The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, May 15, 1931


Judge E.S. Merrick Confined to His Bed with Critical Illness

            Judge E.S. MERRICK, prominent citizen of this city the past ten or twelve years, is critically ill at his home in the south part of the city, near the high school.  Judge MERRICK has been troubled with high blood pressure, the Free Press has learned.  He was resting fairly well at last report.

            Judge MERRICK was Justice of the Peace here in recent years, and has engaged in the business of insurance and real estate.  He was for ten years secretary of the W.O.W. Lodge, and has for some years held the secretary-ship of the Masonic Blue Lodge.  Free Press understands he will resign both places because of his illness.  He has been very efficient and faithful in official capacity.  His friends hope for his speedy recovery.


Dr. Self Suffered Another Attack

            Dr. J.E. SELF was carried back to Gorman Thursday afternoon following a severe attack with his heart.  He was quite ill during the afternoon and evening, but at midnight he went to sleep and rested well the remainder of the night.  Friday morning (today) his condition was believed somewhat improved.


Home for Vacation

            Carroll STOVER, who is employed as salesman for Star Engraving Co., of Houston, selling cuts for high school and college annuals in Oklahoma, was a pleasant visitor at the Free Press office the last of the week.


Mothers Day Family Reunion Held Sunday at Comanche Lake

            Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL, Sr., had a most enjoyable day last Sunday when all their children were with them, the entire party going to Comanche and spending the day at Lake Eanes, where a dinner was had and the day spent in pleasant association.  The party was made up of Mr. and Mrs. HOWELL; Will E. HOWELL, Jr., and wife, Cleburne, daughter of Mrs. HOWELL and her chum, also of Cleburne; Mr. and Mrs. Willis CLARK and two children, Ranger; Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HOWELL, De Leon; Earl HOWELL, Dallas; Harry of Cleburne; and Paul and Russell of this city.


They Went Fishing

            Rev. Montie A. DAVIS is telling first hand “fish stories” this week, and since none of his fish weighed more than about two pounds, they do not necessarily sound “fishy.”  The party went to the Colorado and was made up besides Rev. DAVIS, of A.C. POLNAC, C.L. KINCHEN, Maurice and Pete NANCE and Estelle MATHIS.


Underhill is Named Secretary of W.O.W.

            Joe UNDERHILL is the new secretary of the W.O.W. Lodge, succeeding Judge E.S. MERRICK, who has served the lodge in this office for so many years.  UNDERHILL was elected at a meeting held at the lodge hall last Monday evening.  He will make a faithful and worthy official, Free Press predicts.


Downing School Elects Teachers

            The teachers for the Downing school were elected last week as follows: R.C. BOSWELL, re-elected as Supt. Miss Faith ELLIOT, who lives on Route two, was elected as intermediate teacher.  Mrs. George ELLIS was re-elected primary teacher.


Small Child has Painful Accident

            J.E., the four year old son of Mr. and Mrs. M.B. NELSON  , happened to a painful accident Saturday when he fell from a tub where he was playing and cut a gash in his leg below the knee.  He was attended by a local physician and it was necessary to take four stitches to close the wound.  He is recovering nicely.


Two De Leon Girls Appear on Program at Tarleton College

            Mrs. A.P. SCHMIDT presented two of her most advanced pupils, Misses Evelyn GOLIGHTLY and Martha Frances RUSSELL, in recital at John Tarleton College, Stephenville, on Saturday, May 2nd.  The program was arranged by Prof. Chas. FROH, director of music, who had invited teachers from all points surrounding Stephenville to bring their advanced pupils to the College for the recital.  Quite a number responded.

            Misses GOLIGHTLY and RUSSELL rendered their numbers in a manner reflecting credit upon themselves as well as upon their instructor.  Similar programs are being given from time to time, and other local students in music may have opportunity to appear on Mr. FROH’s programs later.


