The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, May 1, 1931


Near Gas Tragedy

            Howard McCLELLAN, who is Supt of the Mid-Kansas Oil Co., at Iraan, is in the hospital at that place suffering from the effects of being gassed while being near a well, the master gate blew off.  The accident occurred last week.  Later reports are that he is recovering.


Uncle Bill McKemie’s Daughters Gave Party Honoring His Birthday

            W.B. (Uncle Bill) McKEMIE had a birthday on April 22, and on Sunday, April 26, his two daughters, Mesdames W.W. MATHIS and O.M. LOCKE, gave a birthday party in his honor at the home of the former where a dinner was served the like of which those present had not enjoyed for many a day.  There was roast turkey, chicken, ham, sweets of a dozen different kinds, in fact everything that goes to make up a fine birthday dinner.  Guests for the event were Mr. and Mrs. Frank PATTERSON, Junction; Mr. and Mrs. CRADDOCK, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. J.M. WHALEY, Lady Grace and Dale WILSON, and Misses Lou and Wille Mae NANCE, besides members of the families named.


Pioneer Woman Dead After Living 81 Years in Texas

            Mrs. Martha BRUMLEY, age 87 years, 11 months and 20 days, died on Sunday night, April 26 [can’t be sure of second number] at midnight.  Relatives watching her side through the long night vigil saw the last faint light fade from her eyes and knew that the span of her almost “four score years and ten” had at last reached its end.  When she passed away her brother, Uncle Billie HARRELL, with whom she had lived for the past dozen or more years, slept soundly on a bed in the same room a few feet away.  Uncle Billie is now past 92 years of age.  It was some hours before he awoke and the news of his sister’s death was communicated to him.  Broken in body, but with a mind that is alert, he sorrowed in silence for the one who had nursed and cared for him throughout the years.

            Uncle Billie and Aunt Martha have lived in a little cottage a few hundred yards from the home of Mrs. LEWIS.  Mrs. BRUMBELOW is a niece of these aged people and she has given them loving care.  Three years ago, when the Free Press was celebrating its Fortieth Birthday, a photograph of these old people was made and run in the pioneer section of that issue.  This photograph is reproduced with this story.

            Mrs. Martha BRUMLEY was born in Marshall county, Miss. in 1843, and came to Texas in 1849 at the age of six years.  She has lived in Texas more than 80 years, settling near Stephenville years before the town of Stephenville was founded.  She was a charter member of the Stephenville Baptist church.  She lived in Erath county, not far from Lingleville, before the Civil War, and witnessed many Indian raids in those early days.

            Although opportunity for education was very meager in Texas in those early days, Aunt Martha was a great reader of books, magazines and periodicals, and acquired a good education.  She continued her habit of constant reading until the time of her death.  Her husband was a member of the Texas State Senate in about 1870.  In 1895 she was married to M.J. BRUMLEY, a merchant of Stephenville.  They moved to Taylor county, residing near Abilene for some time.  Mr. BRUMLEY died about a dozen years ago.

            The day the Stephenville first Baptist church was dedicated, the men attending the service brought guns with them to the church for protection against the Indians.  During the many years her membership has continued on the rolls of this church, and when she died, the pastor Rev. SMALLWOOD, came out to the Round Grove Cemetery and conducted the funeral service, which was held last Monday afternoon.  A great throng of sorrowing friends and relatives who had known and loved Aunt Martha through the years came to pay their last respects.


Grover Webster, Former Katy Man, Died at Houston

            Grover WEBSTER died at the Railroad Hospital in Houston Tuesday, April 28th.  Mr. WEBSTER was injured several months ago when he fell from a box car where he was working which caused paralysis.

            Mr. WEBSTER came to De Leon in the year of 1910 and was married to Miss Kate KIMBLE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter KIMBLE.  In 1915 they moved to El Paso where they have continued to live, until now.  Besides his wife are two daughters, Misses Doris and Margarite left to mourn the loss of a father.

            The funeral and burial was at El Paso Thursday.


Dr. J.E. Self is Ill at Gorman of Heart Attack

            Dr. J.E. SELF suffered two or three heart attacks during the past week, which occasioned some uneasiness.  On last Saturday night he suffered two severe attacks and on Sunday was removed to the Sanitarium at Gorman where he has continued under the observation of specialists.  His heart has continued to give some occasion for uneasiness during the week but his general condition seems improved.

            Dr. SELF has been slightly ill for two or three weeks showing symptoms indicating heart disorders.  But it was not until Saturday night that he became alarmed.  While his condition has not improved beyond the danger point, still he is expected very soon to be able to be brought home from the Sanitarium.  He will not practice again for some weeks at least.


Card of Thanks

            We especially thank the Post Master and his family, the clerks and carriers for the nice floral offering contributed by them and the comforting words spoken to us during the recent illness and death of our father and grandfather.  May the heavens bless all and each of you is our sincere prayer. – J.W. JONES and family.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to thank all those who so kindly assisted us during the recent illness and death of our father, G.W. JONES.  May God bless each one of you is our prayer.  B.F. JONES, J.W. JONES, Mrs. M.E. MELTON, Mrs. Eve CARTER, Mrs. M.M. HICKMAN.


Edward Terry and Miss Evelyn Berry Married at Gonzales

            Edward TERRY, son of Mr. and Mrs. B.N. TERRY, who has been employed at Gonzales, Texas, the past two years, was married in that city on Sunday, April 26, at 10:00 a.m. to Miss Evelyn BERRYMAN, and arrived here with his bride early this week for a visit with his parents.  The young couple will also go to Austin and Georgetown before returning to Gonzales next week.

