The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, April 24, 1931


Accept Teaching Position Oliver Springs School

            Mr. and Mrs. Paul HOLDRIDGE, who have taught the school at Oliver Springs for two seasons past, were re-elected to their respective positions of principal and primary Home Economics teachers, and Free Press has the information that they have accepted the places for the third school year.  This year their school term was cut to seven months because of some departments which were added.  The coming year it is expected that a term of eight months will be taught.  This school has departments of manual training and Home Economics now.  A teacher for the third position here has not been obtained.


Curtis Van Zandt Leads Vocational Ag. Pupils to Victory at “Tech”

            C.J. (Curtis) VAN ZANDT, son of Mr. and Mrs. K.M. VAN ZANDT of this place, is now teaching Vocational Agriculture at Post high school, and seems to be doing a good job of it.  The Fort Worth Star Telegram last week carried a picture of Curtis and a judging team from Post high school his pupils having won first place in plant production contest held at Texas Technological College, at Lubbock.  Lawrence SMITH, one of VAN ZANDT’s pupils, was high point man and won a scholarship at Tech.

            Curtis VAN ZANDT finished with his degree at A. & M. College last June and this is his first year’s experience at teaching.  Every indication is to the effect that he is making good in a big way.


“Dad” Williamson Saw Relatives on Trip had Not Seen in 50 Years

            “Dad” WILLIAMSON accompanied Mrs. J.B. JEFFREY to Beehouse last Friday, visiting with relatives at Pearl and Beehouse some of whom he had not seen for fifty years.  “Dad” hung up a record on this trip.  There was a Williamson relative there 74 years of age, Eli WILLIAMSON, who was making the claim of being the “oldest of the WILLIAMSON clan.”  “Dad” put a stop to all such claims, with his 77 years, beating the other “Eli WILLIAMSON,” by three years.  “Dad” visited the spot where in the ‘60s the Indians killed and scalped his grandfather, who was then more than 80 years of age.

            Just as they got to Beehouse there was a goat-roping contest in progress, an old-time sport.  He had not visited in the Beehouse and Pearl neighborhood in about fifty years, this being the scene of his childhood.  “Dad” was born in Burleson county, near Caldwell, in 1854.


Rev. S.J. Rucker Had Sudden Attack, Hurried to Hospital

            Wednesday afternoon Rev. S.J. RUCKER, pastor of the De Leon Methodist church, suffered an attack of appendicitis.  He was at home alone at the time, Mrs. RUCKER being away at Corsicana, and friends advised that he be carried to the Sanitarium at Gorman, where he is at this time.  He will not undergo an operation.

            Telephone advice from Gorman as this paper went to press indicated that his condition was improving.  His attack was not as severe as was at first feared, and it is expected that he will be able to be brought home late this week.  He will not have recovered sufficiently to preach Sunday.

            So far as is known at this time, there will be no preaching service at the Methodist church Sunday.  Sunday School at 9:45 and all the other services as usual.  The membership will probably worship with neighboring congregations at the 11:00 a.m. and 7:45 p.m. hours.


Mother of Lightfoot Brothers Had Operation

            Mrs. E.J. LIGHTFOOT of Houston, mother of W.C. LEWIS and Lloyd LIGHTFOOT, underwent a serious operation at Dallas Wednesday of last week.  Early this week she was showing some improvement but her condition was serious.


G.W. Jones, 72, Native of Texas, Died Here Monday

            George Wesley JONES, native Texan and pioneer citizen of this section, died at his home here at 11:05 o’clock p.m. Monday, April 20, 1931.  He had been ill of enlarged heart and kidney infection since last September and during much of the intervening time suffered acutely.  However, when the hour of death came, he passes peacefully away, so quietly in fact that those watching nearby did not realize he had died.  He sat on a lounge in his room, “resting”, as he had just said, his head inclined forward.  In that position he had been dead for some minutes before the fact was discovered.

            The funeral service was held at the Methodist church at 3:00 o’clock p.m. Wednesday, with a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends attending.  Rev. Montie A. DAVIS spoke words of sympathy and consolation to the sorrowing ones.  Rev. J.A. STRICKLAND, who had united him in marriage with his first wife, also spoke of the virtues of the dead.