Compton, Gulley Named on Faculty of De Leon School

            At meetings of the De Leon School Board held Monday and Tuesday evenings this week, W.Z. COMPTON was elected teacher of Vocational Agriculture on a full-time basis, succeeding D.M. RUSSELL as instructor in this department.  Mr. COMPTON gives up the position of principal of the high school, but will continue as coach of athletics.  He is the first full time vocational man De Leon school has had.  Mr. COMPTON has been in the De Leon school system for a number of years and is very popular with the student body, the athletic association, and with the patrons of the town.  Mr. COMPTON will receive his B.S. degree at A. & M. College this summer.

            Tuesday evening Mr. Coleman GULLEY, of Fort Worth, came before the Board and placed his application for the position of principal.  Mr. GULLEY had been to De Leon a number of times recently in conference with Board members.  His election was unanimous.  Mr. GULLEY has finished his Bachelor’s and also his Masters degree, and was for two years Dean of Men at Texas Christian University.  He is young, married, and his wife has scholarship attainments equal to his.  He has had several years teaching experience, and has for two years been employed by Ernst & Ernst, national auditing company.  He will teach commercial work here.

            To the present time four members of the faculty have been elected.  They are E.H. BOULTER, superintendent, W.Z. COMPTON, vocational agriculture and Coleman GULLEY, principal, Miss Artie COLEY, home economics.  The changes being made in high school have necessitated delays the reasons for which are not apparent to one unfamiliar with conditions the Board has had to deal with.



            Mr. J.B. CRAIN and Miss Christine LESTER were united in marriage Thursday, April 30, 1931.  The wedding took place at the Red River bridge after obtaining the license at Frederick, Oklahoma.  The ceremony was officiated by the Rev. C.L. STEWART of Olney, Texas.

            Witnesses of the ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. B.J. BIBBY of Electra, Texas and Mr. Jimmie BROWNLEE of De Leon.

            The couple spent Thursday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. BIBBY in Electra, returning to Olney to spend Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. C.L. STEWART, sister of Mr. CRAIN, returning to their home in De Leon Saturday.

            Mrs. CRAIN is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Owen C. LESTER.  Mr. CRAIN is the son of Mrs. Ora C. CRAIN of De Leon.

            The young couple are well known throughout De Leon by many friends who wish them all the happiness and prosperity possible for their married life. –Contributed.


Popular Pecos Young Couple are Married

            Miss Dorothy SANDERS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.A. SANDERS was married quietly on April 30 to Dale SADBERRY of the Radford Grocery Company, the ceremony being performed at the home of the bride.

            The couple left after the wedding for a visit with the groom’s parents, at De Leon, Texas.  They returned last Sunday and are now at home here.

            Both bride and groom have a host of friends who wish them every happiness. –Pecos Enterprise.


Scores of Friends Shower Mrs. Ida Dean on Mother’s Day

            The friends of Mrs. Ida DEAN gave her a Mother’s Day shower Sunday afternoon at her home.  It was very much of a surprise to her and also a very enjoyable one.

            The guests met at Authar HARDIN’s home and arranged a little mother’s program.  Ten small children carried the gifts in to Mrs. DEAN.  After the program a few songs were sung, and then cake, lemonade and coffee were served to: Mesdames Nellie MULL, Ethel McCRARY, May HARDIN, Lottie CLEMENTS, Mary LEE, Bessie STYPHENSON and family, Fred NABORS, C. SMITH, J.C. GUNN and daughter, Jeff LOUDERMILK, Gertie DEAN, Bud McGINNIS and son, Ruby SIMPSON, Miss Anice LOCK, Mattie LOUDERMILK, R.C. THOMAS, Miss Elvis THOMAS, and Mesdames and Messrs. Authar HARDIN and family, A.L. WELCH, J.N. BOWEN, J.C. McGINNIS and family, George DANIELL, T.H. LOCK, O.M. LOCK, J.T. DUPRIEST, Faye KAY and Mrs. Lena LEO of Comanche, who is a sister of Mrs. DEAN.

