The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, April 17, 1931


Some Careless Hunter Shot and Killed $30.00 Yearling

            Persons hunting on land where cattle are pastured should be careful how they shoot. A few days ago a fine young steer on O.E. CLARK’s farm was shot in the thigh and died Wednesday.  The calf was worth $25 or $30, and was a needless loss caused by some one’s carelessness. This is not the first time Mr. CLARK has had cattle shot.  It would be a good plan for men and boys hunting to hunt where cattle are not grazed.


W.W. Nance has Resigned as Head of Produce House

            Rounding out almost a quarter of a century as head of a produce house in De Leon, W.W. NANCE placed his resignation with John COLLIER, manager of Ft. Worth Poultry & Egg Co., who is supervising official of the Central Produce Co. here.  NANCE’s resignation was to become effective May 1.

            It was back in 1907 when the rather youthful W.W. NANCE slung a few coops together, hung out his “shingle” and commenced business.  From that beginning there is today in De Leon one of the largest produce businesses in a town of the size in the South.  It didn’t “just happen.”  It was built around the personality of the founder and owner for many years.

            Some years ago, when the business had reached an annual volume of staggering proportions, and needed a plant calling for investment of large capital, Mr. NANCE made a connection with strong outside capital.  The plant was built and the dream of Mr. NANCE, of having “one of the largest plants of its kind in the South,” came true.  Many hundreds of carloads of dressed poultry have passed through this plant and many thousands of dollars been paid to growers in the De Leon section for poultry products in the past few years.

            Mr. NANCE, of course, did not place his resignation with the big firm inadvisably.  However, just what plans for his future are, he has not made known.  The Free Press feels that the citizenship of De Leon and surrounding community is due him a “rising vote of thanks” for his part in building in this city a plant of the magnitude of the Central Texas Produce Co.


Jakehamon Folk Have Built Potato Drying Plant

            As a part of the diversified farming program that has been undertaken in the Jakehamon Community, a potato drying plant has been constructed near the school building which makes it centrally located and accessible to all the community alike.  A number of citizens seeing the need of such a convenience for the community organized a stock company with sufficient capital to handle the matter.  A large and well-built building formerly occupied by the Trans-Continental Oil Co. was purchased and G.S. BRUCE of Desdemona contracted to set the building on the grounds.  This building has triple walls and double floors making the house as near air tight as possible.  Capacity for drying 2,000 bushels of sweet potatoes is available.

            The stockholders that are putting this in are not doing it primarily for commercial purposes, but rather as a community project so that encouragement may be given those who desire to grow this important crop.  The wholesale price on potatoes is now $1.50 when properly kiln dried so that where deep sandy lands are available as is the case in this community, such crop can be grown at a good profit.  Officers in this community organization are Z.L. KOONCE, Chairman; G.H. MOORE, Secretary; G.E. RILEY, W.P. GORAN, Jim KOONCE, and O.S. ROBBINS make up the board of directors who will formulate rules and regulations for the operation of the plant.


Quilt Contest Now on at Store of W.H. Smith

            A beautiful collection of fine quilts may be seen at the W.H. SMITH Store all tastily and conveniently displayed for inspection.  SMITH’s Quilt Contest began this week and will continue for the next few weeks, with cash prizes to be announced later.  Already quite a large number of quilts are on display, and the number is being added to daily.

            Among the beautiful quilts is one made by Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY and exhibited in a contest with 200 other quilts at Dublin recently.  Mrs. STEAKLEY’s entry was given first award, a prize of $5.00.  The quilt is made of cotton material, with green and red small checks, and the large white spaces between are quilted in a feather design.  The quilt is a handsome piece of workmanship.


Oliver Springs School Closed on Friday, April 10th

            Oliver Springs closed the 1930-31 session on Friday, April 10, after seven months term, with an entertaining program at the Baptist church.  A very large crowd attended the program consisting of a minstrel and other entertaining features which included practically every child in school.

            The school year was highly successful, the enrollment running as high as 54.  Two new departments were added this year, these being Home Economics and Industrial Work.  Prof. Paul HOLDRIDGE, Mrs. Paul HOLDRIDGE, and Mr. L.R. HIGGINBOTTOM were on the faculty.  The members of the faculty have been invited to teach again the coming year, definite arrangements pending the action of the legislative appropriation cannot be made.


New Officials Now in Charge of City Affairs

            M.Z. STOVALL was “Mayor of De Leon” for about five minutes last Tuesday afternoon, being elected by the new City Commission as Mayor Pro-Tem.  The first official action of Mayor STOVALL was to call for nomination for a mayor to fill out the unexpired term of W.L. STEAKLEY, who resigned.  F.T. DANIELL was nominated and elected.  Mr. DANIELL, who was not present, was apprised of his election by telephone and joined the Commission at the City Hall for their first official meeting.

            The new family is composed of F.T. DANIELL, mayor; M.Z. STOVALL, Hollie HAFFORD and W.L. GREER, Commissioners.

            Whether or not the recent election of Mr. DANIELL as mayor was legal, is not a question of great importance.  His appointment by a duly elected City Commission is unquestionably legal.