            Mr. JONES was one of the very first settlers of this county, coming here from Henderson county, near Athens, his birthplace, in 1872, he being only 14 years of age at the time.  He settled near what is now Old Sandhill church, working for wage for Uncle Billie BINGHAM at first.  He later bought a farm, married, and reared a family of seven children, one dying in infancy.  His sons and daughters are B.F. JONES, Cordell, Okla.; J.W. JONES, De Leon; Mrs. Eva CARTER, De Leon; Mrs. Lee MEDFORD, Haskell; Mrs. M. HICKMAN, Cameron.  All living children were with him last Sunday, some returning to their homes on Monday.

            Mr. JONES was born Nov. 25, 1858.  He was married to Mrs. Sarah YATES March 3, 1891, she dying on April 1, 1893, and was buried at Trinity cemetery near here.  He was married on August 22, 1904 to Mrs. E.L. SPENCE who continued faithfully by his side until death.  He was converted and united with the Methodist church in his early boyhood.  He later was a member of the Baptist church for a number of years.  About 25 years ago he returned to the church of his childhood and has since been a faithful and consistent member of De Leon Methodist church.  He was a good citizen, a good husband and father, a man who commanded the respect of all who knew him.  He sleeps the sleep of the just.


Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown Dead

            A tiny infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim BROWN was born and died April 14, 1931.

            All was done that a skillful physician, loved ones and friends could do, but none can stay the cold hands of death when our Savior calls them from this low ground of sin and sorrow to the higher and better world where pain and death can not enter.

            Funeral service was held in the home by Rev. Willie SKAGGS.  Many came to pay their last respects to the deceased.  There were several pretty flowers placed round the tiny casket. 

            The body was laid to rest to wait the great day of resurrection.  -Contributed.


Court House News


W.L. DAVISON, Dublin, and Miss Lavena BOBO, Stephenville.

Jesse ARMS, Proctor, Route 2, and Miss Josie BAUGH, Proctor, Route 1.



Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. CUMMINS, De Leon Route 1, died March 8 and was buried at the Victor Cemetery, March 8.

Mrs. Mary A. CLARK, De Leon, age 61 years, 5 months, and 16 days, died March 19, and was buried in the Oliver Springs Cemetery March 22.

Jim COAN, De Leon, age 78 years, 3 months, and 9 days, buried in the De Leon Cemetery, March 25.

James Ernest TAYLOR, 12 days old, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. TAYLOR, Comanche, died April 4 and was buried at Zion Hill Cemetery, April 4.



To Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. ROACH, Rising Star, April 4, a daughter, Billie Irene.

To  Mr. and Mrs. V.G. CROWDER, De Leon, March 3, a son.

To Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. MORTON, March 24, a son, Jackson Burton MORTON, De Leon.

To Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. BARNES, Comyn, March 9, a son, Jesse L. Jr.

To Mr. and Mrs. O.J. MAY, De Leon, March 19, a son, John Edward.

To Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HASTY, De Leon Route 2, March 10, a daughter, Josie Charline.

To Mr. and Mrs. Arden A. LOCKE, De Leon Route 3, March 3, a son, Arden LOCKE, Jr.

To Mr. and Mrs. S.S. OWENS, De Leon Route 3, March 27, a daughter, Ellennor Alvens.

To Mr. and Mrs. B.A. WILSON, Comanche Route 4, April 8, a son, James Eldon.

To Mr. and Mrs. John Franklin KIRKLAND, Comanche, April 4, a daughter.

To Mr. and Mrs. Jesse REEVES, Sidney, March 8, a daughter, Elloise.


Deeds Recorded

Ben E. NELSON to J.H. NELSON, one-twentieth interest in 107 acres of the late John NELSON Estate, out of the Charles SARGENT Survey, consideration $300.

Gustine Mercantile Company to W.W. INGRAM one-half acre out of the Ira HARRIS Survey, consideration $100.00.

W.W. INGRAM to E.W. ALLEN, one half acre of land in Gustine, consideration $45.00.

