The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, March 27, 1931


Rev. S.J. Rucker to Leave Pastorate of M.E. Church

            Because of the death of Dr. P.C. FLETCHER, presiding elder of the San Antonio district, a large number of Texas Methodist churches are to have changes in pastors.  The new schedule affects the De Leon Methodist church, Rev. S. J. RUCKER being moved from De Leon to Santa Anna.

            The members of the local church are very regretful of the action of the Bishop, since Rev. and Mrs. RUCKER are much loved by De Leon Methodists, as well as the people generally.  However, no effort will be made to interfere with the orderly working of the plan as outlined.

            Rev. W.T. GRAY, who has been field secretary for the Methodist Orphanage at Waco for the past sixteen years, comes to De Leon as pastor.  Rev. GRAY was formerly a pastor in the Central Texas Conference.  He is a Texas man, and formerly taught school at or near De Leon.  Rev. GRAY has a wife and four children only one of whom will accompany them to De Leon.  She is a high school graduate, and will attend college next fall.  Rev. GRAY and family will arrive in De Leon on Thursday, April 7th, according to present arrangements.  Rev. and Mrs. RUCKER are to leave De Leon on Wednesday after Easter.


Bill Myers has a “Strange Animal” but It Won’t Bite

            W.M. MYERS of this city has an “amatlocuilolitquitacal” – but it is harmless.  The “animal” looks like a gila monster and frightens small children and makes timid women scream.  But it is “just a rock!”  Mr. MYERS picked it up somewhere and added a coat of paint like the coat of the gila monster.  Viewed from a short distance in a sand bed one would swear it was one.  Mr. MYERS has it on display at the peanut mill.


From the County Court House


A.H. GRAHAM, Jr., Lingleville and Miss Nellie RICHARDSON, of Stephenville.

L.M. HAYNIE and Miss Lois Cloud, Comanche Route 1



J.M. KECKNER, Indian Gap, died February 11, 1931, of dropsy; interment at the Pottsville Cemetery, February 11.  Age 45 years and 22 days; married; son of J.M. KECKNER.

E.C. SAXTON, Duster, died February 21, 1931, old age, interment February 22, Oakland Cemetery; married; born in Mississippi, Nov. 12, 1850.

James N. KEEVER, died at De Leon February 6, 1931, buried a Oliver Springs February 7; married; born in Arkansas, age 62 years, nine months and 27 days; meningitis.

Earl Ray CARLETON, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lewis CARLETON, Proctor, interment at Luker Cemetery, February 18.



To Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth SPENCER, February 5, Comyn, a son.  Kenneth Jr.’

To Mr. and Mrs. Charles FREEMAN, De Leon, February 19, a son, Allen FREEMAN.

To Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Wayne SINGLETON, De Leon, February 6, a son, Charles Wayne.

To Mr. and Mrs. Ike COKER, Beattie, February 9, a son, Alvin.

To Mr. and Mrs. William Carl DUKE, February 23, a daughter, Josie Janell, De Leon.

To Mr. and Mrs. O.W. COUCH, Gustine, February 8, 1931, a son, Ernest Wayne.

To Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Gilder CHUPP, De Leon, February 17, a son, Thurman Dale.

To Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bryon MILLER, Gustine, February 13, a daughter, Marylin Maxine.

To Mr. and Mrs. R.W. WILSON, Comanche Route 4, March 4, a son.

To Mr. and Mrs. D. Everett PARSLEY, Proctor Route 1, a daughter, Letha May.

To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. CARLTON, Dublin Route 1, February 18, a son, Earl Ray.

To Mr. and Mrs. Jim HAMMOND, Dublin Route 1, February 5, a daughter.

To Mr. and Mrs. James Ray McHENSON, Gustine, February 26, a son, Charles.

To Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Wallace MASTERS, February 28, a son.


Deeds Recorded

L.B. YOUNG to C.F. JEAKE, 213 acres of land out of the McKenzie Survey consideration $10 and other valuable consideration.

Idah GILSTRAP to J.W. FAGAN, one thirteenth interest in 80 acres of land out of the Isaac Truitt Survey, consideration $50.

Mrs. Pearl GILMORE and husband to G.W. GILMORE 60 acres of land out of the D and D Asylum Survey, consideration to $500.00.