            Mrs. TERRY is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. BERRYMOND, prominent family of Gonzales.  Young TERRY has been employed as a salesman in Smith Bros. drygoods store there during the time he has been in Gonzales.  The friends of both of these popular young people extend best wishes.  They will make their home in Gonzales.


Mrs. Caroline Winkles Died Last Week

            The death angel has visited our home and taken away our mother and grandmother, Mrs. Caroline WINKLES.

            Grandmother was born in Mississippi, October 22, 1859 and died at her home at Nugent, Texas April 21, 1931, making her stay on earth 72 years, 5 months and 2 days.  She was married to C.D. WINKLES in 1875.  To this union 11 children were born, three of them died while infants.  The deceased left the following to mourn:

            The living children were all present at the funeral and are as follows:  Mrs. H.W. JAMAR, Leuders, Tex.; Mr. W.L. WINKLES, De Leon, Texas; Mr. J.D. WINKLES, Nugent, Texas; Mr. C.A. WINKLES, Elector, Texas; Mrs. J.B. OWENS, Lamesa, Texas; Mr. E.L. WINKLES, Hamilton, Texas; Mr. D.G. WINKLES, Thrift, Texas.

            Her brothers were all present and are named as follows:  L.F. HARVEY, Brownwood, W.B. HARVEY, Ebny[sic], J.J. HARVEY, Hamilton.

            Grandmother joined the Primitive Baptist Church in 1879 and was baptized by Elder R.A. BIGGS, deceased, and was faithful until death.

            She leaves to mourn her passing an aged husband, eight children, 49 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren and a host of relatives and kind friends.

            Her body was carried to the Funston Missionary Baptist Church where Elder R.H. RICHARDS and Elder J.B. WEST tried to speak words of comfort to the bereaved family and a host of friends and later her body was laid to rest in the Funston Cemetery to wait until God shall call her higher. –Contributed.


Robinson Springs

Mr. S.O. PARSON and family of Sweetwater visited Mr. and Mrs. J.W. PARSON and family Sunday.

Miss Lorene CROCKETT of De Leon is visiting Mr. and Mrs. C.W. CROCKETT and family.

Friends of Aunt Martha BRUMBLY express their deepest sympathy to her aged brother and loved ones who mourn her loss.  Many from here attended the funeral services which were held at Round Grove.

Mr. and Mrs. S.C. PRICE spent Saturday night at the bed side of Mrs. PRICE’s mother who is ill at this time.



Mr. and Mrs. A.F. LEWIS of Ranger spent the week end with R.P. LEWIS and family.

Leo LEWIS of this community visited with Mr. and Mrs. Tad WHITE of Ranger this week, and Mrs. Lee LEWIS spent the week visiting with her sister, Mrs. J.J. BROWN of Gorman.

Miss Mildred McKINNEY visited with her sister, Mrs. H.D. SHAHAN of Breckenridge, last week.

W.N. KOONCE was summoned to serve on the grand jury at this term of District Court but because of his need to look after his business secured a release from that duty.

Mrs. E.L. GARY and children visited with C.D. GARY and family Sunday.

O.S. ROBBINS has had transplanted in his yard a number of pine trees from east Texas.  They seem to be living.  This growth is unique in this locality and the experiment will be watched with interest.

Ralph ROBBINS has recently gone to Longview where he will be engaged in his line of work.

Miss Sarah HUGHES of this community visited her sister, Mrs. A.W. SALYER, of Desdemona Sunday.

Edon WYNN was real sick last week but has improved and is up.

W.L. MOORE has purchased the Moorman farm from J.W. HONEYCUTT.  This addition to the lands recently purchased by Mr. MOORE make him a very nice and excellent farm.

Mrs. J.W. HONEYCUTT has not been able to come home since being taken to Gorman for treatment several weeks ago.



Mr. and Mrs. John KAY and son, Dale, visited Mr. and Mrs. Grady KAY in Breckenridge Sunday.

Jean MALONE, who has been visiting out west, has returned home.



Mr. W.B. MILLER continues ill at the Wichita Falls hospital.  His friends are hoping him a speedy recovery.

Misses Lucile FAIR and Delva YOUNG of this community visited in the home of Mr. Carrol YOUNG of the Bays community part of last week.

Little Norma Lois MORRISON of Comyn spent Sunday with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank SMITH.

Mr. and Mrs. Houston CROW, who have been living in Fort Worth for some time, have moved back to this community.


Oliver Springs

We are glad indeed to announce that Mr. and Mrs. Paul HOLDRIDGE will be with the school next year.  Mr. Dale HOWARD will take Mr. HIGGINBOTHAM’s place in the intermediate room.  We are sorry to see Mr. HIGGINBOTHAM go, but are confident Mr. HOWARD will give satisfaction, coming as he does with the highest recommendations.



Judge Doug WILSON and son, of Spur, were here early in the week visiting his sisters, Mesdames J.M. WHALEY and S.S. SMITH.  Judge WILSON had taken his son to Dallas where an operation was performed on his leg.

Relatives here received the sad news of the death of William JOHNSON which occurred at Beaumont on April 3rd.  He met his death from drowning when a speed boat capsized.  He wore heavy clothing and high top boots which prevented his swimming.  His body was not found until April 9th.  Funeral and burial was at Beaumont, Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSON were married Dec. 25th, 1929.  Mrs. JOHNSON was formerly Miss Retha McCULLOH, a step sister of Mrs. Oscar HOWARD.  Mrs. JOHNSON will continue to reside in Beaumont where she has a position as teacher in the school there where she has taught continuously the past four years.



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