--Comanche Chief


Bride-Elect is Honored at Buffet Supper Wednesday

            Mrs. W.A. ARMSTRONG and daughter, Miss Jourdine, were hostesses Wednesday evening at a beautifully appointed buffet supper honoring Miss Thelma NEWTON, bride elect of Henry Grady SHARP of De Leon.

            Miss ARMSTRONG greeted the guests at the door.  Pastel shades of pink, blue, lavender, and green were artistically developed in the decorations of the living and dining rooms.  Bowls and vases of lilacs and other spring flowers were used profusely.  As Miss Agnes COLLINS played a familiar wedding march, Mrs. NEWTON led the guests into the dining room where supper was served buffet style.  The table was laid with a beautiful filet cloth over pink satin, and was centered with a miniature bride, groom, and minister amid a tower of lilacs.  Blue candles in pink crystal holders were placed at each end.  Mrs. ARMSTRONG was assisted by Misses Nelle WATERS and Dot CHAMBLISS in the dining room.  After being served, the guests found their places marked with place cards of a pretty and appropriate bridal design in pastel shades at small tables laid with madeira cloths over pink and each centered with a green bowl of lilacs.

            After supper the honoree was given a string and told to follow where it led.  After winding through three or four rooms and a hall, she found a large number of lovely and useful gifts of linens and glass ware.  The remainder of the evening was spent in games, singing, and music as the guests chose.

            Guests present were:  Misses Tommie CARROLL, Nelle WATERS, Dot CHAMBLISS, Laura ROUPE, Lela Mae WHITE, Athylene LOONEY, Mary Elizabeth CLIETT, Lillian SHERTZER, Agnes COLLINS, Lucile CLEMENTS, Mrs. Claud NEWTON, and the honor guest, Miss Thelma NEWTON. –Cisco Daily News



Mr. and Mrs. J.N. BOYKIN and family spent the week-end in Oglesby and Hamilton visiting relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. E.G. THOMAS and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur THOMAS and children of Everman were here during the weekend visiting with relatives.

Miss Mary Ruth TURNER of Bluffdale visited her sister, Mrs. Doyle GRAVES last week.

Mr. and Mrs. R.D. DONALDSON and family of Fort Worth spent Sunday with their daughter, Miss Mara Glenn DONALDSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse BARNES received word last week from Mr. and Mrs. A.B. EMMONS that they were the parents of a baby girl born April 11.  Mrs. EMMONS was formerly Miss Ada BARNES of Comyn.

Mr. and Mrs. E.E. GIBSON of Hamilton came last week bringing Mrs. M.E. RACKLEY to visit with her daughter, Mrs. T.W. DICKEY and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon PAINTER are the parents of a baby boy born Sunday, April 19.

C.M. CARAWAY, Jr., who is a student of A. & M. College, spent the week-end with home folks.

Rev. and Mrs. S. B. CULPEPPER of Cleburne, visited last Tuesday with Supt. And Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER.  From here they were accompanied by Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr. to Balmorhea where they made a short visit with their son who teaches there.

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin CARAWAY, who for the past several years have lived in Big Lake, have moved to Comyn.  Mr. CARAWAY is having a new home built on his farm where they will make their home.

On Sunday, April 12, Miss ? HAVIS of Comyn was married to Mr. Paul BURTON of Texon.  Mrs. BURTON is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. HAVIS and was reared in this community where she has a host of friends to wish her well.  She attended school here and at DeLeon where she attended high school.  Later she attended Tarleton College at Stephenville.  The romance which culminated in their wedding began while Mrs. BURTON was teaching expression at Texon.

The Home Economics gave a bride’s shower for Mrs. Hap SIDES last Tuesday.



Miss Madge IRVIN of Abilene was visiting her father, Lee IRVIN Sunday.

Guy HARMON was guest of his son, Fred, at Austin Sunday.

Ben SHORT of McCAULEY is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy SHORT near Rucker.

Morton BELL of Austin, was weekend guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. V.V. BELL.

Lewis EASTERLING, who is employed in a publication house at Richardson, was home for the week end.

Lonnie Milton is the name of a fine son who arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon PAINTER.

Mrs. Henry STRICKLAND of Abilene was here last week attending the bedside of her sister, Mrs. Jim BROWNE.

