The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, April 3, 1931


Family Barely Escapes With Lives in Burning Home

            To be awakened from sleep with the roof of one's house falling in would be rather an exciting experience, and that's just what happened to the family of T.H. LOVELACE, residing four miles east of this city at 2:00 a.m. last Friday.  The LOVELACE family reside on the G.A. BARTON farm.  Parts of the roof of the house were actually dropping into the room when a member of the family awoke and screamed a warning to others, all escaping into the blizzard scantily clad.  The house and its contents were destroyed, nothing whatever was saved.

            The family hurried out to their garage and got in their car and drove to the home of D.C. GEORGE, a mile or more away where they were cared for.

            The fire originated from a lamp which was left burning to warm a flock of 225 baby chicks which Mr. LOVELACE had purchased from the D. & C. Hatchery here.  Having no brooder, the improved arrangement proved disastrous.  The baby chicks were, of course, burned with the house.


Miss Ruth Howe on J T C Honor Roll

            Miss Ruth HOWE's name is among the 55 Tarleton students making the honor roll for the first six weeks of the Spring semester.  In order to receive this honor a student must carry a full college load and make above the grade B on each subject.  Last week the Free Press gave account of Miss Mary Alice SHORT, another De Leon girl winning this honor.


This De Leon Woman had Pneumonia 7 Times

            Mrs. J.N. BOWMAN has recently recovered from an attack of pneumonia, becoming ill in the last days of February and was confined to her bed for the first three weeks of March.  Mrs. BOWMAN has had seven attacks of pneumonia in her life, the last time before this being some ten years ago.  She is now recovering nicely from her recent illness.



            Mr. and Mrs. S.F. OWEN are entertaining a tiny baby daughter,  Elinor Janet," who arrived at their home on Friday, March 27th.  Grandparents assisting in the entertaining are Mr. and Mrs. J.F. OWEN and Mrs. R.L. PAIR.  All doing nicely.

            Mr. and Mrs. Joe WILLIAMS, of Haskell, are rejoicing over the arrival of "Joe Brooks", a little son, who came into their home on Sunday, March 29th.  Mr. WILLIAMS is a so of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. WILLIAMS of De Leon, Route 8


G.W. Jones Seriously Ill at His Home Here

            G.W. JONES, prominent citizen of this city for many years, is ill at his home in this city of enlarged heart and stomach trouble.  His condition is such as to cause concern, and he is under the care of physicians who hope to successfully combat his maladies.  Mr. JONES is not confined to his bed, but is not able to get about much.  His friends hope that he will soon recover.


Mrs. M.E. Melton Had Painful Eye Trouble

            Mrs. M.E. MELTON, who resides near Duster, was carried to Gorman suffering with a badly abscessed eye last Thursday evening, March 24th, where she was treated by specialists.  She soon showed improvement and is now at home again, improving rapidly.  Mrs. MELTON is a daughter of G.W. JONES and was carried to Gorman by her brother, John W. JONES, R.F.D. Carrier of this city.


Fire Destroyed Building at A.J. Patterson Home

            A tool shed at the home of A.J. PATTERSON was destroyed by fire at about 1:00 o'clock last Friday afternoon.  The house caught fire from trash burning in the yard.  The fire department went out to the scene but the building was small and the fire well advanced before the alarm was given.  Uncle Jack lost about $50.00 in the blaze, including carpenter and farm tools.  No insurance was carried.


Loudermilk - Warren

            The marriage of Mr. Elea WARREN, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. (Bob) WARREN, and Miss Lorine LOUDERMILK, of Beatie, occurred at the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS, on Saturday, March 28th, 1931.  The young couple went to the home of the minister unattended and only members of his family witnessed the ceremony. Young Mr. and Mrs. WARREN have grown to manhood and womanhood in this section and both have many friends who wish form them the greatest happiness and success in their married life.

Sides - Jay

            The marriage of Miss Margaret JAY to Mr. Hap SIDES, occurred at the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS on Tuesday, March 31, 1931.  The happy young couple was accompanied by parents of the bride, who witnessed the ceremony.  Mrs. SIDES is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Whit SIDES, and was popular as a member of the De Leon football squad the past few seasons. [sic]  Both are deservedly popular and a host of good friends wish them happiness.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to thank our many friends for the kindness shown us during the illness and death of our dear father and grandfather. We sincerely appreciate every kind deed, every word of comfort.  Your thoughtfulness for our welfare will be remembered by us with thankfulness.  May God bless you every one.  When such a sad hour comes to you, may you find comfort in loyal friends as we have done, is our earnest prayer.

J.A. COAN and family. Mrs. S.E. GOLDEN and family, Mrs. R.L. GOLDEN and family, Mrs. S.S. JOINER and family, N.F. COAN and family, G.E. COAN and family, J.R. COAN and family.


Infant Died

            A tiny son was born to Mr. and Mrs. J.F. BODINE at their home at Iraan, Texas, on Thursday, March 26th at 3 a.m.  The little one only lived a short time.  Funeral services were held at Iraan Thursday afternoon and the tiny remains laid to rest there. Two years ago another little son of Mr. and Mrs. BODINE died at Iraan, and is buried at Oliver Springs. Mrs. BODINE was formerly Miss L.C. CLARK and is a daughter of the late Mrs. G.A. CLARK who died two weeks ago.


A Correction

            Last week in the account of the death of Mrs. G.B. CLARK, the names of surviving children was given and from the list three were unintentionally omitted.  Mrs. J.H. WRIGHT, De Leon, G.B. CLARK, De Leon, and Tom M. CLARK, Fabersville.  The Free Press regrets having omitted mention of these.