            The Commission has appointed Mrs. Ola GOLIGHTLY as City Secretary to replace Mrs. John NABORS, who retired from the position of her own accord. She was invited to remain by the new Commission. Mrs. NABORS filled this position for more than ten years and proved to be a courteous and efficient secretary.

            Harmony and co-operation have many times built cities out of small villages.  Strife, bitterness, discord – never.  The democratic majority has spoken.  The Free Press has lined up behind the new administration to try to build a better town rather than to lend a hand to try to tear down that which we already have.


Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Smith Entertain

            On Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. W.H. SMITH entertained their friends with bridge at the Country Club.  The Club house was beautifully decorated with blue bonnets.  A delicious plate consisting of pear salad, two fish sandwiches, olives, potato chips and tea was served the following:  Messrs. And Mesdames R.L. WHALEY, S.A. DUKE, E.I. KEITH, Joe ASHBY,

W. WRIGHT, H.G. TERRILL, H.H. CARLILE, Goss COBB, Dewey DANIELL, W.P. WEAVER, C.S. ROSS, H.E. WHITTLE, Mrs. Stewart CATE of Breckenridge, Brown SHAVER of Luling, A.P. SCHMIDT, S.G. PARKS, R.L. SCOTT, Ola GOLIGHTLY, M.D. STEWART, Misses Pauline BILLS, Bertha ROSS and Mary KIMBLE.



            Mrs. Dewitt ROBERSON, formerly Miss Addie POOLE, died in the hospital at Texon, April 3rd, having been ill two weeks with typhoid fever and pneumonia.  Mrs. ROBERSON was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. POOLE deceased and grew to womanhood  nine miles north of De Leon.  She was married to Dewitt ROBERSON and to this union there were born two children whose ages are six years and seventeen months.  Mr. and Mrs. ROBERSON had resided at Texon for several years, where he has a position with an oil company.

            Besides her husband and children she leaves three sisters and three brothers:  Mrs. Zollie DYSON of Big Lake, Mrs. Oscar WALL, Desdemona, and Jerry and Miss Johnnie POOLE, Harlengen; Hiram POOLE, Desdemona; and Curtis POOLE, Texon.  Mrs. ROBERSON was a sweet Christian woman loved by all who knew her.  She was president of the Young Married Woman’s Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church at Texon.  She was a devoted wife, a loving mother and sister and kind neighbor.  Her remains were brought to Desdemona Sunday, April 5th where Rev. KELLY spoke words of consolation to a large crowd of relatives and friends. After the services her body was laid to rest in the Desdemona cemetery.

            All of her brothers and sisters were present for the funeral except Jerry and Miss Johnnie POOLE of Harlengen.  Miss Johnnie had undergone an operation for appendicitis April 4th at a sanitarium in Harlengen.  Later news from there stated that she was recovering nicely.



Mr. and Mrs. E.B. RIDER have just received word that their daughter, Miss Oma, has been re-elected principal of Grammar school at Bledsoe where she taught the past school term.

Miss Mildred and Glen GOOCH of Hamilton were guests Tuesday of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee GOOCH.

Claude and Earl ROSS of Abilene were guests Sunday of their mother, Mrs. J. Matt ROSS.

Mr. and Mrs. Cl?? DABNEY were guests this week of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. DABNEY.

Raymond BUTLER of Iraan is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. BUTLER.

Mrs. Orville KUHN and children of Graham are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John GRISHAM.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl SMALLWOOD and children have moved to Comanche where he has a position.

Clyde McKINNEY and wife and little daughter, from Frankel, are visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.B. RIDER.

Mrs. H.O. GEORGE is in Ft. Worth visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.G. THOMAS.

Mrs. Eugene YATES and children of Stamford were week-end guests of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Allen BIBBY.

Mrs. M.M. HICKMAN of Cameron, Texas, youngest daughter of G.W. JONES, is here this week at the bedside of her father who is critically ill.

Billye Jean MERRIT is in Goldthwaite, guest of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. GRAY.

Jeff TATE, Arthur MORROW, Tommie GRAY and William CADENHEAD have gone to Colorado on a fishing trip.



Rev. W.L. SKAGGS filled his regular appointment at this place Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night.  A singing class was organized Sunday night and enough money was made up to buy a piano, by the people who attended church Sunday night.

The singing class will meet at Mrs. Newman POUNDS every Friday night for a while and practice some new songs.

Mr. and Mrs. Hermon GREY and family visited Mr. Charlie GREY Sunday.

Mrs. John GRAHAM and little son are visiting Mr. and Mrs. E.N. GRAHAM.

James, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom GREER, has been sick.

The eighth, ninth, and tenth grades went to the “Narraws” on a picnic last Wednesday which was “April Fools Day.”  Mr. LIGHTFOOT and Miss HARLIN were chaperones.  Cake, sandwiches and hot chocolate were served by the girls at noon.  Everyone enjoyed themselves very much.



On account of unfavorable weather conditions, a considerable portion of corn will have to be planted over in this community.