I.W. WHITLEY and wife to J.H. MARR 50 acres of land out of the Samuel Howland Survey and 25 acres out of the Warren J. Mitchell Survey, consideration $1700.00.

A.A. HANSFORD to Mrs. J.H. STRUBE Lot 4, Block 4, Heath Addition to town of De Leon, consideration $1,000.00

J.B. CHILTON to A.J. CARNES North one half of Lot 2, Block 4 of the John B. Chilton Addition of East Comanche, consideration $10 and other valuable consideration. –Chief.


Another De Leon Girl Makes Tarleton Honor Roll

            Miss Mary Alice SHORT was home from John Tarleton College the past week end, and reported that she had made the honor roll the past semester with several points to spare.  She is taking a full course, including typing at which she did 48 words in a minute in a recent test.  De Leon people have cause to be proud of a good high school in which our young people get the foundation work that enables them to make good when they go to college.  Miss Mary Alice has the congratulations of De Leon friends.


Lee – Gilder

            Miss Lucile LEE, daughter of the late G.E. LEE, was married on Saturday evening, March 21, 1931, at 8:00 o’clock, to Mr. G.H. GILDER.  The marriage was solemnized at the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS in the presence of a number of accompanying relatives and friends.  Mr. and Mrs. GILDER will live in the Round Grove community, where he has made his residence for a number of years.  This paper extends its congratulations and best wishes.


R W Higginbotham Died at His Home in Dallas Thursday

            Just as this paper was going to press, the news came to employees of the Higginbotham store, that R.W. HIGGINBOTHAM, founder and principal owner of the great chain of stores, had died at his home in Dallas.  Mr. HIGGINBOTHAM had gone home from business a little early and late in the afternoon his son came in and found his father’s lifeless body.  Death was due to heart failure.  He was thought by local people to have been 73 years of age.  Details of his death at this hour are meager.  His wife died also of heart failure half a year ago while visiting New York.


“42” Party

            Last Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. H.G. GILLOCK entertained with a “42” party.  Four tables of progressive “42” were played.      Misses Dorothy Nell EASTERLING and Mary Nell MAHONE assisted in serving a delicious refreshment of brick ice cream and cake to the following guests: Misses Mary KIMBLE, Alice CARTER, Dolly PAYNE and Glada FAGATE, Mr. and Mrs. C. SCHNARE, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. RHOADES, Mr. and Mrs. Vance SINGLETON, Mrs. IVERSON, Kermit NEIL, W. ?. GRAY, Grady PARSONS, Mrs. Odell GRIMSHAW, and Gaston GRISHAM.  A delightful time was enjoyed by all.


Bridge Party

            Mr. and Mrs. M.D. STEWART entertained a number of their friends with a lovely bridge party at the Country Club on Tuesday, March 24. The spacious reception room of the club house was artistically decorated with cut flowers and ferns.  The guests were received by the host and hostess at eight o’clock.  Mrs. STEWART wore a chic frock of flat crepe and linen lace in the new shade of blue so stylish this season.      After a number of interesting games, Mr. ASHBY was winner of high score for the men and Mrs. Brown SHAVER for the ladies.

            At a late hour, delicious refreshments consisting of pineapple salad, sandwiches, potato chips, olives and tea were served to the following guests: Messrs. And Mesdames: ASHBY, SCHUMAN, Grady TERRILL, WHITTLE, Herbert WEAVER, R.L. WHALEY, S.A. DUKE, W.H. SMITH, Mesdames Will WEAVER, CARLISLE, LIEGON, WRIGHT, Will CLARK, KEITH, SHAVER, E.E. DABNEY, Dewey DANIELS, Misses Janice KEE and Mary KIMBLE and Mr. Emmett HOWARD.


Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Mc Kelvey Married in Dallas Last October

            R.F. McKELVEY, former De Leon young man, son of J.F. McKELVEY of De Leon Rt. 1, was married in Dallas on the 5th of October 1930 to Miss Zola Mae LAVVORN.  McKELVEY has been employed by Swift & Co. in Dallas for several years where Miss LAVVORN also has resided.  They only recently made the fact of their marriage known. Mr. and Mrs. McKELVEY were visiting the past week in the home of his father, returning to Dallas on Monday this week.


