The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, May 8, 1931


Died in San Antonio

            Mrs. Lena MOHON and sons, Tassle and Johnnie MOHON went to San Antonio Thursday in response to a message stating that her daughter’s husband, Lee BRILEY, had died suddenly after a heart attack.  Friends here extend sympathy to the bereaved family.


County Teacher Election Given Out

            L.A. SINGLETON, who has been with the school for two years, has been re-elected at Newburg, Miss Anna MILLER, who has been primary teacher three years, and Mrs. L.A. SINGLETON, high school teacher, who are serving their first terms were also re-elected.

            Miss Elvie THOMAS has been elected primary teacher at Dingler.  John A. LIGHTFOOT and Miss Lillian SHORT have been re-elected at Sabano.  J.L. SMITH and Mrs. J.L. GOBER have been re-elected at Mercer Gap.  Miss Lillian SINGLETON has been elected at Pounds.  Jim W. COLLINS and Mrs. A.E. HARRELL have been re-elected at Buffalo.

            H.H. LOCKRIDGE has been elected head of the Pettit Consolidated school.  Other teachers who were re-elected are Mrs. H.H. LOCKRIDGE, George R. WILLIS and Miss Adlena PERKINS.

            Chester WILLIAMS, who has been first assistant in the Energy Public School, has been elected principal.  Miss Gertrude MAGNESS was re-elected as grade teacher.  J.M. KNOWLES and Miss Nita HODGE have been re-elected at St. Joe.  Lloyd HALBROKS, head of the Trinity School and Miss Opal THOMAS, assistant teacher have been re-elected.

            Perry MORING, superintendent and Miss Thessal ALLEN have been re-elected at Robinson Springs.  The new teachers are Hezzie DEAN and Emmett LEE and Opal HOWARD.

            Rev. W. Howard MOORE, student of Howard Payne College and candidate for a B.A. Degree this spring has been elected head of the Hasse School.  Mr. MOORE at present is pastor of the Zion Hill Baptist Church at Van Dyke.  Teachers re-elected were Miss Leona KING and Mrs. Walsie JONES.

            The Sidney school faculty is now complete and includes: I. E. ALLISON, superintendent; Miss Nelma C. HANCOCK, James H. STEWART, Miss Mabel HALL, Miss Mary Joe BROWN and Mrs. I.E. ALLISON, who were re-elected and Miss Neva NEEL, who has been teaching in Buckner’s Home at Dallas and Miss Lucile STEWART, Tarleton student who will have charge of the girls’ athletics.

            M.P. CANADY of Brownwood, who will receive his A.B. Degree from Howard Payne College in June has been elected Principal of the Proctor High School and Miss Irene RYE of the Beattie School faculty has been elected teacher and director of girl’s athletics.  Other teachers elected are Miss Bessie SCOTT, Miss Linda SEARS, Mrs. J.B. COOPER, Mrs. Stella BENNETT and Mr. Grace NICHOLS.

            Miss Pearl BOYD and Miss Maude WALLACE have been re-elected at Cross Plains School. –Chief.


Dr. Self Continues Ill at his Home

            Dr. J.E. SELF, who is suffering from a heart attack, returned home from the Sanitarium at Gorman early this week, his condition having sufficiently improved to permit him to travel that distance without danger.  While he is improved, he continues quite ill and will not be able to resume his practice for some time, it is feared.


E.H. Boulter is Newly Elected Head of City Schools

            E.H. BOULTER, whose home is Tuscola, not far from Abilene, was elected superintendent of De Leon schools at a meeting of the Board held at the City Hall last Tuesday evening.  Miss Artie COLEY was re-elected teacher of Home Economics at the same meeting.  W.Z. COMPTON has been elected teacher of Vocational Agriculture to succeed D.M. RUSSELL, or at least his election to this position is assured, Free Press understands.

            Mr. BOULTER comes to De Leon schools well recommended.  He has served eleven years as superintendent of Tuscola schools which in itself is no small recommendation.  He is in the early thirties and is married, having four children.  He was in De Leon Thursday making preliminary plans to move here about the first of July.

            General election of the faculty, it is understood, will not be long delayed, this matter having been deferred until after the newly elected superintendent could be conferred with.