Mr. and Mrs. W.A. RILEY of Wichita, Kansas, are spending this week with G.E. RILEY and family.

Mr. Emmitt DISHMAN of Graham visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. DISHMAN Sunday.

Miss Robbie Lea ADAMS is out of school this week with a well progressed case of chicken pox.

L.C. PAYNE and son, Jesse, are in Spur this week where they were called because of the serious illness of Mr. PAYNE's father.

Mrs. J.W. HONEYCUTT was on the sick list last week but is much improved at this time.

A.L. McANALLY has sold his place to W.P. GORDAN and has moved to northern Mississippi where he formerly lived.  Mr. McANALLY had lost his health to a great extent by reason of service in the late war and had hoped that a change would help him.

W.P. GORDAN has moved to his newly acquired property and will make improvements.  This community welcomes this excellent family.

W.R. STURDIVANT and family have recently moved from the TIMMONS  place to John CLARK ranch where he will be in charge while Mr. CLARK does some contract work in the new East Texas oil fields.

The many friends of G.A. CLARK and his family extend to them their sincere sympathy in their recent bereavement.  Mr.CLARK is an old settler in this section and by his upright life has commanded the friendship of all who have known him.

An informal gathering of young folks met at the home of Miss Lucile RILEY because of the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Dood RILEY, who are now living in Kansas.



Mr. and Mrs. Jess McCORD and children of Weaver, visited Mr. and Mrs. W.T. WILSON the past week.  Mr. WILSON is Mrs. McCORD's brother.  They hadn't met in seventeen years.

Mrs. Jim BLANKENSHIP and daughters, Miss Forest and Miss Stella did some work in the cemetery at Victor, Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. MILLER were called to the bedside of his mother, Mrs. J.D. MILLER, of De Leon, who is very ill.

C.C. MILLER happened to a painful accident while working in the shop Wednesday.  A live coal hit him in the eye.


Robinson Springs

Page DYSON unfortunately wounded his hand Sunday morning while trying to crank a car.  He was immediately carried to a doctor who had to pt four stitches in the wound to draw it together.

Mrs. J.O. DYSON spent the weekend with her daughter, Mrs. MOORE, of Desdemona.

Elaine BARKER and Adina KIMMELL won first place over the county in junior spelling.  Elaine BARKER had a 100 per cent paper which entitles her to a certificate awarded by the state. 

J.W. TARRANCE won first place in chinning the bar.  He chinned it 40 times - second place it only 23 times.

Chicken pox is still raging in the community, this making the fourth week for it.


Honor roll for March is as follows:

First Grade:  Wayne MAHAN, Adenia KIMMELL, Dan Junior B????, Ervin Earl SAINTCLAIR, and Louise BLANKENSHIP.

Second Grade:  Bonnie Faye CUMMINS, Oll'Marie BLANKENSHIP, Wilma KIMMELL, Wanda CARR, and Avis FORREST.

Third Grade:  Thelma FORREST, Arlis Lorene FORREST, A.J. STEWART, Faye Kathryn BAUCUM, Ona Dean COAN, and Lyndell COAN.

Fourth Grade:  Johnnie NORWOOD and Marjorie BRUMBELOW.

Fifth Grade: Mary BLOYD.

Sixth Grade: Janice BRUMBELOW, Alline KIMMELL, Thelma MILLER and Velma MILLER.

Seventh Grade:  Alvin PRICE, Horace SPRUILL, Thelma BARKER, Virginia TOLAR, and Mary Frances RODENBACH.

High School:  Hollis DYSON, Dale KAY, Le Veda MACON, Wilma MILLER, Alta Mae RODENBACH, Elaine BARKER, Jack BRUMBELOW, La Joyce MACON and Adina KIMMELL.      

The school census was taken in this district by Mr. W.C. KIMMELL and Mr. MORING.  118 scholastics were taken in, which is an increase over last year's census.


Oliver Springs

Mr. and Mrs. Henry REED have been in Gorman where their daughter, Mrs. Ford REED is seriously ill in the sanitarium.  

Mr and Mrs. Ancil HILL have with them this week their sister, the former Miss Rosilene HILL, from Abilene.

Little Velton SETZLER has been ill with chicken pox.

The young folks were entertained Friday night by Miss Dayle REED at her home.  An enjoyable evening was spent playing games.



Mr. and Mrs. S. FARRIS and sons, Windell and J.C. of HAMBLIN, visited Mrs. Farris' mother, Mrs. M. NEWTON last week.

Mrs. A. BEATY of Loraine, spent last week with her daughter, Mrs. Lee SMITH and Mentel YOUNG.

Mr. and Mrs. Travis PARTIN and children of Dublin, spent the weekend with Mrs. PARTIN's sister, Mrs. Fred NEWTON.

Mr. and Mrs. S. FARRIS and sons, Winnell and J.C. of Hamlin, visited Mrs. FARRIS' mother, Mrs. M. NEWTON last week.

Mrs.A. BEATY of Loraine spent last week with her daughter, Mrs. Leo SMITH and Mentel YOUNG.

Mr and Mrs. Travis PARTIN and children of Dublin, spent the weekend with Mrs. PARTIN's sister, Mrs. Fred NEWTON.

Uncle Billy BUSE had the misfortune to lose a work animal this past week.



W.B. SMITH of Lubbock was guest last week of his daughter, Mrs. Oscar HOWARD and family.

T.H. WILLIAMS, C.V. SINGLETON, C.A. FIKER and Gaston GRISHAM attended the funeral of R.W. HIGGINBOTHAM at Dallas Sunday.

J.E. STEGALL and wife of Ladonia have been visiting in the home of their son, F.E. STEGALL here, for the past 10 days.



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