            Several of her friends were not present but remembered her with a gift.  They were Mesdames George MOHON, Mary WOODS, Myrtle BAGBY, Clyde JENKINS, Roy SMMITH, Agnes STEWART, R.T. STEVENS, Exa DODSON, Fannie COTTRELL, Alf SLOAN, Hubert KELLY, and Alene IRIS, Mrs. E.N. PITTS, Mrs. Houston PITTS and Mrs. J.S. DAVIS of McCAMEY.  Also Mesdames Bula COAN, A.E. HARRELL, Homer RANDOLPH, Jim WITLOCK, H.C. DEAN, Mrs. R.W. ROGERS of San Angelo, niece of Mrs. DEAN, Mrs. C.M. GUSS of Alexander City, Ala., sister of Mrs. DEAN, Leon LEE of Alles, Texas, nephew and niece of Mrs. DEAN.  –Contributed


Seventh Grade Graduation Class Roll

Larue SPENCER, Billy DRY, Carl DRY, Everett DAVIS, Jessie Lee REES, Ruth L. CLARK, Lavada CHANDLER, Christine PAINTER, Aubry THOMAS, Orene GRISSOM, Lucille SMITH, Sam STRONG, Gwendolyn KENNEDY, Dixie HANSON, John FLOYD, Delmon DAVIS, Johnnie Lou BARKER, Mildred CAFFEY, Alton CROCKETT, Bennett MYERS, Mary Loyse ALATON, and W.J. MAGEE


Bridge Club

            Mrs. Goss COBB very cleverly entertained the Bridge Club with a Porch Party on Tuesday afternoon.  Decorations of wild flowers were very effectively arranged.

            Four tables were arranged for:  Mesdames TERRILL, KEITH, WRIGHT, SMITH, CARLILE, DABNEY, PARKS, CLARK, Herbert WEAVER, SCHUMAN, STEWART, WHALEY, MAJORS, DANIELS, and W.P. WEAVER, CUTBIRTH of Houston, and SENNING, mother of the hostess, from Spur.

            The “out-of-door” idea was further carried out in the dainty luncheon cloths and napkins of crepe paper.

            Refreshments consisted of celery salad, sandwiches, olives, cheese niblets, potato chips,

Spanish cake topped with whipped cream and iced tea.

            Mrs. CUTBIRTH won high score.


“42” and Rook Club

            On Saturday, May 9, at the home of Miss Gussie INSALL, Mrs. Egbert and Miss INSALL entertained the Rook Club and the “42” Club jointly.  The afternoon was spent most pleasantly with two tables of Rook and three of “42.”

            After the games, refreshments consisting of brick ice cream, angel food squares and punch were served to the following club members and visitors:  Mesdames TERRILL, CLARK, MAJORS, SHARP, LIGHTFOOT, IVERSON, BUCHAN, DONAHOE, DANIELS, GRIZZELLE, NICHOLS, CAYCE, J.B. BLITCH, J.W. IRVIN, Mrs. NEWMAN of Navasota and Misses Kee SMITH and FUGATE.



T.J. McCLELLAN received an announcement from Mr. and Mrs. Joe McCLELLAN at New Port, Arkansas, telling of the marriage of their daughter, Miss Floy, to R.N. HIPPS of Little Rock.  Mrs. HIPPS has taught in the New Port schools for the past three years.  Mr. and Mrs. HIPPS are at home in Little Rock.

Miss Wendola PRICE, who lives on Route 3, has accepted a position with the Lingleville schools for next school year.  Miss PRICE was valedictorian of the graduation class of 1929 of the Desdemona high school, and attended John Tarleton College during the session of 1929 and 1930.

H.J. BUTLER, who has been with his son at San Benito for some months, spent last week here repairing and improving his place in Humphrey Addition getting it in shape to rent to someone.  He left Saturday for Denton where he will remain for some time with another one of his sons.