Mrs. Roy NABORS of Austin is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy SMITH.

Mrs. Bill GASSOWAY has returned from Temple where she recently underwent an operation for Goitre and is recovering nicely.

Bobbie and Dorothy GRIMSHAW at Stephenville are visiting their mother, Mrs. Odell GRIMSHAW.

A little baby brother to Feltz TERRELL, Jr. arrived San Jacinto Day, April 21 at 8:45 p.m.  Mother and son doing nicely.

Kermit NEIL, who is a bookkeeper at Higginbothams Store was operated on Monday for appendicitis at Gorman sanitarium.  He is doing well.



Mr. and Mrs. Jim DYSON received a message from Mr. and Mrs. Ruby RODGER of Abilene of the arrival of a new baby boy in their home.  All doing nicely.

Mrs. G.L. BRUMBELOW has returned home from a visit with her son, Bill of Breckenridge, who is entertaining a new girl.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie WILKINS are entertaining a new boy in their home.  Mrs. WILKINS was formerly Miss Lillie SHOEMAKER.

Mrs. W.L. WILSON had a real surprise on her 79th birthday on April 20.  Her daughter, Mrs. C.C. MILLER had a custom of bringing a cake, and when the box arrived Mrs. WILSON was told to open it and found a two-month-old pig which was highly appreciated by Mr. WILSON also.


Robinson Springs

Miss La Joyce MACON and Foy DYSON were chosen by the student body to represent the school as Duke and Duchess at the May Fete to be held at De Leon May 1.

Aunt Martha BRUMBLY is seriously ill at this writing.

Mrs. J.F. DYSON and son Foy spent the week-end in Abilene with their daughter and sister, Mrs. Hewey ROGGERS.  Mr. and Mrs. ROGGERS are the proud parents of a baby boy named Hewey Dyson.  Both mother and son are getting along well.

Mr. and Mrs. Edd LAWRENCE of Hico are visiting their daughter, Myrtle Mae and Mrs. Lawrence’s father, Mr. Jack CUMMINGS.



The severe sandstorm and norther Monday night is thought to have injured young vegetation considerably.

Grandmother McGUIRE is seriously ill.  Her son, Charlie, formerly a citizen of this place, is spending this week at her bedside.  Mrs. McGUIRE has been in poor health for some time and this together with her advanced age makes her recovery slow.

O.H. MOORE visited his father, F.C. MOORE of Victor Sunday.  Mr. MOORE has been confined to his bed with flu for more than a week but his condition has improved some.

Alton LANE of this community visited with Mr. and Mrs. L.N. LANE of Gorman Sunday.

Rev. Montie MANCHESTER preached at the school building Sunday afternoon to a good sized audience.  Mr. MANCHESTER is a young man but is a pleasing and forceful speaker.

D.D. LEWIS of Cisco was in this community this week visiting his son, R.P. LEWIS and family and looking after his farms and cattle.

Mrs. Aubrey WINN, who has been in ill health for the past several weeks has improved some.  Friends hope that she may be well again.



Lloyd DIXON, who is a student a Tarleton College, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. DIXON.

Mr. W.B. MILLER was carried to the hospital at Ranger Thursday for treatment.

Welton KEITH, R.L. and Hurvey GARY, returned Thursday from El Paso where they have been working.


The honor roll for the seventh month is as follows:

First Grade:  Allene SITTON and Ouida WALLACE.

Second Grade:  Wanda THOMAS, J.W. FAIR, Marston PATTERSON and Braxton JACKS.

Third Grade:  Weldon SMIITH, Gene GARY, and Bernice PATTERSON.

Fourth Grade:  G.W. GOODSON, Jr., and Clarence ROBINSON.

Fifth Grade:  Braxton SITTON, Evelyn BROWN, Winston MOORE, and J.W. WALLACE Jr.

Sixth Grade:  Mildred SITTON, Othel PARKER, and Melba MOORE.

Seventh Grade:  Gail SMITH.

High School: Ahniwa SMITH, Omar MOORE, Nellie GOODSON, Ester Lee GARY, and Inez HART.

School will close here May 1.  There will be no play given.  Although a program is being prepared to be given which will be interesting.



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