“Champeen” Fisherman This Utility Man who Lands “Grandpa Bass”

            L.D. STEWART went fishing one day last week and caught the “papa” of the bass family.  Last Sunday (perish the thought) he went again and caught the old “grandpop.” The first bass caught weighed about 5 ½ lbs., the second six pounds and one ounce.  STEWART caught the big fish while trolling behind a motor boat.


Trinity School Honor Roll for Seventh Month

First Grade:  Glen NOWLIN, Virginia SMITH, June Lee CLEMENTS and Tilmon BROWN.

Second Grade:  Wayne SMITH, and Madge NOWLIN.

Third Grade:  Floyd MEDFORD.

Fourth Grade:  James Merworth

Sixth Grade:  Renis SMITH, Doris BINGHAM, Hubert MERWORTH, and Shirley WHITE.

Seventh Grade:  Thurman SWINNEY, Mattie MERWORTH, and Nora PILCHER.

Eighth Grade:  Otis PARKER.



Esco SHORT of Lubbock was here visiting his brother, Leroy SHORT and family near RUCKER last week-end.  Mr. SHORT had been to Comanche to accompany home his daughter Miss Sarah Margaret SHORT who attended school there the past year.

Bud GLOVER left Saturday for Kerrville where he will enter a Government Hospital for treatment.  Mrs. GLOVER and the children will go later.

Mrs. Willie SULLIVAN of Anson, Texas, has returned to her home after spending three or four months in the home of R.A. KEE and family.  Mrs. SULLIVAN stopped enroute at Abilene to attend a banquet of ex-Baylor University students.

W.E. HOWELL has been in Dallas this week visiting with his son, Earl, and buying some summer merchandise on the “biggest market in the Southwest.”

Miss Dosa Lee HAMILTON of Hazeldell was guest last week of her uncle and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh WALL.

Allen GLOVER of Los Angeles, Calif., is visiting his mother, Mrs. Hasse GLOVER and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Archie LEE left Wednesday for Marlin where he will take treatment.

Perry DAVIS of Baird, Okla., was here this week visiting his father, Lige DAVIS, of De Leon, Rt. 1.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale SADBERRY of Pecos were guests Sunday of his mother, Mrs. Frona SADBERRY and children.

Mr. and Mrs. Milam LOWERY and children of Dallas were guests of her mother, Mrs. BALLARD, and other relatives last week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Ector DRY of Iraan were week-end guests of her mother, Mrs. G.B. JOHNSON and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley DRY.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie SCOTT and children, left Wednesday for Alexander City, Alabama, where they will make their future home.

Miss Grace HAMMETT of Abilene and Mr. and Mrs. Willie HAMMETT of Hamlin, are visiting their mother, Mrs. Lena HAMMETT.

Mrs. Florence May FRANK and children of Bedias are visiting her brothers, H.S. FREEMAN and W.L. MAY and families.

Miss Gussie INSALL entertained as guests in her home Monday night Misses Alga MITCHELL, Dorothy OUTLAW and Evelyn LONG of Ranger and Misses Margaret HART and Eda LINDSLEY of Eastland.

Miss Opal HOWARD entertained her Sunday school class Saturday from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. with a party.  Many interesting games were played after which strawberry ice cream and cake were served to Misses Margaret SHARP and Wynell SALTER and Henry Garland PEEVY, Byron WRIGHT, Roy Norman HAMMERS, Donald and Worth HOWE, John T. KEE, Woodrow DAVIS and George VAN ZANDT.

Roy NABORS of Austin was guest Sunday of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nath NABORS.

Mr. and Mrs. Blon MORELAND of Hawley are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll MILLER.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. WILSON and children of Cisco were guests Sunday of her mother, Mrs. R.L. COONER.

Misses Opal and Virginia HOWARD were in Stephenville Monday, guests of their brother, Dale HOWARD and attending the May Fete at John Tarleton College.

Mrs. G.T. KAUFMAN, of Shreveport, La., is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Lee BARTON.

Louie CORBELL of Waco and Leon CORBELL of Ft. Worth were here Sunday visiting their mother, Mrs. Ada CORBELL and family.