Uncle Jim Coan Passed to His Reward Tuesday

            The earthly life of Uncle Jim COAN, resident of the Duster community for many years, came to a close at his home there last Tuesday.  He had been stricken with paralysis shortly prior to his death, which added to other maladies, caused his death.  His sons and daughters were with him as the end came.

            Uncle Jim was 78 years, 3 months and 9 days of age, when death came, having been born in 1852 in Alabama.  He came to Texas many years ago and larely reared his family here.  His good wife preceded him to the better world six years.  Two of his daughters were also dead, if Free Press is correctly informed.

            It was forty-eight years ago when this good man was converted and united with the Missionary Baptist church.  His faith in God was strong and courageous, and his life’s example was such as to inspire and lead in paths of righteousness those whose lives he came into contact with.  Many years ago Uncle Jim was made a Mason, and his Masonic brethren paid their last respects to a fallen brother at the graveside.  Rev. Willie SKAGGS, long a friend of the family, spoke words of comfort to the sorrowing sons and daughters and grand children.  The funeral was at 3:30 Wednesday at De Leon cemetery where the body was laid away to await the resurrection.


Mrs. Mary Odell Clark

            The angel of death passed this way and bore the spirit of Mrs. Mary Odell CLARK away last Thursday night, March 19, 1931.  Her death marks the passing of a faithful mother in Israel whose life and labors of love will be a benediction and happy memory of those who are left to mourn her loss.

            Deceased was born Dec. 3, 1869, died March 19, 1931 at 10:30 p.m. being 62 years old.  Was married to G.A. CLARK Dec. 19, 1883 and to this union was born 13 children of whom four are dead and nine are living, being John CLARK, Kilgore, Texas; Mrs. Nora MANNING, San Antonio, Tex.; C.M. CLARK, Iraan, Tex.; Mrs. Thelma GUTNERY, Desdemona, Tex.; Mrs. L.O. BODINE, Iraan, Tex.; Miss Opal CLARK, De Leon, and the faithful husband, G.A. CLARK survive.

            For nearly a year the deceased had suffered a serious illness during which time every effort was made to stay the hand of death.  A number of doctors had been called for treatment, specially trained nurses had been employed and the family and friends kept a vigil at the bedside through all these months but the hand of death could not be stayed.

            This good mother lived and loved the Christian life and had been a faithful member of the Methodist Church for more than forty years.

            Besides her immediate family, the deceased is survived by twenty-five grand children and five great-grand children, many of whom were present at her burial.  Also, two brothers, M.W. OLDHAM, Leuders, Tex., Lee OLDHAM, Albany, Tex., and one sister, Mrs. Fannie GRIGGS, Meeker, Okla., survive.

            Funeral services and burial was at the Oliver Springs cemetery Saturday afternoon.  Rev. Montie DAVIS, of De Leon, conducted the funeral services.

            The esteem in which this good woman and her family are held was attested by the long procession of cars that followed her remains to the last resting place.  The many friends of this family earnestly tried to lend much neighborly assistance in this time of bereavement and as a testimony of love a beautiful profusion of flowers was laid upon the grave.


Local Happenings

A fine baby boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.B. MORTON on Tuesday, March 24, 1931.  Both mother and baby are doing well.

Mrs. Horace IRVIN and son, Atlas, were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry IRVIN at Stamford.

Mrs. Perry MILLER of Spur, is at the bedside of her brother, Will RICH, who is ill.

Miss Adelle McKELVEY, of Kerrville, is here for a visit in the home of her father, J.F. McKELVEY.

Mrs. Pete SHAVER has gone to Missouri for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. George VAUGHN and family.

Mrs. Alton BAGGETT of Temple, was guest last week of her sister, Mrs. Karl SMALLWOOD and family.

Miss Mary Lucile WALTRIP was weekend guest of her sister, Miss Ila WALTRIP in Stamford.

Mr. and Mrs. O.M. BUCHAN were in Dallas, guests of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. TERRY.

Mrs. Carl DUKE and daughter, Janell, are visiting her sister, Mrs. Garland BELL at Dublin.

B.J. STACKS of Waco was here this week attending the bedside of his cousin, J.A. COAN, who died shortly after Mr. STACKS arrived.

