one, the matrimonial knot was tied by Rev. H.B. HOLDRIDGE, which united Mr. W. Ambros MORGAN and Miss Ara E. HUSKEY into the holy bonds of matrimony.  The outstanding event occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. HASKETT, parents of the bride, who reside two and one half miles east of Van Dyke.

            Immediately after the ceremony the young couple left for a short honeymoon of about three or four days.  After returning they will be at home for only a short while before leaving for Alpine, Texas, where they plan to spend the summer in Sul Ross State Teachers College, better equipping themselves for a successful journey together.

            Mrs. MORGAN has been in the teaching profession for several years, having taught the past two at Beattie where she became acquainted with Mr. MORGAN.  She has specialized in primary work and is quite an excellent teacher.

            Mr. MORGAN has also been in the profession of teaching for the past several years, serving as principal of Beattie School the past two years.  He has completed three years toward a degree in Vocational Agriculture.

            The bride and groom will be at home in De Leon after September the first, as they are both to teach at Beattie next school term.

            Mr. and Mrs. C.W. HASLETT, who are the parents of the bride, a brother and sister to the bride, Miss Eva HOLDRIDGE, Mrs. H.B. HOLDRIDGE, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul HOLDRIDGE were present to witness the ceremony.

            Their many friends and relatives wish for them all of the success and happiness that can possibly come their way as they journey through life. –Contributed


Comyn School Supt. To Study at Baylor Toward M.A. Degree

            Supt. S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr. of the Comyn school left Monday for Waco where he entered Baylor University for the summer to do work leading toward his Master’s degree which he will acquire with six weeks more work after the present summer term is finished.

            Mr. CULPEPPER has just finished his first year at Comyn and his work was so satisfactory that he was retained at a substantial increase in salary, after a much larger nearby school had offered him its superintendency.


Little Dan Steakley Simmons Tennis Ace.  Maintains Family Record

            The publicity department of Simmons University calls “Little Dan STEAKLEY” an “Ace”, and they prove his right to such a title by a story of how young STEAKLEY won the singles, with a team mate, Harold MOORE, had won the tennis doubles title for Simmons in a bout held at Brownwood.  The winning is significant in that the Cowboys have not lost one of either the singles or doubles titles since 1926, and the honor of a six year record was at stake.

            Zollie STEAKLEY, now a State University law student, was no slouch with a tennis racket, or on the football field.  Even their “old man”, Z.C., now Chevrolet dealer at Sweetwater, swings a mean golf club and in former years his tennis racket was feared by the best of them.


Robinson Springs

Miss Bernice CHATHAM is again at home after teaching a successful school term in Desdemona.  Miss CHATHAM was re-elected at Desdemona and has accepted.

The hail storm and heavy rain which fell here Thursday night damaged crops and gardens considerably.  Most everything will have to be replanted.  Some of the land was washed badly.  Some of the fine terraces on the WILLIAMS farm were broken, doing much damage to the entire field.

Messrs. Roger and Wayne CHAMBERS, Doyce SHORT and Carl MACON are at home from Brownwood where they have been attending Howard Payne College.  Carl took his B.A. degree there Wednesday night.  His father, Mr. R.L. MACON from here and cousin, Miss Pauline RAY of De Leon attended graduation exercise.

Miss Myrtle Maw LOWRANCE, who has been attending school at this place, returned to her home near Hico Sunday.  Myrtle Maw expects to be back with us next year.  She will be a senior next year.

Mr. MORING took the pupils of his room to  visit Wolf’s nursery Sunday afternoon on a picnic.

Miss Pallie Bean BRUMBELOW has been elected as a teacher in the Desdemona school for the coming school year.

The honor roll for May is as follows:

First Grade:  Adonis KIMMELL, Louise BLANKENSHIP, Wayne MAHAN, and Erwin Earl ST. CLAIR.

Second Grade:  Troy WEST, Wanda CARR, Wilma KIMMELL, Oll’Marie BLANKENSHIP, Durwood PARK, Avis FORREST and Bonnie Faye CUMMINS.

Third Grade:  Ona Dean COAN, Lyndell COAN, Lorene FORREST, Melton DECKER, A.J. STEWART and Lillian CARR.

Fourth Grade:  Marjorie BRUMBELOW.

Sixth Grade:  Aline KIMMELL, Charlotte MILLER, Thelma MILLER, and Velma MILLER.

Seventh Grade:  L.V. PARK, Alvin PRICE, Horace SPRUILL, Thelma BARKER, Josie BLOYD, Inez DECKER, Mary Frances RODENBACH, and Virginia TOLAR.

High School:  Hollis DYSON, Alta Mae RADENBACH, Florence CLINE, Oleta MACON, Adina KIMMELL, Floyd WEST, and Jack BRUMBELOW.

Mrs. Johnnie A. NORWOOD is in Cleburne at the bedside of her mother, who is very ill.

Elaine BARKER was awarded a certificate of honor Wednesday night at the grammar school graduation exercises for having made the best grades and record in high school.  Elaine will be a senior in high school next year.  Alta Mae RADENBACH was awarded a certificate of attendance, having not missed a day from school nor been late to class at any time.  Alta Mae will be in the ninth grade next year.  Mary Frances also received a certificate for the same honor.  Mary Frances will be in the eighth grade next year.  She was also salutatorian in the seventh grade this year.  Wayne MAHAN, a First Grade girl, received a certificate of attendance also.