Mesdames Wilbur WRIGHT and R.O. COX were guests Saturday of their brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. THOMPSON at Hico.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis CLARK of Ranger were visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL, Sunday.


Oliver Springs

Len KEY and family of De Leon, Hurley COZART of st. Joe and G.H. BAIRD and families spent Sunday with L.C. COZART and family.



School closed here Friday.  A short program was given Friday night.  This school year has indeed been a successful one.  Mr. J.W. WALLACE, principal and Miss Irene BROWN assistant.

Those finishing the seventh grade were:  Belva GARY, Johnnie B. HART, Lavoyce SECHRIST, Gail SMITH, Clayton SMITH.  Those finishing the ninth grade were: Cliftine GOODSON, Nellie GOODSON, Esther Lee GARY, Ahniwa SMITH, Inez HART, and Omar MOORE.

Mrs. W.B. MILLER visited her husband at the Wichita Falls hospital last week.  Mr. MILLER was much improved.


Robinson Springs

Mr. Murrell FERGUSON has recently purchased a new Ford.

The honor roll for April is as follows:

First Grade:  Adonis KIMMELL, Louise BLANKENSHIP, Wayne MAHAN, and Erwin Earl SAINTCLAIR.

Second Grade:  Bonnie Faye CUMMINS, Avis FORREST, Oll’Marie BLANKENSHIP, and Wilma Faye KIMMELL.

Third Grade:  Ona Dean COAN, Lyndell COAN, A.J. STEWART, Thelma FORREST, Lorene FARREST and Lillian CARR.

Fourth Grade:  Johnnie NORWOOD, Marjorie BRUMBELOW, and Margaret PARSON.

Fifth Grade:  Vera BARKER and Mary BLOYD.

Sixth Grade:  Aline KIMMELL, Thelma MILLER, Velma MILLER and Janice BRUMBELOW.

Seventh Grade:  Thelma BARKER, Josie BLOYD, Alvin PRICE, Mary Frances RADENBACH and Virginia TOLAR.

High School:  Alta Mae RADENBACH, Floyd WEST and Elaine BARKER.



Mr. and Mrs. J.C. McKINNEY and Mr. and Mrs. C.W. McKINNEY of Frankell visited with S.O. McKINNEY Sunday.

Mrs. W.A. LANE and daughter, Miss Evelyn, spent the week end with Mrs. LANE’s daughter, Mrs. J.J. BROWN, of Gorman.

G.A. CLARK is critically ill with pneumonia this week.  The latest reports indicate that he is improving.  His many friends and neighbors hope for his early recovery.

Little Miss Jackie V. DUKE gave her little friends a party celebrating her sixth birthday.  A number of little folks gathered at the DUKE home and had an enjoyable time.

An arrangement was worked out for Mrs. L.L. DUKES of Duster to give a cheese making demonstration at this school last week but because of the heavy rain the arrangement was broken up.  Others had planned to come with her and spend the day in a social way as well as giving the demonstration.  Mr. DUKE has been very nice to this school in furnishing various plants and especially grape cuttings from his fine vineyard for the agriculture demonstration garden.

W.N. KOONCE is off this week to the west where the Texas Wolf Hunters Association is holding its regular meeting.  At these meetings large number of hunters gather with their fine dogs.  These meetings are held in regions where wolves, panthers and other game abounds so that many splendid chases are always seen and heard.

J.T. COOPER and family of Breckenridge are visiting this week with Mrs. COOPER’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.  Mr. COOPER is moving from Breckenridge to Llano where he will be engaged in water reservoir construction work going on there.



Mr. and Mrs. Ector DRY of Iraan spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.S. DRY.

Mrs. Dewey JACKSON and children of Midland were here during the week visiting their sister, Mrs. Earl NICHOLS and family.

Mrs. C.S. DRY, who has been quite ill for several days is reported improving.

Mrs. Nellie HEIGHTMAN of Hedley visited last week with her brother, C.R. MYERS and family.

H.A. WATSON, who has been in the Blackwell Sanitarium since he underwent an operation on April 20, has been in a very serious condition for the past few days and little hope is held for his recovery.



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