Z.E. WHITE, who resides with his son, Wade, at Carbon, is here this week visiting with his brother, J.V. WHITE and family.

Mrs. Frank LANCASTER and daughter, Bennie Sue, have gone to Longview where she will join her husband, who has a position there.

Mrs. G.P. DONNELL and two young daughters, Waldeen and Helen Glover, of Mexia, were the past week-end visiting in the home of her mother, Mrs. R.L. WALL.

Miss Marjorie SWAGERTY came home Wednesday from Randolph College for the Easter holidays given one week earlier because the girls are entering the National Basket Ball tournament in Dallas this week.

J.C. BIBBY, the twelve year old son of Mr. and Mrs. M.B. BIBBY, happened to the painful misfortune of breaking his right arm above the wrist Sunday morning as he was cranking a Ford car.  He was attended by a local physician and is recovering nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. S.O. RIDENHOWER and daughter, of Junction, were here the past few days, Mr. RIDENHOWER accompanying his brother to Gorman Sanitarium for an operation.  They returned to Junction Monday.

Arthur McCURDEY was in Iraan this week visiting his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Tex DANIEL.  He was accompanied home by Mrs. DANIEL and daughter, Sarah VOUCILE, who will visit here, also Mr. and Mrs. George DANIEL at Glen Rose.

Valton, the seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford LUALLEN, happened to the painful misfortune last Friday of falling and breaking his left arm just above the wrist.  He, with other children, were playing on a slide on the school campus.  When he fell from the slide, he was immediately attended by a local physician and is recovering nicely.



Mr. and Mrs. A.F. LEWIS of Ranger visited R.P. LEWIS and family Sunday.

Uncle Cliff ROBBINS of Comyn is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS this week.

Mrs. J.L. HUGHES has been sick for several days but is recovering now.

S.W. LAMINACK and family visited with friends in this community and attended the singing here.

S.A. JOHNSON and family of Rising Star visited with G.E. RILEY and family Sunday and attended the singing here.  Mr. JOHNSON was formerly president of this class and did much to promote the interest in singing at this place.  His friends are always glad to have him and his family come back.

Elmer ABERNATHY of Desdemona played a number of sacred piano solos Sunday afternoon at the singing.



Mr. G.W. GOODSON and family spent Sunday with J.V. GOODSON of Lingleville.

Mr. and Mrs. CLEMONS have moved on the I.H. CROW place.  We welcome these people in our community.



Mr. H. JAMES of Desdemona visited his sister, Mrs. D.L. MALONE Sunday.

Most all farmers have corn planted.



Mr. and Mrs. Richard MAYES of near Graham were here last week visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. EASLEY.

Alvin BOYKIN, who had been here some time visiting his brother, J.N. BOYKIN and family, returned to his home in Oglesby last week.

Mrs. Rebecca KINNARD has gone to Wichita Falls to visit with her son, Dee KINNARD and family.

A.V. FLOYD has been in Marlin the past two weeks taking treatment.  At the latest report his condition was greatly improved and he is expected home this week.

C.M. CARAWAY and sons won two first places and several second and third places on their Shorthorn cattle exhibit at the Fat Stock Show last week.

W.C. ROSS, the little year and a half old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan ROSS, wandered away from his mother and got into the barnyard to play last Wednesday.  One of the mules kicked at him and struck him on the cheek.  A bone was dislocated in such a way that it is feared it will cause his face to be slightly disfigured.

Mrs. J.E. STEELE gave a bride’s shower at her home on Monday afternoon honoring Mrs. Byron DOGGETT who recently married.  Little Bobbie HANSON dressed as a bride led Mrs. DOGGETT from the living room into an adjoining room where she found a table laden with many gifts.  Refreshments  of cake and ice cream were served the guests.

On Saturday evening Miss Lucile LEE and G.H. GILDER were married by Rev. A.F. NABORS at his residence in De Leon.  Both Mr. and Mrs. GILDER are well known here and have many friends to wish them well.  Mrs. GILDER, who formerly lived in the New Hope Community, has lived in Comyn the past several months.  Mr. GILDER lives in the Armstrong section of Comyn where they will make their home.


Oliver Springs

Mr. Lonnie COZART and family visited Mrs. COZART’s father, Mr. EZZELL at Desdemona Sunday.



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