Miss Lucile RILEY’s primary room gave an interesting program at school Monday morning.

Thomas ROBBINS and Lonnie GILSON spent the week end visiting with O.S. ROBBINS and family.

Mrs. W.A. LANE and daughter, Miss Evelyn, visited Mr. and Mrs. L.N. LANE of Gorman, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. ADAMS and daughter, Miss Robbie Lea, visited with Mrs. ADAMS parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. GRIFFIN, of Olden, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. H.D. SHAHAN visited with Mr. and Mrs. S. O. McKINNEY, Sunday.  Mrs. SHAHAN was formerly Miss Opal McKINNEY and since her marriage she has made her home at Breckenridge where Mr. SHAHAN is engaged in the gas manufacturing business.

Clyde McKINNEY has work at Frankel to which place he has moved this week.

Mrs. J.W. HONEYCUT, who has been in poor health for some weeks, was thought to be in such a condition that last Saturday she should be taken to Gorman for treatment.

In returning from the Mrs. W.N. KOONCE home Saturday night, Mrs. O.H. MOORE had the bad luck to have her car catch on fire.  This occurred near the home of W.A. LINDLEY.  By such efforts as could be made, the fire was extinguished without great injury to the car.

Miss Lounette LINDER, who has been compelled to use crutches for nearly a year is able to walk well now without them.  It is hoped that she will soon be able to be back in school.

Jim KOONCE has recently purchased the warehouse formerly used by the Transcontinental Oil Company here.  This is a large and well-constructed building and has been moved to the Jim KOONCE farm and will be used as a barn.  O.S. ROBBINS negotiated the sale and helped move the building.

Grandmother BRAZEL is spending this week with her daughter, Mrs. Lizzie WINNEGAR.

Maurine MOORE was taken seriously ill Tuesday of this week and was hurried to De Leon for medical attention in the hope of avoiding an appendicitis operation.  She has shown some improvement.



Mr. and Mrs. Hugh BAILEY and baby, who have been living in Kaufman Co. are visiting J.R. BAILEY.



Mr. Ike BRUMBELOW has purchased him a new Ford Coupe.

Mr. and Mrs. T.R. BLASENGAME have purchased a new Ford Coupe and left for Pampa.

Mrs. Lewis BRUMBELOW and children were ? to the home of Miss Bean BRUMBELOW of Round Grove who was very ill last week.  She is much improved now.


Robinson Springs

Mrs. P.E. YOUNG and three children of Cement, Okla., are making their home for a few months with Mrs. YOUNG’s mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. LOGSDON.  Two of the children, Ella V. and Lories are attending school at this place.

Cecil TARRANCE and family of Oliver Springs visited Mr. and Mrs. F.G. TARRANCE and family Sunday.

Messrs. Truman NEWMAN and Lewis BRUMBELOW of Frankel were down here last Friday on business.  They also visited with LEWIS’ grandmother, Mrs. BRUMBELOW.

Grandpa MACON is back now visiting with Mr. L.C. MACON and R.L. MACON this week.  He expects to go to Dallas the latter part of the week to visit with his nieces.

Mr. Ike BRUMBELOW and mother, also Miss UNDERWOOD, went to Frankell and Ranger Sunday.  Mrs. BRUMBELOW is staying a few days with her son, Mr. Bill BRUMBELOW and family.

Mr. Perry MORING visited his brother at Huckaby and his wife’s folks at Stephenville Saturday and Sunday.

The school regrets the loss of Miss UNDERWOOD as a teacher and co-worker.  She has filled the place well in the school here for three straight terms and is beloved by all the pupils she has taught in the meantime and the rest of the student body and faculty as well.  We trust her future undertakings will be just as successful as they proved always to be at this place.


Oliver Springs

There was a record breaking crowd at Oliver Springs church Friday night.  Mr. WALKER, County, Supt. Spoke, also gave the diplomas to the graduates of the seventh grade.  They were Harold BURLESON, Oto COGBURN, Alton COGBURN, Thelma COGBURN, Lorene Harold BURLESON, Lorene JOHNSTON, Iris WARREN and Dayle REED.

Reading certificates were presented to Wallace BAIRD, L.C. ECHOLS, Travis Bill DOMINY, Melvin DANIELS and Chester HAMPTON.  Perfect attendance record certificates were given to Wallace BAIRD, Rosalee JOHNSTON and Lorene JOHNSTON in the intermediate rooms.  Mr. HIGGINBOTTOM have prizes to the leaders of the grades in his room.  Willie Velle HILL made highest average in the 4th, L.C. ECHOLS in the 5th, and Wallace BAIRD in the 6th.

We take this means in behalf of the patrons of the school to thank the teachers for one of the most successful terms we have ever had.  Also for the honorable work done by the students and for the certificates of merit awarded.  We have one regret and that is that we can not for a surety announce that the same three teachers will be with us again.  They have been offered the opportunity and we surely hope they will accept.

Mrs. H.S. ECHOLS’ father, Mr. DAWSETT, is seriously ill at her home.

Dayle REED has gone to Jakehamon to stay several weeks with her sister, Mrs. Ford REED.



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