Mr. and Mrs. George ELLIS attended the funeral of her grandmother MARTIN at Purvis last Friday.

Mrs. C.E. NEWMAN and small daughter of Navasota are visiting her mother, Mrs. J.H. BUCHAN.

Allen WOZENCRAFT of Merkle is the guest of his mother, Mrs. J.W. WOZENCRAFT.

Mr. B. NELSON was guest of his aunt, Mrs. Lou LOOKINBILL at Desdemona Sunday.

Mrs. SENNING of Spur is the guest of her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Goss COBB.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee GOOCH and children spent the week-end visiting relatives at Indian Gap and Hamilton.

W.J. HOLLEMAN, now making his home at Eastland, couldn’t resist the temptation of coming back to De Leon on “Hose Monday.”

W.S. and Allen GLOVER have returned from Kerrville where they visited their brother, Bud GLOVER.

Mrs. C.E. BASS and small sons were guests of C.E. BASS at Sedwich last week-end.

Mrs. Olga KOPLAN, daughter of Mrs. Laura J. VALENTA, was here from San Antonio the first of the week for a visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Y.L. DABNEY went to Stephenville the early part of this week to accompany home their son, Taylor, who is ill with mumps.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. COZBY and Eloise of Grand Prairie were guests Sunday of her mother, Mrs. Emma COONER and children.

Mrs. French ROBERSON and small daughter, Emily Chrystine, of Haskell were guests the past week of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. LOWE.

Kermet NEAL, genial bookkeeper for Higginbotham Bros. & Co., who recently had an operation for appendicitis, has sufficiently recovered to be back at work.

Miss Nina Beth TERRILL of Stephenville was week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.A. TERRILL.  She was accompanied home by Miss Francis WHITFIELD.

Mrs. Tommie GRAY and Boliver GRAY and daughter, Miss Mollie, were in Ranger Saturday visiting with Oscar GRAY and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard BOSWELL of Harrold were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. A.V. BOSWELL.  They were accompanied home by Miss Inez BOSWELL who will visit with them this month.

Miss Billie ELLIOT who lives on Route two has accepted a position in the Alemeda school for the ensuing year.  Miss ELLIOT was a graduate of the 1929 class of De Leon high school graduates.

Rev. and Mrs. Harley HUGHES, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar WATSON of Levelland, Grover WATSON of O’Donnell, and Floyd WATSON of Stanton, and Mrs. Arthur HOOD of Abilene are at the bedside of H.A. WATSON who continues very ill at his home on Route five.

Miss Merlyn GOOCH has accepted a position as primary teacher in the Indian Gap school which is a five teacher school.  Miss GOOCH graduated from the De Leon high school in the class of 1929-30 and is a student this year in John Tarleton College.

Misses Lillie and Lora SINGLETON have returned from Haskell County where they have taught the past three years.  Miss Lora will teach at Energy next year and Miss Lillie at Pounds.

Mrs. W.H. GARRETT of Colorado, Texas, daughter of Uncle Jack MORTON, spent Mother’s Day as a guest in the Walter GREENWALDT home and visiting with her father.

Mr. and Mrs. C.E. FLOYD gave a birthday party on Saturday, May 2, 1931, in honor of their daughter, Mable FLOYD, who was fourteen years old.  There were eleven guests, five boys and six girls.  The refreshments were cake and candy.  The entertainment was from two to five p.m.  All gave gifts.  –Contributed

Mrs. Hasse GLOVER was given a pleasant surprise Sunday when her children began to gather at her home with baskets filled with all kinds of good eats to celebrate Mother’s day.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. W.S. GLOVER and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ed GLOVER and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Cly PITTMAN and children and Allen GLOVER of Los Angeles.