Roy MIEARS had the misfortune last week to come near meeting his death by drowning.  A part of Mr. MIEARS farm is across from the De Leon River and Roy, a boy only ten years old, was doing some work with a team when the river suddenly rose to something like half bank.  The child undertook to cross with the team thinking the team would pull him across with the lines.  In some manner he lost his hold on the [?] and was carried nearly a mile downstream by the swift current.  In passing through a well-constructed stock gap, he was caught in such a way that all his clothing was torn from him.  In a bend in the river he managed to get to the bank and came out on the same side that he had entered.  When the team reached home, his mother felt alarmed for the safety of the child.  Mr. MIEARS not being at home, Mrs. MIEARS sought aid from her neighbors and Buck REED, G.M. WADE and W.A. LINDLEY aided in the rescue of the child, who was found shivering in the unusual cold of the evening.



Mrs. D.L. MALONE is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. Frankie BARKER of Comyn visited relatives here and attended the plays at Robinson Springs.

Mrs. Jim BLANKENSHIP received a message from her son telling the story of the arrival of a new boy in their home.

Mrs. J. W. THOMAS has returned from Dublin and is visiting in the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. BLANKENSHIP.

Friends here of Rev. Jim BAYS of the Bass community, will be sorry to hear of the serious illness of his wife and also of his mother who is very ill at this writing.


Oliver Springs

It is with regret that we tell of the passing of Mrs. Gordon MILLER.  From the effects of a fall received last week which injured her hip, she passed away Sunday at 1:15.  Relatives from May and Gorman and friends of the community were at her bedside.  The sympathy of the community is extended to the bereaved family in their hour of sorrow.

L.C. COZART and family spent Sunday with Mrs. COZART’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. EZZELLE of Desdemona.



On Thursday evening of last week, we were visited by a severe hailstorm, also lots of rain.  Gardens were completely ruined.  Black berries were damaged to a great extent.  Corn was damaged very badly.  Window panes were blown from several dwellings.  Thirty-two window panes were broken in the Baptist church.  Several people lost chickens and turkeys.

Mr. W.B. MILLER was brought home from the hospital last week, although he is not yet able to report for work.  He has been section foreman here for the past two years.


Local Happenings

Charles NARRY is guest of his aunt, Mrs. Edgar JOHNSON in Cisco.

James Donald is the name of a fine son who was born to Mr. and Mrs. H.H. PEEVY May 13.

Miss Inez BOSWELL has returned from a month’s visit with Mr. and Mrs. H.B. BOSWELL at Harrold.

Miss Ora Marie CRAIN is visiting her sister, Mrs. Carl STEWART, at Olney for a couple of weeks.

Mrs. Robert FRIESON of Breckenridge was the guest the past week of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam NOEL.

Mrs. Guy HARMON is in Austin for a two weeks visit with their son Fred.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl WOOD of Gorman were guests Sunday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. V.V. BELL.

Mrs. J.A. OTWELL and grandson, Wayne, are visiting her daughter, Mrs. Minnie TERRY at Ranger.

Mrs. E.C. WOODARD is very ill at the home of her son, Charley WOODARD at Desdemona.

Mrs. John HAM is in Houston, the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Lucian McCLELLAN.  Mesdames HAM and McCLELLAN are sisters.

Mrs. Lane MORELAND and little daughter, Shela VANCE, of Tahoka, were recent visitors in the home of Mrs. R.L. MORELAND.

Billie SNEAD is recovering nicely from a tonsil operation which was performed Monday at a sanitarium in Gorman.

Mrs. A.P. SCHMIDT and children, Miss Frances and Jimmie, are visiting this week with Mr. SCHMIDT who is now working in Houston.  Fred will join them the latter part of the week.

Dick LLOYD is visiting his sister, Mrs. Bill STEPHENS at Waco.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. HAMMETT of Ranger, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. George HAMMETT.

Towers and Edwards CARNES, sons of the late Billie CARNES, were here recently from Rochester, visiting in the homes of Pat CARNES and W.P. HAMMERS.

Mr. and Mrs. C.O. BRAGG are here for a visit in the home of his mother, Mrs. W.L. GREER, and other relatives and friends.  They taught last school year at Dimmitt, in the panhandle of Texas, and liked their situation well.  They will return there for another year’s work.

Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN and daughter, Miss Evelyn, are visiting their son and brother, C.L. KINCHEN, at McCamey, and Mrs. KINCHEN’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. McCARTY at Lawn.

Mr. and Mrs. Finis BELL and Mrs. V. V. BELL and son, J. EDWARD were in Dallas and Fort Worth Tuesday where Mrs. BELL purchased many new things for her shop.

Miss Lilla SHORT is here from Estilline, the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John SHORT.  Miss SHORT held a position as teacher in the Estilline schools the past year.

Mr. and Mrs. Boliver GRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Tommie GRAY and Mrs. J. Matt ROSS accompanied Mrs.  ROSS’s son, Carl ROSS, to Sanitorium, Texas last Wednesday where he entered the Sanitarium to take the rest for an affected lung.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. JONES salvaged their home east of the North Ward school last week, and are erecting a modern new home three miles west of here near the De Leon – Gorman highway, on their farm.

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. FUNDERBURG and children are again at home in De Leon, having made their home in Eastland for a number of years.  Friends here will be glad to have them back again.

Mrs. Roe and Miss Opal TIMMONS and Mrs. Pearl RUCKER accompanied Miss Faye RUCKER to Sanitorium last Thursday where she entered the sanitarium for treatment.  Mrs. RUCKER will remain there indefinitely.



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