When Mr. and Mrs. Bud CARAWAY returned from church Sunday they were surprised with a basket dinner honoring Mr. CARAWAY’s birthday, given by his children.  Those present were his mother, Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY, Mr. and Mrs. J. DAVIS and children, Mr. and Mrs. Dave FLOYD and children, Mrs. Homer BAKER and children and Mrs. Ed THOMAS and children.

J.C. POPE returned Thursday night from Trinity where he has been working for some time.


Oliver Springs

Orvill C. SETZLER has a badly cut foot.  The Dr. had to close the wound with three stitches.  It will be some time before he can walk on his injured foot.

Mrs. Maneil SMITH of Eastland visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George REED Friday.



W.N. KOONCE, B.O. KOONCE of this community and Mr. REED of the Oliver Springs community have returned from attending the state wolf hunters association in Kent county.  They report an excellent outing and a great gathering.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HONEYCUTT have had born to them a baby girl and named her Mary Lee.  Reports are that mother and baby are doing well and will soon be able to be back from Gorman where they have been for some time.

Rev. G.A. HENDON of the Bays community was visiting in this community last week and incidentally looking for a deal of some kind of trade for property here that he might move here for the advantages of this place.

G.A. CLARK has improved some from a very serious illness.

Friends and neighbors of G.A. CLARK gathered at his place this week and gave Mr. CLARK a working, putting his crop in good condition.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. ADAMS and daughters Robbie Lee and Emogene, spent the week-end visiting with Mrs. ADAMS’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. GRIFFIN of Olden.

Mr. and Mrs. A.F. LEWIS of Ranger visited with Mr. and Mrs. R.P. LEWIS this week.

J.P. MIEARS came near having a serious accident with his car Sunday.  In turning a corner something went wrong with the steering gear and the car went into a deep ditch throwing some of the occupants entirely out of the car.  No one was seriously injured.

The Mother’s Day program carried out in connection with the Sunday school was very interesting.  A large number gathered for the program.  Mrs. Doyle GUTHRIE of Abilene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS, made a well prepared address to the audience that was appreciated by all.  Mrs. GUTHRIE is a pleasing speaker.  This address, in part at least, had been prepared by Mrs. GUTHRIE for an address to the mothers club at the First Baptist Church at Abilene where Mrs. GUTHRIE takes an active part in the social and religious work.  Mrs. O.H. MOORE was presented a beautiful bouquet as the oldest mother present.

Friends of E.S. MERRICK regret the long continued illness which has overtaken him.  Mr. MERRICK formerly lived in this community and was thought much of.  He retired from his farm in this community, which he still owns, several years ago and has since made his home in De Leon.  Mrs. J.S. DISHMAN, who lives in this community, and is a daughter of Mr. MERRICK, has been with him most of the time for the past ten days.  His friends hope for his early recovery.



Mrs. J.W. WALLACE and daughter are spending this week with her sister at Temple.

Miss Cliftine GOODSON was very ill last week, but is better at this time.

Mr. and Mrs. T.C. PATTERSON are the proud parents of a baby girl.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin CLINE are the proud parents of a baby boy named Edwin Eugene.

Mr. and Mrs. Hurvey GARY, and R.L. GARY have gone to Ill. where they expect to work.

Mrs. D.W. Smith is on the sick list this week.


Robinson Springs

Miss Thessel ALLEN visited her sister and family who live near Albany Sunday.

Miss UNDERWOOD spent the afternoon and took supper with her mother Mother’s Day.  She was accompanied also by Mr. Ike BRUMBELOW.



On Monday of last week Miss Alice STRAWN, Home Economics teacher in the Dublin School, judged the sewing done by the second year class.

The winners were Ina Vay HODGES, first; Vera HANCOCK, second; and Faye FLOYD, third, and Frankie BARKER, fourth.

The winners of the first three places, Naomi CARAWAY, and their instructor, Miss DONALDSON, left on Thursday for Lubbock to attend the Home Makers Educational Rally.


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